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032: No inconvenience

After all, no one has moved the seafood soup.

The birthday banquet was not over, Song Xianyu saw Yang Zhen and Xue Kang leaving the birthday banquet hall one after another.

Yang Zhen has always disliked her, even hated her. It was not that she was not touched in her heart. She could not care about how Yang Zhen treated her harshly, but she didn’t expect that Yang Zhen would use such a tricky means to deal with her.

This home, which has always made her feel depressed and suffocating, made her feel terrified for the first time.

That night, she carried her real estate certificate in her bag, and packed her luggage when she returned home. The Song family were all having breakfast the next day, and she proposed to move out in front of everyone.

“I live well at home, what do you do when you move out?” Song Ziming’s tone was disapproving.

“I have a classmate whose home is very close to where I work. Both of her parents are teachers. They are traveling abroad during the summer vacation. She said she was afraid of being alone at home and asked me to accompany her. I have agreed.”

Song Xianyu The reason given was not impeccable. Song Ziming’s eyes fell on her lake-blue suitcase, knowing that she had made a decision instead of discussing it.

After pondering for a while, he instructed: “Living in someone else’s house is not better than in your own home. You should pay attention to some places. If you feel that you can’t get along with your classmates in the future, you should hurry home, you know?”

Song Xianyu smiled: “I know, thank you Dad . “

Song Mo somewhat reluctant,” sister, you go, how to do my homework? ” “

video can not do? what do not understand, micro letter bomb video to me. ” “

Sit down and eat a meal before you go “Song Ziming said.

When Song Xianyu saw the white milk, she couldn’t help but think of the seafood soup at noon yesterday. Her hand holding the luggage lever tightened. She said, “My classmate made breakfast and waited for me. I’ll eat there again.”

Song Zijun gave it to the house. In the famous high-end community to the east of Big B, the name is very domineering. It is called Zunyuan. There are access control, management and greening are done well.

Song Xianyu took a taxi, got off at the gate of the community, swiped the access control card to enter, and walked slowly on the clean and tidy road with the suitcase, surrounded by patches of Gesang flowers, very beautiful.

In her mood, there was the joy of breaking out of the cage, and the confusion of not knowing where to go in the future.

After receiving a call from Xiao Ai, she was extending her index finger to unlock the fingerprint lock.

“Xiaoyu, do you have a rest today? I’m going to see you for fun?” There was a car whistling from Xiao Ai, who should be outside.

“Come on, I just moved, and I just need some manpower to help with hygiene.” Song Xianyu pushed the door into the house and brought the door with his backhand.

“You moved out? Your family agreed? I envy you. I want to move out too, but my mother won’t let it.” Xiao Ai said, “Which community did you move to?”


Hung up the phone. Song Xianyu took the suitcase to the master bedroom and went out again.

Forty minutes later, she received Xiao Ai at the gate of the community.

“Why did your mother let you out today?”

“I went to visit Brother Ji in the hospital with her, and met her high school classmates, and the two of them were reminiscing about the past, so they dismissed me.” Xiao Ai sighed, “Otherwise, how could I come out to play with you so easily? It’s twenty, she insists on looking at me as a two-year-old child, I really don’t understand why she is like this.”

Song Xianyu didn’t listen to Xiao Ai’s words, and was full of her phrase’Go to the hospital to visit Brother Ji’. .

“Ji Lin…Your Fourth Brother Ji is in the hospital? What kind of illness?” Seeing Xiao Ai cast a suspicious look, Song Xianyu explained, “I was a little curious when I saw him yesterday.”

“It seems to be injured .” , I don’t know exactly where he was injured, but I think his mental state is no different from before. It shouldn’t be a major problem. When my mom and I passed by, he was facing the computer for a meeting, and my mom took me without sitting on the stool. Leaving.”

Song Xianyu felt her heart held tightly by a hand.

He was injured. Was he injured when he jumped from the upper terrace yesterday?

At that time, he stretched out his hand quickly, and later he carried her upstairs without exception. She didn’t think he would be injured.

