Chapter 3 Forcing her to be homeless

“Hey, how is it possible? Maybe the blind cat happened to hit the dead mouse.” Tong Qianmeng murmured, turned and walked towards the villa.

At about seven or eight o’clock at this time, the morning breeze in early summer still had a hint of coolness.

When she entered the house, she saw Tong’s family, except her, having breakfast around the dining table, the air was filled with the fragrance of food.

Tong Jianye looked happy. Seeing her come in, he said happily: “Come back? Come, have breakfast first.”

Tong Qianmeng kept his face indifferent, without squinting, and went straight upstairs. Tong Jianye was rarely angry, but in a mood. Muttered quite nicely, “This child.”

Tong Feier and Tong Tansheng made no secret of the gloat on their faces. Tong Feier squinted at Tong Qianmeng, gracefully took a sip of milk, and said contemptuously, “Privately. A daughter is an illegitimate daughter, and she will never learn how to write two words.”

Tong Qianmeng stopped walking upstairs and turned to look at Tong Feier, her half-sister, two younger than her. Months.

“Before you speak, please bring your own upbringing. How can I say that I am also your eldest sister. Your dad hasn’t spoken yet. It is your turn to be crooked?”

Tong Feier looked slightly annoyed and was about to speak. Tan Sheng said, “My sister is right, you are just uneducated, you are a shameless bastard just like your mother. My mother is mad at me, and now I live in Tong’s house to snatch my sister’s status. I really don’t want to. Face!”

Tong Tansheng is Tong Feier’s younger brother.

Sitting aside, Feng Ruyan’s beautiful face turned pale instantly, her big beautiful eyes filled with thick water vapor, which turned into hot teardrops and slipped down.

Looking at her mother Feng Ruyan, Tong Qianmeng felt very distressed and hated that iron cannot be made of steel.

Her mother has always been weak and bullying. Since she came to Tong’s house half a year ago, she has been angry with those two siblings.



Tong Jianye slapped the table abruptly, and the cutlery on the table jumped high, making a crisp sound.

“Tong Feier! Tong Tansheng! When I was in front of me, I dared to insult like a smoke, what did you do in the back? Apologize to your mother!”

“I don’t!” Tong Tansheng threw away the knife and fork and moved to the back of the chair. Leaning on, arms folded, “She’s not my mother, my mother was so mad at this woman a year ago! My mother is dead!” The

old story:

Tong Jianye and Feng Ruyan were lovers. For the sake of his career, he chose to marry a lady from a wealthy family. After Feng Ruyan left him, she found out that she was pregnant, and her kind and soft nature couldn’t bear to hurt her child, so she gave birth out of wedlock and raised Tong Qian alone. Dreams grow up.

A year ago, Tong Jianye’s wife somehow discovered the existence of Feng Ruyan and Tong Qianmeng. She was so angry that she couldn’t afford to be ill. In the end, she died. After her death, half a year later, Tong Jianye took Feng Ruyan and Tong Qianmeng. Tong Qianmeng took him back to Tong’s house.

As for Tong Qianmeng, it was only six months ago that Tong Jianye suddenly appeared to take her home and realized that he had a father.

She has always been a wild species in the mouths of children next to her since she was a child…

Tong Feier and Tong Tansheng are the children of Tong Jianye and his deceased wife. Naturally, they don’t want to see the mother and daughter who suddenly came to Tong’s house, arguing everywhere.

“Bastard stuff!” Tong Jianye got up and slapped Tong Tansheng with a slap, so that he almost fell from his chair. “You have no respect at a young age, who learned from you! Apologies!”

Tong Feier saw that his father was so careless The woman, holding the knife and fork tightly, squeezed out a smile, and said to Feng Ruyan: “Sorry mom, my brother and I are straightforward. I said things that shouldn’t be said, and I hope you don’t care about our juniors.”

Then she dragged Tong Tansheng’s clothes and said, “Hurry up and apologize. We have a long time with mom. It’s always so unpleasant. How will we live in the future?”

