146 Finale

146 Finale

At the moment when he left the Civil Affairs Bureau, Qi Zirui felt that the weather today was exceptionally good, and the sun was exceptionally brilliant. Today is a really good day, with a wife and children, double happiness.

“I’ll take you to see my parents and tell them what we got the certificate.” Qi Zirui thought that he had never let Qin Luge see his parents, and was really disappointed.

Qin Luge was surprised, “Didn’t your parents have passed away?” How do you meet?

“Go to their tomb, they can see it.” Qi Zirui actually resisted going to his parents’ tomb. That would easily make him think of some things in the past, but now with Qin Luge and children, everything is nothing. Then there is the problem, he can overcome all the difficulties one by one.

“After seeing my parents, I will visit my father-in-law and mother-in-law.” Qi Zirui is already thinking about what to buy for his father-in-law and mother-in-law. It must be the favor of the two elders. Otherwise, how could he be embarrassed to say that he abducted their daughter. NS?

Qin Luge had no objection, and went to see Qi Zirui’s parents. This was what she should have. After knowing Qi Zirui for so many years, she had never seen his parents. Now that the yin and yang are separated, she should pay more attention to it.

As for her own parents, Qin Luge felt very guilty if she didn’t tell them in advance about the big matter of her marriage. Now that the case is coming to an end, both of them have free time. Naturally, they have to explain their situation in person.

Although Qin Luge knows that as long as the man he chooses, his parents will unconditionally support them, but after all, they are parents, and they still have to consider his and their feelings when they do what they do. Marriage must not be hidden from their parents. .

“You arrange.” Qin Luge directly handed over the decision to Qi Zirui. Since Qi Zirui said that she didn’t care about what she was pregnant, she would just be lazy.

The wind blew on his face and the sting was painful, but Qi Zirui didn’t feel cold at all, because he held Qin Luge in his hand, he felt warm no matter where he went.

Because of the location of the cemetery, there is a section of the cemetery where cars cannot be driven in. You can only walk. The journey is not far away. Several times Qi Zirui was afraid that Qin Luge had to walk hard and wanted to walk with her on his back. Qin Luge was afraid of injury. The child refused.

She is not so delicate yet, a few steps are nothing, and proper exercise for pregnant women is also necessary.

Because Qi Zirui’s parents died at the same time, it is a double tomb. The two tombstones are combined. On the top of the tombstone is a group photo. When they left, they were only 42 years old. The man is elegant and the woman is restrained and harmonious. , Very attractive.

“Your genes are very important when you grow up like this.” Qin Luge saw Qi Zirui’s expression a little bad, and started joking, hoping to soothe the sorrows in his heart that he could do nothing about the past.

Qi Zirui stretched out his hand to touch the back of Qin Luge’s head, “According to you, our children are either born with flowers, or with love.”

“Tsk tusk, you are quite good at putting gold on your face, you haven’t introduced me to your parents!” Although the name on the tombstone is clearly engraved, the meaning is completely different from Qi Zirui’s point of view .

“Dad, Mom, I came to see you. Look, this is the daughter-in-law I lied to you. She looks good, right? Her name is Qin Luge. She is an advanced laboratory in the forensic department. We are also colleagues. We work. At the time, if I miss her, I can go downstairs to find her. Isn’t it convenient? We got the marriage certificate today. Are you very happy? Also, you can be grandparents soon. Your daughter-in-law’s belly is pregnant with a little baby. Our family of three came to accompany you to talk to you. I used to be wrong. I didn’t come to see you often.

Qin Luge looked at Qi Zirui’s handsome face, feeling the seriousness of every word and every sentence. Qi Zirui had never spoken in such a lovely tone, introduced him to his family in heaven in this way of chatting. feels good.

“Dad, Mom, I hope you will like me calling you like this. From today on, I will run our home with Zirui and love him well. You don’t have to worry about him. We will visit you often in the future. Please bless us.” Qin Luge finished quietly, with a soft light on his face, harmonious and beautiful, peaceful and far-reaching.

Qi Zirui was undoubtedly extremely happy when he heard Qin Lu’s song calling “Parents”. This kind of treatment of each other’s parents as close relatives, truly integrated into each other’s lives, and let him treat each other in the future. The days are full of expectations.

On the way back, Qi Zirui kept staring at Qin Luge’s belly, as if to stare out a hole in Qin Luge’s belly.

Qin Luge didn’t even bother to roll his eyes, “Watch the road carefully, this road is not easy to walk, you are careful to throw a big ass!”

“Even if you wrestle, it is a happy wrestling.” Qi Zirui didn’t care at all. He couldn’t wait for Qin Luge’s stomach to bulge overnight, and then a little milk doll popped out, how wonderful!

“Then you fell one to show me, what do I think about your happiness?” Qin Luge sneered, Qi Zirui at this moment was like a child with honey.

Qi Zirui just giggled chuckles, “Wife, do you think our birth is a son or a daughter?”

“Do you want a daughter or a son?” Qin Luge really hasn’t thought about this question. Whether it’s a man or a woman, don’t you know when you are born?

“Of course I want a daughter, okay with a daughter, give birth to a son to compete with me?” Qi Zirui said, but as long as it is born to Qin Luge, he likes both males and females, but he is true. He is a daughter, he will definitely be loved like a princess.

Qin Luge thought secretly about her elbows. It’s very caring to have a daughter, and it’s not bad to have a son. She can protect her mother when she grows up, cough, cough, it seems that she thinks a little bit more?

“What do your parents like?” Thinking of visiting mother-in-law and father-in-law this time as a son-in-law, Qi Zirui’s heart is undoubtedly very disturbed. The last time he was at Qin Luge’s house, the fact that he pulled out chicken feathers is still fresh in my memory, hope This time I can give the two elders a good impression.

Qin Luge raised his eyebrows, “Anything is good, a question of mind.”

–split line–

Early in the morning, Qi Zirui and Qin Luge twisted the gift they bought yesterday, and they were going back to follow Qin Luge back to her family. The phone rang as soon as the front foot stepped out.

Qi Zirui’s face turned black after answering the phone, and looked at Qin Luge tangledly, very aggrieved, “A life case has been committed.”

“Fortunately, I didn’t notify my parents in advance. Otherwise, they have to wait. The investigation is more important. I don’t rush to see my parents for a while.” Qin Luge is a sensible person, and he is bound to have a life case. This is not Qi Zirui’s control. Yes, I can only say that God is not beautiful, and always likes to intervene.

“I’m sorry.” Qi Zirui actually wanted to put this matter into practice. After all, he married Qin Luge and he must give her family an explanation. If it drags on for a long time, I don’t know if the two elderly people will have it in their hearts. Fantastically, he felt that he didn’t pay enough attention to the two elders.

Qin Luge also understands Qi Zirui’s character and knows that he is guilty. At this time, of course, he can’t put pressure on Qi Zirui anymore, “It’s okay, my parents are civilized people. The nature of your work and my work. They have tolerated me for so many years, and they must be able to understand you. Don’t think about it, my parents are not that scary.”

“That’s true. The last time I saw them, it was quite amiable. Next time I go, I will have a sweeter mouth and be more diligent. It will definitely make our parents unable to fault!” Qi Zirui felt that “my parents” was too smooth. , It feels so cool!

Qin Luge shook his head silently, “Don’t you want to rush to the crime scene? Are you in no rush?”

When Qin Luge reminded him, Qi Zirui only remembered this. After just a second of effort, he forgot that Mu Hui called and said that he was in a hurry.

The two had to enter the door and put the things back again. Qin Luge also planned to follow Qi Zirui, but was stopped by Qi Zirui, “Didn’t you say that you don’t want to work if you are pregnant?”

“Didn’t this just talk about it yesterday? Besides, I haven’t asked for leave. I haven’t done a lot of work yet. I’m not in a hurry to close this case. I’m sure to stay at home honestly. It’s always okay to be a rice worm, right?” Qin Luge thinks it’s just pregnancy. There is no need to be so nervous. Many women, with big bellies, are still working for five or six months, and there is nothing wrong with them.

Qin Luge got used to this busy life, and suddenly asked her to relax, so she must have a transition, right? In this case, she only participated in the collection of evidence and dialectics. As for the test, it would be better to leave it to Qiao Feng and Qin Xiaobao.

Seeing Qin Luge’s begging, Qi Zirui swallowed it abruptly when he refused, groaning for a moment, and finally made a concession, “The last time this case is over, your job is to play or play. “

“Yeah, okay, listen to you!” Qin Luge said and drove Qi Zirui out. He couldn’t delay any longer, and he didn’t know what kind of case happened. Mu Hui actually used the word “one hundred thousand urgent”?

When he rushed to the scene, Qin Luge saw Qi Ziyu’s face look weird, seemingly with a little horror? Why is the death of the deceased this time terrible? Even the careless Qi Ziyu was scared?

“Sister-in-law, you still don’t want to go in, you are pregnant, it is not suitable to see too bloody things.” When Qi Ziyu saw Qin Luge, he hurriedly blocked her. After Qin Luge entered the hospital yesterday, Qi Ziyu beat her I asked about Qin Luge’s situation on the phone, and learned that Qin Luge was pregnant and was so happy. It was her little nephew, and she couldn’t let this little baby have something to do.

Based on the fact that Qin Luge’s first child fell from a wrestling when she was with Qi Ziyu. Although it was an accident, Qi Ziyu still blamed herself for not being able to hold Qin Luge in time. Therefore, she is now pregnant with Qin Luge. This baby is worried that Qi Zirui and Qin Luge are not at all.

“It’s not the first time I have seen bloody things. The moment I stepped into the Medical University, wasn’t it doomed to deal with bloody? I was just pregnant, not so delicate and fine, but you, what? You won’t be scared anymore, will you?” Qin Luge smiled sweetly, and the pregnant woman smiled beautifully.

