Chapter 903 RH negative blood

Chapter 903 RH Negative Blood

“You…” Xiao Su’er watched his head get closer and closer to him, and when he was about to reach out and push him away, Chi Siang stopped his head, just one finger away from her. gently he said, “but I do not want to give other people, I still will not erase it, and if you do not I will take you in the name of charity, let them take it how about the auction?”

is clearly A very ordinary sentence, normal words are enough, but Xiao Su’er got really angry with such a series of actions and pushed him away forcefully.

“Whatever you do, this is your business. Don’t do this anymore. You really make me feel bored.” After

Xiao Suer said this, she turned around and entered the Angjia Manor, stepping more than twice as fast as usual. .

Chi Siang watched her walking away quickly, thinking that she was not afraid at all when she said that she would bore him. Instead, he smiled and said, “Su’er, even if it’s bored, that’s what you mean to me. I know that at least I have such a small place in your heart. It is not completely inferior to the thin and heavy.”

He went back to the car and poured out all the jewelry in the bag, and opened them one by one. There are rings and bracelets below, each of which is engraved with the words Lin Suer.

At that time she was still called by this name. At that time, she was still the person in Bo Qingang’s arms. Now Lin Suer no longer exists, only Xiao Suer is left. There is no Lin Suer belonging to Bo Qingang in the world, and he doesn’t like it anymore. This name, so she doesn’t want these things to be right!

Chi Siang threw everything out of the car, and threw it accurately into the trash can on the side of the road.

Five days later.

Xiao Yuhan was also helping Xiao Su’er to study this unprovoked condition. He activated all the professors of their medical school in the school. The medical school of Imperial University has a Chinese medicine major. All the professors of Chinese medicine and western medicine were activated by him. , Work together to solve this emergency.

“Professor Xiao, I want to tell you about the condition that you told me these days, I have found similarities between these patients, and also discovered some patterns.”

A professor from the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine went to Xiao Yuhan’s office and took a report to him and said that although Dr. Song felt that the patients would be resisted and did not approve of 24-hour monitoring, Xiao Su’er still worked with Xiao Yuhan to treat all these issues. The patients were all monitored, and all the monitoring reports were sent to the Imperial Capital University for these professors to think and discuss.

“Tell me about the rules, my sister is almost depressed.” Xiao Yuhan heard that there was finally progress, and got up anxiously and asked.

“Have you carefully studied the physical examination reports of these patients? I found that many patients have Rh-negative blood, which is what we call panda blood. Obviously, these patients are getting more and more serious. Others are not of this blood type. The patient’s illness has long since healed, and there will be no more pain.” The

professor handed the report to Xiao Yuhan. He had already made comparisons. Xiao Yuhan took the report and carefully looked at the pain trends of those patients. ,so it is! They had been thinking that the source of the disease had overlooked the blood type.

He was thinking about calling Xiao Su’er to talk about the pattern he discovered, but he didn’t expect Xiao Su’er to call in.

“Brother, it’s okay, do you know that many patients have passed away. We haven’t found the cause, but there are patients who have died of illness. Where are you now? Or come with me to take a look.”

Xiao Suer’s voice was obviously a little flustered when she spoke. She had already received a call from five family members early this morning, saying that the patient who visited their clinic the other day had passed away. This was something she never expected.

She thought that the sudden appearance of this disease that did not know the root cause would definitely disappear suddenly. There was no need to think about it so much, but she did not expect that the news of their recovery would not be the news of their death, but the news of their death.

This news was so shocking that neither Xiao Suer nor Doctor Song had thought of it at all.

Professor Xiao next prime child also heard coming from inside the handset voice, eyes turn toward Han Xiao Yu said: “? Fast ask your sister, that death is not a few people are RH negative blood”

do not Xiao Yuhan conveyed it again. Xiao Su’er had already heard his question over the phone. After looking up the medical records, it was found that the few patients who had passed away were indeed of panda blood type.

“Yes, it is panda blood. It seems that this matter is not as simple as I thought. I will come to your school to communicate with you.”

Xiao Suer closed the medical record, lifted the bag and walked out the door. It reminds her of some things in the past. She can’t help but want to figure out what’s going on. It seems that these rare blood type patients are the ones to worry about now. Others can be released for the time being, and they will always heal. of.

Xiao Yuhan also took the report and nodded thoughtfully. He also remembered the experiment five years ago. Both he and Xiao Su’er had a rare blood type and inherited his mother.

“Professor Xiao, I have no class this afternoon, and there are other things. You can discuss with your sister first. If you find anything, tell me tomorrow. We will continue to communicate. I will

leave .” The professor of Chinese medicine gave the report. Putting it in his office and turning to leave, Xiao Yuhan was alone with the report, studying whether these patients had the same blood type except for any other similarities.

“Boom…” There was a knock on the door, and then the door was pushed open from the outside. Rong Linger smiled and ran in, “Professor Xiao is free, please help me with acupuncture today, I I feel that after you helped me with acupuncture the first two times, not only did I sleep

better, but also my appetite improved a lot.” “Okay, then I won’t watch it. Let me give you acupuncture and moxibustion. By the way, change my thinking.” Nor did Xiao Yuhan Shit, put down the report and took out the acupuncture kit.

Rong Ling’er dragged out the folding bed placed in the corner of the office, lay on it skillfully, and took off her coat shyly.

“I’ve already given you a course of acupuncture and moxibustion. If your sleep and diet are back to normal, you won’t use acupuncture. After all, this is a method of treatment, not a method of maintenance.” Xiao Yuhan used a needle to stick in. Her acupuncture points, while talking.

“It is indeed a lot better, but sometimes I still suffer from insomnia. It is estimated that a course of treatment will be needed. Professor Xiao will be more troublesome. I can invite you to dinner or invite you out to play. As a reward, you can also collect money. “

Yes .” Rong Ling’er refused to stop the treatment. Now she can only use this legitimate reason to come to Xiao Yuhan often. If there is no such reason, the two of them will only drift away in the future!