145 Going to get a certificate to have a baby

145 Going to get a certificate to have a baby

Qi Zirui paced back and forth anxiously in the corridor of the hospital. As soon as the doctor came out, he rushed to ask what happened to Qin Luge.

Obviously he used to be a genius of the University of Medicine, but now, Qi Zirui knows that once the person he cares about most has an accident, he can’t calm down and judge what the reason is. Perhaps he is really more suitable for being a policeman.

It’s not the first time that the doctor saw a nervous young man like Qi Zirui, and he couldn’t help but chuckle. Nowadays, it is rare for young people to be so nervous about their wives.

Qi Zirui was nervous to die, and the doctor looked at him with a smile, and couldn’t help making him panic even more, “What’s the matter with my wife?”

“It’s okay, I’m just frightened.” At the beginning of pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s physique was not better than that of ordinary people. Qin Luge didn’t rest well last night, and he was almost wiped his neck by Dong Yongqiang, and it was normal to pass out.

Just frightened? It’s that simple? Anyway, Qi Zirui also understands some common sense in medicine. Qin Luge is not easy to be frightened, and has good physical fitness. Her frail appearance just now seems to be very serious. How could it be frightened?

“Doctor, did you check it wrong? My wife’s complexion is all the same, there really is no other problem?” Qi Zirui almost suspected that Qin Luge had some kind of terminal illness and colluded with the doctor to lie to him.

Seeing that Qi Zirui’s eyes were full of confusion, the doctor couldn’t help being surprised, “You didn’t know that your wife was pregnant? It’s been 25 days.”

“Pregnant?” Qi Zirui subconsciously repeated the doctor’s words, without responding for a while, silently reading several times before realizing that he is going to be a father, “Doctor, is it true that you are talking about it? Really pregnant? “

“Please, please don’t question my professional ability.” The doctor couldn’t laugh or cry. Sure enough, no matter how smart people are, there are times when they are stupid.

After thanking the doctor happily, Qi Zirui hurriedly entered the ward. Qin Luge hadn’t woken up yet, with a needle in his hand and a nutrient solution hanging on it, and the oval face was still very pale.

Qi Zirui suddenly blamed himself very much. The last time Qin Luge was pregnant, he was careless and did not notice, so the child accidentally miscarried. This time Qin Luge became pregnant again, she still didn’t notice, and even indulged her in a trap, almost. This child may not have time to see his father again.

I feel scared after thinking about it. Qi Zirui wanted to slap himself, how he was a man of others, and he didn’t even notice that his woman was pregnant twice. Damn it!

As soon as Qin Luge opened his eyes, he saw Qi Zirui’s annoyed look that he could not help but frown. How could this man compare with himself?

“What’s the matter with you?” After staring at Qi Zirui for a long while, Qin Luge didn’t see Qi Zirui look up at him.

Hearing Qin Luge’s voice, Qi Zirui rubbed his head and raised his head, “Are you awake? How is it? Is there anything uncomfortable, hungry, thirsty? What do you want to eat? Do you want to drink water? Cold? Cold? May I add a quilt for you?”

“Stop, stop, you ask so many questions, which one should I answer first?” Qin Luge was horrified, when did Qi Zirui become so wordy? Why didn’t she find out before?

Qi Zirui realized that he seemed to be too nervous, “I just want to know if you are still uncomfortable. If you have any, you must tell me. Don’t keep it from me. Even if you are hungry or thirsty in the future. , And tell me as soon as possible.”

“Huh?” Qin Luge was speechless, not so much, even these sesame mung bean big things should be let Qi Zirui know for the first time? Does she have to report to Qi Zirui how many times a day she urinates?

In fact, Qi Zirui had this plan. After Qin Luge goes to the bathroom, he will accompany her to prevent any possible accidents.

“Wife, you are really too brave, I really regret that I promised you to go into danger, do you know? If you and your child are in trouble, do I have to live?” Qi Zirui thought of the loss of the first child The pain at that time made him feel lingering in his heart, and he never wanted to experience this kind of heartbreak a second time.

