Chapter 899 encourage

Chapter 899 Encouragement

Xiao Su’er didn’t actually leave. She just went to the waiting room where she was sitting last time and played with her mobile phone. She just wanted to give the two of them a safe environment to get along with.

Bo Qingang arrived in the piano room almost early today, and even the most important meeting of the company was dropped. Nothing is as important as his precious son.

Hiding in the classroom next door, listening to the movement next to him, he immediately left the classroom after hearing Xiao Su’er leave, and stood at the window watching Xiao Wang practice piano like last week.

When Xiao Wang was out of the classroom, Xiao Wang was not in the mood to practice piano. He kept looking at the window from the corner of his eye. The moment he turned his head and saw Bo Qingang, his smile was as warm as the spring sunshine.

“Uncle!” He yelled and ran to the door, Bo Qingang squatted down, took out a lunch box from behind and handed it to him, “Yesterday you said that you liked this seafood porridge very much, I brought you again, did you? Eat breakfast?”

This week, he followed the agreement to go to the kindergarten to see Xiao Wang every day. Every day he asked the chef to change the way to make different dishes and bring them to the kindergarten. He wrote down all the things Xiao Wang liked to eat. This time Xiao Wang I am most interested in this seafood porridge. After eating it cleanly, he will keep a little bit of other things.

“I didn’t have enough to eat when I had breakfast this morning. I specially saved a little stomach to eat uncle’s food. Am I very smart?” Xiao Wang held the lunch box and raised his head to beg for praise.

“Yes! Xiao Wang is the smartest. Today, this seafood porridge was boiled specially in the morning. I brought it in a heat preservation box. Now I don’t know if it’s cold. You can eat it soon.” Bo Qingang and Xiao Wang can say they are close now. There is no gap between two people when they talk.

He hugged Xiao Wang and walked into the classroom, watching Xiao Wangyangjiajiao drunk all the porridge, and he didn’t mind reaching out his hand to help him wipe off the oil stains on his mouth.

“Oh, I’m finally full. I can practice piano, uncle, sit next to me and watch me practice piano. I will finish the practice soon. The teacher will not come to teach new tunes until an hour later. I finished training in half an hour, and stayed for half an hour to chat with uncle, and then uncle can do his own thing.”

“I know you are very busy. Every time the sky comes out to accompany me, maybe it will delay work. “

Xiao Wang sensibly arranged all the time, accurate to every minute, and thought of Bo Qing’ang’s work.

“Okay, I’m here to watch you play the piano for half an hour. How are you and your mother these two days?” Bo Qingang couldn’t help but want to ask about Xiao Su’er, wanting to know how she’s doing. .

“Mom, she…” Xiao Wang subconsciously wanted to say something about Chi Siang, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t say it. After all, there is still some misunderstanding between father and mother that has not been clarified. If you let father misunderstand mother and don’t If you guys are together, it is estimated that the two will not be able to reconcile in their lives.

Thinking about this, Xiao Wang replied solemnly: “My mother has been busy with the clinic these two days. It seems that she has encountered some difficult patients. She is not thinking about me when

she is looking up the information.” “She will research it out .” There is no disease in the world that she can’t cure.” Bo Qingang said confidently. In his heart, Xiao Suer is the person who stands at the pinnacle of human medicine.

“I feel so too. Mom is very clever and will definitely solve this problem.” Xiao Wang’s fingers floated quickly across the black and white keys, and an intoxicating piano song flowed out of the piano.

An hour later, Bo Qingang walked out of the classroom to leave, but unexpectedly ran into Xiao Su’er downstairs, who was going to breathe.

Xiao Suer sat alone in the waiting room for an hour. She was tired of playing with her cell phone. She asked everything that should be asked. There really was nothing boring to go downstairs to hang out, thinking that she should be about to leave, ready to return. It happened to hit Bo Qingang who was going downstairs, and the two looked at each other, and both felt embarrassed, as if something tacitly understood was suddenly pierced.

“You…” Xiao Su’er opened, but I didn’t know what to ask, and asked him why he was here? If he said he came to see Xiao Wang, how should he answer?

Xiao Su’er didn’t know why, and she felt a little guilty. It was clear that she brought her own children to learn piano here with integrity, but it seemed like she had done something bad.

“Bo is going to invest in music-related projects. I came here to check it out. I heard that the teachers here are the best in the city. I’m going to dig two in the past. What are you coming here for?” Bo Qingang took the initiative to speak. , Even found a perfect question, and successfully threw the topic to Xiao Su’er.

“I brought my child over to play the piano, and he was practicing on it. I felt bored and strolled around. Now I am going to go back, so I will leave first.” Xiao Su’er did not expect that Bo Qingang would be able to talk nonsense seriously, and he was not enthusiastic about it. Do not jump.

“Okay…” Bo Qingang nodded and staggered her body to let Xiao Su’er enter the building. Xiao Su’er walked into the hall, and Bo Qingang called her again, “Su’er!”

Xiao Su’er turned and looked at it. There was a glass door between the two. Just staring at each other, Bo Qingang suddenly smiled slightly, “No matter what troublesome patient you encounter, it can be cured. Don’t worry, you are very good.”

“You…” Xiao Su’er didn’t expect Bo Qingang to meet. Saying such a thing, is this encouraging her? Could it be that although he didn’t go to the clinic to pester her in the past few days, he was secretly paying attention to her news, knowing that she was suffering from a headache?

In short, no matter what, Xiao Su’er felt that hearing this sentence made her feel a strange feeling. At this moment, she seemed to have forgotten everything in the past and did not remember the harm Bo Qingang brought to her. Moved at this moment.

It was just a gentle word of encouragement, which seemed to touch the two words deep in her heart called touching.

“Thank you!” Xiao Su’er said these words quickly and ran into the elevator. As the elevator slowly rose, she barely calmed down. She stretched out her hand to cover her chest, some wanting to scold herself.

How is this going? Why are you so unpromising, haven’t you heard anyone encourage you? Didn’t my brother and son always say to work hard every day and they will definitely heal them? Why do you feel so touched by another person?

She questioned herself, but couldn’t answer her doubts, she could only be in a trance, and walked to the waiting room like stepping on a floating cloud on her foot.

After she ran away in a hurry, Bo Qingang kept staring at her back until she disappeared into the elevator, and the smile on her mouth had not disappeared.