144 I’m Sorry

144 Soft legs, dizzy

Seeing Qin Luge running into a dead end, Qi Zirui was nervous to death. Dong Yongqiang was stuck at the entrance of the alley. He could not get to Qin Luge’s side smoothly. If Dong Yongqiang really made a move, he could not stop it.

With this recognition, Qi Zirui’s old heart is tighter than twists, Dong Yongqiang is getting closer and closer to Qin Luge, and he rushes over now and has no time to throw Dong Yongqiang down.

The only thing he can do is to quickly find any help around him that can help him avoid Dong Yongqiang and fall to Qin Luge’s side.

“My wife, delay as much as possible and distract him. I will surely make you safe and sound.” Qi Zirui pointed to the headset, trying to make his voice sound as calm as possible, so as not to put pressure on Qin Luge.

Of course Qi Zirui knew that if he was panicked at this time, then Qin Luge would be even more afraid. Before he came to Qin Luge, he had to instill a belief in Qin Luge that he had been with her, he would let her Safe, she will be fine.

Qi Zirui’s low voice came from the earphones, which made Qin Luge almost cry. Only when there is a real crisis can she know how much she hopes that the one she loves can appear in front of her and hug her. She, give her a kiss.

The physical discomfort is getting worse, maybe it is because you are too nervous? Qin Luge took a deep breath, letting herself relax as much as possible. Sometimes people are too nervous, which can cause dizziness and vomiting. In her current state, even if she wants to struggle, she is weak.

She definitely can’t mess with herself first, she believes Qi Zirui will protect her.

“Couldn’t you kill the three people who died before?” Qin Luge calmed himself and asked Dong Yongqiang in surprise, hoping to delay as much as possible so that Qi Zirui could think of a way to save himself.

It just so happens that if Dong Yongqiang can answer her questions, it can also be used as evidence in court. After all, she has a monitor on her body and the police can also hear her conversation with Dong Yongqiang.

Facing the dying person, Dong Yongqiang naturally felt that there was no need to hide anything. Instead, his expression was jealous and arrogant. “Yes, I killed them. They deserve to die. Soon you will be like them. Since you are all laughing.” I am ugly, then I will let you become like me!”

“According to what you said, those who have ridiculed you, you want to retaliate back one by one. I won’t be the last, and there will be more people killed by you in the future?” Qin Luge had to say Because of Dong Yongqiang’s long-term inferiority complex environment, serious psychological problems have appeared.

Dong Yongqiang’s expression was very natural, and when answering Qin Luge’s question, it was a subconscious reaction. It did not seem to be manipulated. Qin Luge thought, maybe she thinks too much. There is no such magical hypnotism in the world. Everything has nothing to do with seniors.

“Anyway, I have already killed so many, and I don’t care about killing a few more. In the future, whoever dares to laugh at me and look down on me, I will let whoever die!” Dong Yongqiang’s eyes became increasingly fierce.

Indeed, when I killed the first person, I was scared and nervous, but after killing one after another, I was already killing people, so I didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with my behavior, and I didn’t feel that there was anything to be afraid of. So, this is why serial killers kill more and more courageously.

“You’re so sure, the police won’t be able to find out that you killed the person?” Qin Luge didn’t know what Qi Zirui’s situation was. She was really afraid that she could not support it and fainted and could not wait for Qi Zirui to appear. In front of her.

Dong Yongqiang coldly snorted, “If the police are useful, how come they still don’t know that I killed the person, and you don’t know me, no one will suspect me, so you will die. People can save you, this alley, no one will pass by at all, knowing that it is a dead end, who will come here, only you who don’t know the way will break in here and wait for my knife to go through your neck Haha, before your consciousness completely disappears, I let you feel the pain of being cut off your nose, let you taste the suffering that I have suffered all these years!”

Qin Luge was frightened, and instinctively wanted to retreat, and just after taking two steps, his back had hit the high wall, which made him more passive and had more limited space to move.

Although afraid, Qin Luge still mustered the courage to take a few steps forward to ensure that he had room to move around, so that he could avoid Dong Yongqiang’s attack as much as possible.

Otherwise, she leaned her back against the wall, and as soon as Dong Yongqiang pressed it up, she would be unable to move.

“Have you ever thought of your parents? They are definitely not under less pressure than you, but what about you, what are you doing to give them back?” Qin Luge’s mind turned sharply, remembering the information she knew about Dong Yongqiang before.

According to the data, Dong Yongqiang’s family was not from City A. Because his mother gave birth to a congenitalally mutilated son, the grandparents in the family were not able to accept it, so he never liked them, and he kept encouraging his son to divorce his daughter-in-law. Marry.

