Chapter 901 I do not mind

Chapter 901 I don’t care that

Xiao Su’er feels uncomfortable when he glances at the vase. It seems that I really want to find a suitable time to explain clearly to Chi Siang. If he can’t be tactful, he can’t understand it at all. It may also be pretending not to understand!

“Don’t put it here, otherwise he will send it more vigorously every day, and I don’t know what he is thinking in his heart, so I told him, don’t do this kind of misunderstanding thing, he will be more vigorous to send it. “

Xiao Su’er said, picking up the vase, pulling out the bouquet inside and preparing to throw it in the trash can, but the front desk protects the flowers like a chicken protecting food.

“Don’t! Dr. Xiao, if you don’t like it, let us take care of it! Your old classmates are pursuing you at first sight, but Lang Youqing concubine has no intention.”

“Anyway, if you don’t accept it, he will also Here, you just let me take a look. It’s a shame to lose it.” The

front desk blinked at her flatly, but she was embarrassed, so she could only let go, “Okay, you Just take it and put it if you like.” The

front desk happily put the flowers back in the vase and started taking a selfie with the phone, just like a little girl with candy. Chi Siang originally sent these flowers and hoped that Xiao Suer and She had the same reaction, but she didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to be uninterested at all.

After get off work, Xiao Su’er took the mobile phone and was about to call Chi Siang, but he didn’t expect that his phone had already been called.

“Su’er, tomorrow is the weekend. You can take a break today and go to dinner with me. I found a Japanese food store. I heard that the taste is not bad. Let’s try it together.”

“Good.” Xiao Su’er agreed. When I came down, I wanted to find a chance to tell him clearly, and I could talk more clearly in face-to-face conversations during dinner.

“Then you don’t drive today. Put your car in your parking garage, and I will drive over to pick you up.”

“Okay.” Xiao Su’er was a little stingy about herself, always jumping word by word. After hanging up the phone, Just stood in front of the clinic and waited to bring him over.

When Liu Yan was about to leave the clinic, she saw Xiao Su’er standing at the entrance of the clinic and looking around. She was waiting for someone. After thinking about it, she hid directly in the corner of the clinic, wanting to see who Xiao Su’er was waiting for. Shao Bo is still an infatuated young man who comes to give flowers every day. This person is really sloppy, dealing with so many men, it is not a good thing at first sight.

When Chi Siang’s car drove to the entrance of the clinic, he did not sit in the car and waited for Xiao Su’er to get in the car by herself. Instead, he got out of the car and opened the door for her. He took care of it to the extreme, and he noticed such details.

Liu Yan took out her phone again and took a lot of photos. Chi Siang took Xiao Su’er in the car and helped her open the car door.

After the car drove far, Liu Yan smiled gloomily with her mobile phone, “This time I don’t just let the clinicians know about it like the last time. You wait for me, and I’ll just put it on the Internet and let Bo Shao see it too. Here, let him see how many lovers there are in the back of the woman who helped him give birth to a son.” With

that said, she didn’t hesitate to put the photos she had just taken directly on the Internet, and she jumped with satisfaction. Leaving the clinic, as long as the things that make Xiao Su’er unhappy will make her feel unhappy in her heart.

Chi Siang took Xiao Su’er to the Japanese food store and ordered almost everything on the menu. While waiting for the food, Xiao Su’er put down her phone and looked at him and said seriously: “Chi Siang, I I want to have a good chat with you.”

“Okay, I will listen to what you want to say, what do you want to talk about?” Chi Siang put his hand aside and looked at Xiao Su’er seriously.

“Chi Siang, the two of us are classmates and friends. The first time I accepted your flower, it was because I felt that we had reunited after a long time and had a good meaning. But it was not because I accepted the flower once. Send it, and report to our clinic every day.”

“Do you know that people in our clinic have misunderstood that you are pursuing me. It’s not good for you, and it’s not good for me. You don’t want your future girlfriend to misunderstand you? !”

Xiao Su’er decided not to speak tactfully. Directly, Chi Siang’s elm head could understand it, but what she didn’t expect was that Chi Siang’s next words made her think she was an elm head.

“No one has misunderstood. It’s because you haven’t realized it. The nurse in your clinic is right. I just want to pursue you and want you to be my girlfriend. Are you willing to do so?”

“If you want to, I will treat you well, thousands of times better than Bo Qing’ang. I will only have you in my heart. It is impossible to gossip with other women, and it is impossible to tell the truth. I’m going to eat with other women in the same room.”

Back then, the gossip between Bo Qingang and Xiao Mengqiu was all over the Internet. Naturally Chi Siang saw it too. He knew that Xiao Su’er suggested those things, so now it’s straightforward. Gave a promise.

If you change to another girl, such a handsome boy will confess affectionately to you in front of you, you will surely be moved to tears, and then he will nodded in agreement.

But Xiao Suer shook her head after just a momentary stunned, “I don’t know why you have such thoughts. I always treat you as an old classmate and a good friend. We can’t become lovers.”

“Why can’t we become lovers? How many lovers are developed from classmates and friends, no one is born to know who they should fall in love with, all is to try to get results, if you don’t try to be with me, how do you know that the two of us are not suitable? “

Chi Siang had long expected that she would use classmates and friends as excuses, and was ready to refute his words.

“I have a child! You saw it that day. My child is already four years old. You are a handsome and youthful boy. There are a lot of girls to choose from. Why do you choose a single mother?”

“I don’t Care, he is your child, I will treat my own child as well in the future, even if the two of us get married in the future, you do not want to have a child because of Xiao Forgotten, I can accept it, as long as you are willing to be with me Everything is fine, I don’t care about everything else.”

Chi Siang said this without thinking. He kept looking at Xiao Su’er, his eyes were not half-hearted, as if he wanted to tell her that he was not joking, too. I didn’t treat this relationship as a trifle, I really wanted to pursue her and want to grow old with her.

Even if she has a child, so what, he is willing to treat a child who is not related to him as his own son for her!