When Qi Ziyu first stepped in, he was not mentally prepared. He was really frightened, so he came out to breathe, “Sister-in-law, you can bear it, the child can’t bear it. He is bloody when he is so young, and the grand meeting is very violent, right? ?”

Qin Luge crossed a few black lines on his forehead. Qi Ziyu is still a professional. The child is only a month old, and the beanies are bigger. What can he know?

But Qi Ziyu is also kind. Looking at her face, it seems that the things inside are really different from what they had encountered in the past, but the more so, the more curious Qin Luge was, and the more he wanted to go in and find out, “It’s okay, now Isn’t it popular and violent? The genes that Zi Rui and I have inherited are definitely not too bad. This is a trivial matter for him.”

“But, it’s really not so good.” Qi Ziyu felt dull when he thought of the tragic situation of the deceased. The murderer was too cruel. If it weren’t for a deep hatred, why should he be cruel?

Seeing that Qin Luge didn’t waver at all, Qi Ziyu turned his gaze to Qi Zirui, “Brother, please persuade my sister-in-law to stop her from entering, it’s really not good inside.”

Qi Zirui frowned, Qi Ziyu repeatedly prevented Qin Luge from letting her in. There must be something beyond common sense in it, “Wife, or don’t you go in first, I’ll check it out first?”

“What’s the matter with you brothers and sisters? I have never seen you so timid before, because I am a pregnant woman now, so I can’t look at those corpses?” Qin Luge pretended to be angry, thinking secretly about what was inside the house. Is there something that can make Mu Hui say so serious and make Qi Ziyu pale.

Qi Ziyu was speechless. Since she was engaged in forensic medicine, she has seen a lot of large and small corpses, but this is indeed the first time she has seen such a corpse. Girl.

“You can go in. I’ll go ahead and make sure there is no problem before you can go in.” Qi Zirui knew that Qin Luge’s curiosity had long been aroused by Qi Ziyu’s words, and Qi Ziyu had to pay attention to it. This is a compromise. Way out.

Qin Luge nodded and followed Qi Zirui honestly.

Qi Zirui took Qin Luge’s hand, blocked her sight with his body, and walked towards the room where the crime was committed step by step.

Inside, Gao Yanbo and the others were investigating the scene. Qiao Feng and them carefully searched for evidence, and they were all busy.

Qi Zirui was mentally prepared. When he saw the two corpses, he couldn’t help but sigh. To be precise, they were not like corpses, but like puppets.

This is a very high-end apartment with two floors up and down. The limbs of the two dead were pierced by fishing lines, like puppets. They were hung from the railing on the second floor. People looked up in the lobby and looked particularly dazzling. .

Looking at that posture, it should be that all the muscles of the hands and feet have been broken, and all the bones have been broken, even the head is pulled down as if it will fall when you touch it. The bleeding from the seven orifices is probably what they describe, nose and eyes. They were all hollowed out, their ears were cut off, their mouths were sewn with fishing thread, and their skirts were stained with blood. They fell on the ground drop by drop along their toes, a pool of blood red.

Qi Zirui instinctively blocked Qin Luge’s path and prevented her from coming in to see this scene. The corpse could no longer see its original face. It was like a ghost floating in the air. Normal people would be frightened when they saw it.

Rao is a police officer who has many years of investigative experience. At first sight, they will be scared. Although Qin Luge is a forensic doctor, but such a cruel scene, he expected she had never seen such a cruel scene before, in case Qin Luge was frightened. , The fetal gas is moved, that’s terrible.

“What’s the matter?” Qin Luge felt the stiffness of Qi Zirui’s back and couldn’t help asking. Qi Ziyu was so scared that she could understand. Now that Qi Zirui has become so nervous, what’s the strange thing in it?

“Don’t go in, I’ll let Ziyu accompany you back first. Don’t participate in this case.” Qi Zirui hurriedly pushed Qin Luge out. He really didn’t want Qin Luge to be involved in such a brutal case. The murderer’s method He was so venomous, he didn’t know if he would use poisonous hands on other people, if he hurt Qin Luge, he couldn’t forgive himself.

Qin Luge didn’t understand why Qi Zirui panicked. His emotions infected Qin Luge, and she became nervous for no reason, “I don’t want to go back, or am I waiting for you outside?”

Qi Zirui is like this, if Qin Luge insists on going in again, it is estimated that Qi Zirui will be crazy, right? Qin Luge really didn’t want to mess with Qi Zirui at this time. If you don’t go in, you won’t go in. Anyway, she can still look at the materials filmed on the spot.

Seeing Qin Luge’s concession, Qi Zirui couldn’t say anything else. He just called Qi Ziyu and asked her to accompany Qin Luge. He told her that Qi Ziyu must not look away from Qin Luge’s body to prevent Qin Luge. Sneak in secretly.

Qi Ziyu took the order and suddenly felt that the task was arduous, but for her future nephew, she had to carry out Qi Zirui’s explanation.

Qin Luge didn’t feel anything, she couldn’t go in, so she simply listened to Su’er outside and recorded a statement to the residents around.

The two deceased were husband and wife. There was a son who had just graduated from college. He was looking for a job in another city. The police had notified him to come back. The couple opened a small factory nine years ago and gradually expanded their business. A certain scale can be regarded as an upper-class person.

They have always let their children go to aristocratic schools and receive higher education, and they themselves are quite low-key, do not participate in celebrity gatherings, and have never heard of anyone who has complained.

The husband and wife of the two victims lived in harmony and treated people well. They had never looked down upon those with poor living conditions because they had also started from scratch. Many times, the neighbors around them would have financial difficulties and they would help. .

From this point of view, the victim’s reputation is excellent, but why is the murder so cruel?

It’s not that there is a deep hatred, and I will never do such a cruelty. It is broken bones, broken hands and hamstrings, hollowed out the eyes and nose, sewed the mouth, cut the ears, and twisted the neck.

Qin Luge did not go into the scene to investigate, so I don’t know whether the deceased died due to these tortures, or was retaliated by the murderer after he died, but no matter what it was, he couldn’t deny that the murderer hated the couple very much.

Qi Zirui entered the scene and suddenly felt that the strong bloody smell was mixed with a familiar smell. The light fragrance neutralized part of the bloody smell, making the smell of the whole house less disgusting.

Because I had smelled it in Chen Shu’s greenhouse before, Qi Zirui almost immediately recognized where the scent came from this time. That’s right, the scent of gardenia!

If Qi Zirui had never been to Chen Shu’s clinic before, and had never seen so many gardenias, he would not have noticed the special smell in this room at all, because the smell is really very weak.

Because the last time I was impressed, I can quickly notice this time.

Qiao Feng’s expression coincided with Qi Zirui’s expression at this time, and he couldn’t help muttering, “It’s the fragrance of gardenia again? Why is it so strange?”

“Did you smell it too?” Qi Zirui just hit Qiao Feng and passed by when he heard Qiao Feng’s doubts, and what Qiao Feng said was “again”, which meant that Qiao Feng was not only smelling the fragrance for the first time.

Qiao Feng raised his head in amazement. He didn’t expect Qi Zirui to speak suddenly and nodded subconsciously.

“Scent of gardenia? I smelled it before?” Qi Zirui didn’t expect Qiao Feng to answer that way. If that’s the case, it would be really weird.

“Yes, I can’t be sure if there is any in the past, but I can smell it in the last few cases. I always feel that this thing is unusual.” Qiao Feng’s suspicion is reasonable. Why is he in other places? I didn’t smell the gardenia fragrance that I didn’t have in this winter, but did I smell it every time I was at the scene of the crime?

Qi Zirui frowned. He really didn’t pay much attention before. If it was as Qiao Feng said, it would be really strange. Thinking back to Qin Luge’s reaction after smelling the fragrance of gardenia in the backyard of Chen Shu clinic, it was impossible that she was at that time Also feel very doubtful?

It seems that this is indeed a thought-provoking question.

Qi Zirui hesitated, whether or not to ask Qin Luge, but now that Qin Luge is pregnant, he finally convinced her that the case is over and she will no longer be involved in work. If you ask Qin Luge, you can’t be sure. It aroused her thirst for knowledge again, and if it was out of control, it would be better to wait and see for the time being. This matter, he is now paying attention to it.

“Are you all OK? If you can, get the corpse down and transport it to the funeral home for an autopsy tomorrow.” Li Ji did his job and got up to Qi Zirui to ask. The most cruel of the means.

Very challenging. Li Ji is looking forward to the progress of this case. What is the face of the murderer?

When Qin Luge saw the corpses of the two victims carried out on a stretcher, they were covered with white cloth. The white cloth was also stained with a little blood. She couldn’t see what the deceased under the white cloth looked like. I wonder if it will be too good.

When Qi Ziyu saw the deceased being carried out, she subconsciously avoided her gaze. She really didn’t want to take another look. She always felt that their hollow eye sockets could penetrate everything, which was very scary.

Qi Zirui then came out with Qiao Feng and the others, as colleagues in the forensic medicine department, before returning to Qin Luge’s side.

Seeing Qi Zirui coming out, Su Er immediately reported to him, “Boss, Shao Nan, the only son of the deceased, can come back tomorrow.”

“At that time, you will be responsible for pacifying the family of the deceased.” Qi Zirui unceremoniously handed over this arduous figure to Su Er. He has always believed that pacifying the family of the deceased is more difficult than investigating the case.

As a policeman, you have to bear the pressure of handling the case, and you have to face the crying and crying of the deceased. Some family members don’t even understand the police officers. Everyone is very helpless. Therefore, the task of comforting family members is extremely unwilling to face. of.

Su Er’s face was dark, but because of Qin Luge’s pregnancy, she did not protest with Qi Zirui. Now the number one person of the boss is to take care of pregnant women. For other troublesome things, they still need them to do subordinates. Share worries.

