002 Surprised that he is married

002 Surprised, he is married

The two people facing each other looked at each other, Qi Zirui had already put away the shock just now, with no waves in his eyes, as if seeing a stranger, without emotion.

Qin Luge’s heart throbbed for a while, did he really remember himself? Fortunately, the relationship between him and her should have been completely broken as early as four years ago.

Directly bypassing Qi Zirui, Qin Luge opened the toolbox and began to collect evidence on the scene.

Qi Zirui stared at Qin Luge’s thin back for a long while. He remembered Qin Luge’s slightly fat baby four years ago, and she looked really cute, but now she is tall and moving, intellectual and charming.

Did Qin Luge ignore himself just now? Qi Zirui suddenly felt a little frustrated. It seemed that Qin Luge didn’t want to see him as much as he thought. Thinking of this, Qi Zirui smiled helplessly. What else did he want to do? As early as four years ago, they had already Can’t go back, right?

Qin Luge carefully searched for any clues that could solve the case. The deceased’s body was located on the ground near the window on the west side of the bed, covered with clothing and bedding leftovers.

Looking at the right wrist of the deceased, there was a scorched silk stocking makeup rope wrapped around. There was a machete on the right side. A piece of burnt gray-blue jacket with plaid was found in the ashes at the end of the bed, and these exhibits were put into the sealed one. Inside the bag, Qin Luge began to take back his tools.

The air in the room was filled with a strong smell of gasoline, which must have been set on fire after the suspect had committed the crime.

Thinking that investigating suspects should be the task of the special case team, Qin Luge shook his head and felt that he shouldn’t spend too much of his brainpower. It was the right thing to go back to test the evidence and the autopsy.

“The results of the test will be sent to your task force as soon as possible. I won’t disturb you. Let’s go back to the laboratory.” Qin Luge politely said goodbye to Qi Zirui, as if two people had never known each other before. .

Qi Zirui politely stretched out his hand, “Thank you.”

Qin Luge smiled in return, and did not reach out and hold her hand back. In her mind, “If you leave, there will be no time limit.” Even if you meet again, you will be a stranger. She really can’t communicate with her former lover and friends. Or at the same time, getting along with each other in general, being alienated, is her only defense.

Qi Ziyu said in embarrassment, “Brother, Sister Qin is like this. You are not familiar with her, so she doesn’t like to talk to you. When you two get acquainted, you will know that she is not such a cold person.”

Qi Ziyu started an internship in Qin Luge’s place of work, and then returned to work in City A, so he naturally understood Qin Luge’s personality.

How could Qi Zirui not know the qualities of Qin Luge, but he did not expect that he would become one of the people who are not familiar with Qin Luge.

Back in the car, Qin Luge realized later, “Ziyu, that police officer is your brother?” Why didn’t she find out? They look so alike and their names are so similar. They turned out to be brothers and sisters.

“Yeah, he is two years older than me! And oh, my brother is not a police officer, he is a senior inspector!” When it comes to this, Qi Ziyu seems particularly proud. Indeed, any girl, If there was an older brother who was a senior inspector, he would think it was a lot of face.

Senior Inspector? Qin Luge couldn’t help being shocked. After only four years, Qi Zirui actually took the position of senior inspector? He’s only 24 years old, isn’t this a bit too supernatural?

After thinking about it, Qi Zirui was originally different from ordinary people, and it was no surprise that he was promoted to a senior inspector so quickly with his smart brain.

Through the car window, Qin Luge’s sight tightly locked Qi Zirui who was still investigating the scene, unable to return to his senses for a long time.

Qi Ziyu sensitively noticed that Qin Luge’s eyes looked unusual at Qi Zirui, and he couldn’t help but raised a question mark in his heart, thinking, would Sister Qin look after her brother, right?

“My brother was chased by a lot of girls back then, but my sister-in-law finally got it done!” Qi Ziyu pretended to accidentally tell Qin Luge that Qi Zirui was not single. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Qin Luge, it was because of her. I think Qin Luge is a good woman, so I don’t want her to waste her mind on a married man.

sister in law? Is it a girlfriend? Qin Luge was nervous and hoped that the “sister-in-law” in Qi Ziyu’s mouth was just a girlfriend. She didn’t know what she was still looking forward to, but she couldn’t restrain her thoughts. She admitted that in the past four years, she Thinking of Qi Zirui is going crazy.

“Your brother is married?” Qin Luge forced a smile at the corner of his mouth, making himself seem as indifferent as possible, Quandang asked casually.

Qi Ziyu’s head was like peeling garlic, “Yes, he was married four years ago, when he was only 20 years old, I am really curious how he got his marriage certificate at that time!”