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041: Ji Sichen’s trap

The elevator slowly opened on the third floor. As soon as Song Xianyu got out of the elevator, someone came to pick up the wine box, “Thank you, this is the transfer order, you can take it down to Sister Li.”

Song Xianyu pinched the list and looked towards A certain box door not far away was solemn and heavy, which firmly blocked everything inside the door.

For a moment, she withdrew her gaze and smiled: “You’re welcome.”

Back to the small kitchen, the foreman came over again, “Song Xianyu, go and open the bottle for the guests.”

Song Xianyu looked at the foreman, her eyebrows tightened slightly, “Didn’t you say Am I helping in the small kitchen today?”

“The guest called you to come and serve.” After explaining, the foreman exclaimed: “Be clever, I think the other party is not good.”

Time Allure is a formal entertainment venue, but it can’t be ruled out. Occasionally, guests are muddled.

A few days ago, someone borrowed wine to do something to Song Xianyu. The people who came here were all people with certain identities. They were not easy to offend. The foreman asked her to help in the small kitchen these days to avoid unnecessary troubles. Secondly, it can be regarded as taking care of her.

Song Xianyu nodded, and followed the foreman to the box.

In the box, there was a staggering scent of smoke. As soon as Song Xianyu appeared, someone looked at him, “This is the beauty named by Xue Shao? Sure enough, Lili, your time is alluring and your vision of attracting people is getting better and better. “The

foreman laughed with him,” Mr. Chen laughed. It’s not that the tastes of the distinguished guests are getting higher and higher. We are advancing with you, otherwise how dare to serve you.”

This pleased Mr. Chen. He only listened to Mr. Chen haha. He squinted his eyes, lingering on Song Xianyu for a while, and said, “Come and pour me some wine.”

Song Xianyu became the center point of the entire box, and everyone was waiting to see her. Reaction.

Mr. Chen’s “pouring wine” is not as simple as just pouring wine. As long as she walks over, she may not be able to get out tonight. If she refuses, it may irritate him, and even the waiter with the entire box will suffer.

This is the disparity between classes. Those who are rich and powerful can often make those who have no money or power go into a dilemma with just one sentence.

Song Xianyu looked at the culprit Xue Kang.

He had called her these days, but she ignored them. At this time, he leaned back in his chair lazily, not looking at her, but she understood that he was waiting for her to ask for help and compromise.

If she asks for help today, she will lose the confidence and qualifications to refuse him again in the future.

Song Xianyu picked up the red wine and slightly bent over to help Mr. Chen pour a glass.

Mr. Chen’s hand seemed to hit her back waist unintentionally, and he noticed that the hand that fell on her waist was rubbing lightly. Song Xianyu’s face was pale, but his smile did not change, and his lips were just polite and enthusiastic.

“President Chen has long heard the name, President Chen said that starting from scratch, the company achieve the scale of today, look to the capital only a handful of really admirable, I do not know whether I have a glass of President Chen Jing today?”

Said, Song Xian Yu calmly avoided Mr. Chen’s hand, went to the wine cabinet to take a clean goblet, and poured himself a glass, “I respect Mr. Chen.”

“Haha, Lili, the person you trained just doesn’t The same, what this little mouth says is really beautiful.” Mr. Chen was blushed and looked at Xue Kang with a pair of eyes, “I don’t know what is the relationship between this little girl and Shao Xue?” If it’s okay, he doesn’t mind putting it like this. Personally sweet little things to take home.

Song Xianyu replied before Xue Kang: “Mr Chen made fun of me, I have to have something to do with Xue Shao, and I still need to work here?” Mr.

Chen was able to start from scratch and get to this position today. He is also a good individual. Song Xianyu meant it unscrupulously, “I have a close relationship with you. Why don’t you come to my company as a secretary. I won’t treat you badly. How about going to work tomorrow?”

Song Xianyu curled her lips, “I’m a secretary, but I haven’t been to college. Don’t big companies like yours all require high education? I think I’ll forget it, don’t drag Mr. Chen’s company back. Come, I will toast you again.”

Although Mr. Chen was rejected, he was full of vanity. Not only was he not angry, he was led by Song Xianyu and drank another glass of red wine.

Ji Sichen gently rubbed the cup with his fingers, as if he had no interest in the scene in front of you, and he seemed to be thinking about something.

Over there, Song Xianyu’s cheeks began to flush, and he curled his lips with an extremely gentle smile. He glanced at the assistant who was waiting, and the assistant immediately understood his eyes and turned and walked out of the box.

Upstairs, Shao Yun noticed that the phone was vibrating in his trouser pocket and walked out of the box to answer. After listening to the phone, he looked very ugly. After struggling and hesitating for a while, he returned to the box and whispered in Ji Linyuan’s ear: “Miss Song has an accident. Now.”

Ji Linyuan’s eyes sank, got up, and said to everyone: “I’ll go out.”

Outside the box, his voice was slightly cold: “Say.”

“Ji Sichen ‘s assistant called me, Miss Song is being caught Mr. Chen of the Construction Group drinks wine and said Mr. Chen intends to take Miss Song to have supper. “

Supper here is not just a supper in a pure sense.

“He clearly wanted to invite the king into the urn. After the birthday banquet of Mrs. Cheng, Ji Sichen sent someone to investigate Miss Song. He must have heard some wind, but he is not sure how much Miss Song occupies in your heart. I specifically asked the assistant to call me to tell me this, but I wanted to test you.”

“If you intervene now, it will be in his arms—”

“Call Chen Xiang and ask him to go upstairs for a gathering.” Ji Linyuan interrupted Shao Yun. “Let him bring all the people in the box.”

Shao Yun was stunned, “You know this is Ji Sichen’s trap.”

Ji Linyuan glanced at him, and his tone couldn’t be resisted: “Go and do it.”

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