But Dong Yongqiang’s father loved his wife and children very much. Even if Dong Yongqiang’s face was mutilated, he still refused to give up. Finally, he was forced by the family to leave his hometown and settled in City A.

Although the outside world has always had colored eyes on Dong Yongqiang, his parents are extremely caring for him, so the three of them have a deep affection.

So, Dong Yongqiang should also be very concerned about his parents’ opinion of him? If his parents knew that the son they cared about was too inferior, which led to a mental disorder and one after another, how painful it would be.

Qin Luge’s words caused Dong Yongqiang to fall into a strong heart struggle. On the one hand, it was the feelings of his parents and the resentment on the other. Both sides were pulling fiercely.

Qi Zirui entered the residential building closest to the Hutong, quickly climbed to the fourth floor, put on gloves, and took risks. He climbed on the balcony on the fourth floor. The floors below the fourth floor did not have a balcony.

Although the fourth floor is high and dangerous, it has the advantage that he is not easily spotted by Dong Yongqiang in the alley when he walks on the balcony.

In this way, it is convenient for Qi Zirui to get close to the drain pipe, and then climb down the drain pipe and land on the high wall closest to Qin Luge’s position.

While trying to climb, listen to the conversation between Qin Luge and Dong Yongqiang at the same time, so as to know whether Qin Luge is still safe.

Qi Zirui, who is dual-purpose, is naturally more difficult. If it weren’t for wearing gloves, the sweat on his palms would probably make him unable to hold the aid.

He thinks that his psychological quality is excellent, but now he is a little flustered. Only he knows that his hands are trembling, and his heart beats so fast that it hits his heart, feeling It is more than ten times heavier than before, and it feels hard to breathe.

But now Qi Zirui can’t tolerate too much thinking. There is only one thought in his mind. He has to calm down, hold steady, and land safely, otherwise, everything will be over.

After a long period of ideological struggle, Dong Yongqiang laughed again, staring at Qin Luge with a gloomy look, “As long as you die, no one will know that I killed someone, and my parents won’t know, you know so. Many, there is no reason to keep you alive, so don’t bother, want to delay waiting for someone to save you? Save it, don’t treat me as a fool.”

Qin Luge’s eyes narrowed slightly, and it seemed that he could not stop it, but where did Qi Zirui die? Why didn’t you even see a shadow?

Only the sound of hula hula came from the headset, and I didn’t know what Qi Zirui was doing.

Because the long hair covered his ears, Dong Yongqiang couldn’t notice the strangeness of Qin Luge, only surprised that she was afraid, so her expression drifted away.

The cold light in front of her flashed, Dong Yongqiang’s knife approached, Qin Luge wanted to avoid, but her feet were soft, she thought she was not too courageous to be frightened, but her legs were weak. Can’t move half a minute, Ciao, is it true that yesterday’s excessive exercise has caused her body functions to be unable to follow her orders?

If it wasn’t for a crisis, Qin Luge would have to curse Qi Zirui a thousand times before it would have happened.

Can’t hide, Qin Luge doesn’t have that great endurance, watching himself being wiped by others, closing his eyes subconsciously, praying silently, Qi Zirui, Qi Zirui, come here!

There was a bang, the sound of the knife falling, followed by a muffled grunt, the sound of heavy objects hitting the wall.

Qin Luge was overjoyed and opened his eyes in surprise. Sure enough, her man came like a savior and kicked away the dagger in Dong Yongqiang’s hand. A heavy fist knocked Dong Yongqiang back three steps in a row. On a hard wall.

Qi Zirui quickly pulled Qin Luge into the area he could protect. Just when he came down, he encountered a small problem. The gloves were hooked on the steel wire. If the gloves were removed, they would not be slip resistant, which would delay the fall time. If he didn’t take off his gloves, he would have to untie the entangled steel wire and it would take time, so he was almost too late. Fortunately, he caught up.

Mu Huihuaqing and the others immediately rushed out and forced Dong Yong to conquer. The dagger that fell on the ground must be the same tool he used to commit the crime before. Take it away and use it as a crop certificate.

Qin Luge relaxed, his strength was pulled away in an instant, his face became pale and ugly, cold sweat continued, his eyes were dark and dizzy.

Qi Zirui had quick eyes and quick hands, reached out his hand to catch the crumbling Qin Luge, let Hua Qing handle the next thing, and rushed to the hospital with Qin Luge in his arms.

Last night he admitted that he had exercised a little too much, and it was not a few times like this. I have never seen Qin Luge so weak. He felt very distressed when he hugged Qin Luge’s light body in his arms, and he was flustered for no reason. .