Chapter 891 perish together

Chapter 891

Xiao Mengqiu was panicked when she heard what they said. The thing she was most worried about still happened. It was wrong to not kill Xiao Su’er all the time. If Bo Qingang wanted to investigate, he would definitely find a result. Yes, if he knows what happened then, he still doesn’t know what the consequences will be.

Now Xiao Mengqiu can’t even run away. She just takes two steps to catch her breath. She has no way to go to Bo Qingang’s hysterical accusations, and she has no ability to compete with Bo Qingang. In the past, Xiao Shuo could support her. After that, pretending to be Xiao Su’er to be the heir to the Ang family, there were some people who could be her pillar behind, but now she was left alone.

The money she earned for publishing papers can only make ends meet. It is not enough to hire a bodyguard to protect her. If Bo Qingang wants to trouble her, then she might have to admit her fate.

No, I can’t let Bo Qingang know what happened back then, but how can I hide him? She simply has no ability to erase the traces of the year.

Xiao Mengqiu became more and more afraid as he thought about it. Finally, his heart froze, and he said directly into the phone: “It doesn’t matter. You tell Shao Bo directly. I arranged for you. Say what you just said again and tell him that you are just using people’s money instead of money. It’s just a disaster. It’s nothing to do with you. Just push all the responsibility to my head.”

“Thank you, Miss Xiao.” The person on the other side of the phone breathed a sigh of relief when he heard him say this. Hung up the phone.

Xiao Mengqiu gritted his teeth while looking at the phone and said, “If this is the case, then don’t blame me. If you want to kill me, then I will die with you!”

Today, she can no longer control all of this, and Bo Qingang knows it. , The most likely thing is to make her worse than she is now. She is now a bereaved dog, and she will never imagine what she will look like at that time. In that case, it is better to pull a few backs.

It was Xiao Su’er that she most wanted to take away with her. It would definitely be painful to take her away, Bo Qingang, and that would take revenge on him.

the other side.

On the weekend, Xiao Suer accompanied Xiao Forgotten to the piano practice room. She watched her small body sitting in front of the piano, her fingers moving quickly, and her mouth could not hide a smile. It seemed that this child was destined to rely on this finger. Playing the world, the piano is as easy to control as a keyboard in his hand!

“Mother Xiao Wang, go to the lounge and sit for a while.” The piano teacher walked out of the classroom and said softly towards Xiao Su’er. Xiao Su’er thought that Xiao Wang would still practice for two hours. , Followed the teacher to the lounge.

As soon as the two arrived in the lounge, they saw a person walking out of the classroom next to Xiao Wang, dressed in a pure black coat and dressed extremely low-key, standing outside the classroom looking at Xiao Wang inside.

Bo Qingang knew that Xiao Wang would come here to practice piano, and waited here early in the morning, but Xiao Su’er was standing outside the classroom. He couldn’t come and take a look. He could only ask the teacher to take him to the waiting room. Dare to come out.

He hasn’t investigated the previous things clearly yet, and doesn’t want to have direct contact with Xiao Su’er. If she says anything that hurts others, he might not be able to accept it.

Now that he can see the child playing the piano inside the distance of a door, he is already very satisfied.

It never occurred to him that he would be so humble one day that he would not even dare to see his son, so he could only watch it secretly from behind.

After Xiao Wang played a song, he put his hands away and turned his head to look at Xiao Su’er who was waiting for him at the door, but he didn’t expect to see Bo Qingang when he turned his head.

But this also surprised him very much. He subconsciously wanted to call him Dad, but after thinking about it carefully, the two hadn’t recognized each other yet! Does Dad know that he is his child?

“Uncle.” Xiao Wang screamed and ran out the door, standing in front of Bo Qingang and looking up at him.

Bo Qingang squatted down and looked directly at Xiao Wang, “You play well.”

“Uncle, how do you know I play well? Did you come to see me on purpose? Or did something pass by here?” Xiao Wang heard his father. I praise the sweetness in my heart, no matter how intelligent he is, no matter how clever he is, he is still an ordinary child, he just wants his father to love him, he wants to be loved by his father!

“Something happened to pass by here, and I came in when I heard someone playing the piano inside. I didn’t expect that you were playing the piano. It sounds pretty good. How come you are so smart at a young age?

Bo Qingang was telling a lie seriously. He wanted to say that he came to see Xiao Wang playing the piano specially, but he was worried that Xiao Wang turned his head and told Xiao Su’er. If he was not allowed to learn here, he would just buy one. If the piano is left at home and hire a private teacher, he will not see his son.

“Because my mother is very smart. Of course it may also be because my dad is very smart and has good genetics. Of course I will be smart.” When Xiao Wang spoke, he raised his chin and looked proud and proud. Bo Qingang feels very proud.

He didn’t know whether he was an uncle who had met once, a good friend of his mother, or Xiao Su’er told him other things about his identity in Xiao Wang’s eyes.

But just now he said this with a confident expression on his face. Could it be possible that there is a so-called father by his side, accompanying him?

Thinking of this, Bo Qingang asked directly, “Who is your father? I saw your mother last time, what about your father?”

“My father…” Xiao Wang kept rolling his eyes, still wondering. How should I answer him, should I lie? After all, I now know that he is the father, but if you don’t lie, will you make your mother unhappy if you recognize him directly?

“Uncle, you said last time that if your child was born and was the same age as me, then was he born? Don’t you know it yourself?” Xiao Wang changed the subject directly, without answering his words.

“He has been born, I can be sure that he is as old as you.” Bo Qingang stretched out his hand and touched Xiangwang’s head. This was when he was most loving, different from being meticulous at work and different from treating him. Xiao Su’er’s gentleness when he was, this is the kindness that is unique to children.

Perhaps this is the special gravitational force of blood, making him feel very happy when he is close to Xiao Wang, even if the two people can’t recognize each other now, he is satisfied to be able to look at Xiao Wang.

“Really? Uncle, you are sure, how are you sure?” Xiao Wang looked forward to what he said. Could it be that his mother told him? Then the family of three can be reunited?