But, Su Er doesn’t want to face the family of the deceased, so please leave it to Mu Hui for this matter!

“What the hell is going on? Very serious?” Qin Luge saw that Qi Zirui’s face was not very good, as if he was worried, why on earth?

“Go back and talk about it, it’s cold outside.” Qi Zirui pulled up the hat on Qin Luge’s coat and wrapped her head. It shouldn’t be long before it will snow, right?

New Year’s Eve is approaching, and such a bad case has happened, which really leaves everyone speechless.

From Qi Zirui, Qin Luge learned about the tragic situation of the deceased. No wonder Qi Ziyu saw the heart trembling. He usually only saw the puppets in the show. Now he actually staged a scene of the human puppets and made two people abruptly. Marionette!

“I found that in the recent cases, one is more perverted. What’s wrong with the people now?” Qin Luge couldn’t help but sigh. The murderer was too cruel, which indirectly tested the ability of their staff to bear!

It cannot be denied, Qi Zirui also thinks so, it is indeed abnormal enough.

Regarding the gardenia fragrance, Qi Zirui did not mention it to Qin Luge for the time being.

–split line–

When the son of the deceased, Shao Nan, saw the tragedy of his parents after their deaths, he was almost stunned. He did not howl and cry as expected, nor did he lose control of his duties. Mu Hui just kept shaking his head, “This is not my dad.” Mom, they don’t look like this, no, you made a mistake!”

Mu Hui knew that Shao Nan couldn’t accept the appearance of his parents for a while, but the facts could not be changed. These long-formed facial features did not show the original appearance of the two deceased, but they confirmed that they were indeed Shao Nan’s parents.

“Sorry, the most important thing now is to catch the murderer and give your parents justice. In your impression, do your parents have a particularly bad relationship with them?” Mu Hui took the opportunity to search for clues that are beneficial to the case. Today, only Shao Nan knows the victim best. If Shao Nan is not clear about it, it is really difficult to find out the cause.

Shao Nan shook his head confidently, “No, my parents have a character. It is impossible for them to have a stiff relationship with someone, unless the other party is really doing too much.”

“Have you never seen anyone who is particularly hostile to your parents?” Although Shao Nan’s parents do not deliberately provoke others, it does not mean that others will not provoke them. Maybe a little thing is magnified in the eyes of others , Thus holding a grudge.

Shao Nan still shook his head, “Since I went to college, I rarely go home. Before college, I haven’t seen anyone who has a bad relationship with our family. As for now, I don’t know, but my parents never mentioned it. There is no.”

This is weird. It is impossible for someone to kill someone for no reason, and torturing someone into that way. It is clearly a carefully planned and premeditated murder.

“I hope you can think about it after you go back. If you think of anything, you can contact us. If you want to catch the murderer of your parents as soon as possible, your cooperation is also very important.” Mu Hui secretly praised this Shao Nan, which is quite reasonable. , Unlike other family members, when they feel sad, their minds become chaotic. If the family members of the deceased are like Shao Nan every time they face, then the people in their task force will be much more relaxed.

Shao Nan nodded, took a heavy step, and left the police station, his back depressed.

Because of pregnancy, although Qin Luge was still at work, she couldn’t touch most of the things. Everyone shared the burden for her. She had no choice but to go downstairs and buy hot coffee and milk tea for everyone. .

In the elevator, I met Shao Nan who was about to leave the police station. I don’t know if it was an illusion. As soon as the elevator door opened, Qin Luge actually saw a trace of relief and relaxation in Shao Nan’s eyes. He shook his mind and thought. When I saw it clearly, only sorrow remained on Shao Nan’s face.

Originally, there was only Shao Nan in the elevator. When he saw someone coming in, Shao Nan subconsciously moved inside.

Qin Luge had seen Shao Nan’s photos in the files of the deceased, and knew that Shao Nan had just come down from the task force upstairs. She was sure that she was not mistaken. Shao Nan’s disguised joy and sorrow were mixed. Tangled emotions, although they disappeared quickly, she still caught them.

Why is it entangled with joy and sorrow? Could it be that Shao Nan also hoped that his parents would die? However, after all, they are still his parents, so he is naturally sad. The two emotions are mixed together and become entangled?

Qin Luge finds the small space in the elevator a bit boring. If it is really what he imagined, then it is worth pondering, his own son, hope his parents die?

As soon as the elevator door opened, Shao Nan took the lead and went out without looking back. Qin Luge stared at Shao Nan’s melancholy back. She could feel that his sorrow was not a disguise. In fact, he loved his parents too? Love and hate?

Perhaps, now this year, Qin Luge feels that everything is possible, but why does Shao Nan resent his parents? Is the murderer related to him? Probably not, even if he resents, he will not collude with the murderer to harm his parents like this.

Shaking his head, Qin Luge cast aside his happy doubts, turned and walked to the cafe on the corner.

Most people have this habit. When walking on the street, they will look around at will to see the furnishings or objects in the shops passing by. Qin Luge is no exception.

When passing by a puppet shop, Qin Luge looked inside subconsciously. There was a doll on the glass window. It was very delicate. Its limbs were mechanically manipulated. It moved twice from time to time to make it vivid. In the past, Qin Luge would feel cute, but now The scalp was numb when I saw it. After all, such a case happened. The final death of the deceased was fixed as a puppet. Can she not be afraid?

As soon as he was about to look away, he saw Shao Nan’s figure, and Qin Luge’s footsteps about to leave stopped.

What Shao Nan holds in his hand is the same doll in the shop window. It seems that he likes it very much?

Qin Luge stood outside and couldn’t hear what Shao Nan had communicated with the boss. Anyway, she soon saw Shao Nan paying for the doll.

It is strange for a big man to like this kind of thing, but there is nothing wrong with it, but after such a murder happened, Qin Luge couldn’t calm down when he saw this scene.

Before Shao Nan found her, Qin Luge hurriedly left the puppet shop and headed to his destination, the coffee shop.

Is it possible that the death of Shao Nan’s parents is really related to Shao Nan?

On the way back after buying coffee, Qin Luge was absent-minded all the way. He was already downstairs in the company, but he was still walking forward. When he recovered, he walked back again.

Everyone in the coffee task force and the forensic department had a share. After Qin Luge had distributed the forensic department, he screwed the rest to the task group upstairs.

“Sister Qin, you are so virtuous, thanks to the blessing of the boss, we will also enjoy the benefits!” Mu Hui cheerfully took the coffee Qin Luge handed him, and during his busy schedule, drinking a cup of hot coffee for refreshing It is very necessary. For him at this time, Qin Luge is undoubtedly a help in the snow.

Qin Luge smiled and shook his head, “Just you will be silly, isn’t Su Er virtuous?”

“She?” Mu Hui was about to blurt out the “good virtuous yarn”, after receiving the cold eyes from Su Er, he quickly changed his mouth, “Virtuous, Emma, ​​the most virtuous person in the world is Su Er. No one can compare to her, and only Sister Qin can compare to her!”

Qin Luge sneered, and only when she was with them, she felt that the work they were engaged in was actually a lot of fun, “Don’t disturb your work, I want to talk to you guys about something. “

“Please!” Mu Hui bent down and waved his hand in the direction of Qi Zirui’s office. This “please” posture is very standard.

Qin Luge opened the door of Qi Zirui’s office and did not see Qi Zirui’s person. When he was wondering that this girl disappeared out of thin air, the sound of toilet flushing sounded. It turned out that there are three urgency, Qi Zirui also wants to eat and drink.

Because Qi Zirui is now the boss, senior police inspector, and Ge Siming’s office is now owned by him. This office has a separate bathroom, and the furnishings and decorations are no less than those of the rich.

“Eh? When did you come?” As soon as Qi Zirui came out, he saw Qin Luge sitting leisurely on his position. Tiredness is washed away by warmth.

Qin Luge handed the coffee to Qi Zirui, still warm, “When you flush the toilet.”

“Ahem! Tired?” Although he knew that Qin Luge’s workload is not as good as before, Qi Zirui was still afraid that Qin Luge would be tired.

Qin Luge shook her head. To tell the truth, she seemed to have done nothing all morning, so she looked at the information Qiao Feng and the others had compiled. The autopsy report will not come out until the afternoon. It is still unclear.

“Have you checked Shao Nan?” It stands to reason that as a family member of the deceased, the police will know more or less about it. However, if he is not set as a suspected object, naturally he will not be investigated too deeply.

Looking at Qin Luge’s serious expression, Qi Zirui knew that she must have something to express, “No, do you have anything to offer?”

“Check him, I want to know what the relationship between him and his parents is. I feel that in Shao Nan’s subconscious mind, he hopes his parents will die.” Qin Luge also didn’t know that Shao Nan liked to mention it before. The string puppet was still obsessed with buying that doll because of the miserable condition of his parents after their death.

But Qin Luge thought about it carefully and felt that the latter was unlikely. If it was because of the tragic condition of his parents after their deaths, Shao Nan would have rejected the string puppets even more, but Qin Luge saw clearly that she was In Shao Nan’s eyes, he saw his love for the doll.

In that case, Shao Nan has long liked marionettes. Why is a big man interested in this kind of thing?

As far as Qin Luge knows, Shao Nan majored in financial management, which is totally unmatched with dolls. According to the information, he has been single, and there is no such thing as a girl who loves houses and blacks because a girl likes dolls.

This is weird. Based on what kind of opportunity, a mature boy fell in love with a doll? It’s still this kind of puppet with a weird aura.

Qi Zirui did not expect that Qin Luge would make such a conjecture. Shao Nan subconsciously wanted his parents to die? How can this be?

“How come you have such thoughts all of a sudden?” Qi Zirui was unclear. He recorded a confession to Shao Nan. It can be seen that Shao Nan’s grief was not pretended. If he hoped his parents would die, how could he pretend to be so good?

