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044: First confession rejected

That night, it rained heavily outside, and the next day dawn, the rain continued unabated.

Song Xianyu woke up, thinking of his presumptuousness last night, and closed his eyes again. He couldn’t say what he thought, only that Jiuzhuang’s words made sense.

After packing up to go to work and out of the apartment building, Song Xianyu couldn’t help but think of Ji Linyuan’s sexy appearance when he lit his cigarette.

When the foreman arrived in the box at 8:30 under the rain, the first sentence the foreman saw her was: “You won’t use this for work in the future.”

“…” Song Xianyu said why he just got to his throat and heard the foreman say again: ” The general manager asked you to work as an accounting assistant in the finance

department in the future.” “I have never studied accounting.” Song Xianyu told the truth.

“If you let you go, just go. Isn’t it better to be an accounting assistant than to look at people here?” The foreman said sincerely, “And with your face, being a waiter in a box will cause trouble by accident. Finance is a good place to go.”

Song Xian Yu thought of a person, “Did the general manager say why I was asked to go to finance?” The

foreman shook his head, “I asked, the general manager was silent, thinking it means the head, do you know someone?”

Song Xianyu Shook his head.

After getting to the finance, she had a lot of free time. In the morning, except for helping the accountant correct the amounts of the two statements, she spent the rest of the time reading books.

At noon, everyone in the financial room went to the cafeteria for dinner, and she hid in the empty office and called Ji Linyuan.

Unlike the nervousness of calling him for the first time, she feels a lot more calm this time.

After three beeps, there was a strong male voice, “Something?”

Song Xianyu went straight to the subject, “I was transferred to the Finance Department as an assistant, is that what you meant.”

She spoke affirmatively.

Without waiting for Ji Linyuan’s answer, she immediately said, “Thank you.” She didn’t ask why, and the answer to why he sheltered her in every possible way was not so important anymore.

Ji Linyuan didn’t deny it, and asked her gently, “Is still used to work?”

“Well, it’s easy.” Song Xianyu fixed his eyes on the book that he opened casually, wondering who wrote a sentence in the header with a black pen. Words: The wind and rain are like obscurity, and the cock crows endlessly; after seeing a gentleman, Yun Hu is not happy?

Song Xianyu remembered this sentence from the “Book of Songs.” “Wind and Rain”, the high school teacher once translated for them: When the wind and rain are faint, the cock crows endlessly outside the window; how can you not be happy when I see you in the wind and rain?

She turned to look at the wind and rain outside the window, the voice of the person at the other end of the phone was so reassuring, a strange emotion suddenly surged from the position of her heart, which first filled her atrium, and then rushed to her eyes.

Some words are so naturally, “You are so good to me, if I fall in love with you, will you be responsible?”

After she finished speaking, her heart beat faster.

“Have you eaten?” Ji Linyuan revealed her ambiguous words in simple words.

Song Xianyu heard that he was avoiding his own question, and his chest felt as uncomfortable as being pressed by a heavy object, but there were some things that she bowed without turning her head back, not to mention that she didn’t want to look back.

“Every time you treat me well, you didn’t expect this result?”

After saying this, Song Xianyu’s mood calmed down instead.

Ji Linyuan was silent.

The quiet atmosphere flowed between the two, perhaps because of the change in feelings, Song Xianyu felt that this silence seemed to be contaminated with inexplicable affection.

After a long time, Ji Linyuan finally spoke, “You are still young, and you can’t understand many things. At this stage, your first task is to complete your studies.”

His language is gentle and stern, and he clearly puts himself in the position of the elders, preaching: “School will start in one month. If you’re okay, you can read the book.”

Song Xianyu did not remove the phone from his ear after hearing the busy tone of’toot toot’.

… After

sitting for a while, she got up and went to the cafeteria, casually ordered some food and sat in the corner to eat. When she was almost finished eating, she received a call from Wang Jinyi.

“How are you and Ji Linyuan now?”

Wang Jinyi asked strangely, and Song Xianyu said in a self-deprecating tone: “Just confessed and was rejected, how about you?”

“He rejected you?” Wang Jinyi yelled, and then He breathed a sigh of relief and said authentically: “He still has some conscience.”


Xianyu raised her eyebrows, “Don’t say that to him.” “I was right. I asked my aunt to help me inquire about Ji Linyuan’s personality. Just now she called and told me that Ji Linyuan talked to me 11 years ago. Cheng Ruwan, the eldest of the Cheng family, has been engaged for a while. Cheng Ruwan was in an accident in a car accident. She bumped her head and lost her intelligence. Not to mention, she also had a child. Do you know what Ji Linyuan did?”

This news is very unexpected. Song Xianyu’s hand holding the chopsticks tightened, and the joints turned white due to force.

“He actually used his girlfriend’s car accident and miscarriage to force his father and grandfather to give him the power of the company. At the same time, he used Cheng Ruwan’s tragic experience to establish a BGN charity foundation. Over the past ten years, he has raised hundreds of millions of dollars every year. I don’t know how much money I made!”

“This kind of profit-

seeking and cold-hearted person, Xiaoyu, you must stay away from him.” Taking advantage of his girlfriend’s car accident to gain so much benefit for himself, it sounds like this man is really not worthwhile Entrust your beloved for life.

Read it with me: Uncle Ji is physically and mentally clean.

As for what happened back then, it was a complicated and tortuous story. The little cuties just remember that our uncle is a pure person.

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