003 Give me the phone number

003 Give me the phone number

What else did Qi Ziyu say later, Qin Luge couldn’t understand a single sentence, and only one sentence echoed in her mind, he is married, he is married…

What are you still looking forward to? Qin Luge secretly despised himself. Qi Zirui got married four years ago, so why bother to provoke her before?

Throwing off her bored head, trying to force herself to stop thinking about Qi Zirui. God told her to see Qi Zirui today, so I must make her give up completely, right? Fortunately, starting from today, she really doesn’t have to hold any hope anymore.

“Ziyu, you and Xiaobao will take these physical evidence for testing, I will pack it up to test the corpse.” As soon as he arrived in the laboratory, Qin Luge resumed his previous ability, and now the 24-year-old Qin Luge will never again. It’s not the college student who can’t control his emotions anymore.

Qin Xiaobao (a technician in the forensic medicine department) took the bag of evidence handed by Qin Luge and squatted, “Hey, when can I stop for a few months to let me rest?”

“Cut, who wants to have a life case? But we can’t stop this. Let’s get to work!” Yang Aoxue (Secretary of Forensic Medicine) stared at Qin Xiaobao’s head with a thud.

Qi Ziyu shook his head helplessly. Every time there is a case, Qin Xiaobao will definitely come out like this. She is not surprised, “I said Qin Xiaobao, you and Qin sister are cousins ​​and brothers, why is the difference between you two so big? Woolen cloth?”

Qin Xiaobao touched the back of his head, and Qi Ziyu’s words were disapproving, “My sister has devoted himself to work. I haven’t seen her find a boyfriend in the past few years. How can I look like a woman? I don’t want to be like her. A workaholic.”

Qin Luge frowned, Qin Xiaobao really dare to say anything, “Qin Xiaobao, you feel itchy, right? Next time your aunt asks you to go on a blind date, don’t expect me to help you as a shield.”

“Don’t, sister, I was joking just now! It is said that women who work hard are the most attractive, and men like you are the most favorite.” Qin Xiaobao changed his attitude and immediately smiled at Qin Luge. , He is still so young, he doesn’t want to be forced by his mother to go on a blind date.

Qin Luge gave Qin Xiaobao a blank look and shook his head helplessly. When can her younger brother be more serious?

“Hurry up and do things, life is a matter of life, so sloppy.” After changing clothes, Qin Luge put a smile on her face. She had never been so nervous before, because this time because of Qi Zirui, she felt that this work was very difficult.

Putting on his gloves, Qin Luge began to conduct a detailed examination of the deceased’s body. The respiratory tract was clean and there was no smoke or dust. In this case, it should have been a fire after death. There were more than ten stab wounds all over the body, almost all on the chest and back. , There are multiple ruptures in the internal organs, it should be hemorrhagic shock and death.

At present, Qin Luge can only determine the cause of death of the deceased, but cannot determine what caused the deceased to be killed. This has to look at the clues found by the special case team and work together to make a hypothesis. The deceased is in good health, and the one who can subdue and kill him must be a young man.

Judging from the scars on his body, according to Qin Luge’s professional judgment, the murderer should be a young man in his 30s.

After coming out of the autopsy room, Qin Luge felt that his head was really dizzy. He took out his mobile phone and found that it was time to get off work.

It was not too early to fill in the conclusion. Qin Luge organized the report and put it in his portfolio. Originally, he wanted Qin Xiaobao to send the information to the task force, but when he arrived at the office, he found that everyone was gone.

Is it true that I have to send it by myself? What should she do if she encounters Qi Zirui, can she still be as calm as the afternoon?

Immediately Qin Luge shook his head again, pointing out that Qi Zirui was not going out, besides, she didn’t have to hand over the information to Qi Zirui, it was the same for the police officers of the task force.

Thinking about this, Qin Luge put on his coat and went out.

The task force and the forensic medicine department are in the same building, but there are two floors between them, and Qin Luge will soon arrive.

What Qin Luge never expected was that he, who had always been cautious, had forgotten that the forensic medicine department was off work, and there was no reason for the special team to get off work overtime!

You can enter and leave the work place after you have fingerprinted and scanned your work card. For convenience, the work card of the forensic medicine department can also open the door to the task force.

Entering inside, Qin Luge tried to find a personal shadow, but there was no one in his eyes. He caught a glimpse of the light in the office where the “Senior Inspector” hung on the doorplate was still on. Qin Luge hesitated again.

If you want to escape, Qin Luge’s self-esteem and pride are not allowed. You must cross this hurdle, otherwise she will have many opportunities to meet Qi Zirui in the future, and she will have to face it sooner or later.

He tapped Qi Zirui’s office, a magnetic and slightly irritable voice came from inside, “Come in.”

Isn’t he okay? With a question mark in his heart, Qin Luge didn’t go into it, twisting the doorknob, Qi Zirui didn’t raise his head because someone came in, Qin Luge was polite and didn’t get too close, but walked to Qi Zirui’s desk. , “Inspector Qi, this is the autopsy report of the deceased. If you have time to read it, if you have any questions, you can ask your staff to come to the forensic department to ask me.”

“How much is your phone number?” Qi Ziruiqiang suppressed the surge in his heart, and when he raised his head, he was already indifferent.

Qin Luge’s heart felt a little, he asked her for her phone number? What’s the meaning? Is it possible that he is still…no, no, his expression is so cold, how could he still be interesting to himself.

“This has nothing to do with the case, right?” Qin Luge didn’t know what Qi Zirui’s purpose was. Should he tell him when he asked her? Wouldn’t you underestimate her too much?

Qi Zirui raised his eyebrows, “What do you think I want you to do on the phone? It is so convenient to have a phone, so you have to waste time and let people go to your forensic department to ask? Such a waste of manpower and energy, I guess you are not willing to do it? “