Qin Luge was unwilling to turn out to be like this. She just guessed, “His eyes revealed this information to me. If it weren’t for me to press the elevator suddenly and catch his slack that was too late to take it back, I wouldn’t doubt him. “

Qi Zirui listened carefully to Qin Luge’s thoughts about her feelings in the elevator and the scenes she saw at the door of the puppet shop. The frowns became tighter and tighter. Will it be Shao Nan? Although his profession has allowed him to witness the darkness of many people in the world, he still hopes that the day is longer than the night. What is the matter that he has to resent that he wants his parents to die?

“Maybe it’s not the case, but you can’t go wrong with checking it up.” Qin Luge didn’t want it to be Shao Nan, otherwise, she lost another point in her yearning for the beauty in this world.

“The Chinese New Year will be in less than a month. Such a case happened, which is very disturbing.” Qi Zirui was a little depressed. When they can relax a little bit and there is no murder in a month, they will thank God.

Qin Luge was powerless to narrow his mouth, “When the murderer kills, he doesn’t look at the almanac and chooses the auspicious days. We can’t control it. We can only increase the police force and play a warning role as much as possible.”

–split line–

The investigation of Shao Nan was carried out in secret, and it was the tacit understanding of everyone to avoid being stunned.

If Shao Nan is set as the object of suspicion, then the first thing to check is whether he has time to commit the crime.

On the day Shao Nan returned to City A, he took a flight, and there are records. Before and after the incident, there was no record of him traveling to and from City A, whether it was a train or a plane.

However, this does not mean that he did not go back and forth to City A during that time. The long-distance bus does not need to buy a ticket in his real name.

“The city where Shao Nan works is not far from City A. It took an hour and a half by plane to arrive. In fact, he was able to rush back to City A on the day of the incident. Why did he rush back to City A the next day? City?” Qin Luge hit the nail on the head and pointed out the suspicious points.

It was Su Er who contacted Shao Nan at the beginning. She had the most say. “He said that he had just started working and had a heavy workload and couldn’t get out. He needed someone to hand over, so he was delayed.”

“Think about it in another way. If you are the first to get the news, would you still consider work? I’m afraid that you can’t care about anything, so you just rushed to the airport?” The more Qin Luge understands the situation, the more he feels this. Shao Nan is very problematic. His parents have been killed. Can he arrange for work before returning?

Everyone thought, indeed, even if their parents were only sick, they would be worried about death and being mutilated. They must have only one idea in their brains, that is, to rush back as soon as possible. From this point of view, this Shao Nan is really weird.

“Let me make a bold guess. Perhaps, Shao Nan is lying. He was not able to rush back to City A because of work trips, but at that time, he was on his way to City A.”

Qin Luge’s words awakened everyone, yes, it is indeed possible, otherwise, how could Shao Nan be able to arrange his own work handover after learning of the death of his parents? His reaction like this can only show one possibility. Shao Nan already knew that his parents had been killed!

“Mu Hui, check it quickly. On the day of the incident, did Shao Nan go to work at the company?” Qi Zirui ordered immediately. If they didn’t doubt Shao Nan, they would definitely not investigate this. Then, before Shao Nan, they would I think it’s all true, but once I doubt it now, I can reveal it at any time.

Shao Nan probably took advantage of their psychology. It was assumed that the police would not suspect him, so he lied openly without worrying that the police would find out.

Almost they were deceived!

Sure enough, Mu Hui’s query turned out that Shao Nan had already asked for leave the day before the incident.

If it is a long-distance bus, one day and one night is enough for Shao Nan to go back and forth. In this way, he does have time to commit crimes.

“According to everyone’s reaction, Shao Nan’s parents are so unbelievable about Shao Nan’s baby. What do they want? It stands to reason that this shouldn’t be?” Hua Qing really couldn’t understand what Shao Nan’s motives were for committing the crime.

If it is for money, it is completely unnecessary. He is the only son of the two deceased. Sooner or later, the property will be his.

If they weren’t biological, they would still be able to figure it out, but the DNA identification report shows that they are indeed a parent-child relationship, there is no doubt.

This is weird. What is the reason that Shao Nan resents his parents so much?

Because the door to the deceased’s apartment had no signs of being hacked, it was obvious that either the victim opened it himself or the murderer had the key.

And Shao Nan fits exactly.

It was his home. It was normal for him to have the key. Even if he forgot to bring the key and let his parents open the door, it didn’t matter.

“I think it is necessary to go to the city where Shao Nan works. Maybe there are some unknown things there.” Qin Luge didn’t believe that they would not be able to find out the cause of the incident. Everyone saw the appearance. And what is the real relationship between Shao Nan and his parents? Maybe he is far away from City A. For people who don’t know his family well, he would prefer to talk about it, right?

Qi Zirui nodded. It was indeed necessary to find out about Shao Nan’s situation outside, but he was not worried about Qin Luge, so naturally he didn’t want to go. He wanted Mu Hui and Su Er to go together, but thought that they were not mature enough, so he changed. Thought, “Hua Qing and Mu Hui, you two go.”

“I have no opinion.” Hua Qing knew Qi Zirui’s plan. Although Mu Hui and Su Er had good abilities, they were still too young to hold their breath.

Mu Hui narrowed his mouth and did not speak, indicating that he acquiesced that the boss made such an arrangement, naturally there was his reason.

If it was before, Qin Luge would definitely take the lead, but now she is pregnant with a baby. Although she insists on going to work, it does not mean that she is not worried. For the baby, she is better off.

Qi Zirui was very satisfied with Qin Luge’s meekness. It seemed that this woman finally had the slightest sense of being a mother.

–split line–

When Hua Qing and Mu Hui arrived in S city where Shao Nan worked, it was already dark.

They had made sufficient preparations in advance and investigated Shao Nan’s residence in S City. The night was dark and the wind was high, which was the best time to act.

Sometimes, in order to investigate the case, the necessary non-decent means can be ignored. At this time, Hua Qing and Mu Hui are fully armed and sneak into Shao Nan’s apartment sneakily.

With professional equipment, it is much easier to unlock. Fortunately, apartments like this are generally more upscale, they are located in a relatively biased area, and there are no people, they don’t have to worry about being discovered.

The door opened with a click, and the two quickly sneaked in and closed the door.

“Ouch!” Stealing into someone else’s home naturally couldn’t turn on the light. Although some things could be seen vaguely by the moonlight, Mu Hui accidentally tripped over something that looked like a thread.

Following his feet, Mu Hui really touched the thin threads, tangling his feet, damn it, is it possible that Shao Nan was certain that someone would sneak into his house, so he had already preset a trap? ?

Hua Qing turned on the emergency flashlight to illuminate Mu Hui. As soon as the flashlight was turned on, Hua Qing’s face faded instantly. If it weren’t for her strong resistance, she would have already screamed.

Hua Qing secretly breathed a sigh of relief after seeing what was at Mu Hui’s feet. It was not a ghost, but a puppet, damn it, the bloody puppets in the house were so oozing!

Mu Hui was almost scared to pee. Just imagine, how terrified would a person see a blood-red, pale face lying at his feet?

“Sister Qing, this Shao Nan is really abnormal!” Mu Hui patted his butt and stood up from the ground, suddenly feeling that this room was extremely weird.

Hua Qing thought of what Qin Luge said before coming to S City. Sure enough, Shao Nan liked dolls very much. There is no place where this flashlight can be scanned without dolls of different shapes. “It seems Our trip didn’t come in vain.”

Mu Hui’s scalp was numb and followed the light of the flashlight to scan the rag dolls in the room that looked scarier than humans. The tragic situation of Shao Nan’s parents being hung in the air suddenly appeared in his mind. The two images overlapped, and I felt this. It seemed that the puppet might pounce at him at any time, and subconsciously leaned against Hua Qing’s side.

“Look at you like a bear, so scared? If you come with Su Er and let her see you like this, she must have dumped you without saying a word.” Hua Qing was rude to Mu Hui’s heart. When she stepped on a foot, she was not so persuaded by a woman, but Mu Hui, a man, was not calm.

Mu Hui frowned, trying to refute, but he felt that Hua Qing’s words were not wrong at all, but after Hua Qing’s excitement, he was really not afraid, “Before I thought that Shao Nan this kid was unlikely to be Murderer, now it seems that he is really possible. He is too cruel, and he can deal with his own parents.”

Hua Qing’s heart felt cold. Indeed, Shao Nan was too guilty, and he treated his parents like this, almost stripping his parents.

“Go to his room and have a look, there may be some clues.” Hua Qing took the lead upstairs, and Mu Hui followed closely behind her.

There are two rooms on the second floor, a study and a bedroom.

There is absolute contrast with the first floor, the second floor is quite clean, and there are no strange dolls.

Perhaps, Shao Nan doesn’t like those puppets, but he likes to buy them home, which is very distorted.

Nothing special was found in the bedroom. Instead, it was the study room. Hua Qing and the others found two diaries.

Although it is very unethical to look through other people’s diaries, but now, in order to solve the case, I can’t take care of that much.

Since Shao Nan has the habit of writing a diary, he must have a lot of thoughts written in the diary, and there must be many secrets in it, including why he hates his parents.

Two diaries, one was from Shao Nan’s high school period, and the other was from his college days and continues to the present.

Hua Qing and Mu Hui worked in a division of labor, each person had one copy, and read them carefully.

Shao Nan was very carefree before entering high school, but since entering high school, he feels that many things are no longer what he imagined. It is no longer what he can do what he wants, he wants to leave. Each step was arranged by his parents, and he must follow the route arranged by his parents, step by step.

Shao Nan likes liberal arts, but his parents insisted on letting him study science, otherwise they would drop him out of school.

Shao Nan likes orchestral music, and his parents insist that he practice piano, saying that he cultivates his temperament.

