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030: She won’t run away anymore

Song Xianyu didn’t get the answer he wanted.

Without a word, Ji Linyuan sent her to the guest room bathroom on the top floor of the hotel, let her take a hot bath by herself, and then closed the bathroom door and went out.

Song Xianyu came out of the shower, but Ji Linyuan was no longer here.

The room was empty, so clean and tidy that there were no personal belongings, only two cigarette butts lying casually in the ashtray of the coffee table, and the faint smell of tobacco in the air, indicating that Ji Linyuan had been here.

I have heard that many wealthy bosses have their own private rooms in hotels, which are used to do things that are not convenient at home.

Not knowing if this room was used for anything, Song Xianyu bit her lip, glanced across the room inch by inch, trying to find some clues.

The door was knocked suddenly.

Song Xianyu tightened her bathrobe and went to open the door.

The waiter stood outside, with a steaming casserole on the tray in his hand, and a large ceramic soup spoon, small bowl, and small spoon with lacquered gold edges.

“Hello, this is the ginger soup that President Ji ordered the hotel to boil.” The waiter put the tray on the table and left the room respectfully.

I don’t know if it is because of professionalism or the deterrence of the owner of the room. The waiter’s eyes are on his toes from beginning to end.

Song Xianyu stared at the casserole for a moment and stretched out his hand to lift the lid. The hot smell of choking nose suddenly rose up, and Song Xianyu wrinkled the tip of his nose.

Although she didn’t like the smell, she took a big spoon and poured it into a small bowl, and finished drinking with a small spoon. The warm current flowed into her stomach with the ginger soup and flowed to her limbs.

The door was knocked again, and Song Xianyu put down the bowl to open the door.

The waiter just now said, “This is the dress that President Ji ordered the hotel to prepare for you.” The

dress fits well, and the style is conservative and low-key.

Standing in front of the full-length mirror, Song Xianyu looked at the dress she was wearing, replaying the scene of Ji Linyuan jumping from the upstairs terrace to rescue her over and over again in her mind, so agile, so…without thinking and anxious.

The heartbeat became fast, Song Xianyu covered her heart, feeling the strong and clear throbbing in her chest.

This feeling was not the first time it appeared, but this time, she did not choose to escape, perhaps, from now on, she would never escape again.

The landline on the bedside table suddenly rang, and Song Xianyu gathered up his confused thoughts and

went to answer: “Hello?” “It’s me.” A magnetic male voice came from the receiver, “How do you feel?”

“Very good.” Song Xian Yu’s fingers circled the phone line once and again, seeming to be bored, and she seemed to relieve tension with her next movements, “Thank you for your ginger soup, and the dress.”

“Drink more ginger soup, or you will catch a cold.” Ji Linyuan said: ” Going back later, no matter what Song Zi gave you, don’t refuse, accept it as it is, understand?”

“…” Song Xianyu didn’t quite understand, “What do you mean?”

Ji Linyuan didn’t intend to explain too much, but said: ” Remember what I said, and rest more when I go home.”


hearing the busy tone, Song Xianyu couldn’t help feeling a bit of resentment in her heart. The phone went up so quickly, she still had nothing to say.

I glanced at the wall clock, it was almost twelve o’clock, and the birthday banquet was about to begin. She came out without a mobile phone, and I wonder if she was looking for her there.

Returning to the Shouyan Hall, Song Xianyu was stopped by Song Zijun at the door, “Come here, my second uncle has something to tell you.”

Song Xianyu glanced at Song Xiameng with red eyes, nodded, and went with Song Zijun. Sky garden.

The twelve o’clock sun was so hot that people would be roasted. Song Xianyu stopped and watched Song Zijun walk straight to the Goldfish Pond. He raised his eyebrows. He already understood what Song Zijun asked her to do and what Ji Linyuan said on the phone. Mean it.

She smiled, pretending to be ignorant: “What is the second uncle asking me to do?” Pop


The reply to Song Xianyu was loud applause, Song Xianyu was stunned, and Song Xiameng was stunned.

After a while, Song Xiameng came back to her senses, clutching her swollen face, and looking at Song Zijun in disbelief, “Dad, you, you hit me?”

Song Zijun has always loved this daughter. Fear of falling and fear of disintegration, Song Xiameng has not touched a single hair. Today’s slap is the first time that Song Xiameng’s heart has been slapped.

“Apologize to Xiaoyu.” Song Zijun didn’t feel sorry for Song Xiameng’s tearful appearance, and said angrily: “Xiaoyu is your cousin. You actually pushed her into the water. It’s too much. I won’t teach you a lesson. I don’t know how to do it in the future. What turmoil is turning out, bow and apologize to Xiaoyu!”

“Dad!” Song Xiameng whispered, “You beat me for her! You beat me for an outsider! You said that as long as I apologize to her, why did you beat me? I’m still not your daughter? “

What are you shouting, you still think the matter is not big enough? You want everyone to know that you murdered your cousin, and then let the police arrest you and squat for two years?” Song Zijun pointed to Song Xiameng’s nose from a distance, hate Iron cannot be made into steel.

His words made Song Xiameng shrunk and stopped crying, choked and whispered: “I didn’t mean to…”

“Are you smart or treat everyone else as a fool? The surveillance video was clearly shot, and you rushed forward.” I pushed the little fish into the pond, if it wasn’t for Mr. Ji to save the little fish, you would have killed someone, don’t you know! A slap on you is light, I should really break your leg!”

Song Xiameng’s nose was sour. It’s so bad that I can’t stop my tears.

Originally, after the incident, because of fear, she immediately told Song Zijun to seek comfort. Song Zijun did comfort her at the time and said that Song Xianyu didn’t dare to speak up and nothing would happen.

However, Song Zijun answered the phone soon and went out for a trip. After returning, her attitude changed. Not only did she scold her well, she also asked her to apologize to Song Xianyu. Now she slapped her again, she didn’t understand. , Didn’t you just push Song Xianyu? Is Dad doing this to her? What if it is captured by surveillance? Isn’t Song Xianyu okay?

“Dad…” Song Xiameng’s voice is pitiful. In the past, as long as she pretended to be pitiful, Song Zi would surrender, and then she would do everything.

but now.

Song Zijun slapped his face impatiently, with a strong tone: “Bow, apologize! Otherwise I can’t save you!”

This is the third time Song Xiameng was forced to apologize to Song Xianyu. After apologizing, she looked at Song Xianyu. The look in her eyes can’t wait to cut Song Xianyu a thousand swords.

“You go back first.” Song Zijun sent Song Xiameng away, the anger on his face disappeared in a flash, and he changed his face to apologize.

“Xiaoyu, my second uncle is very sorry for what happened today. I blame my second uncle for not educating Xia Meng well, which made her so lawless. My second uncle has a two-bedroom apartment with more than 100 square meters near B University. I’ve stayed, and I’ll give it to you later. After the birthday banquet, you and your second uncle will go to the Real Estate Bureau.”

Song Xianyu: “…” I

don’t know what Ji Linyuan said to Song Zijun. Not only did Song Zijun beat his wife, but also willing to take it out. a house.

Housing prices in the capital remain high. Although Big B is located in the North Fourth Ring Road, the housing price is six figures per square meter, and a two-bedroom apartment with more than 100 square meters is worth at least 10 million.

Without waiting for Song Xianyu to express his position, Song Zijun said again: “Mr. Ji, my second uncle would like to ask you to say a few more words. The second uncle of the Hainan project has been preparing for nearly two years. You can’t go on any business trips. This project is also related to the life and death of Huatai. You don’t want to see the Huatai that your father developed alone is destroyed, right?”

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