Chapter 893 Sudden Condition

Chapter 893 Sudden Condition

This sentence immediately hit Xiao Su’er’s tears. For so many years, this child has always been able to touch her in various ways. Such a small child can actually say such things as protecting her in the future , How can people not be moved?

“I see, with you here, you are a little superman who can protect my mother from injury, then let’s go home now and make you your favorite thing to eat.”

Xiao Su’er held back Xiao Wang with tears and prepared. He hugged him downstairs, but Xiao Wang shook his head and said, “But mom, I think there is something wrong with this story. Come to give you an abortion, and Dad keeps saying that he will explain it to you.”

“Although you didn’t hear the explanation in the end, it doesn’t mean that there is no explanation. And I always think that the other aunt in this story is very strange. Where does she know now?”

He clearly pointed out that there were many suspicious points in the past. Today, he has been investigating this matter on the Internet. Although the Internet is very powerful, it can allow him to pull out reports from many years ago, including reports by Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu, but after all, there are many things that do not exist on the Internet. It can’t be investigated.

There was no result for a long time. Now I heard Xiao Su say that he finally knew a little bit, but still felt that this matter was strange.

“I don’t know where she is now, but it doesn’t matter anymore, Mengbao, if you really want your father to be with you, you can go to see him, I’ve told him about your existence, and he now knows about you. It’s his son, but I won’t go to see him. You two are related by blood. I can’t stop you from meeting, but I don’t want to forgive him.”

Xiao Su’er figured it out. The scene just hit her. She couldn’t be so selfish in her mind. For the sake of adults, Xiao Wang had no fatherly love since she was a child. She could relax and let Xiao Wang and Bo Qingang meet frequently, and prevent their two things from affecting their children.

“I know, Mom, let’s go home.” Xiao Wang didn’t directly express his attitude, did not say whether he would go to see Bo Qingang in the future, because he knew that his mother actually didn’t want to see him, but he was very If you want to see, then he won’t talk about it. It’s enough to be with his mother. He has always been a smart kid and knows what to say to make Xiao Su’er not sad.

“Yeah.” Xiao Suer returned home holding his hand.

Three days later.

Xiao Su’er was so busy in the clinic that many patients with unknown causes came in during the past three days. They always had headaches, brain fever or stomach pains for no reason. In short, there were pains all over the body, but the cause could not be found.

She once thought that her medical skills were not as good as before, and she couldn’t even find out the cause of the disease, but after asking these patients to go to the Western Hospital for examination with professional equipment, she still couldn’t find out any reason.

In the past three days, more and more people came, old and young, and the location of their residence was not concentrated, even if they wanted to think about infectious diseases, it was not true.

“Dr. Xiao, Dr. Song! Another wave of patients has come. Come and see, is it the same situation a few days ago?” Lou shouted.

Xiao Su’er ran out of the office and almost fell on the stairs. After walking down the stairs quickly, seeing so many patients, her brows became “Chuan”.

She just took a look with her spiritual eyes, and she was sure that it was the same as the patient’s condition a few days ago, because she couldn’t see anything wrong, not even a little gray mist, and this group of people was very healthy.

But some of them clutched their stomachs, some rubbed their temples, and some directly slumped on the floor of the clinic, crying loudly in their mouths.

Physician Song also walked over from the clinic and looked at Xiao Su’er and asked, “Su’er, have you got any clues after studying in the past two days? I have been practicing medicine for decades and have never encountered such a situation. I also looked through all the cases I have recorded over the past two days, but I couldn’t find the same example. I also asked many friends in the Chinese medicine community to no avail.”

“No, I have called my dad, but I don’t even know about him.” Xiao Su’er has been researching for the past three days. She has searched almost all TCM books and contacted all TCM professionals who can be contacted, including Xiao Shuo, who was far abroad, made a phone call.

Xiao Shuo also came through the Ghost Doctor Valley, and her medical skills were not inferior to her, but the two people studied for so long without any results.

Xiao Suer and Physician Song looked at each other, and both saw powerlessness and helplessness in each other’s eyes. Even if they couldn’t find any results, they had to perform their duties as a doctor. They had already found your clinic. Trust you enough, even if there is no hope, you still have to help them diagnose and treat.

The two most skilled doctors in this clinic are helpless, not to mention other Chinese medicine practitioners. They have already given up on this group of patients with no cause, if the pulse is found to be in the same condition, it will be directly referred to as physical fitness. If it is not strong, prescribe a few Chinese medicines to enhance immunity and let them go back to take it.

“Come here, let me take pulses one by one, do you have any other symptoms besides pain in a certain part?” Xiao Su’er sat at the examination table and was about to start taking pulses one by one.

“Doctor Xiao, you can help me take a look. My headache is about to split. I almost feel that my eyesight has gone down and my vision is blurred. I can’t see anything. Will I be blind? Isn’t

he suffering from brain cancer?” A middle-aged man hurriedly ran across her face in a panic, fearing that he might have some terminal illness.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you the pulse first. In the past few days, many patients like yours who have a painful body have come over. In fact, there is nothing wrong with you. Don’t scare yourself. If you are not sick, then you will be scared to get sick.”

Xiao Su’er gave him his pulse, and it was the same situation as the previous two days. No illness was found at all. The man in front of him saw that he didn’t even have the beer belly and baldness that middle-aged men should have, and his body was as healthy as two. Like a young guy in his early ten years, he doesn’t even have a common sub-health state, he is a healthy person.

Even if it is to improve the immunity, he doesn’t need to be, but he doesn’t look like he is pretending, and he really has a headache to the point of cold sweat on his forehead and pale lips.

“Doctor Xiao, what do you mean by being like this? Am I very serious? Are you dying? Why do you look so serious? Don’t scare me!”