Chapter 905 Guilt

Chapter 905 Guilty Psychology

Xiao Suer gently broke away from her hand and tried to read her thoughts, but she did not expect that Rong Ling’er would close herself as before, and could not read any psychological activities at all.

“Really? I said how I would never see you again. Back then, I didn’t know that your brother was such a great professor. He was a professor at our school. He was very promising at a young age. You two look alike. It looks good.”

Rong Ling’er tried to calm down and began to praise Xiao Su’er and Xiao Yuhan, but when she thought that Xiao Su’er helped her so much back then, she also found a hospital for her younger brother, but she was among the things Xiao Su’er ate. After applying the medicine, I felt scared, worried that the matter would be revealed, and completely lost trust in Xiao Yuhan’s place.

But looking at Xiao Su’er now is completely normal, not like being poisoned or injured. Could it be that the medicine back then was actually useless at all, she was not affected by that medicine?

Rong Ling’er comforted herself in this way. She wanted to reduce her psychological burden and face Xiao Su’er as openly as possible, but she still couldn’t help thinking about what happened back then.

She never felt that she was a good person, just like she went to the professor behind her back and said that she could do it without any guilt, because Bai Qingyue was not very friendly to her either.

What’s more, rich people like Bai Qingyue are proud and complacent all day long, and look down on their children from poor families. She just wants to rectify this kind of people.

But Xiao Su’er is different. Xiao Su’er helped her so much back then. It was very good to her. In the whole crew, she can be said to be the best person for her. She also prepared beauty drinks for her to increase her nutrition and become beautiful and confident. One point, don’t lose weight.

Counting down, although Xiao Su’er spent a short time with her, she did a lot of good things to her. She gave Xiao Su’er medicine to avenge her, and she couldn’t be without guilt.

And when she was filming on the set, Shao Bo often came to see her. It can be seen that Shao Bo and Xiao Su’er in front of him were originally a pair, but then the gossip between Bo Shao and Xiao Mengqiu became so big that the whole Internet was full of, Rong. Linger naturally saw it too.

When she saw the news that year, she was anxious. Xiao Mengqiu gave her a large sum of money to help her save her younger brother. Only then did she promise to help Xiao Mengqiu poison Xiao Su’er’s porridge. From this point of view, Xiao Mengqiu was not With good intentions, I want to harm people and grab their boyfriends.

She once dreamed back at midnight, many times that Xiao Su’er was poisoned and died, and her death was miserable. Every time in the middle of the night, she shivered with fright, and her conscience was disturbed. This is the last thing she regretted all these years, but time can take time. In the past five years, she has forgotten about that incident a long time ago.

Seeing Xiao Su’er now reminded her again, that nightmarish feeling surrounded her again in the middle of the night, and her hair became dizzy and weak.

“This can be regarded as a kind of fate. My brother mentioned you at home. I heard that there is a conflict between you and Bai Qingyue. Don’t think Bai Qingyue is a bad girl. In fact, she is quite good.” Xiao Su’er Although she was puzzled when she saw her strange appearance, she was too embarrassed to ask her, so she could only talk about him and look for other topics.

“Professor Xiao is very good. He helped me fight the injustice. Since he said that, Bai Qingyue has not troubled me anymore.”

“That’s good.” Xiao Su’er nodded.

The atmosphere in the entire office fell into a strange embarrassment. Xiao Su’er and Xiao Su’er were confused and did not understand what happened to Rong Ling’er.

Rong Ling’er was very guilty. After a few casual conversations, she picked up her coat and prepared to leave, “You two are going to read some report? I can’t help, and I’m not studying medicine, so I’ll leave. , Don’t bother you, let’s talk about it if you have time in the future, let’s go Professor Xiao.”

After saying this, she turned around anxiously and ran out of the office, as if she had fled.

“What’s the matter with her? Is it usually so strange?” Xiao Su’er asked, pointing in the direction of the door.

“No, usually she is quite normal. Why did I see you today as if the whole person was wrong, sister, did you have any conflicts in the first place?”

Xiao Yuhan is really a bit strange, usually Rong Ling’er comes to him at all. He won’t leave so soon. After acupuncture and moxibustion, he will still be dragged to talk and talk a lot.

Many people in this school suspected that he and Rong Ling’er were in love with teachers and students, and it was the first time to see Rong Ling’er leaving in such a hurry.

“There have not been any conflicts. I had a good relationship with her in the crew back then, and only had a better relationship with her. The other actresses felt that I was parachuted in the past and were very unfriendly to me, except for her. .

And she was very inferior and introverted back then, always feel that she is not beautiful enough, now it really has changed a lot.”

“Introverted inferiority? No! She has always been very cheerful with me, and can say a lot to me. “

Xiao Yuhan has no way to apply the two adjectives of introverted inferiority to Rong Ling’er. After all, she looked pitiful when she was bullied by Bai Qingyue for the first time, and afterwards she was like an ordinary person with him. The girl, who is also very beautifully dressed, has never revealed her inferiority complex.

“So I can only say that too much has changed in the past five years. The high-rise buildings are on the ground. How many buildings can be built in five years, let alone people. I don’t know why she saw me. It will be like this.”

Xiao Su’er thought of Rong Ling’er’s appearance just now and still felt something was wrong. It seemed that she must find time to ask her what happened.

“Okay, let’s not discuss her. Let’s talk about the report. The professor at the Chinese Medical College has classified all the patients. I found that the older ones have recovered even if they have RH-negative blood. The main thing is The patients are concentrated at the age of 18 to 25, which is more serious. Patients with RH-negative blood at this age are all sick and dead.”

Xiao Su’er nodded thoughtfully when he heard what he said, “I know, on the way here, I also contacted all the family members who have been to our clinic for treatment. Most of the patients have recovered, but a few are still seriously ill. , And I also asked on the forum that all the doctors are helping us with statistics, and the results are similar to what you said. What do you think is going on? “

This disease is really not in line with common sense. Under normal circumstances, diseases are all It is the older people who are more seriously ill. After all, older people have a decline in their resistance in all aspects.