Chapter 898 Suitors

Chapter 898 The Suitor

Xiao Wang blinked when he spoke, and facing Xiao Su’er always looked like a well-behaved, just like a four-year-old kid.

He only hopes that his parents will get back together, and he does not want anyone else to be involved in their feelings. Bo Qingang and Xiao Su’er had misunderstood originally, and he, as their child, will solve the misunderstanding little by little, absolutely. Don’t let others spoil their feelings.

“Yeah, with my cute treasure protecting me, how dare someone bully me? Absolutely not.” Xiao Suer rubbed his head.

Chi Siang was left by the two of them. Of course, Xiao Yuhan understood what his nephew meant, but he still couldn’t do this to the guests. He walked to Chi Siang’s side and said, “Hello, this is Xiao Yuhan. “

Su’er’s younger brother? I just heard from her. When I was in college, I didn’t even know that so many things had happened to Su’er.” Chi Siang extended his hand towards him, “I am very happy.” Knowing you, I think we will definitely have a lot of opportunities to get along in the future.”

“I hope so.” Xiao Yuhan also reached out and held his hand.

Chi Siang stayed at the Angjia Manor for two hours before returning. During this period, he was almost here at Xiao Yuhan, asking all the things that happened to Xiao Su’er in the past five years. When he was in the restaurant , Xiao Su’er deliberately skipped things that he hadn’t told him, and he pretended to ask it unintentionally.

After Chi Siang left, Xiao Yuhan sat in the living room and shook his head, “Sister, you are not easy! After five years of absence, there are still old classmates who still miss you. How do you say you did it?”

“What nonsense are you talking about? We are just classmates who have a better relationship in the past. Why don’t you forget to say such things in front of Mengbao? Why are you uncle?” Xiao Su’er glared at him. He looked at Xiao Wang subconsciously, but he didn’t expect that Xiao Wang and Xiao Yuhan had the same expressions.

“Come on, sister, you don’t know that this is a genius child in your family, do you think he really doesn’t know it? He has already seen through, otherwise how could he say those things just now.”

“Let’s go, kid, you Is it because he came in that she already knew that she had bad thoughts about your mother?” Xiao Yu hugged Xiao Wang and asked.

Xiao Su’er was surprised when she heard what Xiao Wang said. Although she also heard what Xiao Wang said just now, it seemed to have some deep meaning, but she didn’t believe that a four-year-old child could see the adult’s thoughts at a glance.

“Mengbao, can you really see his thoughts? Tell your mother how you saw it?” Xiao Suer looked at Xiao Wang and asked seriously.

“Of course you can see it. Didn’t you see Mommy? When you took him into the living room just now, he obviously walked behind you, but his eyes were stuck on your body.”

“Although I’m still young. There are a lot of things I don’t know, but there are a lot of love analysis on the Internet, as well as various ways to understand the issues of men and women. I can see that he just likes you after the analysis.”

Xiao Wang immediately educates Xiao Su’er in a very understanding manner, “Mom, you have to stay away from this kind of person. He doesn’t look easy to provoke. Just now I said that he was still looking at me, as if threatening me. Seeing him there is a problem.” When

he spoke, he nodded solemnly like an old man, as if he was giving an academic report.

“Puff!” Xiao Su’er couldn’t help laughing when he saw him like this. “A kid who knows everything, what do you know! You can’t do that.”

“I just understand, especially about my mother. I understand, anyway, my mother will stay away from this uncle in the future.” Xiao Wang grabbed Xiao Su’er’s hand and instructed again and again. On the contrary, Xiao Su’er was like his daughter, and he was like an old father.

“Mengbao, why are you doing this? I think this uncle is not bad. He didn’t leave you in three sentences just now, sister! I think you can think about him. He should be very infatuated with you. In the past five years, he can’t wait Ask how much you eat every day. It should be a dedicated person who has liked you for many years.”

Xiao Yuhan’s perspective is different from Xiao Wang’s. He still hopes that his sister will find a good man to live with. After all, raising children alone is still very tiring. Although they have no financial pressure, Xiao Su’er picks up the children by himself after going to work every day. I want to cook for Xiao Wang on weekends. I want to do everything about Xiao Wang myself. It will be really tiring.

Even if it wasn’t for Xiao Wang, for her own sake, she should find someone to accompany her, otherwise how lonely he would be in the future! She is still young, only twenty-five years old, and there are a lot of youthful years waiting for her. She shouldn’t be complacent and close herself because of that failed relationship.

“You two don’t discuss this here. I guess people don’t have this idea at all. Okay, don’t discuss this matter. Tomorrow is the weekend. Do you have any arrangements?”

Although Xiao Su’er also felt that Chi Siang treated her It’s different, but I don’t want to worry about this kind of thing. The most important thing now is her work, especially those illnesses that pop up for no reason.

“I’m going back to school tomorrow to do an experiment with another professor. Do you have any arrangements?” Xiao Yuhan was successfully distracted.

“Take Mengbao to play the piano. He has been looking forward to the weekend. Every day, he counts that there are only four days until the weekend, and only three days until the weekend.”

In fact, Xiao Suer could guess why Xiao Wang looked forward to the weekend so much. Most of them have something to do with Bo Qingang, but both of them tacitly didn’t tell the matter, and she didn’t even know.

“Yes, I especially want to play the piano, don’t you know, Mom? Playing the piano can practice the flexibility of my fingers. After practicing the piano these days, I feel that I have a lot of flexibility when typing on the keyboard, even my typing speed. It’s going to be a lot faster.”

Xiao Wang looked at Xiao Su’er and raised her eyebrows, for fear that she would think too much, and specially made up a reason.

“Okay, then go to bed, I’ll take you there early tomorrow morning.” Xiao Su’er hugged Xiao Wang and went up to the second floor.

Chi Siang walked outside the walls of Angjia Manor, looking at this luxurious Anjia Manor, a meaningful smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, “Su’er, I have missed it for so long. Destined, it shows that this is an opportunity for me, I will not waste this opportunity again!” The

next day.

Xiao Su’er took Xiao Forget to the piano practice place. After watching him talk for ten minutes, she said: “Mengbao, mom has to leave beforehand, and you will call mom when class is over.”

“Okay.” Xiao Wangyuan returned. Thinking of finding a reason to distract her, she said it herself, and he couldn’t ask for it, and nodded cleverly, as if she didn’t know anything.