Her words meant: the day will be long, this one. In the future, some time will be calculated!

But Tong Tan Shengcheng Mansion wasn’t that deep, and couldn’t understand her voice at all, so he said bluntly “I’m sorry”, then ran back to the bedroom after falling the chair.

There was a loud noise when the chair fell, Tong Jianye turned blue with anger, Feng Ruyan got up and pulled him back to the seat, and said softly: “What are you angry with the child? He is still young and he will be well when he grows up.

“Yes .” Tong Jianye raised his cup and drank the milk on his neck, and said angrily: “Small? I’m fifteen years old and still young? I’m so angry!”

Tong Qianmeng’s water-cutting pupils flashed, and the corners of her lips finally aroused. Xiaoxiao, Tong Jianye has a full list of shortcomings, only the advantage of protecting his wife is worthy of praise.

Going upstairs and pushing open the bedroom door, Tong Qianmeng stunned on the spot.

A large pink-purple suitcase was placed near the door of the room. All the items in her room were cleaned up, including the bedding.

She opened the suitcase and, as expected, all her clothes and supplies were in it.

There was a sense of uneasiness in my heart.

When she rushed downstairs, her voice was freezing cold, and she said to Tong Jianye, “What’s the matter with my room? What do you mean?”

“Oh!” I called and said that as long as you live in the Red Sandalwood Palace, he will sign a contract with me for the transfer of land development rights in Tianshui Bay in the afternoon. Therefore, I will ask Xiaolian to clean up your things and let the driver send you there later. Red Sandalwood Palace, you have to take care of Mr. Zhai! “Dang—


Tong Qianmeng’s brain crashed. No wonder he saw Tong Jianye’s smiling face grinning to the base of his ears when he came back.

Zhai Zhenyu’s parting sentence echoed in his ear, “You will be back.”

It turned out that he used such a despicable method to lure Tong Jianye to send her back!

Do not! She will not go!

“Tianshuiwan’s land development rights are really so important? It’s so important that you betray your daughter to get it? Tiger poison still doesn’t eat seeds, you are not as good as animals!” Tong Qianmeng’s voice was calm, with sarcasm on the corners of his lips.

“How do you talk?! Did you talk to your father like this? I didn’t tell you to die. Besides, it is said that Zhai Zongjie is self-conscious and never touched a woman. It is your blessing that he can make an exception for you, so let’s go!” Tong Jianye Annoyed into anger.

Tong Qianmeng sneered. In Tong Jianye’s heart, interests are paramount.

“Mom, he wants to betray your daughter, don’t you object?” She turned to Feng Ruyan.

“I…I…” Feng Ruyan dodged her eyes, didn’t dare to look her eyes squarely, and murmured her lips and couldn’t speak. Before she came back, Tong Jianye had brainwashed Feng Ruyan, nothing more than what Zhai Zhenyu couldn’t. Annoyed and upset him, not only will Tong Qianmeng be retaliated against, but the Tong family will also not be better than Yunyun.

Tong Qianmeng sighed in her heart, she should have known it, her mother is soft as water and easily controlled by others. Since entering Tong’s house, Feng Ruyan was eaten to death by Tong Jianye, just like yesterday. Feng Ruyan was crying for her along the way, but never said a word to stop her.

Going back to the room, grabbing the phone and pulling the suitcase, she straightened her waist and walked outside the villa.

The white dress swayed a lonely arc in the wind.

Looking at her back, Tong Feier felt so happy that she was about to fly.

Tong Qianmeng sternly refused the driver to send her away, and walked away on foot. The sun rose a bit. The early summer sun should have been warm, but she felt a deep chill.

Walked for a while.

The phone ringing suddenly rang, she paused and picked up the phone and looked at it, an unfamiliar number.

Frowning and pressing the answer button, “Hello?”

There was no response from there, only the sound of breathlessness came. After a while, she said, “Who? I’m hanging up without talking!” Just as she

was about to press the hang-up button, there was a thick and sultry voice. “It’s me…”