The first trip to a dangerous country and a turbulent time to destroy the Great Wall

In August of the sixth year of Emperor Yongle, Emperor Chengzu of the Ming Dynasty, Manaru Gananai, king of Boni from the southwest overseas, led his concubine, younger brother, younger sister, elder son, and accompanying ministers to the court to pay tribute to dragon brain, crane top, tortoise shell, rhino horn, gold and silver treasures, etc. Everything. The emperor Chengzu rejoiced for a long time and gave a feast to Tianmen.

Naboni is now Bornei in northern Borneo, also known as Brunei (Boni, Bornei, Brunei and Brunei in English are all transliterations of the same place name). Although it is thousands of miles away from China, it has always admired China. In the second year of the Taiping rejuvenation of the Song Dynasty, his king Xiangda (that is, Sudan, translated as “Xiang Da” in Chinese history books) once sent envoys to the DPRK to pay tribute to dragon brain, ivory, sandalwood and other things, and then continued to pay tribute.

The king of Mana Rakjanai saw the wealth of the people in the sky, the culture and education, and the clothes and equipment, which made him happy and admired. The Emperor Ming treated him so much that he could not go away. By November of that year, he was old, but he was unaccustomed to the water and soil and died of illness. Cheng Zu was deeply mourned and quit for three days. He was buried outside the Andemen in Nanjing (now at the foot of the Baoshan Mountain outside the Zhonghuamen in Nanjing, there are the relics of the king’s tombs, and the common people call the horses to return to the graves). The king, sent envoys to escort home, rewarded gold and silver, utensils, brocade, leno and other things. The king of Xiawang said: The small country behind the mountain is quite mysterious.

Cheng Zu named his mountain “Changning Town Guoshan”, made an inscription on his own, and wrote a poem. The poem said:

“The ruins of the Yanhai Sea, where the mud is located. The benevolence gradually becomes righteous, and there is no success. The king of Xu Xian, the admiration of only transformation.

Guided by the elephant Xu, rushed forward. With his wife, brothers and ministers. There is something to say under the dictatorship.

It is said that the monarch is still heaven, and he is sent to rest and enjoyment. The bandits tend to be thick and thin. Gu Zixiande, Ephesus said.

Langbo is windy, hardworking and diligent. Ji Gu Yuanchen, Shunlai angered. In order to bow or be difficult, do you call the family?

Wang Xin is sincere and strong in gold and stone. The southwestern tribe, Chou and Wang Xian? It stands tall in the mountains, to the kingdom of town.

Rongwen with stone, Maozhao Wangde. Wang De Kezhao, Wang Guo Youning. Yu Swannian, look up to me, Daming. “

The imperial poems of Emperor Chengzu were engraved on a large stone stele in Guoshan, Changning Town, Boni State. Since then, there will be tributes during the Hongxi, Zhengde, and Jiajing years. Some of the Chinese who went to Bo Ni country became high officials and were named “Nadu”. In the Wanli years, there was a sudden internal strife in Bo Ni. The “History of the Ming Dynasty·Bo Ni Biography” stated: “His kings and pawns have no heirs. The clansmen fought to stand, and the country was killed for a few times, but the daughter was made king.

Zhangzhou people are Zhangzhou people. The surname was originally the governor of the country, and the Chinese official was also a respected official. Because of chaos, the queen set up to welcome her. Her daughter went into and out of the palace, and she got heart disease, falsely claiming that her father had a countermeasure. The hostess was afraid, and sent people to ask. His family, Nadu committed suicide. The Chinese were wronged by lawsuits.

The hostess repented, strangling her daughter, and giving her son officials.” Why did Zhang Nadu’s daughter be so nervous that she falsely accused her father of rebellion to the Queen, which led to this tragedy, presumably There are also internal twists and turns, which are not included in the history books and will not be known to future generations. The Zhang Clan of Zhangzhou, Fujian has been entrusted with Nadu for many generations in Boni, and he is quite powerful. Respected by the people. The Chinese are doing business and farming in this country, and there are a lot of them. Fei Xin’s book “Xingcha Shenglan” says: “The people of Bo Ni country…the people of the country worship Buddha statues and are good for Zhaimu. People who see Tang people come to their country, they are very respectful.

Those who are drunk will help them return home. Sleep and sleep, with courtesy as old as the old.” As evidenced by the poem, the poem said: “Bo Nicang overseas, when was the country established? The summer is cold and winter is hot, and the mountain land is biased. Binxian. Obtain information and trade, and the legacy can be passed on.”

The governor of the Boni country, Zhang’s family, was passed on as Zhang Xin, with only one son under his knees. Zhang Xin did not forget his homeland and named his son Chao Tang.

By the year Zhang Chaotang was twelve years old, there was a scholar in Fujian who had failed many attempts, abandoned Confucianism and started business, and followed his villagers to Boni country. This man is not good at business, and his capital has been eroded cleanly, and he has no face to return to his hometown, and he is now living in a foreign country. Someone recommended him to meet Zhang Xin, wanting to make a living. After Zhang Xin talked to him, he was overjoyed, so he hired Xibing to teach his son to study. Although Zhang Chao Tang Kaimeng was late, he was talented and intelligent. In ten years, he had learned all four books and five classics.

The teacher urged Zhang Xin to send his son back to Zhongtu to take the test. If he could get a talented person in the exam, and have Chinese fame, he would be very glorious to return to Bo Ni. Zhang Xin also hoped that his son would return to his hometown to go sightseeing in the country, so he thanked the teacher heavily, took some money from the bank, and sent the boy Zhang Kang to follow him. It was the sixth year of Chongzhen. Although Wei Zhongxian had already been punishable by the imperial dynasty, he did harm to the country and the people during the seven years of the Tianqi dynasty.

He killed Zhongliang, and the world’s vitality was severely injured. Zhang Chaotang and the others went ashore from Xiamen and hired a boat to go west to Zhangzhou. Unexpectedly, after only traveling for dozens of miles, the four townships suddenly became chaotic. A group of thieves rushed into the boat and killed the teacher without knowing it. Fortunately, Zhang Chaotang’s master servant was able to understand the water and escaped by diving to save his life.

The two hid in the countryside for three days, and heard that hungry people from all over the country gathered to attack Zhangzhou and Xiamen. At this time, Zhang Chaotang was scared full of ambitions, and Deng Huan became nothing. Seeing that the dangerous state was not inhabited, he still went home quickly. At that time, Xiamen was no longer able to go, and the master and servant negotiated and decided to go to Guangzhou from the west by land, and then go abroad by sea. The two bought two mounts, frightened, inquired along the way, and headed for Guangdong. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong all the way, through Nanjing and Pinghe, to Sanheba, which is already the border of Guangdong Province, and then to Meixian and Shuikou, heading westward.

Zhang Chao and Tang had heard that Guangdong is a land of wealth, but all he saw along the way were hungry people, thinking that China is vast and rich in resources, and the lives and deaths of the people are tied to the front line. Boni is only a small overseas state, but men, women and children live and work in peace and contentment, carefree. I couldn’t help but sigh, thinking that China’s mountains and rivers are magnificent, and those who see it are not one in a hundred, but it is so precarious, it is much more peaceful to go to sing and sleep under the Boni coconut tree.

On this day, he passed through the mountains, the mountain road was rugged, and the sky was getting late, he became anxious in his heart and urged the horse to run hurriedly. I ran for more than ten miles in one breath and arrived in a small town. The master and servant were overjoyed and wanted to find a hotel to stay at. They didn’t know that there was no one quietly in the town. Zhang Kang got off his horse and walked outside the inn with the “Guangdong Inn” sign, shouting: “Hey, store, store!” The store was backed by the mountain, and the valley responded, only hearing “Hey, store, store” There was no movement in the shop.

At this moment, a northerly wind blew, hunting and hunting sounded, and both of them felt terrified. Zhang Chaotang pulled out his sword and rushed into the shop. There were two corpses lying down in the yard. A large pool of black blood was flowing, and flies were flying around the corpses. It was rancid, and it seemed that the deceased had been dead for many days. Zhang Kang yelled, turned around and ran out of the shop. Zhang Chaotang looked around, boxes and cages scattered everywhere, with broken doors and windows, as if they had been ransacked by bandits. Seeing that the master did not come out, Zhang Kang went back into the shop one step at a time.

Zhang Chaotang said, “Look elsewhere.” I didn’t know that I went to three more shops, every family is like this. Some female bodies were naked, apparently they had been raped and then killed. In a town, the wind is horrible, and the corpses are stinking. The two dared no longer stay, and hurriedly mounted to the west. The two masters and servants traveled for more than ten miles. The sky was all dark, hungry and scared. In a panic, Zhang Kang suddenly said, “My son, look!” Happy said: “Let’s take the night to go.”

