Chapter 900 Different flowers

Chapter 900 Different Flowers On

this day, Xiao Su’er was talking to Dr. Song in the office, and the two of them were discussing the treatment plan for this kind of illness that had emerged in the past few days.

“Doctor Song, I still think that acupuncture can be used to relieve pain. When we are not sure what is the strange disease, and do not know the treatment plan, using acupuncture is the most direct and no sequelae.”

“I still don’t think it should be used. Acupuncture is better, because in people’s traditional concept, acupuncture is used for serious diseases. If you use acupuncture, they will not feel that it is a simple pain. You should still prescribe a few Chinese medicines for them to go back and suffer. Come to drink, you can lose money and strengthen your body.”

“Doctor Song, do you think we should discuss with a patient and ask him to give us feedback on his situation 24 hours a day, so that we can find the pattern.”

“This…” Dr. Song had a good time. He knocked on the table without a hit, “Maybe the patient won’t be willing.”

“But we…”

Xiao Su’er tried to persuade him, but there was a shout from the front desk on the first floor, “Doctor Xiao, someone is looking for it!” “

I’m going down first.” Xiao Su’er thought that someone came to see the doctor again, and ran to the first floor in a hurry, but didn’t see the patient, only Chi Siang holding a bunch of roses.

It was different from the last time. This time he brought gorgeous red roses. Wearing a casual suit, he was standing in front of the clinic holding red roses. It was a beautiful scenery in itself, and the little nurses in the clinic were all whispering.

“Who is this person? So handsome! Is there any new boyfriend in our clinic? You have a good vision!”

“This is two types of men with Bo Shao, but they have one thing in common, that is Handsome.”

“The summary is too good. It is incomparably handsome. He is like a prince who walks out of a fairy tale, and he is very romantic with a rose!”

Xiao Su’er was in their enviable gaze. Walking to Chi Si-ang’s side, she asked in embarrassment, “Why did you come? And what are you doing with the rose?”

She didn’t expect that Chi Si-ang would come to the clinic, and she was still holding the rose. She accepted him last time. The rose was accepted because he said that he celebrated his return to China Mainland, and the implication was not bad. This time, this bright red rose is too easy to misunderstand.

“Naturally I brought you eleven roses. Do you like it? If you don’t like it, I will bring you other flowers next time. What kind of hyacinth, orchid or lily do you like?”

Chi Siang put it softly. His voice is like a boy asking what his girlfriend likes.

When he said this, all the nurses who were onlookers almost yelled out with envy, but Xiao Su’er didn’t sound so beautiful. She frowned and said, “You don’t want to say this, it’s really too much. It’s easy to get people misunderstood.”

“What do people misunderstand? There is nothing to misunderstand. I just brought flowers to you. The flowers are real, and they are not false.” Pretending to be stupid, as if she couldn’t understand what Xiao Suer said.

“Is there anything you want to do with me? If there is nothing wrong, you can go first. I can’t talk with you more during working hours. I will talk about it after get off work.” Xiao Su’er did not pick up his flowers, but gave an order to evict him. It seems she You have to think about it, what Xiao Wang and Xiao Yuhan said before, maybe Chi Siang really has other thoughts about her.

“I just want to come and see you. When I see you, I have enough energy to deal with other things in one day. If you hold flowers in your office, you will feel much better. I will leave first, so I won’t disturb you. Go to work and work hard.”

Chi Siang saw that Xiao Su’er was not picking up, and he put the flowers directly at the front desk, smiled gently at Xiao Su’er, and turned to leave.

In this way, his image immediately stood up in the hearts of all the nurses. This is a man who cares about his girlfriend and loves her to the extreme! It’s just a big boyfriend, a template for a boyfriend! Regardless of appearance, figure or character, they meet the highest requirements of all girls.

For a while, all the nurses gathered around Xiao Su’er and started gossiping towards her.

“Dr. Xiao, is this your current boyfriend? Did you break up with Shao Bo?”

“Did you ask that? Dr. Xiao, what is the name of this boy? So handsome, when will you two? Together?”

“He is so handsome. It is the difference between the most handsome man I have ever seen and the cold-hearted man like Bo Shao. I like him as a warm man.”

Listening to their inquiries, Xiao Su’er had a headache. She glanced at the conspicuous flowers and said coldly: “He is just my high school classmate, not a boyfriend. He met on the street yesterday. Maybe today I just want to come and see where I work. If you like these flowers, Just take it, don’t guess, I have nothing to do with him.”

After saying this, she turned around and went to the office on the second floor, leaving all the nurses on the first floor staring at each other. It took a long time to react, and one of the nurses hugged the flowers, sniffed them by the nose, and vomited with envy and jealousy on his face.

“What Ghosts? This is intentional to pull hate it? Just say so obvious, I can not see you I did not mind the work, not her boyfriend, do the authors is ambiguous objects ah?”

Pre-loaded, all Everyone is complaining about Xiao Su’er, thinking that she is behaving improperly. She obviously has a son with Shao Bo and is not married. Now she hooks up with other boys who look good. It’s not the same.

Xiao Su’er didn’t need to listen, she could guess what they would say about her, so she stopped looking for abuse by herself. She stayed in the office and read by herself, ignoring other things at all.

But what he didn’t expect was that starting from this day, Chi Siang would report to their clinic every day, and every day when the lunch was about to arrive, he came in with a bouquet of flowers in front of everyone in the clinic. He sent almost all the flowers in a week, and the number was surprisingly consistent: eleven.

From the gorgeous red rose to the elegant lily, to the fresh gypsophila, he gave it all over. Every time Xiao Suer didn’t pick him up, he put it directly at the front desk. The little girl at the front desk was in a good mood and found a vase. Put flowers in the vase every day.

“Doctor Xiao, you see that these flowers are blooming pretty well. I feel a little bit reluctant to lose them every day, so let me buy two more vases! It feels a little bit more vibrant to put a bunch of flowers in the clinic every day. “The

front desk touched the gypsophila in the vase and looked at Xiao Su’er with a smile. The gypsophila in the vase was full of energy, and it didn’t seem to fade at all.