Shao Nan likes fashion design, but his parents have already contacted the university for him. He must choose finance.

Even the matching of clothes must be chosen according to the parents’ aesthetics, and he has no say.

Does anyone know that a high school boy, clothes, shoes, and even sex are all done by his parents?

Shao Nan couldn’t find anyone to talk about these depressions, and could only write them in his diary to express the grievances accumulated in his heart.

He thought that he would get a little freedom when he went to college, but Shao Nan, who was in college, knew that the eyes of his parents were everywhere here.

The dean of the department is his mother’s college classmate, and his head teacher is his father who was a child. All his good and bad will be reported to his parents.

Everyone thinks that Shao Nan has a good life and a wealthy family. His parents love him very much, but he feels like a fish stuffed in a steamer, breathless.

Day after day, year after year, this depressive mood has accumulated in Shao Nan’s heart year after year. The puppet show performed during school celebrations made him feel mad. He felt that he was being manipulated by his parents. With the marionette in hand, they let him go east, so he can’t go west.

Since that day, Shao Nan has been crazy about this puppet. Whenever he sees it, he will buy it home. He has been manipulated by his parents for so many years. Now, he can only hide in his house and manipulate himself to buy it. The puppets come to seek psychological balance.

But this balance was quickly broken. After graduating from Shao Nan University, he wanted to work in an industry he liked, but his parents didn’t allow him. He had to go back to his father’s company and start at the grassroots level, and then take over his father’s factory in the future.

Shao Nan didn’t have any interest in his own factory. He felt that he had had enough and would never be manipulated by them again, so he resolutely chose to stay in City S and successfully signed a graphic design company.

Shao Nan dared not tell his parents the news that he had signed the contract, but he didn’t expect his parents to know the news in less than half a day.

On the phone, he was scolded by his father, and he ordered him to immediately terminate the contract with the company and go home, otherwise he will be at his own risk.

At that moment, Shao Nan felt that everything he had had been kept under surveillance by his parents and could not hide anything from them. He really had to be manipulated all his life? Really can’t do it casually? He hated that feeling. If that’s the case, what’s the point of being alive?

Once the seed of evil germinates, it will be out of control.

Shao Nando hopes that his parents can disappear, so that no one can stop him from doing anything.

Because of bad thoughts, Shao Nan couldn’t resist the pressure, and even went to see a psychologist. After talking with the doctor, the hatred would dissipate a lot, but after a while, it would get worse.

Two days later, Shao Nan found that all his cards were frozen. He knew this was a warning given to him by his parents. He had just graduated and is now an intern. He cannot make ends meet. If his parents don’t support him, he can’t live.

Therefore, Shao Nan became soft, and he decided to return to City A to negotiate with his parents.

The eyes of Hua Qing and Mu Hui were clear. It turned out that Shao Nan’s hatred for his parents originated from this. They didn’t know what Shao Nan said to his parents after returning to City A. They only knew that the negotiation must have broken down. , And the consequences were so bad that a tragedy happened.

Shao Nan’s last diary is very brief: “Today I did a crazy thing, which appeared many times in my dreams, and it finally became a reality today. I am free!”

The crazy thing probably refers to the fact that he killed his parents and made them into puppets, right?

It’s crazy enough!

“Come on, take these two diaries.” After finding the motive for the murder, it is not suitable to stay here for a long time.

Anyway, Shao Nan’s parents were killed. Their factory now needs to be dealt with by Shao Nan. Shao Nan cannot leave City A for a while, so he won’t find that his diary is gone. When he finds it, he may decide. The case has already come to light.

–split line–

Although Shao Nan’s diary recorded clearly and strongly showed his dissatisfaction with his parents, it was not enough to explain that he killed his parents, and the last one could not explain anything.

Although everyone knows what Shao Nan wrote about “crazy things”, it is not what the judge wants to see. This is too ambiguous and cannot be used as evidence.

“I have an idea, I can give it a try.” Qin Luge was very leisurely recently, so she was watching the TV series at 8 o’clock. Yesterday, she happened to be acting as a ghost.

As soon as Qin Luge’s thoughts came out, everyone agreed that there is no other way. Let Shao Nan admit that he murdered more than anything else. It’s just those two ghosts, who will play the role?

“Xiaobao, would you like to play the couple with Ziyu?” Qin Luge glared at Qin Xiaobao, indicating that his sister was helping him.

Qin Xiaobao’s mouth twitched, and he knew that this was Qin Luge’s evil taste, but he thought of being able to play husband and wife with Qi Ziyu, he also recognized, “make do.”

“What is improvising? I still think that being with your partner has lowered my style!” Qi Ziyu glared at Qin Xiaobao dissatisfied, what is it, she hasn’t spoken yet, Qin Xiaobao dare to be so tricky?

Qi Zirui coughed slightly, “So, are you two unwilling?”


“Yes!” The two spoke in a tacit understanding, and then stared at each other again.

The crowd silently became the audience and did not express any opinions, as long as the two of them agreed. As for their civil war, how far away they should be, so as not to be affected.

As night fell, according to the pre-arrangement, everyone lay in ambush in the apartment early. Today is the first seven of Shao Nan’s parents. According to their family tradition, this evening, children must watch for the dead.

Although Shao Nan hates his parents very much, he also loves his parents deeply. After all, the beauty of his childhood is indelible. He loves and hates his parents, and now they are dead, he will certainly do his filial piety.

Sure enough, in less than twenty minutes, the door of the apartment opened and the lights turned on, and Shao Nan appeared in the lobby holding two handfuls of white chrysanthemums.

After placing Bai Ju next to his parents’ photo, Shao Nan stayed on the sofa, staring at his parents’ photo, and remained motionless.

Qi Zirui felt that it was time, and gestured to Mu Hui, motioning him to cut off the main gate of the apartment. In an instant, it was back to black.

Qin Luge heard the sound of his knee hitting the coffee table. It should be that Shao Nan accidentally hit the coffee table in front of the sofa when he wanted to get up.

Shao Nan used the light of his mobile phone to find the position of the switch and tried a few times, but there was no response. He did not understand why the power was suddenly cut off, thinking that he killed his parents here, and today is their top seven. Suddenly felt shuddering.

The moonlight splashed into the room, and Shao Nan could faintly see the two bunches of white chrysanthemums. The two photographs sandwiched between the white chrysanthemums could only see a thick shadow, which was dark and even more weird.

“Son, why are you doing this to us?” Qi Ziyu’s gloomy voice floated ethereally into Shao Nan’s ears, causing his hair to stand upright.

Forcefully calming his mind, Shao Nan’s eyes quickly scanned the surroundings, trying to find out who was pretending to be a ghost, “Who are you? Come out!”

“Son, you can’t even hear your mother’s voice?” The voice changer is easy to use. Qi Ziyu’s originally a little baby-sound tone, after being processed by the voice changer, turned into a bleak female voice.

Shao Nan tried the switch again, but still didn’t respond, “Don’t pretend to be a fool, what do you want, talk to me honestly!”

“Shao Nan, you just talked to your mother like this? We worked all our lives for you, and you were poisoning us. He said that the grievances between me and your mother were too heavy to reincarnate, so we had to come back and find You’re here.” Qin Xiaobao is rare and serious, the expression on his face is meticulous, for fear of a slight omission.

Shao Nan didn’t believe in the theory of ghosts and gods. He only thought that it was someone who wanted to blackmail his family’s money. “It seems that you are more than one person, you are a scam group? Come on, how much money do you want, why bother to pretend to be a ghost and scare people?”

“Shao Nan, Dad knows that we have too many restrictions. You have to do everything according to what we say. You are not happy, but we are all for your good. Because Mom and Dad have suffered before, so I hope to give you something The road is flat. Unexpectedly, you hate me and your mom for that. You like liberal arts, but dad asked you to study science. There is something wrong with dad, but you can tell dad why you should be alone. Say, if you could say your opinion earlier, it wouldn’t be the way it is now. Yin and Yang are separated.”

Shao Nan didn’t believe that there are ghosts in this world, but the words Qin Xiaobao said just now made him start to waver. Only they themselves know about these things and they have never revealed them to outsiders. People share their worries, except for his parents, no one knows what he went through when he chose a subject.

“Son, the cartoon I chose for you that time, you thought it was too tacky, and you threw it directly on the ground. It really hurts my mother’s heart. My mother just wants to take care of you and help you with everything. Maybe mother You didn’t do it right, but why do you resent your mother? My mother is really sad. Why do you treat me this way? My mother doesn’t want to die. Why do you want to kill your mother?”

Qi Ziyu’s words finally convinced Shao Nan that this is really the ghost of his parents. Only the three of them know these unknown secrets. “I have had enough, parents, I really suffer. Enough! You keep saying that it’s for my own good, and never consider my feelings. I am not a puppet. Fight, I didn’t mean to kill you, you forced me, you forced me, don’t come to me again, I didn’t mean it.”

“You didn’t say you killed us, and you tortured us like this, why are you so cruel?” Qi Ziyu said in a tragic line, expecting Shao Nan to tell it all.

Shao Nan clutched his head and curled up in pain, “I have been a puppet for so many years, and I have been manipulated at will by you. You will not understand my pain. I just want you to taste it and taste the same pain as mine. Only in this way will you understand me, understand me, and know how hard I have been all these years!”

Hearing cries came from Shao Nan’s mouth. It would be very painful for him to think about it, right? After all, he killed his close relatives. He has always wanted to be free, and now he has obtained it, but what about his conscience, will he be condemned for a lifetime?

Qi Zirui indicated that Mu Hui could open the gate. Shao Nan killed someone and would be punished by law. However, Hua Qing said that Shao Nan had seen a psychiatrist many times and he did not rule out that Shao Nan had a mental illness. The doctor’s identification.