The two left the avenue and walked towards the fire, the road narrowed as they walked. Zhang Chaotang suddenly said: “If it is a thief’s cave, wouldn’t it mean that you will die?” Zhang Kang was taken aback, and said, “Then don’t go.” Zhang Chaotang saw the dark clouds all about to converge, and he was quite rainy, and said:” Go quietly and take a look.” So he got off his horse, tied the horse to the tree by the roadside, and walked towards the fire.

When he was approaching, he saw two huts. Zhang Chaotang thought of peeping through the window. Suddenly a dog barked loudly and rushed over. Zhang Chaotang waved his saber, and the dog didn’t dare to approach, but barked. At Chai Fei, an old woman walked out, holding an oil lamp in her hand, and tremblingly asked who it was. Zhang Chaotang said, “We are passing guests. We missed the hotel and want to spend the night in the house.” The old woman hesitated slightly, and said, “Please come in.” Zhang Chaotang walked into the hut and saw that there was only one earth bed in the house. There are no tables and chairs.

There was an old man lying on the bed, coughing constantly. Zhang Chaotang ordered Zhang Kang to bring the horse. Zhang Kang thought of the tragic situation of the dead just now, and he shrank and dared not go out. The old man got out of bed and accompanied him to lead the horse. The old woman brought out some tortillas to savour the customers, and boiled a pot of hot water for them to drink. Zhang Chaotang ate a tortilla and asked, “A lot of people were killed in the town ahead. What gang did it?” The old man sighed and said, “What gang? Are bandits so cruel? It was done by officers and soldiers. Good thing.” Zhang Chaotang was taken aback, and said, “The officers and soldiers? How can officers and soldiers be so lawless, adulterous and kidnapped?

Are their officers ignored?” The old man sneered, and said: “It seems that you, the little minister, are going out for the first time. I don’t understand anymore. Sir? The sir takes the lead. He takes the good things first, and he asks for the good-looking ladies.” Zhang Chaotang said, “Why don’t the people report to the government?” The old man said, “What can I tell you? Use it? You told him, nine out of ten, he was still with his own life.” Zhang Chaotang said: “What do you say?” The old man said, “That’s not the official protector? Don’t say that the official will not allow you to be a victim, but will also take you. I was taken to prison after a board. You don’t have money to honor you, so don’t think of it.”

Zhang Chaotang kept shaking his head, and asked, “What are the officers and men doing in the mountains?” The old man said, “I said they came to suppress the bandits and kill the thieves. In fact, eight of the ten thieves in the mountains forced the government to have nowhere to go. The officers and soldiers could not catch the robbers when they went to the countryside. They looted for a while, then killed some civilians, raised the first level to repay their merits, made a fortune, and fortunately got promoted.” The old man gritted his teeth and coughed constantly. The old woman kept gesturing to him, telling him not to say anything. I was afraid that Zhang Chaotang would get acquainted with the official, and talk more to trouble. Zhang Chaotang was unhappy when he heard it.

He couldn’t think of the ruin of the world. He thought: “Father often said that China is a nation of cultural relics, courtesy and righteousness. It’s quite different, and it’s far inferior to the barbarians of Bo Ni country.” After sighing for a while, he fell asleep on the bed. As soon as I closed my eyes blindly, I suddenly heard a loud dog barking outside the door, followed by someone yelling and cursing, and hitting the door violently. The old woman got out of bed and wanted to open the door. The old man shook his hand to stop, and gently said to Zhang Chaotang, “Msang-song, you go to the back and hide.”

After Zhang Chaotang and Zhang Kang walked to the house, they smelled a breath of fresh straw, thinking it was. At the place where the firewood was piled up, only a loud noise was heard, and the door of the house had been knocked down. One person shouted roughly: “Why don’t you open the door?” Without waiting for an answer, someone slapped him in the face. The old woman said: “Master on the job, I… Our old couple are old and dumb, with bad ears, and I didn’t hear.” Without knowing it was another slap in the face, the man cursed: “If you didn’t hear it, you should fight. Quickly kill the chicken. Cooking for four people.” The old man said: “We are all starving to death. Where are the chickens?”

Hearing a sound, it seemed that the old man was pushed to the ground and the old woman cried. He heard another voice saying: “Old Wang, forget it, I ran for a whole day today, and only received three or two or seven taxes and silvers. Everyone is not happy. It’s useless if you use him to vent your anger.” The old king said: ” This kind of person, you don’t have to force it? These few ounces of silver, it’s not that I interrupted that country guy’s dog legs, will these old folks take it out obediently?” Another hoarse voice said: “These country guys too Really, counting and counting in the poor rice tank requires a dozen grains of rice. No matter how hard it is, it can’t be forced, but the big master has to call our brothers useless…”

While talking, suddenly Zhang Chaotang’s horse Screamed. Several of them were surprised. They went out to check and saw two horses. They talked about it, saying that the horse rider had decided to stay in the house. It seemed that there was a lot of oil and water, and the impromptu visitor came in to find it. Zhang Chaotang was shocked, pulled Zhang Kang’s hand, and gently slipped out through the back door. The two of them walked around in the mountains, one foot high and the other low. They were relieved when no one was chasing them. Fortunately, the two silver kangs they brought were both on their backs.

The two of them hid in the bushes for a whole night, and then slowly touched the avenue when it was clear. The master and servant traveled for more than ten miles, and they discussed going to the town in front to buy more mobility. Zhang Kang couldn’t help cursing the tolerance for harming others. Being scolded happily, suddenly four tolerances walked diagonally in the path, holding a chain and iron ruler in their hands, and the two behind each were holding a horse, which was their mount. Zhang Chaotang and Zhang Kang looked at each other. At this time, it was too late to avoid, so they had to pretend to be nothing and continue to walk.

The four tolerances couldn’t help but look at them, and a cross-eyed tolerance asked, “Hey, my friend, what are you doing?”

When Zhang Chaotang heard his accent, it was the old Wang who beat people last night. Zhang Kang took a step forward and said, “That’s our son, going to Guangzhou to study.” Old Wang grabbed him, grabbed the package on his back, opened it, and saw that he was exhausted and was full of gold and silver. Surprised, he shouted: “What son? Look at you, neither of them are good things! Where did these gold and silver come from? It must have been stolen and deceived. Okay, now I have gotten the stolen goods. Let me see the master.”

He saw that the two were young and deceived, and wanted to scare them away. I don’t know Zhang Kang said: “Our son-in-law is a foreign high-ranking official, and the prefects are also polite when he meets him. It is no better to see your masters go!” A middle-aged business worker frowned upon hearing this. Wrinkle, I was afraid that there would be future troubles in this matter, so I didn’t stop doing it, and simply killed the two chicks, made a fortune, and suddenly took a single-handed blow to Zhang Kang. Zhang Kang was horrified, hurriedly shrank his head, slashed over his head, and cut off his hat. He stood up to block the tolerance and shouted: “The son, run away.” Zhang Chaotang turned and ran. The tolerance backhand was another cut.

This time Zhang Kang was prepared and flashed sideways, but still missed the cut. The two masters and servants ran away for nothing. The four tolerants were holding weapons, shouting and chasing them. Zhang Chaotang is usually dignified, and with a fright in his heart, wherever he is running fast, he is about to catch up with his tolerance when he sees it, and suddenly comes across on a horseback. Seeing someone coming, the middle-aged tolerant shouted: “Reversed, reversed, bold thief, how dare you resist arrest?” The other tolerants also yelled: “Catch the robber, catch the robber.” They framed Zhang Chaotang as the master and servant. Bandit, who would dare to come and ask if he wanted to kill someone?

The oncoming horse ran closer and closer. Immediately, the passengers saw the two people in front fleeing, and the four people behind them shouted and chased them. They only caught the strongman and urged the horse to gallop. They ran to Zhang Chaotang’s master servant. stand up. The four tolerances have also arrived panting.

The rider immediately threw the two masters and servants of Zhang Chaotang to the ground and said with a smile: “The robber has caught it.” Jumped off the horse. This man is a burly figure, a loud voice, and a face full of beards. He is about forty years old. Seeing that he was agile and vigorous, the four toilers smiled and thanked him, pulling Zhang Chaotang’s master and servant up. When the rider saw Zhang Chaotang wearing a Confucian costume, Zhang Kang’s small cap in Tsing Yi, he was a book boy who looked like a robber and couldn’t help being startled. Zhang Kang yelled: “Heroes help! They want money and death.” The man yelled and asked: “What are you doing?” Zhang Kang cried, “This is my son, who is going to Guangzhou to take the exam…” Nothing was said.

