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029: Why are you so nervous about me?

“I just saw two veterans VINCI Group and the Broadway Group, intends to go shake hands, the result of too many want them to shake hands, I Leng Shimo pushed in front.”

Talk straight middle-aged man staggering, “then I After inquiring, the birthday banquet hall of the Cheng family is upstairs. When the birthday banquet is over, I will go upstairs to guard. I must find a chance to show my face in front of the two bosses VINCI and Poway…”

Listen. When the middle-aged man was passionate, Song Xianyu couldn’t help but imagine the scene of Ji Linyuan being surrounded by people he knew but not, or people in business or officialdom.

“Xiaoyu.” As he walked in the air, Xue Kang’s voice rang against Song Xianyu’s ears.

Song Xianyu turned his head. Xue Kang didn’t know when he was sitting next to her.

“I haven’t seen you for a few days, do you miss me?” Xue Kang held her hand without anyone else.

Xue Kang’s hands were very white, even a bit feminine. Song Xianyu couldn’t help thinking that Ji Linyuan’s hands were well-knotted, slender, and powerful. They were the hands that a man should have.

“I’m sorry, I’ll go to the bathroom.” Song Xianyu said lightly, and while getting up, she broke Xue Kang’s hand away, and then walked out of the birthday banquet hall without looking back.

Song Xianyu wears an olive-colored dress, the color is very plain, and the style is not new enough, but even so, her outstanding appearance and milk-like skin still make her the center of attention of many opposite sexes.

Song Xiameng’s eyes were full of jealousy.

She has been jealous of Song Xianyu’s overly pretty face since she was a child.

I also thought that Song Xianyu made her make a fool of herself at Luo Jianqiu’s birthday party, and was laughed at by the so-called upper class people. Song Xiameng’s manicure almost broke, and she threw off the guests around to follow Song Xianyu.

Song Xianyu didn’t go to the bathroom, turned a few turns, and went to the sky garden of the hotel.

The garden is very large, with a goldfish pond in the center. The clear water is full of goldfish of all colors, and the surroundings are full of red roses. The breeze is blowing and the fragrance is scented.

“Hiding in such a remote place, which wild man are you going to fool with?” Song Xianyu had just sat down on the stone bench under the umbrella, and Song Xiameng’s voice came from behind.

A touch of impatience flashed in Song Xianyu’s eyes, ignoring Song Xiameng’s sour words.

Song Xiameng’s jealousy became more intense when he looked at the olive shadow in the garden that made the roses all over the garden.

She acted like a condescending lady, stood in front of Song Xianyu, raised her chin and looked down at Song Xianyu, “After seduce my uncle, and seduce Xue Shao, who are you going to seduce now? If you like to seduce men so much, it’s better to go.’ Under Peony Flower,

I’m ready to go to work and serve different men every day.” When Song Xiameng mentioned Song Ziming, Song Xianyu’s eyes suddenly became fierce. She raised her head and looked back at Song Xiameng coldly, with a smile on her mouth than Hua Jiao. “It sounds like I’m familiar

with’Below Peony’. I’ve been there before?” Song Xiameng exploded, “You’ve been there! Just like you, you have long been rotten by men. , I have the same virtue with those ladies under the’Peony Flower’.”

“Tsk tusk…” Song Xianyu smacked her lips slowly, “A little girl’s house, she opened her mouth and shut her mouth to the man who served her, she was not ashamed, she knew. If you say that you have no words, those who don’t know think you are that kind of professional woman.”

“You…” Song Xiameng felt uncomfortable. She wanted to humiliate Song Xianyu, but Song Xianyu didn’t hurt or itchy, but she didn’t feel itchy. To be so angry.

Song Xianyu’s interest in viewing flowers was ruined, and she casually brushed off the rose petals on the top of her hair, got up and adjusted the hem of her skirt.

Height and appearance can give a person a strong aura. The moment Song Xianyu got up, Song Xiameng’s aura became shorter. Song Xianyu leaned over slightly, staring straight at Song Xiameng’s eyes, “Also, tube Before others, take care of yourself. What my dad said is your elders, so you arrange the elders behind? How about upbringing? How polite?”

