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037: I really want to meet that man

Song Xianyu knew that Ji Linyuan had gone to Shenzhen, two days later.

The box she was in hosted several CEOs of well-known companies. When she poured wine to the guests, she heard the people on the wine table talk about the latest business news of VINCI Group, and then realized that there was something wrong with the cooperation between VINCI Group and T Tour. Ji Linyuan Go and deal with it personally.

“I heard that this time there is a problem with the cooperation between VINCI Group and T Tour, which is likely to be related to Ji Sichen. He has been suppressed by Ji Linyuan for so many years, and he has committed himself to a small real estate company and is finally going to fight back.

” Isn’t he looking for death? Do you still remember the father and son of the Haichang Group? Just because he robbed a piece of land with Ji Linyuan, I was arrested for commercial crimes, and he was in a detention center with a cerebral infarction. The son was arrested by parents of more than a dozen girls. strong joint report, the crime of rape, the evidence is conclusive, abused and finally died in prison. ” “

where is because a piece of land, which was once the main supporter of Hoi-chang quarter of crows, but a quarter of Pro-Yuan move off its arm. “

these words Once out, there was a brief silence in the box, and an expression similar to fear appeared on everyone’s face.

Immediately someone hit haha to expose this topic, and the atmosphere of the box became lively again.

Song Xianyu lingered about Ji Linyuan’s few words. After a while, she found an excuse to go to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and searching for’Haichang Group’ on the Internet with her mobile phone.

Haichang Group used to be a well-known large enterprise in Beijing, and the scenery is boundless. The incident between the chairman and his only son has been a sensation. In the past ten years, it has been able to search for various news reports.

After reading them one by one, Song Xianyu felt a little heavy.

Li’s roots really fell overnight. If what the person in the box said was true, Ji Linyuan would be cruel, and he didn’t leave much room for work.

After taking a shower at night and lying on the bed, Song Xianyu searched for’Ji Linyuan’ with her mobile phone.

He built his Baidu Encyclopedia on the Internet. The basic information and life experience are very official. It can be summarized in a few sentences. Song Xianyu does not think that he is not important, so the media is perfunctory. It is more like even the media is afraid of him, saying less and making less mistakes. .

The sudden ringing of the phone rang back Song Xianyu’s thoughts. She returned to her senses and looked at the screen of the phone. It was Song Ziming’s call.

When she answered, she gave a soft “hello” voice.

“Xiaoyu, are you off work?” Song Ziming’s caring voice came. “How are you doing at your classmate’s house these days?”

“I got off work early today, and I have already returned.” Song Xianyu replied with a smile: ” I’m having a good time, you don’t have to worry about me.”

“That’s good, it’s still the same sentence. If anything goes wrong, just tell dad, don’t hide it, you know?”

“Yeah.” Song Xianyu said: “If you call at this point, you must have something to say?”

Song Ziming chuckled, “I can’t hide anything from you. It’s not your birthday the day after tomorrow. When you come home for dinner, Dad will give you a gift.

” If you don’t say I’ve forgotten, what good stuff did you give me this time?” Song Xianyu’s tone was half-truth and half-fake, “Isn’t it jewellery again? You know, I never wear those, you can Remembering my birthday, I’m already very happy, and I don’t need the icing on the cake with those outside things.”

Song Ziming said mysteriously, “You must like it, and remember to go home at noon the day after tomorrow.”

Song Xianyu smiled: “Okay.” The

next day, Song Xianyu and her colleagues changed shifts and spent a long time on the shift to free up the third day.

When he returned to Song’s house, Song Xianyu stood outside the gate of the villa, looking at the beautifully blooming rose in the garden, giving him the illusion of a world away.

Came here at the age of seven. Although she stumbled for thirteen years, because of Song Ziming, she has a home after all. That sense of belonging cannot be replaced by a single house.

At the end of Song Dynasty playing football with some of his neighbor boys, he ran over happily when he saw Song Xianyu, the sweat on his face reflected in the sun, “Second Sister!”

Song Xianyu saw his simple and sunny smile, and was in a mood. When he got better, he took out a tissue and wiped his sweat, and said, “I still play football on such a hot day.” The

end of Song chuckled, scratching his head and said: “I didn’t feel hot.” On, Song Mo’s eyes lit up, “Is this bought for me?”

Song Xianyu was about to speak, and Yang Zhen came out, “Little Mo, take your friend into the house for a rest, don’t get heatstroke.”

“Oh.” Song Mo took the fruit bag in Song Xianyu’s hand and greeted the friends to enter the house.

Standing under the eaves of the gallery, Yang Zhen looked at Song Xianyu with unwelcome eyes.

Song Xianyu

curled her lips, “Mom.” Yang Zhen walked up to her step by step with arms around her chest. The disgust in her eyes was undisguised, “You came back for your birthday? Your mother didn’t know which wild man had you in fornication. , You are filthy everywhere from head to toe. Your mother must be so tired of you that you will throw you on the street to fend for yourself. You still have the heart to celebrate your birth? Should you say that you are big-hearted or not?

She has no face ?” Song Xianyu tightened her fingers, the skin on the back of her hand was tight, but the expression on her face remained the same, still bending her lips, calmly said: “My mother doesn’t want me anymore, but it’s not because of your husband. Am I being petted by my own daughter, who is so filthy?”

“Little bitch!” Yang Zhen was furious and slapped down. Just at this moment, a brand new Moonlight Silver BMW 5 Series drove into the villa door. Yang Zhen’s hand immediately changed to touch Song Xianyu’s hair.

“Xiaoyu, come here and see if you like the gift Dad gave you?” Song Ziming didn’t notice the abnormality, and threw the car key to Song Xianyu after getting off the car. “With it, it will be convenient for you to go anywhere in the future.”

Song Xian Yu looked at the car with just the right surprise in his eyes. Then he was upset, “Dad, I can’t drive.”

“It’s not difficult to learn.” Song Ziming said, “I have already reported to the driving school for you. Go to class when you are not at work.”

Yang Zhen was itchy with anger.

Song Xianyu glanced at her, obviously angry to death, but had to pretend to be virtuous and generous, smiled, and said: “Then put this car here first, and then drive away after I get my driver’s license. After

that, Song Xianyu handed the car key to Yang Zhen, “Just ask Mom to help me keep it temporarily.”

Song Xianyu didn’t want to owe Song Ziming too much, he gave her enough.

Song Ziming didn’t know that she was politely rejecting his gift, and sighed softly. He really didn’t know what to do with the child.

After lunch, Song Ziming was about to send Song Xianyu back. When he received a call from his assistant, something happened to the company and asked him to go there.

Song Xianyu walked to the nearest subway station, bought a ticket from the automatic ticket machine, and when she chose the destination, her eyes turned a few times on the words “VINCI GROUP”.

After forty minutes, change to two subways and get off at the terminal.

VINCI Group is located in the core area of the CBD in Beijing. The building is magnificent. The fountain at the gate is in full bloom like a huge flower. The majestic unicorn stone sculpture stands in the center. The national flag is flying in the sky and the colorful flags are fluttering.

As soon as Song Xianyu came out of the subway station, he saw the eye-catching skyscraper. The closer he got, the more excited he was.

She didn’t know if Ji Linyuan came back from a business trip, she just wanted to see that man suddenly.

It’s really late today, sorry.

Spoiler alert: Haichang Group’s Li family and Ji Sichen have a great relationship with Lao Ji’s kindness to me, and they are also of great use to the development of the subsequent plot.

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