Finished, has been held by a tolerance. The middle-aged tolerance said to Cheng Ma Ke: “Brother, you go your way, and don’t care about our official affairs.” Cheng Ma Ke said: “You let go and let him speak.” Zhang Chaotang said: “In the next introduction. Scholar, without the power to bind a chicken, how can he be a strong man…” A tolerance yelled: “More mouthful?” Turned back, slapped him and slapped him. The rider swings his whip, and the leather rope is wrapped around the tolerance’s wrist, and the palm is not hit. The rider asked: “What the hell is going on?” Zhang Kang said: “My son is going to Guangzhou to take a test of Xiucai, and he meets these four people. When they see our money, they want to kill.” At this point, he knelt down and cried. Said: “Hero help!”

The passenger asked the tolerance: “Is this true?” The tolerance sneered. The old Wang stood behind him, taking advantage of him, suddenly raised his knife and chopped off his head. The rider heard the wind in the back of his head, let alone turning his head, his body slightly flopped to the left, his right foot “sweeped” and swept out, hitting the old king’s shin, kicking him out a few steps. The remaining three tolerance yelled: “A real robber is here.” Two raised the iron ruler and one waved the iron chain, and besieged the rider.

Zhang Chaotang couldn’t help secretly worrying when he saw that he was unarmed. The rider was not afraid, dodged from left to right, and the three tolerance weapons never hurt him. The old king stood up, grabbed the knife and stepped forward to attack. The rider yelled, and Lao Wang was taken aback. He missed the cut, and the rider gave him a nosebleed. Lao Wang only took care of the pain, covered his face with his hands, and slammed his hands to the ground with a cry. The rider grabbed a single knife, waved back, and hit the right shoulder of a tolerance holding an iron ruler. He had a weapon in his hand, like a tiger with wings, the knife flashed, holding the knife in the left leg of the tolerance of the iron chain, and fell to the ground. The remaining tolerance did not dare to fight again, regardless of the life and death of his companions, and Lao Wang fled.

The rider laughed loudly, throwing a single blow to the ground and leaping on his horse. Zhang Chaotang hurriedly stepped forward to thank you, may I ask your name. The passenger on the horse saw the two businessmen lying on the ground groaning and groaning, and glared at him, saying: “This is not a place to talk, let’s get on the horse and talk again.” Zhang Kang took the package back, took the horse, and the three of them joined together. Walk in bridle. Zhang Chaotang said his family name. The rider said: “It turned out to be Young Master Zhang. The surname is Yang under the name of Pengju, and the people on the rivers and lakes are called Moyun Golden Wings. He is the head of the martial arts guard.” Zhang Chaotang said: “If it weren’t for your help today, the younger brother is the master and servant. People must be lifeless.”

Yang Peng said: “The chaos in this area is really serious, and the soldiers and bandits are hard to distinguish. The son is still going to the foreign country as soon as possible. I am also going to Guangzhou. If the son does not dislike it, we can go together.” Zhang Chaotang Daxi, repeatedly thanked him. . In the past few days, he was frightened and unsure, and now he has to travel with a fistful, and when he saw his martial arts skills again, he was immediately relieved. The three of them traveled for more than 20 miles, but couldn’t find a top store. Yang Pengju was carrying dry food. Take it out and share it with them. Zhang Kang found a broken earthen jar, picked up some dry wood, and wanted to boil some water to drink. Suddenly, someone behind him yelled: “The robber is here!” The water in the water is splashed on the wood.

Yang Peng raised his head and saw that the tolerance who had just fled took the lead, led more than a dozen sergeants, and rode in. Yang Pengju shouted: “Get on the horse.” The three hurriedly got on the horse. Yang Pengju let the two go first, and took out the single pole hanging beside the saddle to cover behind. The sergeants shouted: “Catch the robber!” Zongma hurriedly pursued. Yang Pengju waited for an escape, and seeing the pursuers getting closer and closer, the sergeants released arrows one after another.

Yang Pengju swung his knife to call, and suddenly saw a fork in the road ahead, and shouted: “Take a small road!” Zhang Chao and Tang Zongma drove towards the small road, Zhang Kang and Yang Pengju followed, and the chasing soldiers did not relax. The tolerance yelled: “Chasing, the robber was caught, everyone will divide the gold and silver.” Yang Pengju saw the chasing soldiers approaching, and simply turned his horse around, shouted, and slashed away with a knife. The tolerance was frightened backwards, but the other sergeants were stabs at gunpoint.

Yang Peng was unable to lift a large number of opponents. He was shot in the leg in the melee. Although the injury was not serious, he did not dare to love the fight. The rest of the sergeants retreated in terror, and Yang Pengju returned to his horse and galloped. When all the sergeants saw him running away, they were bold and strong, and shouted and chased him. In a short while, Yang Pengju had caught up with Zhang’s master and servant. At this time, the road was getting narrower and narrower.

The three of them ran for a while, the mountain roads twisted and twisted, and although the shouts of the chasing soldiers were clearly audible, the figures were no longer visible. Three small forks suddenly appeared in the front of the road, Yang Peng raised his horse and shouted: “Dismount!” The three men led the horse to the bush and hid, and the chaser arrived for a moment. The tolerance hesitated slightly and led the sergeant towards one.

The fork in the road drove down. Yang Peng lifted up: “They chased them for a while and they must turn around. Let’s go.” The three of them rushed to another fork road after tearing off their shirts to wrap their legs. After a short while, the sound of chasing soldiers came from behind. Yang Pengju was very anxious. Seeing that there were three tiled houses in front of him, and a farmer was hoeing the ground in front of the house, he dismounted and walked to the farmer and said, “Brother, there are officers and soldiers behind. Harm us, please find a place to hide.” The farmer just hoeed the ground and didn’t seem to hear him.

Zhang Chaotang also dismissed the horse to report. The farmer suddenly raised his head and looked at them from head to toe. At this moment, there was the sound of bull’s hooves smashing the soil in the bushes ahead, and a shepherd boy rode out on the back of the bull. The shepherd boy was about ten years old, tied with a red string on the top of his head, his face was dark, but his big eyes were piercing. The farmer said to the shepherd boy: “Take the horse to the mountain to graze, and come back again when it gets dark.” The little shepherd boy looked at Zhang Chaotang and the three of them, and said, “Okay!” He took three horses and left.

Yang Pengju didn’t know what the farmer meant, but in his words and expressions, there seemed to be a powerful force. She didn’t even dare to speak to stop the shepherd boy from leading the horse. At this time, the sound of chasing soldiers was even closer, and Zhang Chaotang said anxiously: “What to do, what to do?” The farmer said, “Follow me.” Leading the three of them into the house. There are wooden tables and benches in the hall, and plowshares are hung on the walls, but they are very clean, unlike an ordinary farmhouse.

The farmer went straight in, and the three followed, walked across the patio, and came to a bedroom. The farmer lifted the tent and exposed the wall. Reaching out and pushing on the wall, a big rock turned in and a hole appeared in the wall. The farmer said: “Go in!” The three of them entered in as they said, and it turned out to be a spacious cave. This house was built against a mountain just before the cave. If the house is not demolished, no one can guess that there is a hiding place. The three of them hid, the farmer closed the secret door and went out to hoe the ground by himself. In a short while, Tolerance led the sergeant to chase him.

The old king yelled to the farmer: “Hey, are there three people riding over here?” The farmer pointed to one side of the path, and said, “It’s been long ago!” After not seeing Zhang Chaotang and others, he turned his horse’s head and asked again. The farmer pretended to be deaf and dumb and couldn’t speak clearly. A sergeant cursed: “Damn, ask this fool if there’s any use of it? Let’s go!” The group pursued another fork in the road. Zhang Chaotang, Yang Pengju, and Zhang Kang hid in the cave, faintly hearing the sound of horses galloping. After a while, the sound was inaudible, and the farmer never came to open the door. Yang Pengju became anxious and pushed the door hard. After pushing for a long time, Shimen didn’t move.

The three had to sit on the ground and doze. Yang Peng was so painful that he could not help cursing the service sergeant. I don’t know that after a few hours, Shimen suddenly opened with a crackling noise, letting in light. The farmer held the candlestick and said, “Please come out for dinner.” Yang Pengju jumped up first and walked out. Then the master servant of Zhang’s family walked into the hall. I saw hot meals on the table, and there were actually two fat chickens besides the big pot of green tofu. Yang Pengju and Zhang Kang both secretly rejoiced.

