Chapter 902 Affectionate confession

Chapter 902 Affectionate Confession

Such words are heard in Xiao Su’er’s heart, saying that without the slightest touch, it is absolutely impossible, she is also a human, with the seven passions and six desires that ordinary people should have.

To be honest, she felt a little touched. Even if this sentence was spoken in an understatement, without actually doing it, no one knew whether he was lying. In order to catch up with Xiao Su’er, he fabricated it at will or came from the heart. However, Xiao Su’er was still a little touched by his ability to say this sentence.

But moved and moved, she couldn’t agree to it, because she didn’t like Chi Siang.

“Chi Siang, even if you say that, I still think that our relationship should not change. It is the best choice to continue to be friends. I will not accept your pursuit, and you should not spend time on me anymore. , You go and see the excellent girls around you, they are more suitable than me and you, if you want to fall in love, you don’t need you to chase, naturally there are a lot of girls like you.”

Xiao Su’er didn’t leave a little room, directly Rejected him rightly, and would not leave him any hope, so that he would be responsible to himself and to him.

“You still don’t accept me, I can understand. After all, we have just met again, but it’s okay. I can continue to pursue you. One day I can impress you with my sincerity. You can dislike me, but you can’t stop me. It’s my right to pursue you. As a single woman, I pursue you reasonably and legally.”

Chi Siang seems to be ready for everything. No matter what Xiao Su’er says, he can give it within a second. He made a reply, and his words seemed reasonable, Xiao Su’er couldn’t find anything to refute.

She is a single girl, and she does not need to bear moral condemnation to pursue her. What he said is fine.

“But why are you wasting time on me? I said that I won’t be with you. The time you waste on me will not be rewarded in the future. It’s unnecessary. You don’t think the two of us do it. Are friends better?”

Xiao Su’er didn’t understand him, and didn’t know when Chi Siang started to like him, why did he have to be so persistent? The two have been separated for five years, and they are no longer high school kids. Both have changed a bit. Even when he was young and ignorant, he had a good impression of himself. These five years are enough to change his mind.

“Does everything need to be rewarded? You can’t do it when you can’t see the reward. Those parents won’t have children, because they are not sure whether the children born will honor themselves in the future. I treat you I like you. I’ve liked you five years ago. At that time, I didn’t say that I was worried.”

“If you confess that you are not with me, we can’t even be friends. It’s because I’m so scared, how long have I missed you, Bo Qingang straightforwardly will confess, you will be with him, if I confessed to you first, would the result be different? In the past five years, I no contact with any girl had been waiting for you to come back. ” “

now wait, I decided not to and the same as five years ago, I would bravely speak their love for you, even if you do not accept me now, I can Wait, the first five years have passed, and I can wait for the second and third.”

When Chi Siang spoke, his eyes were full of open emotions. Since seeing Xiao Su’er goodbye, he always looked at her eyes when he spoke, and they never flickered.

And these words shocked Xiao Su’er. Did Chi Siang like her for so long? Since she hadn’t been with Bo Qingang five years ago, it started?

Waited for her for five full years? What kind of perseverance is this that can keep him waiting for so long, a person who has no news at all, a relationship that will not get a response, is worth him to hold on for so long?

Xiao Su’er fell into silence, because faced with such a relationship and such an affectionate confession, she really didn’t know how to answer, and said unfeelingly,’Even if you wait for a lifetime, I can’t be with you? ‘But this is too hurtful, despite the facts.

After Chi Siang finished speaking, he took a deep breath and took the shochu beside him, and poured a glass to Lin Suer, “Drink it, forget what I just said, just don’t stop me from pursuing you, I won’t give up.”

Xiao Su’er drank the soju in the cup, lowered her head and ate the contents of the bowl and stopped saying anything. She asked what love in the world is. For thousands of years, no one has been able to give a complete definition of true love. She once thought Bo Qingang is the true love of this life, two people will never be separated.

But the facts told her that even the two people who fell in love with each other might be strangers, and she didn’t want to be involved in the relationship anymore.

After the two of them had finished eating, Chi Siang drove Xiao Su’er home. She was reluctant to talk all the way, driving music with earphones to isolate the two.

At the gate of Angjia Manor, Xiao Su’er got out of the car and wanted to leave quickly, but Chi Siang stopped her, “Su’er, wait a minute!”

Xiao Su’er paused, but still didn’t turn her head. She really didn’t know. How should I face him in the future? After the paper between the two was pierced, it was only relatively speechless in exchange.

“You can continue to treat me as a classmate as a friend, so you won’t just blackmail me just because I want to pursue you?” Chi Siang’s tone seemed a little helpless when he spoke behind him.

Xiao Su’er turned her head to look at him and asked, “What else is there?”

“This is your birthday every year. I will go to the counter to customize the unique one for you. Each one is different. The birthday gifts for the past five years are all available. We are all together, just as if we have never separated, accept it.”

Xiao Su’er looked at the pile of jewelry bags, frowned, and immediately refused: “I don’t want it!”

“But I have already bought it with the engraved on it. Your name, if you don’t accept it, I can’t give it to others. They are destined to be yours, so I will give it to you as a friend. Accept it.”

“Since you can customize it, I know There are craftsmen who make jewellery who can erase the names on them. I said nothing will be accepted. These things are too precious.”

“But…” Chi Siang said as she walked closer to Xiao Su’er, she subconsciously stepped back, and she retreated to the door, leaning against the wall, but Chi Siang didn’t stop, but walked instead. In front of her, he stretched out his hand and pushed her directly against the wall, and slowly approached her with his head.