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033: If you like it, I will make it for you every day from now on

After hanging up the phone, Song Xianyu went to the bathroom to wash up, then changed into a white chiffon dress and went out.

The tight waist is not tight, and the hair is tied into a neat ball head. A few strands of hair hanging down at the hairline make her face soft and sweet. The wide neckline reveals a beautiful clavicle, and the ears and necks have no ornaments. , Such simplicity adds some atmosphere to her.

As soon as she appeared in the lobby of the inpatient building, she caused a small commotion, and many people looked at this young and beautiful girl slightly lost.

Even Shao Yun was stunned for a moment, then stepped forward and took the fruit basket in her hand, “Miss Song.”

“Assistant Shao.” Song Xianyu smiled at him.

“Mr. Ji is on the top floor, let me take you up.”

The top floor of Jinghe Hospital is a VIP ward, which is only open to a few people. There is a dedicated direct elevator. No one is leading it, and the idlers can’t wait to go up.

“Thank you.”

Shao Yun swiped his card and opened the elevator door. After entering, he swiped the card again and the elevator slowly moved up.

Song Xianyu looked at Shao Yun, “How is he?”

Shao Yun naturally knew the “him” in her mouth, referring to Ji Linyuan, and truthfully replied: “No problem, the tendon is slightly sprained. It is the old lady who is worried about Ji Linyuan. Anyway, he has to be hospitalized for observation to be at ease.”

Song Xianyu nodded, relieved .

In the ward, the nurse is undergoing routine check-ups.

The first time Song Xianyu came in, Ji Linyuan’s dark gaze was cast over, and his gazes crossed. Even if he was prepared, Song Xianyu became nervous under his gaze for an instant, and he didn’t know how to go. .

Xu Ye saw her uncomfortable, Ji Linyuan quickly withdrew his gaze.

“Miss Song, sit here.” Shao Yun led Song Xianyu to the sofa area.

“Thank you.” Song Xianyu took off the bag on his shoulders, sat down, and looked at Ji Linyuan, who was under examination. He was dressed casually today, in a navy blue polo shirt, and his cuffs were filled up by his sturdy arms and rolled up. The calf exposed under half of the black slacks is also tight.

This kind of Ji Linyuan is different from the sedateness of the suit and leather shoes, and has a more charming taste of chic and masculine.

“…If there is any discomfort, just ring the call bell.” The nurse ended the routine check with these words, her cheeks slightly red.

Ji Linyuan nodded, with a magnetic “um” in his voice.

After the nurse left, the ward was quiet. Song Xianyu no longer dared to look at Ji Linyuan. She looked down at her toes and wanted to say something to alleviate the atmosphere, but she, who had always been eloquent, suddenly lost her ability to organize language.

“It’s okay, I’ll go back to the company first.” Shao Yun’s voice broke the silence.

Ji Linyuan said: “Go back and convey what I mean. If someone opposes, enforces it, and is afraid to start, this project will never start.”

VINCI Group has a large scale and a large number of management personnel. It is inevitable that some self-proclaimed veterans rely on the old to sell the old and get ahead. I want to show my authority.

“Understand.” Shao Yun nodded.

“Drive safely.”


Ji Linyuan’s resolute and resolute wrist can be seen, but it is not as cold and ruthless as others have said.

As soon as Shao Yun left, only Song Xianyu and Ji Linyuan were left in the ward, so quiet that they could even hear their own breathing.

Yu Guang noticed that Ji Linyuan got out of bed, Song Xianyu got up and held his arm, his eyes fell on his gauze-wrapped feet, “What do you want? I’ll give it to you.”

Song Xianyu’s hands were cold, and the touch was delicate and soft. Ji Linyuan glanced over, and Song Xianyu followed his gaze to see that his hands were somewhat overdistance, and his cheeks were hot, but he did not take it back.

“You are injured, it is best not to move.”

Ji Linyuan looked down at the stubborn little girl, and said in a low voice: “I plan to go to the bathroom.”

“…” What Ji Linyuan meant, the skin on Song Xianyu’s cheeks became rosy , She let go, and when she lowered her head, she revealed her white and slender neck, “I’m sorry.”

Ji Linyuan pointed to the sofa with her chin, “You don’t need to be too cautious when you sit in the past.”

Song Xianyu said “Oh” and went back to sit down.

Ji Linyuan walked into the bathroom, walking steadily, looking at nothing like an injured person.

Song Xianyu breathed a sigh of relief, and looked at the layout of the ward, besides the notebook, there were a lot of folders on the bedside table. The boss was the boss, and he was so busy even in the hospital.

On the other side of the bedside table, there is a sports and leisure watch, which matches well with Ji Linyuan’s clothes. It can be seen that he is very particular about clothes.

He noticed that there was a set of used tea making tools on the bar counter, and there was a tin of tea next to it. Song Xianyu thought for a while and got up.

When Ji Linyuan came out of the bathroom, he saw a beautiful figure standing by the bar, making tea in a decent way.

“Do you still make tea?” The man’s tone was interesting.

Song Xianyu glanced back at him, with an untrustworthy anger in her eyes, “I worked in a tea house before and learned a little.” After making

tea, she brought a cup to Ji Linyuan and watched him take a sip. Asked: “How does it taste?”

“It’s acceptable.” Ji Linyuan gave a pertinent evaluation.

Song Xianyu curled her eyes with a smile, like an

innocent child, “If you like it, I will make it for you every day from now on.” Ji Linyuan looked at her charming and innocent face without saying a word.

After Song Xianyu finished speaking, he realized that the words were a bit ambiguous, his heartbeat was out of rhythm, and his ears became hot out of control.

At this time, the phone vibrated.

Ji Linyuan walked to the bedside and picked up the phone to answer the call. His tone and expression were the same. He didn’t seem to notice that her words were wrong. Song Xianyu pursed his lips. Fortunately, he also felt a little disappointed.

There are two more.

Mou Yao stood on the table with a weak face: “Is there an evaluation ticket? Little cuties~” It’s the

last day of PK. Seeing the cuties here, remember to collect…

Love you guys, do you think ?

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