In addition to the farmer and the shepherd boy seen during the day, there are three other people in the hall, all dressed as farmers. Zhang Chaotang and Yang Peng thanked each other, saying their names, and then asked the other party’s name.

A clear-faced, fifty-something-year-old farmer said: “The little man’s surname is Ying.” Pointing to the person who guided them to hide during the day: “This surname is Zhu.” A tall, thin man called himself Ni, and a fat, short man. The shorter ones are named Luo. Zhang Chaotang said: “I also said that everyone is a family, so they all have different surnames.” The surname said: “We are all good friends.” Seeing that they didn’t talk much, Zhang Chaotang looked awe-inspiring and behaved strictly, absolutely unusual. farmer. The surnamed Zhu and Ni is particularly mighty, while the surnamed Ying is elegant, and seems to be a scholar who is full of poems and books.

Zhang Chaotang tried a few words, and the surname should be only or not, not interface. After the meal, the surname Ying asked about the reasons for the chasing of the officers and soldiers, and Zhang Chaotang originally said it. He gave it eloquently, describing the miserable conditions he saw on the way, as well as all kinds of hateful situations in which tolerance bullied the people and falsely accused people of stealing. The man surnamed Ni slapped on the table with great anger, full of beard and eyebrows, and he wanted to scold him.

The surname Ying winked, and he was silent. Zhang Chaotang also talked about how Yang Pengju helped him, and he greatly complimented him for a while. Yang Pengju was very proud, and said, “What’s this? I wanted to kill the Poyang Three Killers alone in Jiangxi back then, so I taught him to show my face.” At the moment, he talked about how critical the situation was, how he was brave, and how to win in defeat. Mo Hengfei. The more he talked, the more proud he was. He blew up his experience in the rivers and lakes for more than ten years. Just as he was happy, the little shepherd boy suddenly sneered. Yang Peng gave him a sideways glance, and didn’t care, he couldn’t help but talk about the deeds on the rivers and lakes. Zhang Chaotang had never heard of these things and was very interested in hearing them. Zhang Kang was a child with a temperament, and he kept wondering and asking.

After Yang Pengju said that he had reached martial arts, he raised his hands and feet, making gestures while speaking. A few farmers seemed complacent. The fat man surnamed Luo yawned and said, “It’s not early, let’s go to bed!” The little shepherd boy closed the door, and the surname Zhu raised a big stone from the dark and put it in the door. Rear. When Yang Peng saw it, he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief, and said in secret: “This man is so strong, this stone is four hundred catties, to say nothing, he actually lifted it effortlessly.” The surname should be seen. He had a different expression and said, “There are many tigers in the mountains. Sometimes they bump into the door in the middle of the night, so they have to block the door with stones.” Before he finished speaking, suddenly a gust of wind blew, the branches roared, and the doors and windows moved. Hearing the roar of tigers, it was very evil, and then the horses and bulls hissed outside the door.

The person surnamed Ying said: “Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao will be there.” The person surnamed Ni stood up, took out a steel fork from behind the door, choked, and said, “I can’t let it escape today. Chengzhi, You go too.” The little shepherd boy was overjoyed and promised loudly, ran into the room on the right, and then came out, with a skin bag and a short iron gun in his hand. The surnamed Zhu lifted the big stone, a gust of wind slammed the door open, the wind caught the fallen leaves, and straight in, the candle went out immediately. In Zhang Kang’s exclamation, the surnamed Ni and the little shepherd boy went out one after another.

Yang Pengju picked up the single-handed sword and said: “I’ll go too!” Just after taking a step, his left wrist was suddenly grasped. He struggled hard, but he grasped his five fingers like a steel claw, and clasped him firmly. Immobile. In the darkness, the man named Zhu said: “Don’t go out, the big bug is very powerful.” Yang Peng took it out again. The surnamed Zhu didn’t pull him, nor did he pull it further, just holding on to it. Yang Pengju had no choice but to sit down, and the surname Zhu also let go. I could only hear the shouting of Ni outside the door, the roar of tigers, the choking of iron rings on steel forks, the sound of wind, and the sound of branches falling to the ground. Everyone is a tiger, and it is obvious that they are fighting vigorously outside the door.

After a while, the voice faded away, as if the tiger was injured and fled, the two chased. The one surnamed Luo took out flint and tinder and lit the candle, and saw that the floor was full of leaves in the house. Zhang Kangzao was so scared that his face was pale, and Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju were also surprised. Everyone did not make a sound in the silence. After a while, there was a sound of footsteps in the distance. In an instant, after the little shepherd boy rushed into the house, he shouted with a smile: “Eat tiger meat, eat tiger meat!” Zhang Chaotang saw blood dripping on his short spear. I thought he was so brave at a young age, and he was really ashamed that he didn’t have the power to bind a chicken.

While thinking about it, I saw the surname Ni stepping in, holding a steel fork in his left hand and a big yellow and black tiger in his right hand. He threw the tiger to the ground. Zhang Chaotang was startled, and he couldn’t help but shrank inward, seeing that the tiger didn’t move until he knew he had been killed. The face surnamed Ni solemnly said to the little shepherd boy: “Chengzhi, you made a mistake just now, do you know?” The little shepherd boy lowered his head and said, “Well, I shouldn’t be darts facing the big bug.” She said with a mellow expression: “It is not impossible to put the dart in the front, but after you release the steel dart, you must immediately jump in the sideways. Just now you broke one of its eyes with a dart, but you stood still. The big bug was negative. After the pain, he rushed forward more fiercely. It wasn’t that I was holding back, is your life still alive?”

The little shepherd boy didn’t dare to make a sound. The person surnamed Ni praised him again: “Your darts are very good, but you lack a little strength, but you can’t blame you. In the future, when you get older, your wrist strength will increase.” Mentioned that one. The big tiger pointed to a dart on the tiger dung door and said: “If this dart is strong enough to hit it, it will be enough for the animal’s life.” The little shepherd boy said: “Ming’er. I want to practice hard.” The man named Ni nodded and dragged the tiger into the back hall.

Yang Pengju saw that these two people killed this big tiger so easily, he was frustrated. It seems that these people are really wrong. Most of them are thieves in disguise. Ku, this is really bad. Zhang Chaotang didn’t take it seriously, and tried his best to praise the bravery of the little shepherd boy. He stroked his hand and asked, “What is the little brother’s last name? Your name is Chengzhi, isn’t it?” The shepherd boy smiled without answering. That night, Zhang Chaotang, Yang Pengju and Zhang Kang were in the same room, and Zhang Kang fell asleep immediately after resting on his pillow. Zhang Chaotang thought of the turmoil of his trip, and was in vain.

He wondered if there was any danger in going to Guangzhou. He also thought that there are many tigers in Bo Ni country, but there is no such powerful tiger-killing hero. hard to fall asleep. After a while, I suddenly heard the sound of books, and the little shepherd boy started to read. Zhang Chaotang listened carefully. The sound of the book seemed to be about the battle of soldiers. He couldn’t help curiosity, got out of bed and walked to the hall. The candlelight was bright on the table, and the little shepherd boy was reading to himself. The surname Ying sat aside and taught. Seeing him come out, he only nodded to him, then bowed his head and pointed to the book to explain.

Zhang Chaotang approached and saw a few books on the table. He picked it up and looked at it. The written word “Ji Xiao Xin Lin” was originally the art of war written by General Qi Jiguang of the dynasty. In the name of Qi Jiguang, Zhang Chaotang also heard about it in Boni. He knew that he was the famous general who defeated the Japanese pirates. Later, he guarded Jizhou and did not dare to attack the side. Zhang Chao Tang Xiang said: “You are not ordinary people, but you don’t know how to live in seclusion. Is it possible to tell?”

The surname Ying said: “We are ordinary people, farming and hunting, reading and literacy, that is the most commonplace. Why do you think it is weird? Is it that only official children can study?” Zhang Chaotang thought to himself: “It turns out that ordinary farmers in China are also so talented in civil and military, and they are not comparable to those of barbarians.” He was very impressed and said. “Excuse me” and went back to bed.

I slept dimly for a while, and suddenly I felt someone pushing him, awakened and sat up, only listening to Yang Pengju whispering: “This is really a thief, let’s go!” Zhang Chaotang was taken aback and asked, “How is it?”

Yang Pengju lit the candle, walked to a wooden box, lifted the lid of the box and said, “Look.” Zhang Chaotang looked at it and saw that the box was full of gold and silver jewelry. Yang Pengju handed the candlestick to him and removed the wooden box. There was another wooden box underneath. He reached out to twist the box and put the brass lock on it.

