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036: Miss Song has a boyfriend?

The VIP ward area was quiet and empty, and Song Xianyu was thankful that he did not need to swipe his card to go downstairs.

Out of the hospital building, Song Xianyu saw a fresh-tempered figure not far away. Jing Xianxian walked gracefully, but the fast pace betrayed her impatientness at this time.

Come so fast, even if there is no phone from that aunt, she will come.

Song Xianyu did not deliberately avoid it.

Seeing Song Xianyu, Jing Xianxian’s expression changed slightly.

She had been paying attention to Ji Linyuan during the birthday banquet the day before yesterday, and she knew exactly how Ji Linyuan’s foot hurt.

Jing Xianxian clenched his bag tightly, his eyes fell on the thermal insulation box in Song Xianyu’s hand, and actively greeted him, “Come to visit the patient?”

Song Xianyu curled his lips and did not deny it.

Jing Xianxian smiled, “I’m here to visit people too, so I won’t tell you, I’m waiting there.”

Song Xianyu nodded, “Goodbye.”

People raised by a generous living environment are ultimately different from ordinary people. , The superb aura on his body radiates from the inside out, and it can make ordinary people give three points to them invisibly.

Song Xianyu watched Jing Xianxian disappear into the corner, and was about to look back. She was hit on her shoulder, and the insulated lunch box in her hand fell to the ground and rolled a few times.

“Why stand in the middle of the road? Sincerely, right?” The other party preemptively took the initiative, with a bad tone.

Song Xianyu raised her head, and the other party saw her face clearly. He was visibly taken aback, and then his tone and attitude softened. “The little girl walks, pay attention. Now there are many people, be careful of getting hit.”

After finishing speaking, the other party looked again. It took her two eyes to walk away.

Song Xianyu lowered his head and looked at the thin gray insulated lunch box. After a moment of silence, he bent over to pick it up.

Before his fingers touched the insulated lunch box, a fair and beautiful hand appeared in his sight. Song Xianyu stood up and raised his eyes, “Big Brother Gu.”

Gu Qingchang picked up the insulated lunch box and handed it to her, “I just saw you feel uncomfortable. , What’s the matter?”

“I’m fine.” Song Xianyu smiled quietly, and noticed the title column of Gu Qingchang’s badge that says’Chief Physician’, and said happily: “Congratulations, I finally put the’vice’ Removed.”

Gu Qingchang smiled heartily after hearing this.

Song Xianyu knew Gu Qingchang completely because of another roommate, Gu Xinyan.

“Xin Yan must be very happy to know.” Song Xianyu said.

Gu Qingchang’s eyes were filled with incomprehensible emotions, and he said, “I haven’t talked to that little girl on the phone these days.

I don’t know what she is doing at home.” “I called her yesterday and she said she was in the country. Playing at Grandma’s house–” Before finishing speaking, Song Xianyu Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian’s group approaching.

The words in her mouth paused, and she asked, “Did Brother Gu have breakfast?”

Without waiting for Gu Qingchang’s answer, Song Xianyu stuffed the insulated lunch box into his arms, “I made this, let’s eat it for you.” “When

Gu Qingchang reacted, Song Xianyu had already walked one meter away.

This girl…

he smiled, turned around and walked into the lobby of the hospital building with the insulated lunch box, passing by the oncoming men, women and children.

Ji Linyuan glanced over Gu Qingchang’s badge.

Oncology, chief physician, Gu Qingchang.

“I thought Ms. Song was here to visit the patient, so she came to visit the doctor.” Jing Xianxian held Mrs. Ji’s arm in a gentle voice.

Mrs. Ji answered: “Miss Song?”

“The girl in the sleeveless white shirt in front, Xiao Ai’s college classmate, we have met.”

Mrs. Ji followed Jing Xianxian’s sight and saw Song Xianyu. She was very impressed by this very beautiful girl. She smiled and said to Aunt Ding: “Isn’t that the girl we met in the elevator that came to visit her boyfriend, Ben? I thought her boyfriend was in the hospital and turned out to be a doctor.”

Jing Xianxian was slightly surprised, “Ms. Song has a boyfriend? Really fast.”

Aunt Ding glanced at Ji Linyuan and pointed out: “I see that the doctor said nothing. There are also 30 years old, so the girl is only 20. Even though it’s a decade or so, it’s pretty good to stand together, old lady, don’t you think?”

“That’s right, as long as two people like each other, their age is not the same. What’s the point, Xiaosi, you are injured and many things in life are inconvenient, so let Xianxian go to your place to take care of you for a period of time. There is a careful person by your side, so I can rest assured…”

Ji Linyuan looked on No change, “I’m going to Shenzhen, there is

something wrong with the work over there.” “Let Xianxian go with you.” Mrs. Ji busy.

Ji Linyuan glanced at Jing Xianxian, and said in a gentle and gentle voice: “If grandma is really worried, let Secretary Lin come with me. She has been following up on the work in Shenzhen. She can work and take care of my private life. , Kills two birds with one stone.”

Jing Xianxian stared at Ji Linyuan, his nose was sore.

Ji Linyuan was threatening her.

She had met Secretary Lin. In front of her, Secretary Lin made no secret of her special feelings for Ji Linyuan. What she was most afraid of was taking Secretary Lin with Ji Linyuan when she was on a business trip.

The boss and secretary always remind people of some fragrant storylines.

“How can your secretaries compare to Xian Xian…” Mrs. Ji disagreed.

“Grandma, I remember that I have something to deal with in the afternoon. My cousin is not badly injured, and shouldn’t need someone to take care of him, so don’t worry about it.” Jing Xianxian bent his waist and leaned against Mrs. Ji’s shoulder to act like a baby “My mother said last night that I hadn’t made you your favorite charcoal grilled fish for a long time. Let’s go to our house for dinner tonight.”

Jing Xianxian’s mother, Ji Yi, is the adopted daughter of Mrs. Ji. Mrs. Ji loves Ji Yi very much. She has been bringing together Ji Linyuan and Jing Xianxian for this reason.

While talking, the group of people arrived at the parking lot. Ji Linyuan looked at the bus stop sign across the road. Song Xianyu was crowded in the shade with many people. Her skin was white and she was very garish in the crowd.

The bus came, and before it stopped, everyone flocked to the bus, but she was still standing there, not fighting or grabbing.

After the bus stopped steadily, it blocked Song Xianyu’s figure. When the bus left, the white figure was gone.

Ji Linyuan’s sight penetrated the bus window, the bus was crowded with people, and he didn’t see the eye-catching whiteness.

“Cousin, what are you looking at?” Jing Xianxian saw Ji Linyuan look somewhere, and then looked over, only to see a bus full of people.

“Look what you want.” Ji Linyuan retracted his gaze and told the driver of the Ji family, “Go back and drive slowly.” The

driver nodded, “Yes.”

On the way to the airport, Shao Yun drove. This time I went to Shenzhen. In addition to Shao Yun, Ji Linyuan also Brought a deputy chief and a lawyer.

They each brought a small assistant, and they were already waiting at the airport.

“There is news from Shenzhen that before T Tour Company broke the contract, their person in charge met Ji Sichen.”

Ji Linyuan crossed his legs, took out a cigarette, and spit out a puff of smoke before opening his mouth. Instructed: “Let Hailong check the current situation of the person in charge of the T tour.”

“Do you mean that Ji Sichen caught the other party’s handle?”

Ji Linyuan casually lit a little soot out of the window, “He just did that little trick. “

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