Chapter 894 Strange patient

Chapter 894 The Strange Patient The

middle-aged man saw that Xiao Su’er had stopped taking his pulse, but looking at him without saying a word, his heart seemed to fall into the ice cellar in an instant, and he began to think about it and asked in horror.

“You don’t need to be nervous, you are fine! There is no cancer.” Xiao Su’er bit her lip and didn’t know what to say, and told him directly, is he not sick at all? It is conceivable that his response must be exactly the same as those of the patients a few days ago, and he will definitely be crazy and even question her professionalism.

This is always the case these days. When a group of unknown patients come to the clinic and tell them that they are not sick after taking their pulses, they will be making a lot of noise in this clinic.

In the end, Xiao Suer had to say, if you don’t believe it, you can go directly to the Western Hospital to use a professional instrument to test, and they leave cursingly, saying that when you check out where you are sick, they must come and close the clinic, but after the check, they are pitiful. When he came back, he said that the western doctors could not detect any diseases, and begged them to prescribe some herbal medicines, even if they couldn’t cure the disease, they would be able to keep fit.

After experiencing such things a lot, Xiao Su’er was exhausted and didn’t want to deal with it anymore.

“Everyone, you don’t need to get your pulse anymore. If you feel pain in a certain part of your body for no reason, and you haven’t had any other illness before, you don’t need to get your pulse. I can tell you seriously, you are not sick, and the pain is for no reason. , If you don’t believe it, go to a regular hospital for an examination! We have encountered too many patients like you in the past few days.”

Dr. Song looked at Xiao Su’er embarrassed by the side, and directly summed up his words these days. , I spoke to these patients.

After hearing what he said, the patients looked at each other and didn’t know how to answer. Many patients knew the name of this clinic. Even if they didn’t know it before, Xiao Su’er made such a big noise a few days ago. They had also heard of it. A young doctor who is more powerful than Hua Tuo.

“Dr. Xiao, you are an Internet celebrity doctor. We believe you, are you really as the old doctor said? We are not sick?” The

patients looked at Xiao Su’er with expectant eyes. They hoped that they actually It is sick, otherwise such unprovoked pain is too terrible, and there is no cure. If it is sick, spend money to buy some medicine, and the treatment will no longer be painful.

“Dr. Song is right. We have indeed encountered too many patients in the same condition as you these days. In fact, they are not sick, but they will have headaches or stomach pains for no reason. No disease can be detected. Let me give You prescribe a few painkillers, try to prescribe some that will not have any sequelae.”

“But you also know that when you use more painkillers, you will have tolerance. After you get sick, then use painkillers. It may not have such a good effect. So you can bear it. “

Xiao Su’er comforted these patients as calmly as possible, but the patients became dissatisfied when they heard what she said.

“What does it mean to be able to bear it? It’s really painful. If we feel so painful, we can’t work and support our family. What can we do in the future? Don’t you live?”

“That’s it, you guys. Isn’t this a very powerful old-fashioned clinic? You are still the Internet celebrity doctor everyone said, and netizens say that you are very powerful. You have been live broadcast on the Internet a few years ago, and you have participated in the championship of the competition. No, you are a lie?”

Sure enough, the same symptoms occurred a few days ago, the whole body aches for no reason, and they say that they are not sick, how can people accept it!

“Calm down, everyone. We just don’t want to lie to you, so we will tell the truth about your situation. If we want to lie, I will just talk about a disease. Don’t you know that it’s easy to cheat money? But doing this, yes. What good do we have?”

Xiao Suer stood up because of this group of restless patients. She felt that this unexplained illness was the Waterloo of her medical career, and the heavens came to test her.

When the patients heard her saying this, they felt that they were justified, and they were right! If you are a liar, don’t take this opportunity to swindle a fortune. It’s so painful that they will be willing to pay no matter how much money they want.

“Then the doctor, how do you want to treat this? It’s okay for the pain for a day or two. If you can bear it, you can endure it. If there is no medicine for a long time, the pain will die.”

” Everyone , I can only temporarily I use painkillers to relieve your pain. I really can’t do anything else. I dare not give you any medicine. If nothing happens, what should I do?” Xiao Su’er finished speaking and stood up in front of the medicine box and grabbed several A pair of painkillers were distributed to the patients present.

The patients had complicated expressions with the painkillers, but they were still helpless and could only thank them, and then turned and left after paying the money.

“Doctor Xiao, what are you saying about this? Could it be a large-scale infectious disease? What if there are more and more people?” The front desk ran to Xiao Suer’s side and asked anxiously. She was also in the clinic. It’s been a long time, although it’s only the front desk, but I also know how serious the consequences will be if it is an infectious disease.

“It can’t be an infectious disease, don’t worry! I am going back today to practice some quick pain relief pills. It will not have any side effects on the patients and minimize the drug resistance. If there are more patients in the future, they will be divided directly. Just give them pills. This time the condition is really difficult, and I have to study it again.”

Xiao Su’er tapped her fingers on the desktop with a solemn expression, took a notebook with medical records and drew three “positive” characters on it. Today, 15 patients came, plus those from the previous three days, the number is over 100. .

This number is more or less than less. It must be taken seriously. If it continues like this, it may cause panic among the people.

“Doctor Song, do you think there is anything in common with people who have developed this disease?” Xiao Su’er turned her head and asked.

“I have been paying attention to this situation in the past two days. Most of the people who came on the first day were girls, and they were young girls in their early twenties. I thought it might be concentrated among women at that age, but I observed these two days. When I came down, I found that this was not the case.”

“Men, women and children are tall, short, fat and thin, and the pain is not the same. There is no way to find the pattern.” Physician Song’s expression was solemn, and he had been troubled by this illness in the past two days.

“Where does the first patient live? Is there a record?” Xiao Su’er thought for a while and walked to the front desk and asked.

“Yes! All of them are registered, including today.” The front desk turned out the registration book and handed it to Xiao Su’er. It has been three days since the first patient came to see the doctor. He hasn’t been here for the past three days, so it should be a little better. Well, thinking about this, Xiao Su’er is going to come back for a follow-up visit.