Zhang Chaotang said: “Don’t look at the privacy of others, I’m afraid it will cause trouble.” Yang Peng said: “The breath here is weird.” Zhang Chaotang asked hurriedly: “What breath?” Yang Peng said, “Blood.” Zhang Chaotang didn’t dare to speak. Yang Pengju twisted the lock and listened to nothing outside the room. He gently opened the lid of the box and took a photo of the candlestick inside the box. The two of them were immediately stunned.

But there are two heads in the box. One has been cut off for a long time, and the blood stains have turned black, while the other is newly cut. Both heads have been made with lime and medicine, so they have all the beard and eyebrows, and the one that has been cut off for a long time has not rotted. Yang Pengjurao had been in the world for a long time, and his hands and feet were weakened at this time. Zhang Chaotang couldn’t say anything.

Yang Pengju gently restored the box and put it away, and said, “Hurry up!” He woke up Zhang Kang on the kang and touched the hall. The three of them walked to the door, Yang Pengju touched the boulder, groaning secretly in his heart, tried his best, but did not move it, just pushed away the ruler Xu, suddenly the fire was shining, and the man named Zhu walked out with the candlestick.

Yang Peng raised his hand to press the hilt of the knife, knowing that he was invincible, and in this situation, he could only harden his scalp and fight. But the surname Zhu ignored him, and said, “Are you going?” Reached out his hand to lift the stone aside and opened the door.

Yang Pengju and Zhang Chaotang didn’t dare to say much, they murmured a few words of thanks, bowed their heads and went out, mounted their horses and galloped eastward. After running for more than ten miles, I expected to be out of danger, feeling relieved. Suddenly, there was the sound of horseshoes, and someone screamed: “Hey, stop, stop!” The three of them dared to stop, and hurried.

Suddenly, a dark shadow flickered, and one person passed by the horse, rushing to the front, and with a lift of his hand, Yang Peng raised his mount in fright, hissed, and he stood up. Yang Peng raised his sword and cut off at the man. The man took a few moves empty-handed, suddenly jumped high, stretched his left fist to Yang Peng and raised his right temple to knock down. Yang Peng took a single-handed “horizontal frame” and slashed at him with his arm.

I don’t know that the man’s fist was a false move. He changed his fist into a palm halfway. Before he landed, he hooked Yang Peng and raised his wrist. He shouted, “Come down!” Thrown in the ground. When Xing Guangxi looked at that person, it was the farmer named Zhu. The man said coldly: “Go back!” He turned around, mounted his horse and left first, ignoring whether the three of them would follow. Yang Pengju knew that it was useless to resist and that he couldn’t escape, so he got on his horse obediently, and the three followed him back. As soon as I walked in, I saw a bright candle in the hall, and the little shepherd boy and the other three were sitting and waiting, looking solemn and silent.

Yang Pengju was unavoidable to die, and he was a little bit harder, and said boldly: “Uncle Yang falls into your hands today. If you want to kill, you don’t need to say more.” Zhu said: “Big Brother Ying, what do you say?” The surname is Ying. Indulge in silence. The surnamed Ni said: “Young Master Zhang let go, and the surnamed Yang is slaughtered.” The surname Ying said: “This is Yang’s bodyguard career, as a rich man and a dog, what kind of a good person can he be? But today he sees righteousness and bravery. , I finally did a good deed and spared his life. Brother Luo, let him abolish the two tricks.”

The person surnamed Luo stood up, and Yang Pengju’s color changed tragically.

Zhang Chaotang didn’t understand what was said on the rivers and lakes. He didn’t know that “abolishing the trick” meant removing his eyes, but seeing everyone’s expressions, he wanted to hurt Yang Pengju, and was about to plead, the little shepherd boy said: “Uncle Ying , I see him as pitiful, so let him go!” The surname Ying glanced at everyone, paused, and said to Yang Peng: “Since someone intercedes with you, why not, can you make an oath? What do you see tonight, never reveal a word?” Yang Peng was overjoyed and hurriedly said: “What happened tonight is not intended to be spied on, but since I saw it, I blame Yang for having no eyes and not knowing you. Heroes and heroes. Everybody’s affairs will be kept secret. If you violate this oath in the future, you will die and die miserably.”

The surname Ying said: “Well, we can trust you to be a man. Go ahead.” Yang Peng raised his hand and turned around. To go. The person surnamed Ni stood up suddenly and sternly shouted: “Just leave like this?” Yang Peng gave a shock, understood what he meant, smiled miserably, and said, “Okay, please lend me a knife.” The person surnamed Zhu pulled out from under the table. A sharp blade, gently thrown backwards. Yang Pengju stretched out his hand to catch it, walked a few steps, put his left hand on the table, swished, cut off three fingers immediately, and smiled: “The bachelor does everything by himself, this matter has nothing to do with Zhang Gongzi…”

Seeing the blood flowing in his hands, he was still holding on, and all admired his anger. Ni’s thumb was pointed, and he said, “Okay, that’s it for tonight.” Turned around and entered. Bring out the knife wound medicine and white cloth to stop the bleeding and bind the wound. Yang Pengju didn’t want to stay anymore, and turned to Zhang Chaotang and said, “Let’s go.” Seeing his pale face, Zhang Chaotang was very painful and wanted to ask him to rest here, but he couldn’t say it.

The surname Ying said: “Master Zhang is from thousands of miles away. We frightened the far-flung visitors. We are very sorry. Don’t let you go back to the foreign country. We said that we Chinese people are all wicked people. This friend Yang is also very bachelor. I’ll give you this thing.” As he said, he took out a piece from the bag and handed it to Zhang Chaotang.

Zhang Chaotang took a look and found that what was light and fluttering was a bamboo card with the word “Mountain Zong” on it, and some patterns on the back of the card, which didn’t seem to be of any use. The surname Ying said: “The world is in chaos right now. You are a weak scholar who should not walk outside. I advise you to go home quickly. If you encounter any danger on the road these days, it might be useful to take out this bamboo card. ..

It’s been a few years… Well, maybe ten or twenty years, you hear that China is peaceful, then come back! The fame in the troubled times is useless, but it is trouble.” Zhang Chaotang looked at the bamboo card again, it is true I don’t see any peculiarities. I don’t believe it has any mysterious power. I think it is an auspicious thing. I thanked it casually and handed it to Zhang Kang and wrapped it in his clothes. The three of them left, mounted their horses and walked slowly. Back to where Shicai and the surname Zhu were fighting, Yang Peng picked it up and thought, “I boast of being a hero, and it’s not worth the fart when I’m in the hands of others!” When he arrived in a small town, Zhang Chaotang found an inn and let Yang Peng sleep peacefully for one day and one night.

Hurry up the next morning. At noon, after hitting the tip, he mounted the horse and traveled for more than 20 miles. Suddenly, a horse ran towards him at the sound of hoofs, passed by, glanced at the three of them, and walked away. After five or six miles, the sound of horse hooves came up again, and the horse still caught up. This time both Yang Pengju and Zhang Chaotang could see clearly, and immediately the man with a blue scarf wrapped his head and the boldness between his brows and eyes revealed, he passed by the three of them and galloped forward.

Zhang Chaotang said: “This person is also weird. Why did he go and come back again.” Yang Pengju said: “Master Zhang, you can run away by yourself later, don’t wait for me.” Zhang Chaotang was shocked: “What? Is there another robber?” Yang Pengju said. Said: “If you can’t walk five miles, there will be an accident, but we have no way of retreating, and we can only rush forward.”

The three of them were anxious and moved forward slowly. They only walked more than two miles. They only heard a sound of a screaming arrow shot into the sky, and the three-carriage horse rushed out of the forest and blocked the road. Yang Peng immediately urged him, holding a fist and said: “The surname of the escort board in the Xiawuhui is Yang.

He passed by the guild and was not a bodyguard. He did not pay respects to all the masters. This Zhang Xianggong is from a foreign country and he is a scholar. “He was a bit famous in the arena, and his martial arts was not weak, but he just broke his finger and thought that most of the friends in this area should be in the same group as the last name, so he is courteous and good-natured. beg. One of the three vehicles had empty hands, and smiled: “We don’t need to be entangled, and we have to borrow a hundred taels of silver.”

He was speaking in the dialect of southern Zhejiang, and Yang Pengju and Zhang Chaotang were in shock, and I don’t know what he said. The man who was riding a horse back and forth just now shouted: “Borrow a hundred taels of silver, do you understand?” Yang Pengju saw that they were so rude and couldn’t help furious. “Okay! Is it worth a hundred taels of silver?” Take off the bullets from the back, bang bang, three marbles hit the sky, and when the marbles fall down, there will be three bullets in a row, and the six marbles are divided into the air. Three pairs smashed into each other. Turned into mud and fell one after another.

