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034: I have someone I like (1)

Song Xianyu leaned against the bar and looked at the man who called. He stood beside the hospital bed, and the setting sun leaned in from the window, falling on his wide back in fine pieces, reflecting his tall silhouette, which made people invisible. His expression is clear, with a hazy charm that can’t be described.

After answering the phone, Ji Linyuan raised his eyes and saw her looking up sideways. He took the phone and put on a pair of dark brown casual leather shoes, as if he was going out.

Song Xianyu straightened up and frowned: “Where are you going?”

“Take you to dinner, and take you home after dinner.” Ji Linyuan’s tone was indifferent, but he was accustomed to giving orders.

As soon as the voice fell, the door of the ward was pushed open, and an old aunt in her fifties came in with an insulated lunch box in her hand.

Seeing Song Xianyu standing by the bar, the old aunt’s expression was taken aback.

“This girl is…”

“My friend’s daughter.” Ji Linyuan introduced, his eyes fell on the insulated lunch box, “I will take her out for dinner, you can eat this.”

Song Xianyu smiled sweetly at the old aunt, and smiled old. The aunt was slightly stunned.

Out the door, Song Xian fish picked up the pace in the season with Pro deep behind his eyes cast on his feet, his tone conceal his concern: “? No problem your feet hurt it is best not to wander around, I can own ……”

words Without finishing speaking, she ran into Ji Linyuan’s back.

She didn’t notice that Ji Linyuan stopped. His back muscles were so hard that the bridge of her nose was sore when he hit her, and her physiological reflexes caused tears in her eyes.

Ji Linyuan turned his head and saw Song Xianyu staring at him with tears in his eyes while holding his nose. After a moment of silence, he said, “Walk and concentrate.” The

tone was like an elder’s headache and helplessly teaches the frizzy junior at home.

“It’s you who stopped suddenly.” Song Xianyu complained, with an unconscious squeamishness.

After that, she felt something was wrong. Ji Linyuan was used to occupying a high position and was accustomed to the obedience of others. She was so disobedient, even if he could not make him angry, it would make him unhappy.

Realizing this, Song Xianyu raised her heart, wondering if she should say something to remedy it, and a rough touch of warmth slipped on her eyelids.

In his vision, it was Ji Linyuan’s big hand that took back after wiping her tears.

“It’s me who is wrong, don’t cry.” The man’s voice was soft, with the meaning of coaxing inside.

Song Xianyu’s thoughts disappeared suddenly, and the heart that had been lifted returned to the original place.

The elevator was on the first floor, and it took a while to reach the top floor. Song Xianyu looked up at Ji Linyuan, his heartbeat speeded up, he was still that expressionless and steady, as if he didn’t do the move just now, nor did he say that sentence. Said.

The doubts in my heart resurfaced again, what is the reason why he treats himself like this?

Is there a special reason, or is he doing this to everyone around him? So that she was benefited by someone who was not familiar with him.

“Why are you so good to me?” Song Xianyu asked this question again.

The elevator came up at this moment and opened beside them.

Ji Linyuan seemed to be secretive about this issue, and his voice was low: “Let’s go.”

Song Xianyu stubbornly didn’t move. “Can’t you say it?”

Ji Linyuan looked at her with a dark and deep gaze, looking like a ignorant child.

There was a silent stalemate. After all, Song Xianyu did not hold back Ji Linyuan’s eyes. The toes exposed from the high heels of the fish’s mouth moved restlessly. She whispered: “I just don’t understand. We are not relatives, why are you? It’s so good to me…”

“Let’s go.” Ji Linyuan repeated this sentence, raising his hand to block the elevator door that was about to be closed, and walked in first.

He took Song Xianyu to a restaurant near the hospital, and after eating, he took her home directly.

“Go to Zunyuan.” Song Xianyu fastened his seat belt and said: “I moved to the house sent by my second uncle.”

Ji Linyuan drove the car to Zunyuan.

“Your foot was injured yesterday to save me, isn’t it?” Song Xianyu said with a certain tone, “In this world, except for my dad, you are the first person willing to treat me this way. Thank you.”

She said. Keeping watch on Ji Linyuan, when speaking of the back, his eyes suddenly became sore.

Forty minutes later, the car stopped downstairs in a high-rise apartment building in Zunyuan.

Song Xianyu wanted to say something, her mouth opened, and finally she didn’t say anything. She knew exactly what kind of feelings she had for this man.

However, facing this 35-year-old man with rich experience, she really didn’t know how to confess her heart to him. After saying goodbye, she got out of the car full of thoughts and stood under the street light waiting for his car to leave.

The faint street lights all over her body, making her thinner and thinner. The night breeze blows up her skirt, unable to conceal her exquisite figure. The broken hair on the cheeks is flying, reflecting the light-seeking moths all over her body. Suddenly fall into the vulgar fairy.

Such a beautiful girl always makes people worry that she is not safe to travel at night.

“Go in.” Ji Linyuan lowered the car window and said to her.

Song Xianyu obeyed his words, turned back into the apartment building, turned on the light after entering the house, threw off his high heels and walked to the balcony. Downstairs, Ji Linyuan’s car was still there. He was leaning against the car door to smoke, and the spark was extinguished in his fingers.

“I’m here.” She yelled downstairs, Ji Linyuan looked up, then got in the car, and the car quickly left.

Song Xianyu stared at the direction where the car shadow disappeared for a long time, took a bath after returning to mind, and just lay in bed when he received a call from Wang Jinyi.

“Did not go to work today?”

“Well, rest for two days.” Song Xianyu closed her eyes and turned inattentively, “How do you know?”

“The boss treats you at night, and I went to Time Allure for a gathering. I was in your box and didn’t see you.”

Song Xian The fish did not speak.

“Xiaoyu, my mother always urges me on blind dates these past two days.” Wang Jinyi’s words were cautiously tentative, “but I think I’m still young and don’t worry.”

“Not so young, twenty-two, reaching the legal marriage age. . “The more heartless Song Xianyu was, the more Wang Jinyi scratched his heart and lungs.


“Xiaoyi, I have someone I like.” Song Xianyu’s tone was full of shy joy of sharing secrets with her girlfriends.

The words behind Wang Jinyi were stuck in his throat.

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