The light suddenly lit in the apartment was so dazzling that everyone couldn’t open their eyes at once. After getting used to it, he slowly approached Shao Nan, who was squatting on the ground with a puzzled look.

“You guys, design me?” Shao Nan was not a fool. He knew that he had been tricked at a glance, but he regretted it was too late. He had already said everything just now.

“If you haven’t done it, it’s useless no matter how we design you. No matter how wrong your parents are, they will be your relatives. You smashed their bones, picked off their hands and hamstrings, picked their eyes and nose, and cut them. When they sew their ears and their mouths, don’t you feel that you are not as good as a beast. Even if you treat your enemies, you have never been so cruel. You actually use such methods to treat your parents. Your psychology is twisted enough!”

Although Qin Luge feels that Shao Nan’s life is also quite helpless, what he did is really unacceptable. He has passed away and cannot rest in peace, so sad.

What caused such a tragedy? If they can both stand in the other side’s perspective and think about the problem, the ending may be different, but they always feel that what they think is, this thing should be like this, too selfish and don’t know how to transpose. Thinking, small contradictions will turn into big hatred, and now it is too late to talk about this.

–split line–

“The case is over, you can take time off without going to work, right?” Qi Zirui always remembers his agreement with Qin Luge, and can’t let the pregnant woman work anymore.

Qin Luge didn’t know what kind of criminal law Shao Nan was sentenced to. This is not what she should be worried about. She believes that the judge will make a fair ruling. Baby, “Listening to your tone, you don’t seem to believe what I’m saying?”

“Absolutely not, one hundred believe it!” Qi Zirui felt relieved when Qin Luge said this, knowing that she would not regret it anymore.

When he finally had time again, Qi Zirui naturally wanted to go back to her family with Qin Luge. Before that, he had to confess his work.

There was also Shao Nan’s diary on the desk. Qi Zirui suddenly remembered that Hua Qing said that Shao Nan had seen a psychiatrist. Then, when that psychiatrist treated Shao Nan, did he ever hear Shao Nan talk about him? What’s on your mind? If the psychiatrist knew that Shao Nan had dark thoughts, why didn’t he stop it and remind Shao Nan’s parents?

Is it because of professional ethics that the guest’s sex is not allowed to be disclosed? But compared with two lives, is it still so important?

Because he wanted to know the evildoer of that psychiatrist, Qi Zirui subconsciously went to find the diary, and finally found it. At least, the name of that psychiatrist made him a little bit unbelievable, Chen Shu!

Maybe it’s just the same name. Qi Zirui calmed down secretly and continued to read, and found that Shao Nan would go to the psychology clinic every time he returned to City A. He also wrote that when he was doing psychological consultation, he would always smell the fragrance of gardenia, which was very good.

City A, Chen Shu, Gardenia! If the three are united together, I’m afraid there is only one person, right?

Qi Zirui’s mind faintly felt that a ball of yarn was rolling and messed up, but he couldn’t grasp the clue. Recently, the word gardenia has appeared frequently and he has to face it. Maybe he should find the opportunity to check it out. NS.

Qin Luge was waiting in the car in a hurry. Seeing that Qi Zirui hadn’t gotten off for so long, he thought there was something to be delayed, so he called to ask about the situation.

When the two returned to their hometown, it happened to be lunch time. Mother Qin was home alone, and Father Qin did not come back in the hospital.

“Yeah, why don’t you two say a word in advance when you come back? Haven’t you eaten yet? I’ll go fry two small dishes.” As soon as Mother Qin came out of the kitchen, she saw Qin Luge and Qi Zirui coming in. For a moment, she thought It’s because my old eyes are dizzy.

Qin Luge took Qin’s mother and sat down with a smile, shouting Qi Zirui, “You take the vegetables we brought in and wash them, fry a few more dishes, I’ll talk to my mother for a while.”

“Okay.” Qi Zirui put down the gift in his hand, twisted up the bag of some vegetables they bought before they came, and walked to the kitchen. Compared with paying respects to his father-in-law and mother-in-law, this way makes everyone feel more at ease.

Qin Luge is not shy, since she has a cook, she won’t be polite anymore.

“Mom, I want to tell you something.” Qin Luge’s cheeks flew with two blushes. In front of her mother, she will always be that simple child, shy and acting like a baby.

Seeing her daughter’s shy look, Qin’s mother can also guess the top ten, “Are you going to get married?”

“It’s not getting married, it’s already married.” Qin Luge’s voice was small and pitiful, but Mother Qin still heard clearly.

“What? Why don’t your father and I know about such a big thing as your marriage?” Mother Qin wanted to jump, what kind of daughter is she raising?

Qin Luge bowed his head in shame, “We just got the certificate and didn’t hold the wedding.”

“Are you stupid? You don’t have a wedding when you get married? It’s only once in your life, but you can’t be blind. This wedding must have!” Qin mother hates that iron is not made of steel. How could she give birth to such a stupid daughter so easily? Just sold yourself?

Qin Luge was overjoyed, “Mom, you mean, don’t you object to our marriage?”

“What can I do if I don’t agree? Is it possible that I want you to divorce now?” Mother Qin poked Qin Luge’s forehead, her face majestic and her eyes loving.

Qin Luge happily took Mother Qin’s arm and rubbed her head against Mother Qin’s arms like a coquettish, “Mom, I have something else to tell you.”

“What else can I do?” Mother Qin couldn’t guess at this time, her face was suspicious.

Qin Luge smiled more and more innocent, “Mom, in more than eight months, you will be a grandmother.”

“You have it?” Mother Qin’s voice suddenly rose, not knowing whether it was joy or anger. In short, she was frightened.

Qin Luge nodded innocently, paying attention to his mother’s reaction, thinking that her mother would call her stupid again?

Mother Qin was stunned for a moment, and then she beamed with joy, “Oh, okay, so good, I really look forward to it, my grandson, grandma miss you, you have to be obediently in mother’s belly, don’t be too noisy, Nao Teng is waiting for you to come out. Grandma makes a fuss with you. It is very hard for mom to be pregnant with you!”

“Mom, it’s only over a month now. Where can he hear?” Qin Luge’s eyes faintly burst into tears. She thought her mother would scold her and blame her, but she never thought that her mother had nothing. Said, I’m just worried that the baby will make trouble for her in the future, and I’m afraid that she won’t be able to bear it.

Regardless of whether the baby could hear or not, Qin’s mother continued to chat with Qin Luge’s belly. Qin Luge suddenly felt that no matter how old and capable she was, in the eyes of her parents, she still needed their care. How lucky she was.

“Oh, I was almost overjoyed and forgot your dad. I went to call your dad. He was so happy when he heard it. Maybe he would jump home from the hospital right away!” Mother Qin happily confided. He got up and picked up the landline at home and called Father Qin.

Qi Zirui’s several dishes are slowly coming out of the oven, with a fragrant aroma.

“That’s right, Zi Rui, what you cook is good for pregnant women. Didn’t you do your homework?” Mother Qin was quite satisfied with Qi Zirui’s table of dishes, rich in nutrition, and she would surely be able to raise her daughter’s weight in vain.

“Homework must be done. I don’t know how to learn. Of course, my wife and children have to pay attention.” Qi Zirui did a lot of homework, and even asked his former mentor specifically. His mentor’s wife is a woman and a child. Experts have a good understanding of these.

Father Qin hurried home. By coincidence, the food was already on the table, “Oh, it’s so fragrant, it’s time for me to come back!”

“Huh? Are you really jumping back? You’re not working anymore? Skip work?” Although Mother Qin was not forgiving, she got up and went to add a pair of chopsticks to Qin’s father.

Father Qin doesn’t mind. He knows his wife’s personality best. He knows that his wife is actually caring about him, but in a different way. !”

During the meal, Mother Qin talked about the wedding of Qin Luge and Qi Zirui. Qin Luge repeatedly indicated that he is now a pregnant woman and would not look good in a wedding dress. He should wait until the child is born to regain his figure before making up the wedding.

Qin’s father and Qin’s mother had no choice but to rely on his daughter. After all, the wedding must be a banquet for the guests. There are many relatives in their family and it takes time to invite. It takes time to book a hotel, prepare a banquet, and time for weddings. , In short, when everything is ready, Qin Luge’s belly should also be bigger, which is indeed not suitable.

Qi Zirui respected Qin Luge’s opinion. He wanted to see Qin Luge’s appearance in a holy wedding dress. It must be beautiful.

Suddenly thinking of something, Qi Zirui’s eyes lit up, “We can’t hold the wedding right now, you can take wedding photos first.”

“Yes, right, right, your stomach is only more than a month now, you can’t see it at all, first take a wedding photo!” Mother Qin quite agrees with Qi Zirui’s opinion. In her time, there were no wedding photos, just a family portrait of three generations in the same house. She hopes that her daughter can take beautiful wedding photos, and when she gets old in the future, she can look back at her own good times.

In the case that the family passed the unanimous vote, Qin Luge was pulled into Qi Zirui’s car by Qin’s father and Qin’s mother as soon as he finished eating. He said that he happened to be in the family of five, took wedding photos, and took a family portrait! (Don’t ask why there is a family of five, and the baby in Qin Luge’s belly is also counted as one)

Qi Zirui and Qin Luge are both people who have never faced the camera before. They are not very sensitive to this spotlight. When they first started shooting, they couldn’t let go. Fortunately, the two of them had a tacit understanding. After a few attempts, they finally relaxed. Down.

Qin’s father and Qin’s mother looked at the Biren with a smile, and tears filled their eyes with excitement. What could make them more happy than finding happiness for their daughters?

Finally, there is a man who can replace them, and in the days to come, Qin Luge will shelter her from the wind and rain and give her support, how great.

【half year later】

Qin Luge wandered leisurely in the mall with a pregnant belly for nearly eight months. He walked slowly into the baby products area and began to carefully prepare daily necessities for his dying baby.