Yang Pengju saw this magic bullet skill, just for a while, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his left wrist, and fell to the ground with a single knife, only to realize that he had been hit by his marbles. The third person on the opposite side was holding a soft whip, and he darts over, hitting his waist with a trick “withered vines entangled with trees”. Yang Peng reined his horse to avoid it. The man’s soft whip head rolled up a single knife in the ground, copied it in his hand, gave a long laugh, and galloped his horse. When he passed by Zhang Kang, the white light flashed, and the steel knife was waved twice, which cut his back and wrapped two pieces. The cloth strips at the end. He did not stop, urging the horse to run forward.

The package was slipping off Zhang Kang’s back, and the man hitting the billiards just happened to arrive, his arms stretched out, and before the package fell to the ground, he leaned over and lifted it, weighed the weight, and laughed: “Thank you.” In a blink of an eye, the three of them ran without Without a trace.

Yang Pengju just sighed and had nothing to say. Zhang Kang said anxiously: “Our tray fee and silver are all wrapped up, this…this…how do we go home?” Yang Peng said, “It’s pretty good to leave your little fate. Let’s take a look.” The three went again dejectedly. Less than a meal, suddenly there was a humming of hooves behind him, and when he looked back, he saw the dust head rising, and the three of them chased after him again.

Yang Pengju and Zhang Chaotang both took a breath and thought, “It’s all about grabbing the gold and silver, do you really have to kill you?” The three men rushed forward and got off their horses together. They all clasped their fists and said: ” It turned out to be our own person, who offended it. We don’t know how offended it is, please don’t take it off.” The other person held the package with both hands and handed it to Zhang Kang. Zhang Kang didn’t dare to answer, looking at the master. Zhang Chaotang nodded, and Zhang Kang took it.

The first humanity: “I just heard this saying, one is Yang Biaotou and the other is Zhang Gongzi, are they all real surnames?” Zhang Chaotang said: “Exactly!” He said the origin of their names. The three of them were surprised, and looked at each other. The man first said: “Lae Xia’s surname is Huang, these two are brothers, the surname is Liu. Zhang Gongzi, you should have taken out the bamboo plaque, lest we be rude.” Zhang Chaotang heard this and knew this. Bamboo tiles are really effective, and when they are unsure, they don’t know what to say. The surnamed Huang said again: “The two must have gone to Shengfengzhang, let’s go all the way.” Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju both expected them to be a group of powerful thieves. provoke? Zhang Chaotang said: “This friend and I are going to Guangzhou, Shengfengzhang is not going.”

Huang said with an angry face: “It will be August 16 in three days. We have traveled all the way to Eastern Guangdong. Why don’t you go up the mountain when you are here?” What is going up the mountain? What’s the matter on August 16, Zhang Chaotang Both Yang Pengju and Yang Pengju didn’t know, but they didn’t dare to recognize it directly. Zhang Chaotang hardened his scalp and said, “Brother’s family is in a hurry, so you have to go back right away.” Huang’s surname said angrily: “Going up the mountain will not delay you for two days. If you cross the mountain without worshiping, what kind of mountain sect friend?” Zhang Chaotang said even more. Can’t figure it out, don’t know what “Shan Zong” is. After all, Yang Pengju has a lot of experience.

Seeing this situation, he knows that Shengfengzhang is indispensable. Although it is dangerous, it can only be resigned. Moreover, looking at their expressions and tone, they seem to be innocent. Zhang Gongzi went up the mountain as well.” He winked at Zhang Chaotang, indicating that he should not violate it. Huang Ji Ran was overjoyed and said with a smile: “Originally, I don’t think you would be so disrespectful.” The six people walked together, all the way to the tip of the shop, all from the Huang’s early, he only did a few Gestures, saying a few weird words in ancient times, the restaurants along the way do not charge money, and the hospitality is thoughtful and polite.

After walking for two days, approaching the foot of Shengfengzhang Mountain, I saw an endless stream of people who finished their attire along the way, all heading towards Shengfengzhang. They were fat, thin, tall and short, and there were all kinds of people. They looked and behaved, and they seemed to be warriors. . These people are mostly familiar with the surname Huang and the Liu brothers, and they hold hands when they meet.

Zhang Yang and the two have set the goal of never prying into the privacy of others. When they see them talking, they stand far away. However, listening to the voices of these people’s greetings in southern accents, it is found in all parts of Liaodong, Heshuo, Lianghu, Sichuan and Shaanxi. Look at their outfits, most of them come from far away, and everyone is in the dust. Both Zhang and Yang were secretly apprehensive, and they were also terrified. Yang Pengju thought: “It seems that these people are thieves from various cottages, and most of them are trying to gather people to rebel. I am a good citizen of innocent wealth. I am mixed with the anti-thief and can’t get out of it. It’s really unlucky.”

That night, Zhang Chaotang and others rested in a shop at the foot of Shengfengzhang Mountain, and stayed in the mountains the next morning. The crowd was about to eat dinner, and suddenly one person rushed into the shop and shouted: “Sun Xianggong is here!” As soon as the words came out, all the customers in the shop stood up and rushed out of the shop. Yang Peng lifted Zhang Chaotang’s sleeves and said, “Look and see.” Walking out of the shop, everyone was standing in their hands, as if waiting for someone. After a while, there was a sound of horseshoes on the west mountain road, everyone raised their heels and looked around, only to see a forty-year-old scholar riding on the horse, slowly coming. He saw everyone standing by the road to greet them, urging the horses to move fast, galloping up to the front, and jumping off the horses. A big man in the crowd rushed forward and held the rein of the horse.

The scholar came all the way and nodded to everyone one by one. He walked up to Zhang Chaotang and saw that he was also dressed as a scholar. He was taken aback, arched his hands, and asked, “Who is this?” Zhang Chaotang said, “My surname is Zhang, please ask your surname.” The scholar said: ” His surname is Sun, and his name is Zhongshou.” Zhang Chaotang handed over and said: “Long Yang, Long Yang” Sun Zhongshou smiled slightly and went into the store.

After dinner, Yang Pengju whispered to Zhang Chaotang: “This scholar with the surname Sun is very powerful. Zhang Gongzi, go and talk to him, and ask him to let us go. People are scholars, and things are easy to make sense. “

Zhang Chaotang thought well, walked to the door of Sun Zhongshou, coughed, raised his hand and knocked on the door. He only heard the sound of reading poetry in the room, and he knocked a few times, and the sound of reading stopped. When the door opened, Sun Zhongshou came out and said, “The inn is lonely. Brother Zhang will come to talk. It’s best.” Zhang Chaotang entered and saw an unfolded handwritten book on the table. Under a glance, he saw the writing. The words “Liaodong”, “Ningyuan”, “Chen”, “Emperor”, etc. seem to be a memorial. Zhang Chaotang was afraid that he would be jealous again, so he didn’t dare to look more, so he sat down.

Sun Zhongshou first ask his family history, Zhang Chaotang told the truth. Sun Zhongshou said: “Brother Zhang has come here by accident. The Chinese government has been corrupted, and I don’t know when it will be clear. From the brother’s point of view, Brother Zhang still temporarily returns to Boni, as long as the Chinese holy emperor is on the throne, he will come again to take the test.” Zhang Chaotang said yes, saying that he was about to return. Then I talked about how he avoided officials, how Yang Pengju rescued him, how he got the bamboo card, and so on, but I saw

Sun Zhongshou in the box at night and said : “We met here, it can be considered destined. Tomorrow Brother Zhang will go up the mountain with the younger brother. It’s good to know. One of my ancient injustices in Middle-earth. As long as I have seen and heard during this trip. Don’t disclose to outsiders, the younger brother guarantees that Brother Zhang will not be harmful.” Zhang Chaotang thanked him, but did not dare to ask more. Sun Zhongshou asked about the customs of the Boni people. Hearing what Zhang Chaotang said, they were all unheard of. He said: “I don’t know when the Chinese people will live and work in peace and contentment, not worry about food and clothing, and share the blessing of peace?”

When the two talked directly about the second watch, Zhang Chaotang bid farewell to the room. Yang Pengju had waited very anxiously, and after hearing what he had told Sun Zhongshou, he let go of his heart. The next day was the Mid-Autumn Festival, and Zhang Chaotang, Yang Pengju, and Zhang Kang followed the masses in the morning. At noon, there were more than a dozen people waiting for food in the middle of the mountain. They were all vegetarian dishes. Everyone ate them, rested for a while, and went on.

