Chapter 906 charity fund

Chapter 906 Charity Fund

But this disease this time is different from all the previous diseases. Instead, the elderly heal faster. The young and middle-aged people seem to have weakened resistance. Some people who died of this disease have Young adults of panda blood type.

“Sister, for the first time I discovered such a serious disease, I will automatically rule out the patient’s age and blood type. Don’t you think it’s weird? I always feel that something is not right. We should investigate it carefully.”

Xiao Yu Han watched Xiao Su’er put forward a suggestion, “Otherwise, let’s look for young people with panda blood type in this city. If they meet these two characteristics, we will gather them together, and we will be able to find out if we observe them every day. Why? If they can contract this disease, they must have the same trajectory of action.”

“You won’t work. Who would allow you to observe yourself as if you were observing patients when you are not sick or disaster? This is a bit of a restriction on personal freedom, and they won’t agree.” Xiao Su’er immediately rejected his proposal. idea.

“Then what should we do? We can’t just sit back and wait like this! On the list you provided, there are still many young people who meet the two standards. What if they all pass away in two days?”

Xiao Yuhan I can’t help but feel a little worried. I always feel that this matter is not so simple. What’s more, he and Xiao Su’er are people of the panda blood type. Xiao Su’er stays in the clinic every day and has to come into contact with a large number of such patients. what to do? It just so happened that her age was the same, and he was worried that Xiao Su’er might have an accident one day.

“Now with the five patients I know, more than a dozen patients have passed away. So many people have passed away in less than half a month. To be honest, the statistics are still very scary. You said very much. The reason is that they must have the same disease when certain movement tracks can be perfectly superimposed.”

“They must be infected with the same virus. Let’s investigate them one by one. I will contact the patients in our clinic. Family members, you try to contact other people. You are a professor at Imperial Capital University. With this name, everyone is not so defensive about you. You have to investigate it.”

Xiao Suer immediately formulated the next Xiao Yuhan also agreed with the plan, which was much better than gathering all the patients.

The two people studied in the office for a long time before they decided on all the next plans. Two hours later, Xiao Suer raised her hand and glanced at the time on the watch and stood up, “Okay, I was delayed here for too long. It’s time to go back to the clinic. You go to class, and we will continue to study when we get home.”

“Sister, I’ll take you back for a walk.”

“No, you will be here! I drove over by myself. “Xiao Su’er shook the car key in her hand, turned and walked out of the office door.

After she walked out of the teaching building, she walked directly to the school’s parking lot, but she did not expect to meet an old friend halfway down the road.

With two pieces of paper in her hand, Bai Qingyue frowned as she looked at the content on the paper, as if very distressed.

She hadn’t seen Xiao Su’er yet, and Xiao Su’er was thinking about whether to go over and say hello to her, hesitating Bai Qingyue just raised her head and looked in her direction.

When the two people met for the last time five years ago, it can be said to be a bit embarrassing. After all, she once liked herself disguised as a man. She thought that the first time she met five years later, there would be some contradictions and estrangements between the two people, but Unexpectedly, Bai Qingyue ran towards her with a smile when she saw her eyes light up.

“It’s great to see you here, I still want to find you.” When Bai Qingyue spoke, her eyes turned into crooked moons, as if she was very happy.

Xiao Su’er couldn’t help but puzzled by her appearance. Rong Ling’er just now thought she would be quite happy to see her, but she looked trembling, and now Bai Qingyue thought she would be a little angry when she saw her. But I didn’t expect to be so happy, what happened in this world?

In the past five years, people’s attitude towards her has changed drastically, which makes her a little overwhelmed.

“Is there something important about you looking for me?” Xiao Suer tried to calm down and asked.

“Yes, there are important things. You are not interested in charity. Why don’t you join me in charity work? I have something I want you to help. I have looked for a lot of people, but most of the people I know are Western medicine. Those Chinese doctors are either old-fashioned or they are not technically skilled.”

“I thought about it for a long time, but grandma suggested that I come to you. Anyway, you are my god-aunt and help me.”

Bai Qingyue was afraid that Xiao Su’er would not help. , Even the name of my grandmother was moved out and used.

Xiao Su’er heard from her and also remembered the care taken by the old lady of the Bai family five years ago. She did feel the long-lost family affection from her, and listening to Bai Qingyue’s words, she still did good deeds for public welfare. There was no reason to refuse.

“Then tell me about it, what kind of charity event is it, and your Miss Bai family can’t handle it.”

“I just set up a charity fund some time ago . At first I donated books to schools in poor mountainous areas. Our school They have already started to be established, but after I went there last week, I found that not only education, but also medical conditions are very backward. There are many left-behind elderly and children who have very weak physical resistance and are sick. There is no place to cure.”

“Most elderly people have serious senile diseases, so I want to donate some medicine. But you also know that there are so many requirements for this western medicine, which is inappropriate and that is inappropriate, and there are too many western medicines. It’s taboo. After a long-term supply, I’m afraid that my pocket money won’t be enough. I have to go to sponsorship, so I just want to get a batch of Chinese medicine in the past.”

“Chinese medicine can help them strengthen their resistance. The important thing is that there are not so many taboos. It is good to eat as a prepared medicated diet. I want to find a better Chinese medicine doctor who can help me buy medicinal materials. It’s not good.”

“Or some old antiques, they don’t understand this kind of charity project, I am afraid it will take a long time to wait, I can’t wait, I just wanted to find a reliable Chinese medicine doctor, and I thought of you. Do me a favor.”

Bai Qingyue finished talking about the reason for asking for help. She blinked her big eyes and looked at Xiao Su’er with a look of anticipation. Xiao Su’er felt a little surprised when she heard what she said. People who are really impressive!