Originally Qi Zirui was going to accompany Qin Luge, but when something happened temporarily, Qin Luge didn’t let him come.

Fortunately, it is not the first time that Qin Luge walks the mall alone with her stomach upright. When Qi Zirui is busy, she often goes out alone.

“I will give birth in two months, right?” A familiar voice sounded behind him, and Qin Luge turned his head subconsciously and saw Chen Shu.

To be honest, in the past six months, because Qin Luge often flipped through Chen Shu’s book of psychology and medicine, and occasionally asked Chen Shu about psychology on the phone, it seemed that apart from the communication on the phone, they really were I haven’t seen each other for half a year.

It’s obviously in the same city, but I haven’t seen each other for half a year. It’s terrible. Many times, friends are lost like this, right?

Qin Luge suddenly felt that he was unkind, and inevitably carried a little apology in his tone, “Yes, there are still two months, senior, do you have time later, I will invite you to dinner.”

“It just happens to be free in the afternoon.” Chen Shu smiled gently, Qin Luge didn’t change anything except that it was a little more plump than before, but looked even better.

Chen Shu blamed Qin Luge in his heart. Over the past six months, he often remembered the two years they had spent in university. At that time, Qi Zirui was gone by her side. He was the closest person to Qin Luge. .

But now, Qin Luge is getting better with Qi Zirui, and he is pregnant with his child. Chen Shu suddenly feels ironic. What was the two years he had been guarding silently? If he hadn’t seen Qin Luge just now and came over to say hello, would Qin Luge not plan to look for him?

“I’ll buy something for the baby, and then go to eat. Senior, don’t you mind waiting for me?” Qin Luge thought that some things should be prepared early, otherwise it would be too late.

Chen Shu nodded, and accompanied Qin Luge to choose together, and from time to time he gave Qin Luge some professional advice. Soon Qin Luge chose the items he needed.

Qin Luge got in Chen Shu’s car and asked Chen Shu to choose which restaurant to go to. She remembered half a year ago that she had said that she had time to invite him to dinner, but it was half a year late.

The car was driving on the wide road, but it was not in the direction that Qin Luge was familiar with, “Huh? This seems to be an industrial area. There is no restaurant, right?”

“Have you never heard a word? Good things are often in hidden corners. You will know when you get there.” Chen Shu still smiled, but subconsciously clenched the steering wheel with his hands, concealing his inner writhing.

Qin Luge doesn’t doubt that he has him. When he and Qi Zirui were in college, they often looked for a store that was in a remote location, but the business was very good, and the food was delicious.

But the car drove a long way, and the flow of people became less and less. Qin Luge has never been here and is not familiar with it. “Senior, do you come here often?”

“Well, I’ve been here a few times, and I think it’s not bad.” Chen Shu took a sharp turn and entered an underground garage.

Qin Luge frowned. She didn’t see a restaurant or anything, so why did she park the car in?

Seeing Qin Luge’s doubts, Chen Shu mildly explained, “On the sixth floor, there is no elevator, can you?”

“Yes.” It’s just climbing stairs, Qin Luge can do it.

With the help of Chen Shu, Qin Luge slowly walked upstairs step by step. There was indeed a sign “Fu Lai Lin Restaurant” on the sixth floor. Qin Luge pushed the door in, but was stunned. The inside was empty, what? Nothing, “Senior, haven’t you been here for a long time? No one seems to be there anymore?”

As soon as Qin Luge’s voice fell, he felt that his neck was severely chopped, and his eyes suddenly became dark and unconscious.

Qi Zirui checked the top-secret files in the office, all of which he used his powerful expertise to hack into Chen Shu’s computer.

Although it is illegal to do so, he has no other way, or just think that, hackers invade other people’s systems, which is called breaking the law, and the police invade other people’s systems, which is called investigation.

Chen Shu is not a vegetarian either. It is not easy for Qi Zirui to successfully steal his medical files without Chen Shu noticing it. It took half a year for Qi Zirui to steal all of them. file.

The files are not too many, because Chen Shu’s computer only contains the cases he received during the period after he returned to China, and there is no record abroad.

Qi Zirui looked up one by one, and the list of those who went for psychological counseling stimulated his eyeballs one by one. These names are so familiar to him, all of them are the names of recent murderers!

Why is this happening? Think of the fragrance of gardenia at the scene of each crime, and then recall the gardenia trees in the backyard of Chen Shu Clinic. Are these cases all related to Chen Shu?

But Qi Zirui felt wrong again. When the first case happened, Chen Shu didn’t return to China?

wrong! wrong! Qi Zirui suddenly patted his forehead. At first, he only heard Chen Shu say when he returned to China. At that time, Chen Shu said that he and Qin Luge were not suspicious and had not verified the time when Chen Shu actually returned to China. Still to be investigated!

Qi Zirui was about to dial the phone, and soon the data was queried. The time of Chen Shu’s return to China was as early as three days before the first case happened!

A powerful shock surrounded Qi Zirui. He really couldn’t accept it. All the cases were related to Chen Shu, but he had to doubt it. Otherwise, how could all the criminals have a relationship with Chen Shu? Why does every crime scene have a weird gardenia fragrance?

Is it because of powerful hypnotism? Chen Shu magnified the hatred in the hearts of the criminals, or gave them wrong guidance in some ways, causing the criminals to kill people frantically?

But what is the reason for Chen Shu to do this? What good is it for him to kill those people?

Qi Zirui felt that his brain was about to explode. Chen Shu was his best friend in college. He really didn’t want to believe that Chen Shu would be the biggest conspirator behind all these incidents.

Thinking that Qin Luge also wanted to study psychology recently, he occasionally talked with Chen Shu on the phone, Qi Zirui felt numb scalp, subconsciously picked up the phone and dialed Qin Luge’s phone.

The phone got through, and before Qi Zirui had time to ask Qin Luge if he was home, he heard a familiar voice over the phone, Chen Shu’s voice!

“Zirui, why did you go so thorough back then but still break into her world? I like her too. I like her for so many years, not less than you. Seeing you all look like glue before me, I felt the same way at the time. , You will never understand, but now it’s fine, I can’t be with her in this life, then I will die with her!”

Qi Zirui shook his heart like a stone, “Chen Shu, what are you going to do? Don’t mess around!”

“Maybe you still have time to come over and see me killing her with your own eyes. Haha, I will die with her.” Chen Shu recalled all the past. He gave up his hatred of her father for Qin Luge and betrayed his previous persistence. , But what did she get in exchange, what she got in exchange was just watching her befriend other men and having children with other men!

In the past six months, every time Chen Shu talked to Qin Luge on the phone and listened to her voice, he would imagine her appearance in his mind, what she was doing, whether she was fat or thin, and wanted to see her, but he wanted to see her. For no reason, he remembered Qin Luge saying that he would invite him to dinner when he was free. Haha, for half a year, Qin Luge was very free, but he forgot to ask him. His mood was getting gloomy day by day. Thinking of the hatred in the past, he suddenly felt Qin Lu Song has also become abominable, everything is false, only his feelings are true, he is suffering, he is unbearable, he is tortured, but they are very happy!

How could Chen Shu stand it? After enduring it for so many years, his emotions have been squeezed to a breaking point, and it will explode with the slightest touch.

Qi Zirui was in a mess. He first discovered what Chen Shu was manipulating behind the scenes, and now he learned that Chen Shu was going to kill Qin Luge. Everything changed so suddenly that he could not imagine it was true.

But no matter how shocked in his heart, he still has to calm down, because his wife and the child who is about to be born are in the hands of Chen Shu, “Chen Shu, where are you, don’t hurt him, there is nothing you can say, nothing It cannot be resolved.”

“Oh, what you said is nice, if I said, I want her to be my woman, would you agree? Don’t fool me with these high-sounding words, I know it’s impossible, I can’t get what I can’t get, and I can’t watch you have it !” Chen Shu collapsed. He invested too much and gave up too much, but he never got anything in return. Qin Luge only regarded him as a friend, only as a respected senior, and nothing else.

There were even many times when Chen Shu felt that Qin Luge had betrayed him. He felt that Qin Luge should be with him. Qi Zirui’s disappearance back then was because he always accompanied Qin Luge. He Naturally, he felt that Qin Luge would eventually go with him. He had subconsciously regarded Qin Luge as his own.

Just because he found that he fell in love with Qin Luge and couldn’t help himself, hatred and love were entangled in Chen Shu’s heart, so he chose to escape and chose to go abroad. When he went to the land, Qi Zirui appeared damnably!

Chen Shu felt hate in his heart. Why did Qi Zirui have such a good life every time, occupying Qin Luge’s sight before him.

This time, he let Qi Zirui and Qin Luge say goodbye to each other, life and death separated!

Chen Shu’s words struck Qi Zirui’s heart. Indeed, he and Qin Luge had agreed that no matter what happened, they would never give up each other. He would not hand Qin Luge to others, but now Qin Luge He knew that Chen Shu was not joking with the child’s life. Since Chen Shu was able to plan such a big conspiracy, he was afraid that he had planned it a long time ago.

I still wanted to say something, but Chen Shu had already hung up the phone.

The busy tone of toot made Qi Zirui’s mood particularly flustered. He didn’t even know where Chen Shu was now, how would he find Qin Luge?

With a bang, Qi Zirui’s office door was knocked open from the outside, and Qiao Feng panted his hands on the desk, “Has Lu Ge ever come to you?”

“No, what’s the matter with you?” Qi Zirui was anxious, Qin Luge is now in Chen Shu’s hands, and I don’t know if he’s all right now.