Qin Luge frowned, what a big deal, it’s normal to handle a case, it’s normal to have risks, besides, isn’t she good and not hurt at all?

And also successfully seized evidence of Dong Yongqiang’s murder. Isn’t this a good thing?

Wait, Qin Luge’s mind finally turned to the second half of what Qi Zirui said, “What do I and the child? What do you mean?”

“Wife, you are going to be a mother. Please think about me and my child before doing things. My heart can’t stand your back and forth fright, and the child can’t hold you back and forth. The most important thing is you, your body. No more than before, especially when you are pregnant now, if you hit where, where you bumped into, will you feel more uncomfortable then?”

Qi Zirui was very hard-hearted. He knew that abortion was too much damage to the body for a woman. Qin Luge felt distressed to death once he experienced it. If there was another chance, he would have a second time, how could he bear it.

If Qin Luge is in pain, Qi Zirui will be very painful. He is not willing to let Qin Luge suffer half the pain.

At the same time, Qi Zirui also hopes that this child will be born safely. This is the crystallization of him and Qin Luge, who have firmly locked the two of them together, and will never be able to leave.

Imagining the days when their family of three will be peaceful and Meimei, Qi Zirui feels very yearning.

“I’m pregnant?” Qin Luge was a little unbelievable. Why was it so sudden that she didn’t seem to feel at all?

Qi Zirui’s expression was definitely not lying. Before Qin Luge contacted her to pass out, she did feel dizzy and nauseous, with a faint pain in her stomach. She only thought it was caused by excessive indulgence. Without thinking, she was so confused. Is pregnant with a baby.

Qin Luge reflected on herself and had to admit that she was too careless. She was a qualified forensic doctor, but not a qualified doctor, and she didn’t even notice that she was pregnant.

“The doctor said that it has been 25 days. I told you to buy a pregnancy test stick for you to test it. You would not want to do it all the time. If you get the test earlier, you will know it. When I took you to the hospital just now, my heartbeat was almost beaten It’s scared.” Qi Zirui was not exaggerating. When he got out of the car and entered the hospital with Qin Luge in his arms, he felt breathless for a while.

Qin Luge lowered his eyebrows in shame, but he refused to admit his mistake, “Are you blaming me?”

“I’m not to blame you, but myself. In some places, I didn’t do well enough. I will pay attention to it in the future. If I knew you were pregnant earlier, I wouldn’t be tossing you every night. Fortunately, my baby is full of vitality. He can hold it when I say hello. Otherwise, if my baby is gone because of my excessive exercise, are you asking me to pay for my baby, or do you chop off the culprit from me?”

Qi Zirui is half joking and half serious. This is indeed a problem. During the first three months of pregnancy, especially those who can’t exercise vigorously, a little carelessness will cause the baby to be gone.

Qin Luge chuckled and slammed Qi Zirui’s chest angrily, “Do you still know you used too much force? How many times have you told you so that you can relax a little?”

“Don’t you like it too? I yelled no more, too tired, but your arms and legs are holding me tight, don’t you want to continue? Do you want me to expose you?” Qi Zirui smiled triumphantly He doesn’t say that he has first-class skills, but at least he can please Qin Luge. This is very important.

Qin Luge was speechless, and Qi Zirui said it. This is not a shame. With her own man, why does she like that? However, Qi Zirui still felt very embarrassed to be said so bluntly.

“Talking about the child, where did you go!” He could only correct the topic, because of his shyness, Qin Luge’s pale face finally appeared blush.

Qi Zirui shrugged his shoulders and spread his hands, “OK, kid, from now on, we won’t eat out anymore. I will buy vegetables and cook at home. I will arrange your three meals a day.”

“Do you have to go home to cook at noon? Are you okay? You still have to go to work, you are so busy.” Qin Luge was a little skeptical. Qi Zirui’s work was so busy that he was too busy to do so. Make her a nutritious meal?

Qi Zirui is very determined, “For my wife and children, I just say yes.”

