004 Bar Compensated Dating Girl

004 Bar Compensated Dating Girl

Qin Luge swears that she really wants to rush to kill Qi Zirui, this poisonous tongue guy, so why can he treat herself like this? He has struggled for so many years, and now he is so ridiculously ridiculing himself?

Although he felt angry, Qin Luge was able to endure it very well. At this moment, in this situation, it is an extremely unwise choice to talk nonsense with Qi Zirui.

Quoting his mobile phone number, Qin Luge believed that Qi Zirui’s memory would be enough to write it down after listening to it once.

“I’ve brought things to you, I’ll go now.” Qin Luge stared at Qi Zirui bitterly. She really didn’t expect Qi Zirui to be so unrelenting, so she could not help but let Qin Lu be so indifferent. Ge wondered if he ever loved himself.

Qi Zirui took the file and put it on his desk, facing Qin Luge’s back, not rushing or slowing down, “Wait a minute, stay for a while, there are some questions, you need to ask for advice.”

“It’s getting late. I should go to dinner. If you have any questions, I will ask tomorrow.” Qin Luge really doesn’t like the way the two get along. It makes her feel uncomfortable. She is a stranger and never let her She felt so strange.

As an inspector, Qi Zirui’s compulsory course is his comprehension, so how can he fail to hear that Qin Luge’s remarks are excuses.

Qin Luge’s tight shoulders revealed her tension, and the source of her tension was herself, which made Qi Zirui very happy.

“It just so happens that I’m hungry too, then we will talk while eating, and I will treat.” Qi Zirui began to pack the things on the desk, got up and picked up the coat before going out.

Qin Luge wanted to refuse, but then he thought about it, it wasn’t him who was wrong back then, why should she be so spineless like a tortoise?

Go and go, what’s the big deal, just treat Qi Zirui as a boring old man!

Before leaving the building, Qi Zirui’s phone rang like urging.

Taking a look at the caller ID, Qi Zirui couldn’t help but frowned, and then answered the phone, “Hey, what, you help me look at her, I’ll come over right away.”

When Qin Luge heard it, he thought that he finally didn’t have to go to dinner with Qi Zirui. Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, Qi Zirui was quickly pulled into the car.

“What are you doing?” Inexplicably, stuffed her into the car without her consent?

Qi Zirui didn’t watch Qin Lu’s song either, “Fasten your seat belt, I want you to help me if I have something to do.”

“Why do you think that I would be willing to help you!” Qin Luge was angry, and Qi Zirui’s attitude towards him was fine, and now he doesn’t ask her opinion to make his own way, too self-centered!

Qi Zirui started the car without being affected by Qin Luge’s words, “Do you think there is a difference between whether you are willing or not?”

“Rogue!” What can Qin Luge say when the person is in the car, is it possible to jump off the car? She is not that stupid.

As the car drove along the bustling street, Qin Luge felt that the route was not right the more she looked at it. She had been in university for four years and she was quite familiar with this scene. Seeing this, it seemed like she was going to the bar street?

“Hey, what are you going to do?” Qin Luge really didn’t know what he could do in a bar, and the bar was too noisy, she didn’t like it.

The car “shooed” and stopped steadily at the door of a bar called “Qiu Shui”, “Go in and you’ll know it, get off.”

“I’m not going.” Qin Luge didn’t want his ears to be torn, much less looked at the exposed men and women, cuddling and touching them.

Qi Zirui frowned, this woman is still stubborn as always, “Are you going to get off the car by yourself, or do you want me to help you?”

“You…” Looking at Qi Zirui, who had reached his waist, Qin Luge gritted his teeth fiercely and counted him as ruthless!

When Qin Luge got out of the car, Qi Zirui grabbed his wrist tightly, “Don’t think of slipping away, there is business for you to help.”

Qi Zirui dragged him into the bar all the way, and men and women looked at them from time to time. It was because Qi Zirui was too handsome or Qin Luge was too charming.

“Zirui, you can count it. I just watched Xiaolei go in with a bunch of men.” Qi Zirui was blocked by a man as soon as he walked to the door of a private room.

With a solemn expression, Qi Zirui kicked the door of the private room with a kick, and there was a mess inside. He was drinking a lot of food, and he saw the drunk-eyed Xiaolei at a glance.

Regardless of the eyes of everyone inside, Qi Zirui pulled the drunk and swaying Xiao Lei, “Follow me back!”

“You are not me, why let me go back with you.” Xiao Lei shook off Qi Zirui’s hand and held her, showing no mercy.

Qi Zirui didn’t interrupt and talked nonsense with Xiaolei, and walked out without taking her two steps. Before she took two steps, she was blocked by a few men, “Who are you? You guys have a good chat with this girl. What are you making trouble, don’t delay a few brothers to do business later!”

Qin Luge was embarrassed. The words “doing business” from those men could think of what she was going to do. She just didn’t know what the relationship between this girl and Qi Zirui was, and how could it make him so happy and angry. Angered.

“Yes, she took our money, do you want to just take her away like this?”

Upon hearing this, two words appeared in Qin Luge’s mind, “compensated dating”?