Bank of Thailand Museum in Bangkok, Thailand

Bank of Thailand Museum is a museum that locate in Bangkok and another one is in Chiang mai. The museum is a housed in the Bang Khun Phrom Palace and had been the former residence of Prince Paribatra Sukhumbandhu who was the 33rd son of King Chulalongkorn. The Bank of Thailand Museum reopens in June, 2017

Museum Story

During King Rama V gave this plot of land to his son Prince Paribatra Sukhumbhand in May 1899. While the Prince was studying in Europe, his mother Princess Consort Sukumalamarasri was in charge of the affairs attached to the Palace. Upon his home visit in 1901, Prince paribatra expressed the intention to return permanently in 1903.

During the course of designing Bangkhunphrom Palace, Europe was going through a period of change. With the Industrial Revolution, new materials were discovered which influenced new movements of designs and construction methods. The manifestation of the Bangkhunphrom Palace was therefore the result of such movements and it’s construction incorporated bricks and concrete wall bearing systems. The Mansard roof with dormers placed evenly was covered with interlocking tiles and supported by a solid wood structure.

The Main Bangkhunphrom Palace stands proudly in its unique elegance ornamented by delicate stucco designs considered to be one of the most beautiful in Thailand. The stucco designs borrow from various western periods and styles and yet blend harmoniously with the architectural character predominated by Baroque style so evident in external walls. The South Wing of the Mansion is rounded out with a circular tower, while each section of the wall facing the Northeast wears an arch trimming on top. The overall floor plan is typical of the Baroque Period that remained popular into the late 19th century. The decorative motifs found in different rooms correspond with each other accentuating stucco designs around window frames and light portholes. The Most outstanding features of the interiors are the paneled door with intricate etching in the center, the porthole above the door blinded with laced wood, carved wood decorations with designs painted in gold on the ceilings and glossy interlocking teak-wood floors. credit by

Opening Hours: 10.00 am. – 4.00 pm (Tuesday – Sunday)
Admission: Free admission for Museum visitors with Dress respectfully
Telphone: +66 (0)2 283 5286 or +66 (0)2 283 6723

How to get there:

  • Taxi is probably the best way to go.
  • take the Chao Phraya Express Boat to Thewej Pier (N15), then continue on taxi.

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