Chapter 904 Panic

Chapter 904 Panic

“Well, let me give you acupuncture first.” Xiao Yuhan took the acupuncture bag and sat next to her. Rong Linger was a little shy and unzipped the zipper of her jacket, exposing her entire back for acupuncture.

Xiao Yuhan didn’t think so much at all, and didn’t pay attention to Rong Ling’er’s blushing face. He just pierced her acupuncture points quickly with a golden needle.

So many times of acupuncture and moxibustion are mainly the acupuncture points on the back. Rong Ling’er always thinks about it, but Xiao Yuhan is a gentleman, and in the current words, he is a straight man who can’t do it. He didn’t think about other things at all. In fact, her idea of ​​using this trick to “seduce” him is completely useless.

After Jin Zhen entered the body, Xiao Yuhan continued to sit on the stool and opened the report, researching the rules, and did not even look at her at all. Even if her white back was exposed to the air, it had nothing to do with him. He did not squint.

When Xiao Su’er arrived at the office of Xiao Yuhan at Imperial University, what she saw was a girl lying on the bed with a naked back and many golden needles stuck on her body, and Xiao Yuhan who was reading the report seriously.

Such a scene made her a little puzzled. Xiao Yuhan didn’t talk to this girl either. It was as if the two people didn’t know each other, which was a bit strange.

The door of the office was not closed either, it was concealed. Xiao Su’er originally wanted to knock on the door, but she opened the door with a light knock. She stood at the door of the office, not knowing whether to enter or exit.

Xiao Yuhan heard the sound coming from the door, followed the sound, and saw Xiao Su’er stand up immediately, “Sister, come here, I really researched some rules in this report.”

“Let’s talk about the report later, this is…” Xiao Su’er looked at the girl on the folding bed, tilted her head to see who she was, Xiao Yuhan watched that the time was almost the same, and quickly put Rong Ling’er on her back. Remove the needle.

Rong Ling’er lay on the bed and pulled her zipper back. She also heard Xiao Yuhan call her sister Xiao Su’er just now. Knowing that this was his twin sister, she immediately looked at Xiao Su’er with the perfect smile.

But the moment she sat up, Xiao Su’er recognized her and shouted directly, “Rong Ling’er?”

Xiao Yuhan felt strange when she heard her call out this name, and turned to ask: “Sister, do you know her?”

“The girl you said a little bit contradictory with Bai Qingyue the other day is her?” Xiao Su’er still remembers when she was filming with Rong Ling’er.

Rong Ling’er is a little girl who looks a little inferior and introverted. Her character is still very good. It is normal to think that her character is bullied by Bai Qingyue, but now she looks a little different from the past. Looks more beautiful and confident, not as skinny and skinny as before.

“Yes, she said that she often suffers from insomnia and loss of appetite. I am here to help her with acupuncture and to regulate her body.” When the

two people had a conversation, Rong Ling’er was listening to her, and she could feel that Xiao Su’er knew her. Yes, but she carefully looked at Xiao Su’er’s appearance, and she couldn’t find this person in her memory bank. Such a beautiful woman is a bit more beautiful than a star in the entertainment industry. If she had seen it, she would definitely Will remember.

Isn’t it because two people know her, but her fans? Thinking of this, Rong Ling’er smiled happily at Xiao Su’er, and wanted to leave a good impression in front of Xiao Yuhan’s sister.

“Hello, I am Rong Ling’er. I am very grateful to Professor Xiao for conditioning my body. He also heard him say about you. I finally met today. You look so beautiful.”

Xiao Su’er heard her strange tone and knew her She didn’t recognize herself, but it was normal. She changed her appearance after taking Yi Rong Pills, and even changed her name to film.

But now she doesn’t need to be in the entertainment industry anymore, she no longer has to hide her identity, and directly confessed to Rong Ling’er, “Don’t you remember me? I’m Lin Xinxin. Do you remember the drama where Angjia invested?”

Back then, she and Rong Ling’er got along fairly well, and helped Rong Ling’er deal with her brother’s affairs. In her eyes, the two of them had some friendship. Although they are not good friends, they can be regarded as ordinary friends. .

Although the two people said that they don’t need to have tears in their eyes, it should also be a happy thing. Xiao Su’er thought that after hearing that it was her, Rong Ling’er would happily greet her.

Unexpectedly, Rong Linger heard the three words Lin Xinxin, her face changed suddenly, covering her mouth, and she said in disbelief: “Are you Lin Xinxin? Lin Xinxin, who was filming with me back then? But why do you look the same as back then? It’s different.”

She couldn’t see what she looked like back then on Xiao Su’er’s face. Although they were both beautiful, she couldn’t equate Lin Xinxin and Xiao Su’er.

But the woman in front of me showed no signs of plastic surgery. It shouldn’t be Lin Xinxin’s plastic surgery that became like this, and Lin Xinxin was already very beautiful back then, so where is she still in need of plastic surgery.

“There was something wrong at the time, so I specially painted some makeup, and after the past five years, how has it changed a bit, and you have become more beautiful, right?”

Of course it is impossible for Xiao Su’er to tell her that she took Yi Rong pills. Yes, how could she believe that she can only use time as an excuse.

But when Rong Ling’er in front of her heard her say this, her face became even more strange. From the Canruo Peach Blossom just now, her face became pale, her smile disappeared, and she even looked frightened, with her hands hanging down. Side, his eyes were full of panic.

Xiao Yuhan also noticed her strange appearance, and looked at her and asked, “What’s wrong, are you uncomfortable? Did you catch a cold? Why did you see that my sister was all wrong?”

“No, no… I just think for a long time not seen, she suddenly changed a look, so I feel a bit strange, so unlike the way the year. “

Yung Linger spoke efforts raised a smile, walked in front of Xiao Su children, a Pretending to be intimacy by holding her hand.

“You helped me a lot back then. I haven’t had a chance to say thank you, but you disappeared. I thought you would shine in the entertainment circle after you played the heroine once, but never saw you again. , I have quit the entertainment industry. It’s fate to be able to meet you in the university.”

Although she was holding Xiao Su’er’s hand, she was still shaking slightly, even if she wanted to pretend to be happy after seeing you for a long time. But the state of the whole person is wrong at first glance.

“There were objective reasons for filming that movie back then, and I didn’t want to develop in the entertainment industry.”