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035: I have someone I like (2)

Seeing Wang Jinyi not speaking for a long time, Song Xianyu smiled and said, “Why, knowing that I have someone I like, I am so happy that I can’t speak?”

“Happy ass! You are the cabbage I grew up looking at. Can I be happy?” Wang Jinyi said half-truthly angrily: “Who is that bastard?”

Song Xianyu said seriously, “Don’t say that.”

“Is this maintained?” Wang Jinyi’s voice was full of words. “Women’s college is not staying in” heartbroken and helpless, “What kind of man can make you like it, and still be so stubborn?”

“He…very well, during the time I met, he treated me very well and gave me A lot of help…”

“Am I not good to you?” Wang Jinyi sighed in his heart.

“It’s different.”

“What’s the difference?”

“We are good friends.”

Wang Jinyi: “…”

“Well, heartless girl, tell my brother, who is that kid you like? I’m fine. I’ll check it for you.”

Song Xianyu was silent.

Ji Linyuan was a teenager when she was older, with a huge gap in status. Her likes are tantamount to wishful thinking, and she was suddenly a little hard to tell.

“Can’t tell? Is he too bad? Are you embarrassed to say it?” Wang Jinyi’s voice is full of malice, “Since it is so bad, then you don’t like it.”

“I won’t tell you.” Song Xianyu knew that Wang Jinyi was just Just kidding, it still doesn’t sound good.

Hearing the busy tone from the mobile phone, Wang Jinyi condensed all his expressions and lit a cigarette.

I just met Song Xianyu, she was still a twelve or thirteen-year-old child, even though she was too thin due to malnutrition, she was still as beautiful as a little princess walking out of the castle.

After so many years, the longer she grew and the more provocative, his feelings became deeper and deeper, and at the same time, the more he felt that he was not worthy of her.

He thought that after winning the PKL professional league championship, he had the capital to say that he liked her, but this is not the case.

Song Xianyu hung up Wang Jinyi’s phone, turned off the light and fell on the bed, unable to sleep.

I don’t know how long it has been, she seemed to remember something, got up and turned on the bedside lamp, opened the King Glory app on the phone, and switched the account to her own account.

Song Xianyu had a rebellious period.

Two years ago, in the early spring when she was under eighteen, and when the college entrance examination was about to come, she ushered in a belated rebellious period.

She was tired of school, played truant, went to Internet cafes, and bars, and even met a few young women who were in the society, and followed them every day.

At that time, the glory of the king gradually became popular. In order to support her consumption, she followed Wang Jinyi to learn to play the king. She planned to practice and make money later. It was also at that time that she met a player named’Y’ in the game.

It is the first time that Y is matched, and Y protects her very much in the game. After the game ends, she receives Y’s request to add friends.

That night, she played games late at night, and Y asked her: “Why are you still up to sleep and not going to school tomorrow?”

She directly replied: “What’s the use of reading? You can’t find a job and sell your life after reading…” The

lines are depraved. Message.

Immediately afterwards, she was given a severe education by Y, from the macro to the micro, from learning to life and later work and life. Song Xianyu thought that Y might be a people’s teacher.

After that, as long as she is on the game, Y will show up and tell her the truth.

After that, she gradually discovered that the young social women who used to play with her were unwilling to play with her for some reason. The Internet cafes and bars she often went to rejected her because she was under 18 years old. Even the teachers who were not very caring about her, chased after her to make up lessons for her.

Under the influence of various factors, Song Xianyu was finally turned into the right way.

Thinking back to those words of Y, it is not difficult to see the wisdom and insights in it.

Y doesn’t play games often. After her studies and life are on the right track, Y only lasts one or two months or two or three months to play games. Every time she comes up, she doesn’t play games, just ask her about her studies. Happening.

So far, Song Xianyu hasn’t spoken to Y for half a year.

It’s easier to confide in strangers about things that you can’t say to people around you.

Song Xianyu stared at Y’s landscape portrait, brewed for a while, and sent him a message.

【I have someone I like, he is of high authority, and I am a teenager older than me. 】

【Perhaps others will think that I and him are not suitable at all, no matter what, but I think we are very destined, his name is Linyuan, my name is Xianyu, Linyuan Xianyu, it’s a coincidence, isn’t it? 】

【You said, would he dislike my being young? After

sending this, Song Xianyu became a lot more brisk. She stared at the four words’Linyuan Xianyu’, each word lingered on the tip of her tongue, with a sweet taste.

[I want to try. Although I am far from him, I will never know the result if I don’t try. If I work hard, even if I fail in the future, there will be no regrets. I wish me success. If I succeed, please eat. ]

Click to send, Song Xianyu quit the game, sleepiness struck, and she fell asleep with her lips curled.

… The

next day, Song Xianyu got up early, went to the community supermarket to buy ingredients, and made a not-so-desirable breakfast according to the online recipes.

She is not talented in cooking, and the food she cooks can only barely satisfy her stomach.

With the newly bought insulated lunch box, Song Xianyu took a taxi to the hospital.

Standing outside the special elevator, Song Xianyu remembered that he did not have a card. He took out his mobile phone from his bag and prepared to call Ji Linyuan. Two people came by, an aunt in her 40s and an aunt in her 80s. Grandma.

Seeing the card in her aunt’s hand, Song Xianyu smiled at the other party, “I’m sorry, I forgot to bring my card, can I go up with you?”

Good-looking is always easy to get the favor of others, aunty smiles kindly. “Come up.”

“Thank you.” Song Xianyu waited for her aunt to help her grandmother up, then followed into the elevator.

Auntie looked at the insulated lunch box in Song Xianyu’s hand, “made it myself?”

Song Xianyu smiled and nodded.

“Really interested, now young people like you rarely cook for themselves.” Auntie is also very enthusiastic, “Is the family member sick?”

Song Xianyu shook his head, “Friend.”

“Boyfriend.” Auntie. She laughed, “Who is so blessed to have such a beautiful girlfriend like you.”

Song Xianyu’s cheeks were reddish, “No, it’s just a friend.”

After hearing these words, the old grandmother who had not spoken said: ” Let’s just say a few words. I’m embarrassed to say that people and girls are all embarrassed.”

Song Xianyu looked over. The grandmother was dignified and exquisite, with a graceful and luxurious temperament. She looked like she was not an old lady from an ordinary family.

“Don’t be surprised, I’m just talking a lot.” Auntie smiled, and within two seconds of silence, she said again: “In fact, old lady, you can use the opportunity of the Fourth Young Master’s injury to let Miss Xianxian take care of him. This lone man, widow, much Once you get along, your relationship will increase a little more. Maybe the fourth young master is healed, and you will be able to hold your great-grandson.”

Song Xianyu took a breath.

When the elevator reached the top floor, the aunt helped the grandma out and said: “The four young masters are thirty-five years old, so you can’t drag it anymore. If you look at the capital, those who are worthy of the four young masters will also offer you a lady.”

“You call Xianxian now, and I’ll talk to Xiaosi.” The grandmother agreed with the aunt.


Song Xianyu was a few steps behind the two, watching her aunt take out her mobile phone to dial, and after a while, she watched them enter Ji Linyuan’s ward.

Slowly stopping, Song Xianyu stared at the door of the ward for a long time, exhaled heavily, and turned to leave.

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