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039: He never had his birthday (2)

Ji Linyuan was wearing a dark gray shirt, and his figure was upright and upright. Whether it was his facial features or aura, he gave a sense of stability and strength.

He fixedly fixed his eyes on Song Xianyu, his eyes calm and gentle, but his majesty remained undiminished.

Song Xianyu lowered her head, and the sight of the two people across from her made her look back.

The silence didn’t last long. She heard Shao Yun’s voice, jokingly: “My niece came over and talked to my uncle, what is the emergency at home?”

Song Xianyu: “…”

Rest area.

Ji Linyuan threw the folder on the coffee table and called the waiter who was passing by to pour a cup of hot tea. The waiter knew the CEO of VINCI Group and did not dare to neglect, so he quickly brought three cups of tea and put one in front of him.

Shao Yun took out the cigarette case and first handed one to Ji Linyuan. He took the lighter and planned to help him light it. Ji Linyuan didn’t ask Shao Yun to light it. He took the lighter and lighted it himself.

The way Ji Linyuan lit his cigarette was inexplicably sexy and full of masculinity.

Song Xianyu’s heart beat faster, as if to jump out of her chest.

Shao Yun turned around to see her twinkling eyes, looked back at Ji Linyuan, and then smiled and asked, “Should I avoid it?”

Although Song Xianyu came to him pretending to be his niece, he wouldn’t think she was really looking for him. .

Song Xianyu blinked, her ear tips reddened, her cheeks flushed, and her brows and eyes were tinged with shame.

Shao Yun smiled, got up and took the cigarette case and lighter and walked to the side.

Song Xianyu lowered his head to open the handbag and took out the bag containing the suit.

“I’m here to return the suit.” As she said, she took out the razor box and card from the bag. “And, happy birthday.”

Song Xianyu is like a little girl who is in love with her, her heartbeat is like a drum, she looks straight at Ji Linyuan, her eyes clear and full of expectation.

She didn’t notice, but Shao Yun’s face changed slightly.

Ji Linyuan cast his gaze on the greeting card, his expression unchanged, but his eyes cooled a little, and a faint estrangement radiated from him.

For a moment, he stood up, bent over and picked up the folder, “It’s okay, just go back.”

Song Xianyu was startled, watching him put out the remaining cigarettes in the ashtray and turned to leave.

She turned to look at Shao Yun.

Ji Linyuan’s words were still calm and steady, but Song Xianyu keenly noticed a trace of displeasure from it.

Shao Yun’s face was solemn, and his brows frowned: “I will bring the suit to Mr. Ji.

It’s better to take it back as a birthday gift.” Song Xianyu curled up his fingers slightly, and fixed his eyes on the razor box, “I did something wrong. What’s wrong?”

Shao Yun saw her face pale, and couldn’t bear it. He walked over and picked up the suit bag and sighed, “Ji is just a birthday, so I will remember it later.”

Song Xianyu raised his eyes and stared at Shao. Yun, “Why?”

“Because…” Shao Yun seemed to answer, but he didn’t know what he thought of

, so he kept secret: “You go back.” After that, he hurriedly followed Ji Linyuan.

Song Xianyu sat on the sofa, thinking of the words Lin Yujing said in the afternoon, vaguely understood.

Lin Yujing once said that he grew up with Ji Linyuan and was his secretary. Shao Yun knew that he didn’t have a birthday. Lin Yujing could not have known it.

I didn’t know how long I had been sitting in this way. Song Xianyu returned to his senses and threw the birthday card and razor into the trash can. At the last moment of letting go, he changed his attention. The birthday card was thrown away and the razor was put in his handbag.

Back to Cheng Yunong’s box, Xiao Ai followed Ji Siyuan like a tail. Song Xianyu didn’t want to talk, took a glass of champagne, went to the terrace, leaning on the railing to admire the bright night view.

The shining light hung on her body, making her thin and thin.

“You’re here, I’m looking for you everywhere.” Xiao Ai came over with blushing cheeks, her eyes dizzy, “Are you hungry? Let’s have something to eat?” The

two went to the buffet dining area to get some food and looked for it. Sit down by the window.

