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040: Want to play adult games with him?

Song Xianyu thought that Wang Jinyi’s helmet smelled of sweat, so she didn’t wear it. She sat on the back of the motorcycle and happened to face Ji Linyuan. The distance between them was only one meter, and her knee almost touched the back of Tian Yue. Car door.

She didn’t expect to meet Ji Linyuan on the road, her beautiful eyes glanced, her lips parted slightly because of surprise, and the hands supporting Wang Jinyi’s waist suddenly spread out.

“Take care of it, don’t fall down for a while–” Wang Jinyi noticed her movement, turned his head to look at her and said, but first noticed Ji Linyuan in the black SUV.

Ji Linyuan was looking at him with indescribable majesty in his eyes, making his heart tense for no reason, and his voice stopped abruptly.

From the perspective, Shao Yun did not see Song Xianyu sitting on the motorcycle at the right rear of the car. The green light was on, and he immediately started the car.

As Ji Linyuan passed the smoke into his thin lips, he looked back nonchalantly.

Song Xianyu watched him leave, unable to recover for a while.

Leaving Ji Linyuan’s sight surrounded, Wang Jinyi had the illusion of being a new man. He sighed, “Ji Linyuan’s eyes are too terrifying, and I must have no friends on weekdays…”

Wang Jinyi curled his mouth and turned his head to see Song Xian fish soul staring at the car without abandon. In the direction of leaving, the words in his mouth suddenly stopped again.

Sometimes there are things that you don’t have to deliberately say too clearly, just a look in your eyes can make people understand the meaning.

He looked back at the shadow of the car that was too far away, pursed his lips, and started the motorcycle.

While eating lotus leaf rice, Song Xianyu was absent-minded, Wang Jinyi finally asked her: “Little fish, tell me honestly, who is the man you like?”

Song Xianyu lowered her dense long eyelashes and bit her lip lightly. , The chopsticks poke the rice in the lotus leaf once.

Wang Jinyi stared at her for an instant, with a somewhat aggressive tone, “It’s Ji Linyuan, isn’t it?”

Song Xianyu poked the rice grains, and the teeth marks on her lips became deeper.

She was silent, and the silence at this time was acquiescence in Wang Jinyi’s eyes.

“You’re crazy! Whoever likes it is not good, but you have to like Ji Linyuan!” Wang Jinyi was emotional, almost unable to sit on a stool, “Have I told you that he is going to be engaged to the second lady in the third room of Jing’s family? , Do you know if moths are fighting the fire?”

The attention of the people next to him was attracted by Wang Jinyi’s loud voice.

Song Xianyu raised her eyes and looked at him calmly, with a faint arc

at the corner of her mouth , “Do you also think I am a toad and want to eat swan meat?” The anger that was full of anger disappeared. After a while, Nene said: “I didn’t mean that, but… Ji Linyuan is in his thirties, and you are less than 20 years old. You… don’t fit…”

Song Xianyu Correction: “Today, I happen to be twenty years old. The national law stipulates that I can get married.”

“…” Wang Jinyi unexpectedly forgot that it was her birthday. Annoyed, he took a can of beer and opened the tab. He raised his neck and drank dry in one breath, and the atmosphere was silent for a while.

“What do you like him?” Wang Jinyi asked in a dull voice for an unknown period of time.

Song Xianyu put down her chopsticks, “I don’t know.” Curving her lips, she said jokingly: “Perhaps, his masculine charm has conquered me.”

“A man like him will never lack women around him, not to mention him. There is also a fiance who is about to get engaged. Do you think he can like you? Even if he is attracted by your appearance, do you think you can play with him? Or do you just want to play adult games with him?”

Wang Jinyi This is a bit heavy to say, “playing” is never a good word, especially when it comes to relationships between the sexes.

“He is not the kind of person you think.” Song Xianyu tried to defend Ji Linyuan, but what he said was pale and unconvincing. “He is very good and treats me very well…”

“You should be stupid, or naive,” Good to you, but it’s just a way for men to win women’s favor. Don’t be bruised and bruised by him in the end. You think you are true love.”

Wang Jinyi said this not just out of selfish intentions, he really felt that Song Xianyu liked Ji Linyuan, it was like playing with fire, and if he was not careful, he would burn himself to nothing.

A man understands a man. Even if he is not interested in the delicious fat delivered to his mouth, he will take a bite as long as there is no worries about the future.

Song Xianyu didn’t have much appetite at first, but after listening to Wang Jinyi’s words, his appetite was completely lost.

After dinner, Wang Jinyi sent Song Xianyu back to Zunyuan.

When he arrived, Song Xianyu smiled and thanked him, then turned and walked into the door of the apartment building.

“Little fish.” Wang Jinyi looked at her tall and slender back with complicated eyes, “Happy birthday.”

Song Xianyu does not value her birthday, and rarely mentions it to people around her. Every year, only Song Ziming will actively help her. Birthday.

She turned around, “Thank you.”

“Also, think about what I said, I don’t want you to choose the wrong way.”

Song Xianyu smiled: “I will.”

Wang Jinyi didn’t leave immediately, and lit a cigarette on the motorcycle. At the age of 22, he was still too immature in all aspects, and he was very one-sided thinking about the problem. He believed that Ji Linyuan was unkind, and his heart was painful and anxious.

After smoking two cigarettes, he called the old aunt who worked as a nanny in Jing’s house.

Song Xianyu didn’t sleep well all night, and woke up the next day with a groggy head.

I looked at the phone, the screen was clean and there was no SMS call.

Last night, after thinking and thinking, she still sent a short message to Ji Linyuan to apologize, but she hasn’t replied until now. She didn’t know if she didn’t see it or didn’t want to talk to her.

After thinking about Ji Linyuan’s sister who had not lived to be 18 years old, Song Xianyu couldn’t help thinking, what kind of girl would she be?

He must be obedient and sensible, so that his brother will be thinking about it after more than ten years.

Song Xianyu’s text message, like a stone sinking into the sea, did not get any response for two days.

On this day, she works late.

Time Allure’s boxes and services are divided into three or sixty-nine levels. The first layer can enter if you have money, so you can find more nouveau riche; the second layer must have a strong backstage; the third layer entertains the real Those in power.

Song Xianyu’s box is on the second floor.

“Hey, guess who I saw in the elevator just now?” Song Xianyu was doing something, and the voice of colleague Huang Qian was heard nearby.

“Which handsome guy is it?”

“The two bosses of Poway and VINCI are so handsome? At that time, I almost didn’t catch my breath.” Huang Qian regretted it, “I should just fall into the arms of one of them, saying There may be a Cinderella counter-attack story.”

“Then what did you do then?”

” I did n’t do anything, watching the elevator door closing foolishly… But I went to the third floor to find out that they were there. Sister Ling’s box, wait for a chance to try your luck, if the foreman asks, you say I went to the toilet


“Song Xianyu, come and take this upstairs to Sister Ling,” the foreman handed Song Xianyu a box of Lipeng wine. “Don’t forget to get the transfer order.”

Song Xianyu nodded.

“Be careful, don’t drop it. If this box is broken, no one can afford it.” The foreman exclaimed and turned and walked away.

“I’ll help you send it up.” Huang Qian couldn’t wait to reach out and hug the red wine box in Song Xianyu’s arms. She was thinking about how to find a chance to slip up. This opportunity came.

Song Xianyu gave a slight yield and looked at Huang Qian with a faint smile, “No, I can do it myself.” After all

, she bypassed Huang Qian and left the small kitchen.

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