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045: You can look away, be careful that you fall so badly

“And…” Wang Jinyi didn’t intend to let Song Xianyu go, and said a conjunction, and went further: “I heard the old aunt say that the relationship between the Ji family is very messy, Ji Changli… is Ji Linyuan and his father, there are five on the surface. Children, five children and five mothers, none of them were born to the wife of the main house. There are still many undisclosed illegitimate children. It is estimated that Ji Changli can’t tell by himself.”

“The wife of the main house made Ji Changli the oldest. Ji Sichen’s illegitimate son, Ji Sichen, was raised by his side as his own son. After ancient times, Ji Sichen was the eldest son. He would inherit the family business in the future. Unexpectedly, he would be taken away by Ji Linyuan, who returned to Ji’s family at the age of 19. back to the capitalists bastard mingled today this position, depth of its subtlety can imagine. ” “

small fish, you simply are not suitable season Pro deep as full of a calculating man. “

Wang Jin Yi earnestly hope Song Xian fish can awaken to the truth, then repent .

In his opinion, Song Xianyu is a little white rabbit, and Ji Linyuan is a big bad wolf alive.

Song Xianyu didn’t speak, and the chopsticks poked the rice on the plate.

“Did you hear what I said?” Wang Jinyi increased the volume.

“I heard it.” Song Xianyu replied perfunctorily.

Wang Jinyi heard that she was prevaricating herself, and became more anxious, “Then what do you plan to do in the future?”

“What do you do?” Song Xianyu asked back.

“…” Wang Jinyi was dumbfounded by her careless attitude.

After a while, Song Xianyu smiled and said: “I know you care about me, but I am an adult and know what I want. Even if I fall in the future, that is the only way to grow. Did they all grow up in frustration?”

Wang Jinyi was out of anger: “You can look away, be careful that you fall into a bloody head.”

“Then don’t forget to ask me to take some good

supplements when you arrive.” “If you want to be beautiful, then I will laugh at you fiercely!”

Song Xianyu smiled and said, “You are happy.”

Wang Jinyi: “… There was a

moment of silence, and Wang Jinyi said, “Are you free this Saturday? The club is holding a fan meeting and is planning to hire a few cosplayers. You cos Daji is pretty good. Want to try it?”

Transferred to the Finance Department, Song Xianyu’s The work and rest hours are the same as accounting, nine to five weekends.

I’m free.” Song Xianyu agreed, “Would you like to rehearse?” “It’s not that troublesome. I’ll send the activity process to your email in a moment. You can take a closer look. You can arrive early on Saturday.” And

talked about other things. ,hang up the phone.

Song Xianyu put her cheeks in a daze thinking about Wang Jinyi’s words. Those words did not affect her. Judging from the things she learned during this time, Ji Linyuan’s past and present are very complicated, and she and she are in two worlds.

… After

eating, I returned to the office and met Pei Yuanyuan on the way. Pei Yuanyuan stopped talking when she saw her.

“What’s the matter.”

Pei Yuanyuan looked around for a moment, and leaned close to her in a low voice: “Everyone said that you were suddenly transferred to the finance room because of Mr. Chen’s relationship, really?”

“Mr. Chen?” Song Xianyu doubts.

“It’s the old man who asked you to pour wine in the box last night.” Pei Yuanyuan reminded, “Everyone says that you were with him last night, so your job position has changed this morning.”

“I look so hungry? “Song Xianyu curled her lips into a cold arc.

“Of course you believe you, but others don’t. Would you like to explain it? I think everyone has a nose and eyes.”

This kind of thing has always been described more and more darkly.

“If there is a suitable opportunity, I will explain it, thank you for reminding me.”

Separating from Pei Yuanyuan, Song Xianyu went to the bathroom, and then returned to the office. When the door was about to open, there was laughter.

“I thought she was restless when I saw her before. The facts have proved that she is really restless. So Mr. Chen has age spots on his face, right? She actually has to talk about it and doesn’t dislike it.”

“For the sake of money,” The little girl now is incredible.”

“I don’t think she looks like that kind of person…”

“Just say you are innocent, her kind of person is harmless on the surface, and in your bones is a sorrowful and mean, you will pay attention to her in the future. Don’t be broken.”

Song Xianyu retracted his hand from the doorknob, leaned on the door frame and waited for the inside to finish before pushing the door in.

The people inside were silent when they saw her, their eyes somewhat disdainful.

Song Xianyu looked at everyone with a smile, “Is there anything I can do for you?”

The accountant who had spoken to Song Xianyu before handed over a stack of bills, “Help these to stamp, thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Song Xianyu sat in his seat, stamped with’Boom Boom Boom’.

She didn’t take those rumors and whispers to heart. What these people said was far worse than what Yang Zhen said. What’s more, she was transferred to the Finance Department inexplicably, someone who didn’t understand accounting. Others always had to imagine a reasonable reason.

Pei Yuanyuan asked her to explain, but she couldn’t explain it, so should you tell these people that Ji Linyuan opened the back door for her?

Thinking of this, Song Xianyu had a sweet smile on her lips. She didn’t know what the psychology was. She felt like she had a secret with Ji Linyuan. That kind of taste made people happy.

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