001 Reunion at the scene of the crime

001 Reunion, the scene of the crime

In the early morning, the sky was gray, and the H District of City A was still immersed in silence.

Xiao Guo, the security guard on duty in the administrative building of District H, was awakened by a crackling sound. He looked at the place where the noise was made and found that the room on the first floor of the north building was full of fire and smoke.

With the sound of bursts of glass cracking, Xiao Guo panicked, “It’s on fire, it’s on fire!”

Xiao Guo called for help. Soon, the lights in the nearby households were all lit up, and other staff members also arrived one after another.

Xiao Guo remembered that the room on fire was the office of the executive manager Zhang Tianguang. Zhang Tianguang did not go home tonight, but lived there!

Xiao Guo and the other staff shouted Zhang Tianguang’s name loudly, but no one answered. The smoke was too heavy for them to enter, and they didn’t know whether Zhang Tianguang was alive or dead.

The firefighter broke the window glass and poured water into the room, but one person exclaimed, “Look at this curtain, there is blood!”

Everyone was frightened and stepped up to fight the fire, worrying that Zhang Tianguang inside had an accident.

The fire was extinguished, and the firefighter immediately entered the burning room. As soon as he entered the door, he found Zhang Tianguang lying on the ground beside the bed, sniffing his breath, and was already out of breath.

The police sirens rang out and stopped outside the community. Qi Zirui and his party hurriedly got out of the police car and rushed to the fire site.

“Head, man is dead.” Mu Hui (male police officer) stretched out his hand to test Zhang Tianguang’s breath. He was out of breath. He put on his gloves and probed his neck. There were no traces of beating. His pupils were dilated, no focus, and he couldn’t help. Shaking his head, Zhang Tianguang is dead.

Qi Zirui nodded. People from the forensic department will be there soon. What he has to do now is to carefully search for clues on the scene, hoping to get favorable clues.

Putting on his gloves, Qi Zirui squatted down and began to look around the deceased. He found that there were bloodstains everywhere in the fired room, and there were stab wounds on the deceased’s body. This could not have been caused by the fire. It was preliminarily determined that it should be a murder case.

“Boss, I asked the staff here. They said that the deceased was named Zhang Tianguang. He was kind to others and didn’t have any grudges with anyone.” Su Er (the female police officer) stood beside Qi Zirui with her notepad. Report.

Didn’t complain with others? But he died in his own office? Could it be a robbery? Qi Zirui carefully inspected the wound on Zhang Tianguang’s body. There are several possibilities in my mind, and it seems that the specific cause of death can only be known when a forensic doctor arrives.

When Qin Luge and his colleagues rushed to the scene, the familiar figure on the scene shocked Qin Luge’s heart. Could it be him?

“Sister Qin, what’s the matter with you?” Not far from the scene, Qi Ziyu (forensic technician) looked back at Qin Luge. I don’t know why she stopped. There was rarely a trace of panic on her face. The steady composure shown on weekdays is totally inconsistent.

Qin Luge didn’t seem to hear Qi Ziyu’s questioning. The moment she saw Qi Zirui turning around, her breathing almost stopped, it was really him!

I didn’t expect to see Qi Zirui again here. It was this man who allowed her to slowly grow from a medical waste material to a top student in the class, but she was happiest when she thought they would graduate like this, and then work in a hospital together. At the time, Qi Zirui disappeared without saying a word!

Although Qi Zirui was dressed in plain clothes, the only people who were able to walk around the scene at will were members of the task force. Qin Luge never expected that the medical genius four years ago would become a police officer now?

“Sister Qin, everyone is waiting for you!” Seeing that Qin Luge was still quiet, Qi Ziyu touched Qin Luge’s waist with his elbow as a reminder. If you delay like this, everyone should talk about their methods later. The medical staff neglected their work.

Qin Luge suddenly returned to his senses, and smiled awkwardly at Qi Ziyu, “Sorry, I was a little dizzy just now, let’s go over.”

Seeing Qin Luge’s face pale, Qi Ziyu was a little worried, “Sister Qin, why don’t you go back to rest? Here we can do it.”

“I’m okay, maybe it was too late to go home by plane yesterday and I didn’t have a good rest.” Qin Luge is not the kind of person who delays official affairs because of private affairs. Even if she meets Qi Zirui in this situation, she can’t express herself. She has always been obsessed with him, maybe people have forgotten her a long time ago!

Qin Luge’s strength is a habit gradually developed after work. She doesn’t want others to see her fragile side, let alone make her old feelings unforgettable in front of Qi Zirui.

Qi Ziyu was right to think about it. Qin Luge had just been transferred to the forensic medicine department of City A. He arrived yesterday, and there was a murder case today. No wonder she couldn’t bear it.

“Zi Yu, how did you come?” As soon as Qi Zirui stood up, he saw Qi Ziyu walking in the front, and quickly pulled Qi Ziyu inside.

Qi Ziyu frowned, every time his old brother was so rude to her, “By the way, today our forensic department has a new senior chemist, Qin Luge.”

“Qin Luge?” The moment he heard the name, Qi Zirui was still playing a drum in his heart. After seeing the woman he missed but didn’t dare to see again, he clenched his fists tightly. He thought that they would never see each other again in this life…