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038: He never had his birthday (1)

At two or three o’clock in late July, it was too hot to breathe.

Song Xianyu stood by the fountain and looked at the elites entering and exiting the group. After all, he did not step forward and turned to the opposite cafe.

She chose the position by the window, the angle was just right to keep the opposite building in view.

After a while, a familiar figure appeared at the entrance of the VINCI Group building. Song Xianyu watched Lin Yujing cross the road, entered the cafe, and sat down opposite her.

“I just saw a girl like you upstairs. Come and see, it’s really you.” Lin Yujing ordered a cup of mocha and smiled: “Are you coming here to do business?”

Song Xianyu lowered his eyelashes, his slender white fingers Holding the handle of the spoon and stirring the coffee, “Pass by here, come in for a cup of coffee.”

Naturally, this excuse can’t win Lin Yujing’s trust, but Lin Yujing didn’t break it either.

The two chatted one after another. A cup of mocha was almost finished. Lin Yujing said, “Are you going to have anything to do? If you are fine, go shopping with me. There is a commercial street nearby, which is very lively. “

Song Xianyu: “Aren’t you at work?”

“Lin Yuan won’t be angry that I’m not doing business, and he’s not in the company, so he will come back at night.” Lin Yujing’s voice became gentle when he mentioned Ji Linyuan, “He goes Shenzhen is now. I had to go with him. In the past, he always went on business trips. I followed him. This time there was something wrong with the headquarters. He didn’t worry about others, so he asked me to stay and deal with it.”

Song Xianyu stared at the cup because of her. Layers of ripples stirred and rippled, “Mr. Ji trusts you very much.”

Lin Yujing pursed her lips, making no secret of her complacency, “Today is his birthday. During this time, I was too busy to go shopping. I forgot. Buy him a gift.” As

she said, she looked at Song Xianyu, “Take advantage of your lazy time, you are fine, just walk around with me, just give me a palm.”

Song Xianyu’s coffee drink paused, and it suddenly occurred to him that there is Ji Linyuan’s birthday on the Internet, July 23, isn’t it today?

At that time, she was thinking about other things. When she saw his birthday, she felt a little familiar, but she didn’t think that his birthday was the same day as herself.

After preparing to reject Lin Yujing’s words, Song Xianyu

smiled and said, ” I don’t have a good eye.” Lin Yujing curled her lips and smiled deeply, “Then let’s go. “

Half an hour later, in the commercial street, a branded men’s clothing store.

Lin Yujing swayed between a pair of cufflinks and a tie clip, “Little fish, which one do you think is better?”

Song Xianyu’s eyes fell on the price. The small objects are expensive.

“Very good.” She gave an ambiguous reply. The voice fell to the ground and the phone rang suddenly. She took out her phone and said to Lin Yujing, “I’ll take a call.” The

call was from Xiao Ai.

“Xiaoyu, are you going to work tonight?”

Song Xianyu asked without answering, “What’s the matter?”

“Today, Brother Yu Nong is having a party for his birthday. Come with me. I’ll blame the boring one by myself.”

Hearing the words, Song Xianyu chuckled, “Ji Siyuan will go, too?”

Xiao Ai chuckled, ” You understand me.” After a pause, she said, “Tours, Brother Ji may also go tonight. He borrowed yours. Haven’t you returned the suit yet? It happened to be returned tonight.”

Xiao Ai went to Zunyuan that day and saw Ji Linyuan’s suit.

“Where are you now? I’ll pick you up.”

Song Xianyu was silent for a moment and said, “Zunyuan.” After

closing the line and returning to the store, Lin Yujing seemed to know what she was going to say before she could speak. , First speak: “I have something to do with you?”

Song Xianyu: “Well, sorry.”

Lin Yujing: “I’m sorry, I forced you to accompany me for so long, do you want me to drive you?”

Song Xianyu: “No, I can just take a taxi.”

Lin Yujing nodded: “Goodbye then , And go shopping together next time when you have time.”

Lin Yujing’s eyes were complicated and dark as he watched Song Xianyu’s slender figure drifting away.

“Miss, have you decided which one you want to buy?” Lin Yujing’s dressing tastes fashion. At first glance, she can see the bone essence who often shuttles in the famous brand stores. He has a certain purchasing ability, and the shopping guide does not dare to neglect.

Lin Yujing put down the cufflinks and smiled politely: “I’ll take a look again.” After

leaving the store, she did not go to the next one. Instead, she went directly to the parking lot and drove back to the company.

Back to Zunyuan, Song Xianyu took out the suit bag from the cabinet, put the razor that he bought for 300 yuan on the way back, and a card that said “Happy Birthday”.

Then Xiao Ai’s phone came in, “I’m here, come down.”

Song Xianyu put the bag into a large-capacity handbag, and went downstairs to find Xiao Ai.

Cheng Yunong’s birthday party was held in a five-star hotel box.

When Song Xianyu and Xiao Ai arrived, the box was already very lively. Xiao Ai gave Cheng Yunong a birthday present, and took Song Xianyu to sit next to Ji Siyuan.

Ji Linyuan was not here, and Song Xianyu was a little disappointed.

She was dressed in ordinary clothes, and she was out of place in the same room with a group of glamorous sons and ladies, but because of this difference, she became an eye-catching existence.

Cheng Yunong came to her after a goodbye, “So you and Xiao Ai are classmates.”

Song Xianyu smiled politely, “I haven’t wished you a happy birthday.” After a moment, she said, “Happy birthday.”

Cheng Yunong listened to this sentence countless times today, but from Song Xianyu’s mouth, I don’t know why it sounds so beautiful.

Two young men of the same age as Cheng Yunong came in at the door of the box. Cheng Yunong should have a good relationship with them. Song Xianyu saw his eyes gleaming, got up and left a sentence “Sit down, I’ll go over,” and then got up and left.

As soon as he left, Xiao Ai sat down and approached Song Xianyu’s ear and said, “I just asked you about it. Brother Ji was in the upstairs box to talk about business. I guess he won’t be here anymore.”

Xiao Ai was a little guilty. “Why don’t you find a chance to return a suit next time?”

Song Xianyu didn’t say anything, got up, “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

She didn’t return to the box after coming out of the bathroom, and went to the elevator along the splendid corridor. Before, I pressed the up button, and after waiting less than a minute, the elevator opened on this floor. After entering, Song Xianyu’s finger hesitated for a while on the number key on the upper floor and pressed it down.

The service on the upper floor is obviously different from that on the downstairs. As soon as the elevator door opens, Song Xianyu can feel the rigorous atmosphere.

The staff at the reception desk looked over, with vigilant eyes. When she came to her, the staff asked: “May I help you?”

Song Xianyu had a clean and sweet smile on her mouth, “I’m looking for Shao Yun, he Assistant president of VINCI Group, to accompany tonight in this season always talk business, I was his niece, the family out of the emergency, he can not get through the phone, could you help me to call him. “

Just then, suddenly facing staff Behind her there was awe.

Song Xianyu turned her head and saw Shao Yun standing behind her, smiling enthusiastically.

Next to Shao Yun, Ji Linyuan was biting a cigarette in his mouth, holding the opened blue file folder in his left hand, and pinching a page of A4 paper with two fingers on his right hand. It seemed that he wanted to turn the page, but was interrupted by something.

Song Xianyu’s cheeks flushed instantly, nothing, it was more embarrassing than lying and being caught on the spot.

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