Chapter 892 Pull the hook

Chapter 892 Pulling the hook

“Because the investigation has found something, but the uncle is still trying to get acquainted with him, and he will recognize him at that time, and he will definitely take him to the amusement park to do what he wants to do. Compensate him for everything that has not been with him for these years.” When

Bo Qingang said these words, he felt a little pain in his heart. He looked at Xiao Wang’s eyes as if they had melted away, and his child was standing on his own. In front of, but he couldn’t recognize each other, as if Xiao Su’er was very cold to him every time, his heartache was exactly the same.

“Then uncle, what are you still missing? As long as the information is available on the Internet, maybe I can help you.”

Xiao Wang couldn’t wait. Dad was trying to recognize himself. What if If he can help the boat along the way, the three of them will be reunited soon, and he will no longer be a child of a single-parent family.

“Thank you, but uncle can come by yourself. You can learn the piano well and grow up safely. It won’t take long for me to recognize him.” Bo Qingang’s mouth filled with the warmest smile.

“Uncle, can you often come to see me to play the piano in the future? I will come here every weekend. Will I see you then?” Xiao Wang asked with some expectation as he looked at him, and only through this method Only then can I see Dad.

“Do you want your uncle to come? If you want, that uncle will come every week.”

“Think, it’s best to see you every day, that would be the best.” Xiao Wang nodded without hesitation.

“Well, after that you go to nursery school every day, I drove you to the nursery to see you, then come here every weekend to see you play the piano can do?”

“Uncle meant it, retractors!” Xiao forgotten stretch With his short little finger, Bo Qing’ang looked serious. At this time, he looked exactly like an ordinary four-year-old.

“Okay, pull the hook.” Bo Qingang also cooperated with his naivety, stretched out his big hand and hooked Xiao Wang’s little finger, his big and small hands were entangled.

Xiao Su’er sat in the lounge for a while, and still found it too boring, so she might as well stand outside and watch her child play the piano. Then she walked out of the lounge and turned a corner, and saw the little thumbs of two people hooked together on the corner.

Xiao Wang’s face has a child’s innocent smile, and his thin face is full of pampering and warmth.

The strong light at noon in summer sprinkled on the corridor, forming silhouettes on Bo Qingang’s body. What is more brilliant than the sun is the smile of two people, which makes people unable to move their eyes, so warm.

This is a beautiful picture scroll, the name of the picture scroll should be called family affection.

Xiao Su’er stopped trying to step forward, and then turned back to the lounge. She was caught in an inexplicable entanglement. Should she break this relationship and let the two of them recognize each other?

If she recognizes each other, how will she get along with Bo Qingang? Let Bo Qingang live in his own home? Or did he take Xiao Wang to live in Bo Qing’ang’s house, and the two became husband and wife without the name of husband and wife?

It’s a bit ridiculous no matter how you think, and it’s impossible for her to be completely uncompromising about what happened five years ago!

But Xiao Wang’s expression was so happy just now, with a smile that people couldn’t ignore, which showed that he wanted his father’s love and family affection.

She thought that she had given Xiao Wang enough, and given him so much love and care, enough to make up for his lack of paternal love, but it didn’t seem to be the case now.

Xiao Su’er suddenly didn’t want to go out, so let the father and son get along there, thinking that they couldn’t see it, so they could get along more naturally.

An hour later, Xiao Wangcai came to the waiting room to look for her, with a concealed smile on his face, ran to her, “Mom.”

“What’s wrong, so happy?” Xiao Su’er still didn’t want to do anything. Looking at Xiao Wang as he knew it, asked.

“I won’t tell you, it’s a little secret, Mom, can I ask you a question? Can you not be angry?”

“Well, I won’t be angry if you ask what the problem is.”

Xiao Wang’s eyes are flexible. At the turn of the day, she hooked Xiao Su’er’s neck and asked in her ear, “Is it possible for you and Dad to reconcile? Can you tell me what happened back then? I really want to know!”

Xiao Su’er actually I also thought that Xiao Wang would ask such a question. She was also mentally prepared to tell her son what happened back then. After all, her son is not like an ordinary child. He is not a four-year-old who knows nothing. He can tell. Right or wrong, he knows a lot.

If that’s the case, tell him everything and let him make a comment, whether he thinks Bo Qingang is doing it right.

“Okay, mom tells you, do you judge for yourself whether dad did it right? No matter what you think afterwards, mom won’t blame you.”

Xiao Su’er hugged Xiao Wang and sat on a chair in the waiting room, and told him all the things of the year bit by bit. He did not favor one or the other, nor reversed the black and white. He told how good Bo Qingang was to her, and he also told him how good things were to her. She told all the desperate things, especially when Bo Qingang went through the explosion, instead of saving her, he went to save others.

However, the explosion did not make her the most chilling. It was the most unacceptable thing for her to call so many doctors and nurses to forcibly abort her when she was injured and still hadn’t healed.

This incident was simply a nightmare for her for so many years afterwards. Every time she dreamed back at midnight, she could still feel that kind of powerlessness. She lived for two lifetimes, and that was the only time she felt desperate, lying on the operating table. I feel that the whole world has collapsed.

If Xiao Shuo didn’t arrive in time, she wouldn’t have such a lovely son now, and seeing the appearance of the doctors and nurses, I don’t know if she will be sent to hell together.

After hearing her whole story, Xiao Wang was silent for an instant, like a mature adult, watching him with a distressed look without saying a word.

“Baby, this is all the things that happened between me and your father back then. Do you think my mother is doing something wrong now? Should I forgive him?” When Xiao Su’er asked these words, the corners of her eyes were a bit sour. People suffering.

Xiao Forgotten did not answer his words, but instead hugged Xiao Su’er with his thin little hands, patted Xiao Su’er on the shoulder like an adult, and said, “Mom was wronged back then, and I will be there in the future. No one will dare to bully you again. , Rest assured, I will protect you, no one can bully my mother anymore!”