Chapter 896 Make up time

Chapter 896

She knew that Chi Siang’s family was in good condition when she was in high school, but he was also very mysterious. No one knew what his family’s background was. Now it seems that he should inherit the family’s business. After all, he also studied business-related majors at university.

“Working in a helper is also starting a company, but my life is very boring. I haven’t been so happy in the past few years. Let’s talk about you. How are you doing now? Still living with Bo Qing’ang. Together?”

Chi Siang obviously didn’t want to mention his family, and directly changed the subject, Xiao Su’er did not keep asking questions.

“I broke up with him as early as five years ago. You have stayed here. Don’t you know that five years ago, many people rumored that I was dead? I took my whole family overseas and came back not long ago. But I have a son now, and I’m still very happy.” To Chi Siang, she didn’t conceal the least bit, and said everything.

Hearing her words, Chi Siang was not surprised. He nodded like a program, but his hands holding the steering wheel tightened, “Can you two still be together? Back then, you were so in love, you still Because he almost quarreled with me, I feel that you loved him very much back then.”

“That was all things back then. Five years have passed. Time has changed and things have changed. Where can I still be together? Now all my life is taken up by my son and work. I don’t have time to think about those things. What’s more, it’s about Bo Qingang. I wish I would never see him again.”

Xiao Su’er answered without looking up at the phone, so she didn’t notice that Chi Siang seemed to be off when she said the last sentence. What a decision is the same with a sigh of relief.

The car drove to the community where the patient lived. After Chi Siang parked the car, he actually wanted to follow Xiao Su’er to the patient’s home.

“You do not know the person, or a man to hear you say, if you do anything about the situation how? I can also go along to protect you, I promise you will not affect the review, just waiting for you next.”

Pool Division Ang found a perfect reason, Xiao Su’er couldn’t help him, and simply took him directly to the patient’s door.

After pressing the doorbell for a long time, I heard an inquiring voice from the room, “Who? What’s the matter?”

“Hello, I am a Chinese medicine doctor in the clinic. Mr. Li had visited our clinic two days ago. , I’m here to review, and I want to ask how he feels now?”

Xiao Su’er tried to make her voice sound a little smoother, but she didn’t expect that as soon as her voice fell, a grumpy voice came from the door, “You all They are quack doctors, saying that he is not sick at all and can’t find it out. Let’s review what to review now. He has been rolling in bed in pain for the past two days.”

The irritable voice grew louder, and then she opened the door and looked at Xiao Su’er outside the door. This is a middle-aged woman who should be Mr. Li’s wife. Her eyes are bloodshot and her face is exhausted. These two days, Maybe their family was tortured by this unprovoked disease.

“Is he suffering severely? He’s all rolling on the bed, let me go in and take a look.” Xiao Su’er didn’t care about his angry voice at all, and said in a flat tone.

“Did you make a mistake in the diagnosis? You came to apologize, right? It’s you quack doctors who have harmed people. Obviously there are problems. If you have to say that there is no problem and do not prescribe the medicine, he suffers from this pain. What to do?” The woman scolded her and let Xiao Su’er in.

As soon as she entered the door, Xiao Su’er heard a moaning sound, sounding very weak, and kept yelling, “It hurts, it hurts!”

She walked towards the source of the sound, but it was someone who had only seen it three days ago. The whole person who was almost tortured by the pain for three days was thin and thin, with thick blue-black eyes. It shouldn’t have been much sleep in these two days, lying on the bed has been groaning and complaining of pain.

“Mr. Li, are you okay? Are you still feeling painful? No relief at all?” Xiao Su’er walked to her bedside and asked softly.

“Xiao…Dr. Xiao, I really have the pain, and I feel like my stomach is about to explode. Are you here today to tell me the cause of the disease? Then tell me how to treat it. If I don’t get any treatment, I will probably die. , Can’t live anymore.”

Mr. Li saw Xiao Su’er’s eyes lit up, as his wife thought, he felt that he must have come to him because of an error in the inspection.

Xiao Su’er didn’t answer his words, she took out gold needles from his bag and stuck them on several of his acupuncture points. He immediately felt that the pain all over his body disappeared. He sat up on the bed and looked at Xiao Su’er, “You are God doctor! Since you can help me with my illness, why did you say that I am fine the other day? Why didn’t you help me with acupuncture?”

“I’m not going to help you treat your illness. I use acupuncture to relieve your pain. After pulling out the gold needle, you will turn over and over again in bed in pain. So I don’t recommend using this method to help you relieve your pain. This is to think of a way to relieve the pain.”

Xiao Su’er sat down at Mr. Li’s house and began to write prescriptions. He wrote a lot of prescriptions for strengthening the body’s resistance while relieving pain. This review is destined to have no results. It just made her more sure that the strange disease was not. Can be easily resolved.

After stepping out of Mr. Li’s house, Xiao Su’er fell into silence. What should I do?

Whether to call Xiao Shuo back from overseas, the two discussed together, but Xiao Shuo was with Father Ang overseas. Now that grandpa is getting older, she really can’t bear to take care of her. There is no personal care for her, although Grandpa butler has accompanied him a lot. Years, but the housekeeper’s age is old after all, Xiao Su’er shook her head to deny this idea.

Chi Siang followed her, watching her look depressed, and persuaded: “Don’t worry, this time things are absolutely impossible to be infectious. Don’t worry about this problem, they may just be in a few days. will not hurt, now you should go to the bar after hours, you do not have to go back to the clinic with a punch, go! I invite you to dinner. ” “

indeed to working hours, well, want to change the thinking, go! we Go to dinner.” Xiao Su’er nodded, and followed Chi Siang to the fine dining restaurant in the city.

Chi Siang seemed to be ready to bring her here for dinner. Even the wine was placed in the restaurant in advance. The wine was poured into the goblet in front of her. He smiled and introduced: “This wine is specially for you. I chose to commemorate our long-lost reunion. I hope that in the future there will be more opportunities to make up for the past five years with you.”