After that, people were guarded all the way, and the investigation was very strict. When the three of Zhang and Yang were found, Sun Zhongshou nodded, and the guards ignored them. Zhang Chaotang cried secretly: “It’s dangerous! If you didn’t talk to him this evening last night, it would be unpredictable today.” At the end of the evening, when he reached the top of the mountain, hundreds of men lined up to meet him. The one in the middle was a burly figure and seemed to be the leader of the crowd. Seeing Sun Zhongshou coming up, he stepped down to greet him and walked into the house hand in hand.

There are dozens of houses scattered on the mountain, the largest one seems to be a temple. The appearance of these houses is also very ordinary, there are no guarding equipment such as bunker watchtowers, but they are not like gangsters. Yang Pengju saw everyone’s sect on the mountain. He expected that the construction on the mountain would be majestic and mighty, and the barriers would be strong, but he knew that this was not the case, and he was secretly surprised.

He has been in the rivers and lakes for more than ten years, and he has seen and heard extensively, but this time he is at a loss. One more strange thing is that these people have come here for thousands of miles. Everyone looks close. They are all good friends, but when they meet, they don’t have the meaning of joy. Everyone looks very sad and indignant. Zhang Yang and the three were led into a small room, and they were brought in for a while. Four dishes are all vegetarian dishes, and there are more than 20 steamed buns. That night Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju talked quietly, unable to guess what these people were doing, and it was even harder to refer to Sun Zhongshou’s “eternal injustice”.

After Zhang and Yang got up the next day, they used it too early to walk around the mountain, only to see big men everywhere. Some had scars on their heads, and some had broken hands and feet, all of them looked like they had experienced battles. Zhang and Yang were afraid that something would cause trouble, they walked for a while and then went back into the room, never going out. I still eat vegetarian dishes all day long. Yang Peng whispered in his belly: “The fucking thief, the robber, died, and the ancestor told Lao Tzu to eat such a vegetable dish that has faded from his mouth.”

In the evening, I suddenly heard the bell boring. Soon a man walked into the room and said, “Sun Xianggong, please come to the temple to observe the ceremony.” Zhang and Yang went out with him. Zhang Kang also wanted to follow. The man waved his hand and said, “Little brother, you go to bed earlier.” Zhang and Yang followed him around several tiled houses and came to the temple. Zhang Chaotang looked up and saw a horizontal plaque with the three characters “Hall of the Martyrs”. He thought: “It turned out to be an ancestral hall. I don’t know who is offering it?” As the man walked through the front hall and the courtyard, he saw the display on both sides. With weapons racks, knives, guns, axes, spears, spears, halberds and whips, eighteen weapons are available, all polished dazzlingly.

When they came to the main hall, they saw that there were two to three thousand people sitting in the dark, and Zhang and Yang were secretly shocked. It turned out that there were so many people gathered on this barren mountain. When Zhang Chaotang looked up, he saw a statue of a god in the temple. The attire of a civil official of the dynasty, but wearing a golden helmet, wearing a scarlet robe, plus a yellow armor, holding a sword in his left hand and a flag in his right hand.

The idol has a clear face, three strands of long beard, and a majestic appearance. The body is slightly sideways, looking into the distance, and between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes, there seems to be a slight worry. Two rows of spiritual positions are provided on both sides of the statue. Zhang Chaotang was far away, and he couldn’t see clearly the name of the book written by the gods. The four walls of the main hall are covered with flags, armor, weapons, horse gear, etc. The flags are red or blue, with yellow borders with red borders, and some with white borders with red borders.

Zhang Chaotang was full of suspicion, but saw that the people in the hall were sad and silent. Suddenly a slender man stood up next to the idol, lit a candle and held the incense, and shouted: “Sacrifice.” The temple was kneeling all over the floor in darkness, and Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju had to kneel down. Sun Zhongshou stepped forward, holding the sacrificial text and reciting it. Yang Pengju didn’t understand what the sacrificial text was saying in Chinese, but Zhang Chaotang became more and more surprised when he heard it.

I can only hear that the meaning of the sacrificial text is very indignant and passionate. Not only has he scolded the Man Qing Tatzi a bloody head, but also showed no mercy to the current emperor Chongzhen, saying that he was “faint and innocent, not discerning loyalty and traitor.” , “Being persevering for self-use, hurting my Yuanrong”, “Destroying the Great Wall of China, willing to be the sinner of the Yellow Emperor’s descendants”. Isn’t it a blatant rebellion to slander the current emperor? Zhang Chaotang was shocked and suspicious. However, after the sacrificial texts became more and more fierce, they even scolded Emperor Chongzhen’s ancestors and ancestors.

“The feats overwhelmed the world and Wei Gong was poisoned, but the middle earth was fixed and Qingtian was poisoned.” That means Taizu killed Xu Da, Lan Yu, Liu Ji and other heroes; later criticized Shenzong for imposing mine taxes on the people, poisoning the common people; Xi Zong appointed a dying man, a gentleman in the middle of the court, either decapitated or went to jail, such as Xiong Tingbi and others defending the land and resisting the enemy The ministers were all brutally killed. This memorial article is straightforward and strong, and every word has penetrated into the heart of Zhang Chaotang.

Although he was transported in a foreign country, he was also aware of major events in China. In the second half of the sacrificial text, however, there was a large section of words praising martial arts such as “My supervising master will vibrate Ning Yuan, and annihilate the giant chieftain”. Later, he criticized Chongzhen for killing Zhongliang.

When Zhang Chaotang heard this, he realized that the idol was Yuan Chonghuan, the governor of Ji Liao who had broken the Qing soldiers and killed Nurhachi, the ancestor of the Qing Dynasty. He looked up again and saw that the idol was lifelike, with far-sighted eyes, and seemed to deplore the alien invasion, occupying my rivers and mountains, hurting my people, and wishing to resurrect and supervise Liaodong to defend against foreign insults.

At this time, when the sacrificial text was about to be read, Zhang Chaotang was even more alarmed. It turned out that the last paragraph of the sacrificial text was an oath to sacrifice to each person, swearing: “and punish the Ming emperor and the Qing chieftain, and comfort my supervising teacher in the sky with the snow.

“After reading the sacrificial text, the praising person sang: “Knock your head to the superintendent, God Oak and the Martyred General God Lord.” Everyone leaned over and knocked their heads. A young child stood in the forefront, completely plain, and turned around and leaned on the ground to salute everyone. Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju were taken aback again. It turned out that this young boy was the tiger shepherd boy they met that day. Everyone had finished their prostrations and stood up, with tears on their faces and grief and indignation.

Sun Zhongshou said to Zhang Chaotang, “Brother Zhang, what’s wrong with this memorial article, please delete it.” Zhang Chaotang Lian said, “Don’t dare.” Brother Yuan went to the mountain to take advantage of overseas talents to enhance my meritorious service. It also teaches the world that Master Yuan has been wronged and suffered, and the whole world is indignant. It is not just the selfishness of our old ministry. “Zhang Chaotang thought, you told me to go up the mountain, because of this, Yuan Chonghuan was executed by the court because Chongzhen was so foolish and unsure of his loyalty and traitor. After hearing the provocation of treacherous officials and eunuchs, the world knew that he was wronged, and he was in trouble. When I was in Bo Ni, I also heard a few Cantonese businessmen talk about it in tears. But since the emperor’s decree and the canonical punishment are clear, and if it is wronged, it is slanderous today.

If the emperor knew, even his father would be greatly affected when a paper edict came to Boni country. But Sun Zhongshou said so, he couldn’t refuse under the circumstances. Under his urgency, he suddenly had an idea and remembered the two novels he had read when he was in Bo Ni Kingdom, one is “The Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and the other is “Jing Zhongyue Biography”. . He has limited reading, and he can’t make a big fuss like Sun Zhongshou. He pondered for a moment and straightened his writing: “Huanglong has not been punished, Wu Mu has been wronged. Han Zuo is awaiting recovery, Zhuge Xing is dead. Ouch pain, Fu Wei Shangfan.” He was talking about the ancients, and if this short sacrificial essay falls into the hands of the emperor, he cannot be convicted on this basis.

Sun Zhongshou originally thought that he was an overseas scholar, had no knowledge, and could not write any good sentences. He only hoped that he would praise a few words of Master Yuan’s deeds, that is, that is it. When I saw him, he wrote these six sentences. Happy. Zhang Chaotang compared Yuan Chonghuan to Zhuge Liang and Yue Fei, and he admired the most. The Qing people are descended from the Jin people, all of the Jurchen tribe. When the Manchu Qing Dynasty was founded, the country was named It is still called “gold”. Both Yue Fei and Yuan Chonghuan died at the hands of treacherous officials in fighting against gold. The two experienced a little bit of similarities, but they weren’t a random comparison.