“Birthday parties are really lively.” Song Xianyu has no appetite, eating snacks in small bites, which is elegant, and when Xiao Ai finishes talking about a topic of Ji Siyuan, he said casually: “You said, will anyone not complain? Like birthdays?”

“Yes.” Xiao Ai stuffed his mouth with food and said slurred, “Si brother Ji is just a birthday. Speaking of which, he and Brother Yu Nong have one birthday, and it is also today.”

Song Xianyu used The fork scraped a sip of the cream and put it in his mouth, his tone was even lighter, “Why is he not a birthday?”

Xiao Ai swallowed the food in his mouth, stretched his head forward, and his left hand was slightly bent against his lips. He seemed to be afraid that people would listen, “Today is his sister’s death day.”

Song Xianyu was taken aback.

“His… sister’s death?”

Xiao Ai nodded.

“How did his sister

pass away?” Xiao Ai shook her head, “I don’t know about this. I heard Brother Siyuan accidentally mentioned that Brother Ji had a twin sister who died before she was eighteen years old. On the birthday day, Brother Ji and his sister have a very good relationship, and it will not be a birthday since.” After all,

it is a sad topic. Even if Xiao Ai hadn’t met Ji Linyuan’s sister and didn’t even know her name, she still felt sad. .

Song Xianyu was also a little uncomfortable.

She remembered the last look that Ji Linyuan looked at her, and under her calm and mirror-like eyes, she seemed to hide an unspeakable painful past.

The party was not over. Ji Siyuan had to leave first when he had something to do. Xiao Ai followed him. Xiao Ai was gone, so Song Xianyu naturally had no need to stay.

Rejecting Xiao Ai’s kindness, Song Xianyu walked slowly along the noisy street.

The night wind blew by, blowing the hair on her cheeks as messy as her mood.

I don’t know what Ji Linyuan thinks of her now, I probably think she is a person who doesn’t know the importance of her.

The phone rang suddenly, and she stopped and stood on the road tooth for a while, before opening the handbag to take the phone, her fingertips touched the unsent razor, her eyes darkened.


“Why are you so weak and broken in love?” Wang Jinyi’s tone was a little excited.

Song Xianyu was too lazy to care about his schadenfreude, “I have something to say, it’s okay to hang up.”

Wang Jinyi said seriously, “I won a game today and got a bonus. Would you like to have supper, how about lotus leaf rice?”

Song Xianyu was there. There was nothing to eat at the party, it would be a little hungry, and there was no rejection.

“Where are you? I’ll pick you up now.”

Song Xianyu glanced at the square next to him, reported the address, walked over and sat on the lounge chair, waiting is always boring, she opened the King Glory app and clicked Y Avatar.

[Today is his birthday. He was a little unhappy when I gave him a gift. Later I realized that today was his sister’s death, and it felt very bad. 】

【Do you say I should apologize to him? 】

Ji Linyuan has finished talking about business at more than nine o’clock. He has just returned from a business trip, physically and mentally exhausted, and refuses the invitation of his partner to go to the “Peony Flower”, and takes the car home.

Shao Yun drove, and when he waited for the red light, Ji Linyuan’s phone shook twice. He took out his phone from his trouser pocket. It was a text message from Jing Xianxian.

[I went to school to see the girls in the afternoon. They had a great time and said they missed my brother. I promised them to take you next time. ]

Season Pro deep watching the cell phone at the next, a cigarette, inhaled speak up, “BGN charity auction preparatory how well?”

“Very well, very supportive of the major companies, several CEOs put pressure bottom The baby was donated…” Shao Yun said.

Ji Linyuan nodded, reached down the car window, and shot half of the soot out of the window. At this moment, a motorcycle stopped by the car and he glanced there casually, but when he saw Song Xianyu’s face, his eyes were Pause slightly.

Our Uncle Ji has a complicated and heavy past.

Distressed Uncle Ji for three seconds.

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