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Chapter 9 (Spending Money to Hire a Simple Wife)

Don’t forget, when they were fighting, she had a blue nose and a swollen face, but she didn’t even shed a tear. He suspected that Bai Fumi had no tear glands at all.

Instead of wasting unnecessary sympathy to a guy without tear glands, it would be more realistic to think about how to treat her.

As he searched, suddenly, a trace of clarity flooded into Lu Dongyun’s mind, stimulating the keen activity of his thinking. In the next second, he seemed to be inspired to lighten Shuo’s deep black eyes, and his beautiful thin lips evoked a touch. The arc, the smile is evil and full of charm.

He seems to have some inspiration about how to clean up Bai Fumei!

Why didn’t he… and then… after she took off her guard, then… and finally… Wow, how can there be such a wonderful plan? ! He is so smart!

The smile on Lu Dongyun’s face deepened just thinking of Bai Fume’s deflated appearance.

A delicious fast food restaurant on the other side of the city-

after hanging up Lu Dongyun’s phone, Bai Fume continued to be busy like a spinning top.

The fast food restaurant invited several senior mothers to help. Among them, Aunt Achun’s daughter-in-law gave birth to a child this month. In order to take care of her daughter-in-law and grandson, Aunt Achun quit her job and went home to help bring the children. The fast food restaurant has not had time to find new recruits. Coincidentally, Auntie Ajiao broke her leg at home again and took a week off.

Suddenly there was a loss of two staff, and the good food fast food restaurant can only be described in four words.

In order to make up for the sudden shortage of manpower, Bai Fumi has rushed to help after she was off work for the whole week. Even today, she didn’t have a rest. She came to report early in the morning. Not only did she help prepare an appointment lunch, but also the street. The bike delivery in the alleys didn’t even have time to sit down and eat a good meal.

Classmates? ! Best she remembers it! She was thrown out of the sky long ago.

After finally sending away the last customer, I quickly cleaned up the environment of the fast food restaurant. When I walked out of the kitchen with two plates of fried rice with eggs at a high rate, Bai Fumei was sitting at the counter to show off her talent as the chief accountant. I saw her. The fingers jumped flexibly on the calculator, and the revenue and cost were all clearly calculated at once.

“Brother, this month’s business is good. After deducting costs, it has grown by a full 5% compared to last month! It seems that my old brother’s good craftsmanship has already made word of mouth.” She gave a thumbs up and praised. .

Gao Fuzi curled his lips and smiled, “Are you tired today?” Because a certain organization organized an event nearby, he ordered 500 lunch boxes in one go, and the delicious fast food restaurant was so busy.

“I have money to make, I am happy, and I am not tired at all.”

Besides, seeing my old brother’s signature egg fried rice, she can’t eat it in time, so there is no time to shout tired! I took a bite right away without saying anything. Wow, it’s delicious!

Love to be strong, so tired that I go home and fall asleep every day! Shaking his head, the high wealth rate did not pierce her, and slowly ate the egg fried rice with a faint smile.

“There are not many orders tomorrow. You can rest at home. A new aunt will come to work next week. You don’t have to go to work and rush to help.” He turned his head and glanced at his sister, “Don’t go home. As a housemaid, occasionally I still have to go shopping, eat, and watch movies with my colleagues.”

Compared with other girls in their twenties, his sister is really too simple and economical. There is not even a girl’s favorite trinket, and there is no match for the feelings. How can we go on like this?

She needs money at home, but she won’t even be able to buy a small accessory to dress her up.

“Just talk about me, don’t you have a long time to rest? You are busy from morning to night, and you need to rest more than I do.”

In order to make money, fast food restaurants have not had a day off since the opening, and employees can also take shifts to take a rest, but everything is done by yourself. His eldest brother is always the first to go to work and the last to leave, and he has never even had a half-day vacation. In Bai Fume’s eyes, it is not uncomfortable.

“How can it be easy to work? Is it easy for you to go to work and sit in the office every day?” he asked with a smile.

“That’s right, but if it wasn’t because my dad was too soft-hearted and couldn’t understand the investment failure, the family wouldn’t have so many debts overnight. I’ll forget it, but I’m tired of you brother–” Every time she thinks about this, Bai Fumi feels very guilty to her aunt and brother.

She and Gao Fu are not brothers and sisters. After the death of her mother, her father met her aunt by accident. After the two got married, Gao Fuyi became her brother.

The days went smoothly. Until half a year ago, my father was encouraged by a friend to invest in a partnership to do business, but he was bankrupted by a friend, causing the family to be in debt as high as 10 million yuan. She is the daughter of my father, and she helps her father to share the debt. Yes, I didn’t expect even my brother to be dragged down.

Thinking of this, Bai Fumi couldn’t help but feel heavy. She hung her head guiltily, and by the way concealed her slightly hot eyes.

The atmosphere suddenly fell into silence, and the high rate of wealth frowned slightly, with a serious smile on his face and asked, “Is it because my surname is high, so you look at me as an outsider?” The

calm but cold tone of voice sounded white and rich. Frightened,   she quickly raised her head, “Brother, why do you think that?”

“Otherwise, what do you want me to think?”

Oops, she wouldn’t be annoying brother, right?

Her brother usually has the best temper. No matter what unreasonable things are encountered, he always smiles without sullenness. He is a very calm person, but once he stepped on his bottom line, it would be terrible, let alone three days. It is possible to not talk to people for a month. Even if it is speaking, the tone is cold and squeaky. Bai Fumei is not afraid of beating or scolding, but is afraid of dullness and firm anger.

“Brother, you have misunderstood what I meant. Regardless of whether your brother is surnamed Gao or Bai, we are siblings and you are my elder brother. This is destined from the moment we met each other. Of course we are a family.” Bai Fumi just didn’t kneel down and swear to the sky.

“Since you are a family, shouldn’t it be right for you to help each other and share responsibility? If the family wants to say something like this, shouldn’t I have to pay you too, thank you for taking the time to help these days? “” Rarely angered, the high Fu rate asked in a deep voice.

Kang Dang, the spoon in Bai Fumei’s hand fell out-it’s

over, even the words like this are coming out, it seems that the old man is really upset!

“No, no, of course I don’t need it. I’m just running around. The real help is limited. How can I get brother’s salary? Besides, I didn’t mean that, brother, don’t be angry, please, please, don’t be angry… …” She clasped her hands together, pitifully pleading for the high Fu rate, fearing that he would completely turn his face and deny her sister.

For a moment, he said coldly in a low voice, “Don’t let me hear those nonsense again.”

“Yes, I promise I will never talk nonsense again. I will only say one thing-that is, my brother is in the world. The best brother.”

Bai Fumei seized the opportunity to be doglegged.

Gao Fuzhi didn’t say a word, and put the fallen spoon back into her hand blankly.

Bai Fumei hurriedly pretended to be obedient, and ate a big bite of the egg fried rice, not forgetting to flatter and praise, “It is worthy of my brother’s special skill, and it is so delicious that I want to cry. I am so happy.”

High Fu rate Originally with a cold face, seeing Bai Fumei’s funny expression and exaggerated words as if she was playing the God of Cookery, she couldn’t help but curled up her mouth and tweeted, “Less dog legs, eat your food.”

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