“You can do it, I can’t. Sometimes I get busy, and I may not get off work on time.” Sometimes I do a laboratory test. It is impossible to save half of the test until the next day.

As soon as Qin Luge’s voice fell, he received Qi Zirui’s big eyes and an angry stare.

“What do you do when you are pregnant? Ask for leave to raise your baby at home.” Qi Zirui doesn’t want Qin Luge to be busy with a big belly. Pregnant women just wait to enjoy the good. Do it.

Qin Luge was stunned, “It doesn’t need to be this way, I’m only 25 days old now, why don’t you have to wait until your belly grows up before taking time off for labor?” Qin Luge deeply felt that Qi Zirui was crazy, although the forensic department was under Qi Zirui. Jurisdiction, but not with such abuse of private rights, okay?

“I don’t care, you have promised me that you will listen to me in the future. Do you want to break your promise?” Qi Zirui hadn’t discussed it. He said nothing would allow Qin Luge to work with the child.

Qin Luge was dumb. Indeed, when she asked Qi Zirui to let her be a bait to lure Dong Yongqiang into the bait, she said that she would listen to Qi Zirui everything in the future. Unexpectedly, Qi Zirui would use these words to shut her mouth so soon. NS.

“I will be boring if I don’t work, and it’s easy for pregnant women to be bored.” Qin Luge feels horrified when she thinks about how she looks in front of rice worms at home. There are nine months left, how can she stand it?

Qi Zirui seriously considered the problems Qin Luge said, and it was impossible for Qin Luge to continue working. At least he had to have children and confinement before he could return to work.

“It’s okay, I won’t make you bored. Anyway, Hua Qing and Yan Bo are as good as me in leadership. As a police inspector, I don’t have to go too hard to investigate the case and just leave the burden to them. I will spare a lot of time to accompany you, and then, every Sunday, I will accompany you back to my natal home. On Saturdays, we can also let Ziyu accompany you to go shopping. Occasionally, we can also go to the bookstore or stroll the garden.”

Qin Luge was dumbfounded when Qi Zirui finished talking about his arrangement very neatly.

I have to say that Qi Zirui’s arrangement is quite compact, and Qin Luge is counted even when he returns to her family’s house. It’s really considerate!

Qin Luge’s mouth twitched, and he despised Qi Zirui for a long time before he had to shrug his head and surrender for the time being, “Or else, if there will be cases in the future, you can tell me about the case. I will provide you as a bystander. provide advices?”

“That’s a good idea, the deal!” Qi Zirui was very satisfied with Qin Luge’s idea, so that when Qin Luge is free, he can still do something.

After the nutrient solution was infused, Qin Luge could be discharged from the hospital. When he left, the doctor asked for some precautions. Qi Zirui listened very carefully to each word, and Qin Luge also remembered one by one in his heart. Both of them, the same. I hope this child will come in good health.

“My wife, there is one more thing. We will do it while it is still early!” Qi Zirui said without waiting for Qin Luge’s reaction, and directly pulled Qin Luge in a certain direction.

Qin Luge didn’t know why, until they stopped at the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Qin Luge didn’t know why Qi Zirui had brought her here.

“You promised yourself, haven’t you forgotten it?” Qi Zirui looked at Qin Luge nervously, for fear that she would regret it.

Qin Luge saw Qi Zirui’s anxiety under his eyes, and smiled, “Of course not.”

“My wife, I love you to death!” Qi Zirui smashed Qin Luge’s face with excitement, and beamed Qin Luge in.

The declaration of the mountain alliance’s oath of each other was no match for the two looking at each other. Under a seal, the names of the two of them would bind together forever and never separate.

Qin Luge never thought that one day she would get a marriage certificate with a man so easily, but when she really got to this point, she only felt that when she met the right person, she didn’t need to think too much, she was willing to entrust herself. To the man in front of him, let him walk all the roads in the future with him, and witness all the joys, sorrows, sorrows and joys of her in the future.

This joy, only they understand each other.

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