Song Xiameng gritted her teeth, she hated this kind of being in front of Song Xianyu. Inexplicably short.

Jealousy hit her brain, and her eyes became red.

Song Xianyu didn’t bother to look at Song Xiameng’s distorted face again, brushing her shoulder and walking back.

After walking a few steps, Song Xianyu stopped suddenly, as if someone was watching her.

Looking up instinctively-

on the terrace upstairs, Ji Linyuan stood there, with one hand on the guardrail, the other hand hanging freely on the side of his leg, smoke between his fingers, and a dark gray suit lined with a white shirt. , Blue tie and pocket square, very formal wear, more and more showing his maturity and masculinity.

He didn’t know how long he had been there. Song Xianyu felt that the time would not be short. She noticed that the smoke between his fingers had accumulated a long piece of soot.

Song Xiameng’s words that insulted her just now are not small. I don’t know if they will reach his ears at such a distance. Will he believe it if he listens to them…

Song Xianyu’s face is unsightly, and slowly tightens. Finger, turn away his eyes after a moment, and speed up the pace under his feet.

Thinking full of things, she didn’t notice the rush of footsteps behind her, and when she noticed, her back was pushed hard.

Song Xianyu didn’t even have time to exclaim, and plunged directly into the goldfish pond. Song Xiameng was covered with splashes of water.

Song Xiameng regained consciousness, and saw Song Xianyu struggling in the water, her face changed slightly. She was only angry at Song Xianyu’s high-profile appearance, so she rushed forward to push Song Xianyu, and she didn’t want to push Song Xianyu As the fish pushed into the water, he didn’t expect the water in the pond to be so deep, let alone Song Xian’s knowledge of the water.

She was stunned for a moment, and even forgot to call for help.

There was the sound of a heavy object falling onto the ground, and then, a figure rushed over and jumped into the water and carried Song Xianyu ashore.

Song Xiameng saw that someone rescued Song Xianyu, and then healed, without seeing who it was, quietly leaving the sky garden.

On the terrace upstairs, Cheng Ruyu leaned on the guardrail and looked down, “Fuck, I didn’t read it wrong just now, it’s at least four or five meters high. He just jumped down like this?” I

wanted to talk to Ji Linyuan and came over. When he saw such a scene, he still couldn’t return to his senses.

Jing Boyuan lifted his chin downward, “The girl probably choked on the water, please go down and take a look.”

Song Xianyu choked for a while, pouring in water from her mouth, and her body kept sinking. She couldn’t even call for help. The fear of death was about to overwhelm her. In just two minutes, she felt like she had experienced the past and present.

She clung to the clothes of the man who hugged her ashore, like a straw.

Consciousness gradually collapsed and recovered again. Someone was patting her face, slowly opening his eyes, and what caught him was Cheng Ruyu’s face.

“Hey, wake up!”

Before Cheng Ruyu finished speaking, Ji Linyuan picked up Song Xianyu and left.

“Hey, don’t you let me check your legs and feet? If you jump from such a high place, maybe your bones have been broken…”

Cheng Ruyu’s voice gradually faded away.

Song Xianyu’s head weakly leaned on Ji Linyuan’s shoulder, staring at the man holding him for a moment. His hair was damp, and a short strand of hair fell on his forehead, and the water ran across his sternly contoured cheek along the tip of the hair. , She raised her hand, stretched out a clean pink finger, and gently wiped it off for him.

“Thank you for saving me.”

Ji Linyuan pursed his lips, his lips straightened.

“Can you tell me, why are you so nervous about me?” When struggling in the water, she saw him jump down from the terrace upstairs. At that moment, her heart was shocked.

What is the reason that prompted this man who has no relatives and no reason to help her again and again, and even ignores his own comfort?

This question has been hidden in Song Xianyu’s heart, but there has never been a moment, such a moment, eager to know the answer.

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