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028: Waiting for you to come back

The people in the box did not leave until 10:30 in the evening, and Song Xianyu returned home from get off work at more than 11 o’clock.

After taking a shower, I lay on the bed and turned on the phone. I found a few missed calls. Song Ziming got one and Wang Jinyi got three.

Seeing that it was late, Song Xianyu returned a text message to each of them.

About to put down the phone, Wang Jinyi’s call came in.

“You called me this afternoon? Did something happen?” Wang Jinyi explained in a sleepy voice, “I have a game in the afternoon.”

“It was a bit of a game , but now it’s gone.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Neither is it.” What major event, it’s getting late, go to sleep.” The matter has passed, Song Xianyu didn’t want to say more.

“That’s fine, you go to bed earlier.” Wang Jinyi didn’t ask.

After hanging up the phone, Song Xianyu thought about what happened in the jewelry store in the afternoon. She couldn’t sleep. For her, the difficulty of the sky collapsed, but for Ji Linyuan, it was a trivial matter that could be solved with just a move.

After tossing and turning for a while, Song Xianyu sat up, took out Ji Linyuan’s business card from the drawer of the bedside table, and saved his number in the phone.

The box was not busy the next day, and everyone was chatting while doing things.

Pei Yuanyuan went out and swayed back, and mysteriously said to the people: “Hey, do you know who is always in the season that Changshen produced last night?”


“I just went to the infirmary and listened. Dr. Zhang said that he was Ji Sichen, the eldest son of the chairman of the VINCI Group, the original heir to VINCI, but was later taken over as the heir by the fourth son of the chairman Ji Linyuan. Not only that, he was also kicked out of the company. It’s a little real estate company.

“Changsheng’s production is also good, what’s so pitiful.” Some people disagreed.

“What’s not bad? VINCI Group is a large company ranked in the world. Any subsidiary of VINCI has often produced several blocks. The person who could be the emperor turned out to be a county magistrate. The gap, the taste must be

uncomfortable .” Pei Yuanyuan said while poking her lips, “Sure enough, I agreed with that sentence. The more important things are, the more cruel and cruel. Ji Sichen’s temper is soft, and I look like a bully. Ji Linyuan, I see from a distance. Once, it doesn’t seem to be a good person to get along with…”

Her words were quite sympathetic to Ji Sichen.

Song Xianyu recalled what Xiao Ai said in Shanghai. In this matter, everyone seemed to think that Ji Linyuan was too ruthless.

After lunch, Song Xianyu went to the locker room, held the phone and hesitated for a long time, and sent a text message to Ji Linyuan.

[I’m Song Xianyu, I’m at work now, and I brought my suit here. Is it convenient for you to come here this afternoon? ]

Until she got off work, there was no response there.

Song Xianyu looked at the clean mobile phone screen, and felt an inexplicable loss in his heart.

Back home, she put the suit in the closet again.

She didn’t go downstairs to eat dinner. Wang Jinyi gave her a King Glory game account again. It was a stubborn little bronze. She helped the other party to be the King and could earn two thousand.

When she was bringing her teammates into a team battle with the enemy, her mobile phone rang suddenly, and then Ji Linyuan’s text message appeared in her sight.

[I’m in Hangzhou] A

very short sentence without even a punctuation.

Song Xianyu was inexplicably overjoyed, quit the game directly, opened the mailbox, and smiled sweetly on her lips, like a child getting her beloved candy.

She had forgotten this reply and it was quite a long time late. She quickly tapped on the Jiugongge with her fingers like the roots of green onions. After typing a few words, she felt dissatisfied, deleted and rewritten, and revised it several times. A text message was sent.

【When are you coming back? ]

Less than half a minute later, Ji Linyuan’s text message came back.

[Three days later]

Song Xianyu responded immediately.

[I am waiting for you to come back. ] After

sending it, she thought this sentence was a bit weird, so she followed up with another sentence, [Return the suit to you]


[Then I won’t bother you, good night]


Ji Linyuan uses two’ Hmm’ ended this message conversation.

Song Xianyu looked back at the conversation between the two people over and over again, but Ji Linyuan didn’t say anything, but she couldn’t calm down.

He raised his head inadvertently and saw himself reflected in the makeup mirror. His cheeks were flushed, the pear vortex at the corner of his mouth became very deep because of the big smile, and his eyes were amazingly bright.

Song Xianyu was startled, her expression frozen.

Is this her? She can’t remember how long she has been, and she hasn’t laughed like this.

Just because Ji Linyuan has a few painless text messages?

Her heart was faintly disturbed, she seemed to know what it meant, and she didn’t seem to know, she didn’t want to go into it.

Raising his hand to touch his cheek, his skin was hot.

Remembering that the game hadn’t ended yet, she clicked on the King of Glory APP, and after loading it for a while, there was a sound effect that the game failed.

Her mind was a little confused, and she didn’t care about winning or losing, so she threw the phone on the bed and took her pajamas to the bathroom to take a shower.

The cold water poured down her head, along the beautiful facial features, meandering over the delicate collarbone, and flowing into the floor drain along the slender and straight white legs, cooling the temperature of her cheeks, but also making her brain gradually awake. .

Three days later, it was the birthday banquet of Mrs. Song.

Song Xianyu didn’t wear the rose red dress that Song Ziming gave her. The color was too bright and she didn’t want to be the focus.

The birthday banquet was held in the most luxurious hotel in Beijing, with a total of two hundred tables set up. The venue was huge, and the dishes and wines were the best. To make the old lady happy, it was a big deal.

There were too many guests to entertain the Song family. Even Song Xiameng was arrested and became a strong man, but Song Xianyu sat in the corner and had nothing to do.

I took a cold shower that night, and I had a glorious cold the next day. I still have some cold symptoms. Yang Zhenming thoughtfully told her to rest. In fact, she just didn’t want her to appear in front of outsiders as the Song family.

Song Xianyu’s tenth birthday and eighteen-year-old coming-of-age ceremony were held by Song Ziming, and under the supervision of Yang Zhen, there were not many people present.

Among the guests present today, many people didn’t know Song Xianyu, but regarded her as the beautiful daughter of a relative of the Song family.

Song Xianyu took a glass of juice and sat in front of the window, looking at the scenery outside, which was also relaxing.

“It’s really worth it today!” A middle-aged man who was almost 60 years old sat down not far from her and said.

“Why do you say that?” another person asked.

“When you came up, didn’t you see the sign in the middle of the lobby downstairs? It said’Congratulations to the old birthday star Liu Jiuyue for his 80th birthday.’ Do you know who Liu Jiuyue is? The old lady of the Cheng family in Beijing, the upright old Buddha! Those who came to celebrate the birthday are all people with faces in the capital.”

The middle-aged man who spoke was stunned, “I just saw two CEOs of VINCI Group and Powerway Group who wanted to go up and shake hands, but wanted to shake hands with them. There are too many, I didn’t squeeze in front.”

Yesterday, the answer was correct, and 50 Xiaoxiang coins were rewarded. Pay attention to check it.

After this birthday banquet, my fish will officially start teasing the uncle. Yao is very excited…

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