“When I left, Sister Xianxian just came over, her eyes were red, and she was absent-minded to say hello to my mother…”

“I remember Cheng Ruyu was a surgeon.” Song Xianyu interrupted Xiao Ai’s endless talk.

Xiao Ai nodded, “Well, Brother Ji is in his hospital.” After a pause, Xiao Ai was surprised, “How do you know that Brother Cheng is a surgeon?”

Song Xianyu was somewhat perfunctory, “I was in that time. Time is allure, you introduced me to me, forgot?”

Xiao Ai was confused, “Is there? Don’t remember.”

But it’s not important, “I came to you, mainly because I want you to teach me to play the king. I met yesterday. When I got to Brother Siyuan, he took me to play a game with a trumpet, and stopped playing with me after five minutes. He said that I have to refresh his knowledge of rookies. I don’t think I’m that bad, right?”

The house was originally not dirty, Song Xianyu cleaned up again yesterday, but now there is nothing to clean up, Xiao Ai pestered Song Xianyu to teach her how to fight the King of Glory, Song Xianyu gave her some tips, and waited for her to play. , Take a book and sit next to it.

Staring at the page for a long time, Song Xianyu didn’t remember a word in his head.

At noon, Xiao Ai called to ask the hotel to deliver the food. When the money was paid, Song Xianyu paid the money first.

“This is for you.” After paying the money, Song Xianyu handed Xiao Ai two more. “This is the cost of going to Shanghai for two days. I will pay you according to the ordinary cabin and ordinary hotel money. If I choose, I would choose to take a regular cabin or stay in a regular hotel, so I won’t pay you first-class and five-star hotels.”

“Why? It’s so clear. I took you to accompany me. You should contract your food, housing

, and transportation.” “No.” Song Xianyu stuffed the money into Xiao Ai’s hands, “I want to go.” If it wasn’t for the people she wanted to meet, she would be like rejecting Wang Jinyi. Reject Xiao Ai.

“Besides, you know I don’t like to owe others, accept it.”

“I don’t want this money, but you, always frugal, you don’t have to pay it back.” Xiao Ai couldn’t understand Song Xianyu’s approach.

Song Xianyu smiled, “I won’t refuse the one that deserves me, I won’t want the one that shouldn’t be mine, and I won’t keep it if I deserve it.”

Xiao Ai had a dazed expression on her face.

At two o’clock in the afternoon, the phone rang to wake up the two people who were taking a nap.

Yu Youyun told Xiao Ai to go home and have something to do.

Xiao Ai rushed to the bathroom and hurriedly left with drops of water on his face.

Song Xianyu walked east to west in the living room holding the mobile phone. After a long time, he finally dialed Ji Linyuan’s number.

When the call came, her heart jumped into her throat.


The gentle and gentle male voice came, causing Song Xianyu’s heart to slowly return to its original place. His voice seemed to have a magical power, giving her an unspeakable stability and peace of mind.

“I heard that you were injured, how are you?” Song Xianyu asked this sentence in silence.

“I’m okay.” Ji Linyuan seemed to be afraid that she would be worried, so he spoke to calm down, “

I can leave the hospital tomorrow.” “Can I visit you?” Song Xianyu thought of Xiao Ai and said that Jing Xianxian had gone, and then asked again. One sentence: “Is it convenient?”

“There is nothing inconvenience.” Ji Linyuan said: “Be safe on the way.”

Last night I thought that I must say happy holidays to the cuties today. I am a person with a weak sense of holiday concept. I always forget the holidays, one more, and two more, I wish the little cuties a healthy Dragon Boat Festival.

In addition.

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Come to a small theater:

Mo Yao: Old Ji, some people say that you are too ruthless to deal with your own brother.

A certain season: …

Yao: Old season, someone asked me if you like us Xiaoyu?

A certain season: …

Yao: Old season, why don’t you speak?

A certain season: Guess?

Mou Yao…

Speaking of this, a little bit more spoiler, Ji Jiashui is very deep, and the grievances between Uncle Ji and Ji Sichen are deeper.

My season is a good man, the little cuties keep this in mind.

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