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031: People who work in scheming but are indifferent by nature

Song Xianyu once heard Song Ziming talk about the Hainan project at the dinner table. This project can be said to be Song Zijun’s work focus in recent years and the most important effort.

With the influence of the VINCI Group in the business world, Ji Linyuan wanted to make things happen in Hainan’s project easily.

It’s no wonder that Song Zijun was willing to pay such a large amount of money, because he was strangled by the gate of life.

Song Xianyu turned her head and cast her gaze to the terrace upstairs. There was no one at this time. A scene of Ji Linyuan standing there, in a suit and leather shoes, standing tall and straight, her eyes softened, flowing with indescribable tenderness.

In the ear, Song Zijun said again: “Today is your grandma’s birthday, and you don’t want the elderly to worry about these things, don’t you? I know your grandma is strict with you on weekdays, but at any rate you have called her for more than ten years. Your grandma, you are a good and filial child…”

He was reminding Song Xianyu that the Song family had raised her for more than ten years, and she could not avenge her gratitude.

Song Xianyu was smart since he was a child, and naturally heard his potential meaning. She turned her gaze back to Song Zijun. She smiled: “Mr Ji and I are not very familiar with each other. I have no right or right to interfere with him in work matters…”

Song Zijun’s expression sank when he heard this.

Song Xianyu continued: “However, for the cousin who pushed me into the water, since the cousin has apologized and been punished, and the second uncle has fully expressed his apology, I won’t worry about pursuing it anymore. This matter is over.”

Listen At this point, Song Zijun’s expression improved, “Second uncle is right. You are a good boy with a clear understanding. In the afternoon, you will go to the Housing Management Bureau with your second uncle. When school starts, if you feel that the school is uncomfortable, you can go to your own house. Live in.”

Song Xianyu held her hands in front of her, her smile seemed shy, and she was an ignorant girl who did not leave the society, but Song Zijun didn’t think she was as innocent and ignorant as she seemed. Spotlight.

The battle between Ji Linyuan and Ji Sichen’s heir is not a secret in the upper-level business district. It is not a secret that such a scheming and indifferent person can take care of each other. I don’t know what Song Xianyu has done behind the scenes.

Song Zijun couldn’t help but recalled Song Xianyu’s tenth birthday party and coming-of-age banquet. The two Ji Linyuan came suddenly, and he left shortly after they came. At first, he only thought that Ji Linyuan was passing by by chance, and then on a whim. It seems that this is not the case.

Song Zijun looked at Song Xianyu’s eyes with exploration.

Song Xianyu was brought back to Song’s house at the age of seven, mother and father are unknown, I don’t know if it has anything to do with Ji Linyuan…

“Thank you, second uncle.” The girl’s voice was soft and very nice.

Song Zijun returned to his senses and smiled, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

Song Xiameng pushed Song Xianyu into the water, like a rock gently put into the lake, without splashing the slightest splash on the Song family’s birthday banquet, it sank so quietly.

Song Ziming noticed that Song Xianyu’s dress was different from before, so Song Xianyu lied and tricked it.

At the end of the birthday banquet, the waiter served a cup of seafood soup for everyone. Song Xianyu noticed that the waiter’s hands were shaking, thinking that the soup was too hot, and found that it was not hot enough to make the hands tremble.

She glanced at the waiter strangely and happened to meet the waiter’s sight. The waiter was obviously taken aback, and turned away hurriedly with a guilty conscience.

Song Xianyu was alert, put down the spoon that had been brought to her lips, and didn’t touch the seafood soup again.

“This seafood soup is really good. The seafood for the soup was airlifted early in the morning. It is very delicious. You can taste it.” Yang Zhen greeted everyone on the table warmly, saying that she took another sip.

“Xiaoyu, why don’t you drink it? It doesn’t suit your taste?” Yang Zhen had always been virtuous and wise in front of Song Ziming. Before, she didn’t persuade Song Xianyu to eat more, but now, Song Xianyu always feels that the look in her eyes is implicit Urgently, I seem to wish I could drink the seafood soup.

Thinking of a certain possibility, Song Xianyu looked at Xue Kang’s table. Xue Kang was drinking red wine and looking at her, with an indescribable look in her eyes, as if she was not drinking red wine, but taking her clothes off.

On this occasion today, if something happened to her and Xue Kang and then burst out, her reputation would be tarnished. I am afraid that she would not even have a choice for the rest of her life.

Song Xianyu’s thoughts flew around, and when he wanted to understand this, he felt a panic, and a cold sweat broke out on his back.

If there is a problem with the seafood soup, if she is careless and does not notice the waiter’s abnormality, and then drinks it

without noticing it, then the consequences… Song Ziming notices that Song Xianyu’s face is ugly, and asks concerned: “What’s the matter? The complexion is so bad.”

“Ahem…” Song Xianyu covered her lips and coughed twice, deliberately dumbing her voice, and said: “Maybe it was a cold last night, and the cold seems to be aggravating.”

She said. Put the cup of seafood soup on the turntable and turn it to Yang Zhen, “I’m sick, it’s best not to eat seafood, but it’s a pity that Mom likes such a good soup, so I might as well drink more.”

Yang Zhen didn’t expect Song Xian. The fish will come here and try to maintain the expression on his face. Song Xianyu is still keenly aware of the subtle changes in Yang Zhen’s expression, and then hears her say: “Don’t eat too much. It’s easy to make stomach trouble.”

“Give me a drink.” The end of Song Dynasty also liked this taste. After a cup of soup, I felt uncomfortable, so I stretched out my hand to get it.

Yang Zhen’s expression changed, and she opened the end of Song Dynasty with a big reaction, “Have you never had seafood soup?” The

end of Song Dynasty is sixteen years old after all. She is ashamed and ashamed. She was so brutal by her mother in public that she couldn’t come to Taiwan. He sat back on the chair with his face, his eyes flushed.

“Why are you hitting the child?” Song Ziming glanced at Yang Zhen disapprovingly, and reached out to bring Song Xianyu’s seafood soup to his younger son.

“No!” Yang Zhen pressed the lid of the cup, “Seafood is cold, but the end is still small, and it’s no good to eat too much…”

This excuse is too far-fetched.

Song Ziming frowned, his eyes suspicious: “Why are you talking about it today?”

“I…it’s okay…” Yang Zhen suddenly became poor and didn’t know what to say, and she sweated on her forehead.

“Mom is also for the sake of Xiaomo. No matter how high the hotel star is, it is not completely free of health and safety hazards. If something unclean is added to this seafood soup, what should I do if there is a problem with it, drink less It’s also right.”

Song Xianyu looked at Yang Zhen with a smile, meaning: “You said yes, mom?”

Yang Zhen thought that she had arranged secrets, but she didn’t expect to be seen through so easily, even though she hated it in her heart. , But had to agree with Song Xianyu’s words,

Qiang Yan smiled: “It is true. If Xiao Mo likes it, I will make it for him tonight. It is hygienic and nutritious.” Song Ziming looked around between his adopted daughter and his wife, feeling this. There was something wrong with both of them today.

There are two more changes, the collection has not risen much, so Yao feels that she is going to be cold…

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