“I just went back to visit my parents and came back. When I passed by Chengdong, I seemed to see Lu Ge. It seemed to be with the psychiatrist Chen Shu you know. This is not the point. The point is, I smell it again. The scent of gardenia came from the car they were sitting in.” Qiao Feng was a little upset. He knew that Qin Luge was familiar with Chen Shu, so he thought it might be his own hallucinations at the time, because the scent was fleeting. .

But after coming back, Qiao Feng felt a little uneasy for some reason. He always felt that something major was going to happen today. After thinking about it, he dialed Qin Luge’s phone. The call went through, but no one answered. , Hit the past several times, it’s all like this.

Qin Luge is not the kind of person who does not answer the phone, unless she does not hear it, or there is no way to answer it, Qiao Feng, who feels bad, immediately comes upstairs to look for Qi Zirui, wanting to verify Qin Luge’s whereabouts, but Qi Zirui does not have it either. Seeing Qin Luge, it broke.

“Where did you see them?” Qi Zirui seemed to have caught a straw. This is the only clue. Knowing the approximate location is better than finding a needle in a haystack.

Qiao Feng couldn’t tell the characteristics of the place for a while. Seeing Qi Zirui’s expression flustered, he knew that Qi Zirui might also know something. It’s not the time to find Qin Luge, “I’ll take you there!”

The two hurried downstairs, the same anxious, the same fearful.

Qin Luge woke up quietly, only to feel that the back of his neck was still a little numb, and he wanted to stand up, only to find that his hands and feet had been firmly bound by ropes.

Looking sideways, there are so many gardenias in the huge space. It must be all the gardenias in the Chen Shuhua shed, right?

At this time, Chen Shu was concentrating on plucking the gardenia petals one by one, throwing them on the ground one by one, as if to cover the entire ground, but did not realize that Qin Luge had woken up.

Qin Lu Gerao didn’t understand and could guess that he was deceived by Chen Shu, but why did he bring himself here?

Did the previous murders really have something to do with Chen Shu? So what is it now? Wherever the fragrance of gardenia appears, someone must die. Does he want her to die?

But why? Qin Luge couldn’t understand, what kind of hatred Chen Shu had with him, and took her all the time to bring her here, wanting to put her to death?

Chen Shu’s seriousness made Qin Luge feel that he was not pretending that she might die.

If it were before, Qin Luge might still think of countermeasures calmly, but now, she is pregnant, eight months old, and heavy. There is no elevator in this building. It is almost impossible for her to escape, and it is easy to do. Hurt the child.

Therefore, she couldn’t run away, so she could only let Chen Shu take the initiative to give up the idea of ​​killing her, but could she succeed? If it was the former Chen Shu, Qin Luge believed that he was gentle, but if he really was the conspirator behind all the murders, it would be terrible, and Qin Luge was not sure.

“Senior, why?” Many questions gathered in his mind, but Qin Luge didn’t know where to ask, so he could only ask why.

Hearing the voice of Qin Luge, Chen Shu stopped his work, walked slowly to Qin Luge’s body, stared at Qin Luge seriously, and suddenly sneered, “You only have Zirui in your eyes, when? Have you read me seriously? If you knew my feelings for you, you would still ask me why?”

Qin Luge was stunned, how did the seniors feel about her? Does the senior like her? She never knew, never inquired. When she was in college, Chen Shu was kind to her. She only thought it was because of Qi Zirui’s relationship. Because Qi Zirui had a good relationship with Chen Shu, she would treat her as well.

At that time, Qin Luge’s whole mind was in a trance with Qi Zirui’s sudden disappearance. How could he still notice Chen Shu’s feelings for her?

After Chen Shu went abroad, Qin Luge was even less aware of Chen Shu’s feelings for her.

When Chen Shu returned to China, Qin Luge and Qi Zirui also met again. She was indeed disrupted by Qi Zirui again, so she didn’t have the energy to explore Chen Shu.

Who is to blame for all this?

“Senior, you know that I and Zirui… why are you…” Qin Luge is really not good at organizing words to describe it, but she has never expressed any ambiguous thoughts about Chen Shu, why is Chen Shu still so persistent Want to like her?

“You don’t even know how much I gave up for you. I like you no less than Zi Rui likes you.” Chen Shu squatted down in pain. He hardly had a good life in his life. He suffered from others when he was young. With a blind eye, finally fell in love with a woman, but still became someone else’s wife.

Qin Luge was surprised and did not understand what Chen Shu gave up for her. These words were all she had never heard before, “Because of this, are you going to kill me?”

“You forced me, and I don’t want to. Don’t worry, I won’t make you too painful. I will stay with you.” Although Chen Shu himself is a psychologist, he can provide psychological consultation for everyone, only He can’t heal himself, because he has been distorted because of his low self-esteem when he was a child, the suicide of his mother, and the death of his beloved by others.

In the past, the more he pretended to be gentle and kind, the more depressed in his heart, as time passed, even he himself couldn’t control it.

So he began to retaliate wildly. That’s right, those murderers were his clients. He just used his profession to arouse the hatred in their subconscious and help them get rid of their predicament.

Now that he is tired of revenge, Chen Shu is not reconciled to look at Qi Zirui so proud, so why should good things come to him? He wants to make Qi Zirui life worse than death, more painful than him!

“If you don’t fall in love with you, you won’t live now, haha, it’s impossible to live until now!” Chen Shu laughed wildly. If he hadn’t fallen in love with Qin Luge, he had already Let Qin Luge die, there is no need to wait until now.

Qin Luge didn’t understand Chen Shu’s words at all. She and Chen Shu didn’t know each other before they were in college. Why did he say this as if he and her were enemies?

“You don’t need to look at me with this kind of eyes. We really didn’t know each other before college, but I knew your father, who turned into ashes!” When Chen Shu mentioned Qin Luge’s father, the hatred in his eyes was revealed, as if he wanted to She swallowed her father alive.

Qin Luge didn’t understand even more. She knew her father’s personality had always been to treat others. She had never done anything harmful to the world, and was even less likely to be jealous. “Did you make a mistake? What happened to my dad? ?”

“Wrong? It might be wrong? It’s all because he is incompetent, otherwise how could my mother die!” Chen Shu almost roared. Back then, he watched his mother fall in a pool of blood, with what kind of mood he was carrying. His mother went to the hospital? He doesn’t have a father, his mother is everything to him, as long as his mother can live!

But the moment the operating lamp went out, the doctor brought out a sentence: too much blood loss, rescue was ineffective, and the grief changed smoothly!

All of Chen Shu’s hopes collapsed. He couldn’t forget the moment when his mother’s face was covered with a white cloth and cut off from the world.

The doctor in charge of that operation was Qin Luge’s father!

Chen Shu stubbornly believed that it was the doctor’s incompetence, that was why he could not save his mother’s life. It was obviously just such a small cut and the wound was so small that the doctor was useless!

The resentment was in the seed, and it was deeply buried at that moment.

Nearing the college entrance examination, Chen Shu prepared for the exam in his best state and got his wish and achieved good results. He believed that the heavenly mother could see it. He volunteered to fill in the University of Medicine. He wanted to use his hands to avenge all the mothers and children who had hurt them. People!

I had investigated it a long time ago and Qin Luge was the daughter of the attending doctor. By coincidence, Qi Zirui introduced that she was his girlfriend.

That’s why Chen Shu deliberately made a good relationship with Qin Luge, otherwise, how could he be so good to Qin Luge from the beginning? He and Qi Zirui are roommates when they are old, but they are not as good as Qi Zirui’s girlfriend. He just wants to find a chance to make Qin Luge disappear from this world without knowing it, and kill that person’s only daughter. , Is the biggest revenge against him!

But people are not as good as the sky, Chen Shu did not expect that he would fall in love with Qin Luge.

On the one hand, he wanted to avenge his mother, but on the other hand, he couldn’t do anything. During that time, Chen Shu was undoubtedly very painful.

After a fierce ideological struggle, Chen Shu finally wanted to be cruel, but Qi Zirui suddenly disappeared.

This is undoubtedly a godsend opportunity for Chen Shu. He has the opportunity to walk into Qin Luge’s heart and become her favorite.

So Chen Shuchang changed his mind again and gave up revenge.

Choosing to be by Qin Luge’s side, Chen Shu felt that he was worthy of nostalgia for the past two years.

But every night, Chen Shu would dream of his mother standing in front of his bed covered with blood, scolding him for being unfilial, saying that he had forgotten his hatred.

Unable to endure the torment and sleepless at night, Chen Shu finally chose to escape.

Chen Shuzhen couldn’t make it. He didn’t want to kill Qin Luge, but his mother was covered in blood, and she often appeared in his dreams, lingering, only to stay away from Qin Luge, lest he could not stand it and commit it. My own unforgivable mistake.

In the endless suffering and longing, Chen Shu gritted his teeth. He felt that it was worth giving up revenge for Qin Luge, but after returning to China, it was no longer what he remembered.

Chen Shu’s mood was like heaven falling into hell, and five thunderbolts hit the top. At that time, he thought Qi Zirui’s face was very odious, and Qin Luge’s smile was very dazzling.

Even so, Chen Shu still had some thoughts left, and felt that it was impossible for Qin Luge and Qi Zirui.

Therefore, Chen Shu is still waiting and waiting for Qin Luge to discover his waiting.

However, there are some evil people, Chen Shu will not let go. If it were not for those people, his mother would never commit suicide. He was not capable enough, so he had already started to act.

Qin Luge listened quietly to Chen Shu’s memory, while Qi Zirui and Qiao Feng were spinning around with their heads, although Qiao Feng saw Chen Shu’s car heading here, but didn’t know the exact location.

Since they drove the car, they would definitely have to park. They searched the parking lot one by one in an attempt to find Chen Shu’s car.

Finally, when I was almost exhausted, I saw that hope, and Chen Shu’s car was found!

But this building is twelve stories high, and there are three households on the first floor. Is it possible to knock on the door one by one? It may be too late!

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