Chapter 907 Seeing is not necessarily believing

Chapter 907 Seeing is not necessarily believing

“No problem, this is a good thing, isn’t it just buying medicinal materials for you? I can help! And I can also find you some herbs that work well, and some herbs that I grow myself , You can give you a little if you need it.”

Xiao Suer has been growing herbs in the Yao Lingyu Space for many years, and she has cultivated it into a large herbal base with all kinds of herbs. The annual harvest is not good.

If such a good harvest is left in real life, at least several acres of land can be completed, but no one knows that Xiao Suer has a secret base that does not occupy any resources and can produce large quantities of herbs every year.

It is precisely because of this that all of the illnesses of Mr. Ang over the years have been cured by her, and a lot of herbs have been used to make various medicated meals for him to regulate his body. Now Mr. Ang’s body does not look like it at all. Many young people are incomparable to the elderly at his age.

“Thank you, then, I will transfer the money to you immediately. The elderly in the mountainous area have rheumatism, as well as hypoglycemia and hypotension. Anyway, they are some senile diseases. The medicine cannot be stopped, but they cannot be stopped. The disease is cured once and for all, you can watch and buy it!”

“I can only give you half a million for the time being. If you see enough, you can buy as much as you can, and I will give it to you after I get the sponsorship. The next batch of money.”

Bai Qingyue hurriedly took out her mobile phone and prepared to transfer money to Xiao Su’er. Xiao Su’er held her hand, “Don’t be so anxious. I also want to do my best to do charity. This is a good thing. Let me

pay the money once, and I will contact you after I buy it.” “You want to pay? No, no! Even if you want to do your best, you can’t let you pay all the money! I know you There is no shortage of money now, but this is my heart, so let me transfer half of the money to you, first transfer 200,000 yuan to you, the more you buy, the better!”

Bai Qingyue stubbornly asked for Xiao Su’er’s card number, and immediately transferred her 200,000 yuan, which made Xiao Su’er change immediately. This eldest lady does not bully classmates like Xiao Yuhan said. She knows to do charity. The old man from the mountain area has nothing to do with her, she cares so much, let alone Rong Ling’er.

“I got it, then I’ll buy the medicine immediately and give me three days.” Xiao Su’er looked at the text message sent from the bank on the mobile phone and compared three fingers.

“It only takes three days? Are you sure you can do it? I’m looking for other people, but they all said it will take one and a half months, so I came to you.” Bai Qingyue couldn’t help feeling very much when she heard this number. surprise.

“Others may take this long, but I don’t need it. Just three days will be fine. Then I will let you know that I

will leave first.” Xiao Suer put away the phone and prepared to leave, but after thinking about it , she turned around and looked at Bai Qingyue. “Can I ask you something?”

“Yes, you have promised to help me, I must help you too, you can ask if you have anything.” Bai Qingyue saw that the matter was resolved, and she felt very deep in her heart. Shu Chang, looking at the novel with a big smile.

In the past five years, she had long since deceived Xiao Su’er by disguising her as a man and had forgotten everything. She no longer had the attachment to Bo Qingang. There were many boys who pursued her, whether it was because She looks good, but because of the Bai family’s family background, she has no shortage of suitors, so she no longer bears hatred for Xiao Su’er.

“I want to ask if there is any conflict between you and Rong Ling’er? I heard my brother say that you bully and bully classmates at school, but I don’t think you are like this kind of person.”

Xiao Su’er did not agree. Not to be tactful, but to ask directly. Rong Ling’er is not in front of her anyway, she wants to hear what is going on.

Bai Qingyue rolled her eyes when she heard what she said, her smile disappeared, and she said angrily: “Did Rong Ling’er tell you? Or Xiao Yuhan, why is he so annoying? Sure enough. Straight guys, these green tea bitches and white lotus are always playing around.”

“That Rong Ling’er doesn’t seem to be on the surface at all, it looks so harmless to humans and animals, okay, I thought she played a few movies and TV shows in the entertainment industry. I really think of myself as the heroine of life,

she’s crazy!” She never finished complaining, as if she was holding a lot of grievances in her heart. After listening to her, Xiao Su’er realized that it didn’t seem like Xiao Yu. Han sees it.

“What happened between the two of you?”

“What else? It’s that Rong Ling’er. She went to the professor and said that I copied her papers. She also said that I was domineering in the class and she wouldn’t copy the papers for me. I would beat her, so she was scared. The professor really thought I was an overlord, so he gave me a meal and asked me to rewrite the thesis.” When

Bai Qingyue spoke, she was afraid that Xiao Su’er would not believe it and lifted it up. Three fingers pointed at Tian Xin swearly and said: “But the conscience of heaven and earth, I swear I really didn’t copy her papers, let alone bullying, I usually don’t stay in school except for class.

” Although I also paid for the dormitory, I don’t live in school, and I haven’t said a few words to her, and I don’t know where it provokes her.” After

Bai Qingyue complained, the whole thing seemed to be countered. Turns, it was not like what Xiao Yuhan had said, Xiao Su’er didn’t know why, and some believed what Bai Qingyue said.

“Then why do you say that you are bullying on campus?”

“Someone discredited you for no reason, can you not be angry? I asked a few ladies to warn her, but Xiao Yuhan happened to see me and said that I was bullying on campus.”

Bai Qingyue After explaining everything, he breathed a sigh of relief, “Hoo… these words, originally I wanted to tell Xiao Yuhan, but every time he sees me, he screams, like I owe him a few hundred. It’s the same, I don’t bother to tell him, you are his sister, you can explain this to him clearly for me, let him not misunderstand me, I am really not the kind of person he thinks. “

Okay, I get it.” Xiao Su’er nodded her head with caress in her heart. I don’t know why she is more inclined to believe in Bai Qingyue. Although Bai Qingyue has some willfulness, she will not bully her classmates for no reason. On the contrary, Rong Linger made her feel a little strange.

But Rong Ling’er is not like Bai Lianhua, she will deliberately speak ill of her classmates! Xiao Su’er was caught in doubt. She always remembered the girl who was not confident five years ago and was a little evasive when she saw the camera.