Sun Zhongshou explained these words to everyone. Everyone thanked them in a big way, and they became more affectionate to Zhang Yang and no longer treated outsiders. Sun Zhongshou said: “Brother Zhang’s writing is extraordinary, Wu Mu Zhuge’s two sentences are honorable to Jiuquan. The younger brother will ask them to carve them on the stone next to the ancestral hall, so that future generations will know that our famous teacher Yuan will spread thousands of miles. Foreign scholars and people outside are also admired.” Zhang Chao and Tang Zuoyi thanked him.

Everyone’s bowing is over, and everyone sits down. The person who praised the salute yelled again: “General of XX battalion”, “General of XX town”, and shouted a military commander’s rank, and one of them stood up and spoke loudly. Zhang Chaotang heard the official title and the meaning of his words, and learned that these people are Yuan Chonghuan’s old men. After he was killed, everyone left the army in anger and scattered everywhere.

Today is the third anniversary of the death of Master Yuan, so they gather at Shengfengzhang near his hometown of Dongguan, Guangdong to pay homage to the old master. Listening to the meaning of their words, it seems that there is still some major conspiracy. When the admirer called “Zhu Anguo, Deputy Chief of Jizhen”, one of them stood up, and both Zhang Chaotang and Yang Pengju were shocked. It turned out that this person was the farmer who led them to hide in the secret room. Yang Pengju thought, “So he It is the General Ji Liao who resisted the Qing, so it is not in vain for me to lose in his hands.”

Just listen to him saying: “In the past three years, Mr. Yuan has a strong body, has made great progress in martial arts, and has read a lot of books. The martial arts of brothers Ni and Luo and I have been passed on to him. Please recommend another master. Sun Zhongshou said: “Among our brothers, who is better in martial arts than the three of you, General Zhu does not need to be too modest.” Zhu An Guodao: “Yuan Gongzi is very clever in learning martial arts. It will be done. The three of us have already poured our money to teach, so we really need to hire a famous teacher so as not to delay his work.” Sun Zhongshou said: “Well, this matter will be discussed later, what happened to the murder?”

That surname Ni The tiger-killing hero stood up and said: “The traitor surnamed Fan was killed by Luo Shenjiang in Zhejiang the month before. The traitor surnamed Shi was chased by me in Chaozhou ten days ago. The first class of the two. Here.” After that, he lifted the cloth bag from the ground and took out two human heads. Some of the crowd applauded loudly, some gnashed their teeth and cursed. Sun Zhongshou took the head and put it on the table of the statue. Only then did Zhang Chaotang understand that the head they found in the box in the middle of the night turned out to be Yuan Dang’s enemy, and that it must be a traitor related to the case of Yuan Chonghuan.

At this time, people kept coming out to present the first class, and for a while, there were more than a dozen heads on the altar table in front of the idol. Listening to the reports of these people, one of them was Yu Shi, whose surname was Gao. He was a member of Wei Zhongxian’s party. He once falsely accused Yuan Chonghuan of collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country. Everyone hated him especially. After everyone finished reporting, Sun Zhongshou said: “A lot of small traitors have been punished, but the big feud has not yet been retributed. Tai Chi and Chongzhen are still in power. How to avenge the generals, what do you think?”

A short man stood. Up. Said: “Sun Xianggong!” Sun Zhongshou said, “Please tell me what Zhao Shen will have.” The dwarf said: “According to me…” Just said three words, a man outside the door hurriedly came in and said: ” General Li Chuang sent someone to see him.” When everyone heard it, they all screamed. Sun Zhongshou said: “General Zhao, let’s welcome the messenger who entered the army first.” General Zhao said: “Yes.” First robbed it, everyone stood up. When the door opened, two big men with torches in their hands, one stop aside, three people walked in. Yang Pengju has long heard of Li Chuang’s name.

Knowing that his name is Li Zicheng, in the past few years, he has killed officials and rebelled, and he has been extremely powerful. It depends on how heroic his subordinates are. I saw a man in his forties, with numb face and fluffy hair. He was wearing a set of coarse clothes and trousers. His knees and elbows were rubbed, and his feet were barefoot. He wore a pair of straw sandals and legs. It was full of mud, just like a farmer. Behind him were two people, one in his thirties with fair skin; the other in his twenties, with a burly stature and a dark face, and he looked like a farmer. The three seem to be loyal and honest, how come they are actually “travelers” who are rampant in the Qin and Jin Dynasties.

When the man walked into the hall, he stopped talking and stood in front of the idol. The white-faced man took the joss stick from the baggage behind his back, lit it in front of the idol, and the three of them bowed to the ground and knocked their heads.

The little shepherd boy knelt down at the altar table and kowtowed. After the three of them worshipped, the man with a pockmarked face said loudly: “We, General Li, knew that Master Yuan had done a great job in attacking the Tartar outside the pass, and we admired it in my heart. Later, Master Yuan was killed by the emperor innocently, and the people in the world were angry. It’s very good. General Li sent us to kowtow to the superintendent’s position on his behalf. Nowadays, the officials are forcing the people to rebel.

We have to fight against the grain to kill the officials in order to eat. Please marshal Yuan’s soul for protection. We will fight to Beijing and capture the emperor. The treacherous ministers, kill them one by one, and avenge the generals and the common people in the world.” After that, he worshipped a few more times. When everyone saw that Li Zicheng’s envoy respected their supervisors, they all had a good feeling. Hearing his words, although the tone was crude, they were sincere.

Sun Zhongshou stepped forward and said, “Thank you, thank you very much. Ask for the name Gao.” The man said, “My name is Liu Fangliang. General Li learned that today is Marshal Yuan’s death, so he sent me to worship before the spirit. See you.” Sun Zhongshou said: “Thanks to General Li’s kindness and kindness, and his surname is Sun Zhongshou.” The white-faced humane said: “Ah, you are the younger brother of General Sun Zushou. General Sun and Tarzi died desperately. We have always He is very respected.” Sun Zushou was a general in the resistance against the Qing Dynasty. After Yuan Chonghuan was imprisoned, Sun Zushou fought out and died at the same time as the general Man Gui outside Yongdingmen in Beijing, making him famous all over the world. Sun Zhongshou is a literary and martial talent, and Xiang is the right and left hand of his elder brother.

In this campaign, he was able to get rid of his strength. He resented Chongzhen for injustice and killed his loyal ministers. He is shrewd and wise, and he is the leader of Yuan Dang. Sun Zushou was generous and loyal, loyal and honest. The “History of Ming Dynasty” recorded two stories: Sun Zushou was injured in battle and was on the verge of being unable to afford it. His wife Zhang cut off the meat on his arm, boiled soup for him to drink, and at the same time went on a hunger strike for seven days and seven nights, praying to heaven and wishing to take his place. Later, Sun Zushou recovered but Zhang died. Sun Zushou was grateful for his wife’s grace and never approached her for life.

When he was a general, a general passed by his hometown of Changping and sent five hundred taels of silver to his home. It was a very common thing at the time, but his son was determined not to. Later, his son came to the army, and he gave him a big commendation and invited him to drink, saying: “I won’t receive the gift, it won my heart. If you suffer, this time it is not military law.” “Ming Shi” praised him” This is the case with his righteousness.”

Sun Zhongshou is quite elder in his dealings with people, and he thinks he is admired by the public.

Note: Ming Chengzu, at the request of the Sultan of Boni State, named the mountain as “Changning Town State Mountain”, made an inscription and wrote a poem. The translation meaning is as follows: “On the tropical sea, Boni country is located. Local. The people are close to benevolence and righteousness, only obedience, no disobedience. The virtuous king is diligent and cautious and admires the enlightenment of China. The officials in charge of foreign countries under the supervision of Daming came to China to worship, and brought your concubine, elder son, brothers, and accompanying ministers. When I kowtow to the Daming palace, Chen Zou said: “The emperor is like the sky, giving warmth and happiness to the world, and he is the same to anyone, there is no preference, no discrimination.” But I self-reflection, the virtue is not enough, It’s not as great as you said.

It’s really hard for you to brave wind and waves, travel across oceans, and come by boat. Check out the subjects of distant nations. When you submit, you come to worship. When you don’t agree, you don’t come. It’s not easy to come by yourself, let alone bring a family? Your king is as strong as a gold and stone. The monarchs of the monarchs of the southwestern countries can match you? There is a majestic mountain in your country, Zhenning Bangguo. Now I have engraved words on the stone tablet to promote the virtues of your king. I hope that your king’s virtues will be great, the country will be safe, and the future will be long live, and all will belong to my Da Ming.” The head of the matter will not be mentioned.