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Chapter 0 wife, you are so sweet

Jiang Shijun was noncommittal, but he obviously regarded her as such a person.

Yu Zhi walked up to him with a serious look, “Mr. Jiang, I am nominated for this year’s rookie perfumer with my strength. I don’t rely on anyone. My perfumery skills are not just for viewing.”

She added: “Even if you don’t believe me now, I can still enter the Jiang family.”

Jiang Shijun took a sip of coffee and smiled shallowly, “The old man is about to wake up.”

Yu Zhi heard what he meant, frowning tighter, “You misunderstood, I don’t rely on Grandpa Jiang. The first day I returned to China, I passed the recruitment of Jiang’s Perfuming Department.”

She looked at him and emphasized: “I passed it by myself, and I don’t have any relationship with anyone.”

Jiang Shijun looked at her. In front of him, she was really petite. She spoke hard at him without much deterrence, and the strength she repeatedly emphasized could not be trusted by just talking.

She looked at him, but couldn’t see a trace of appreciation in those eyes, she was a little disappointed, why did he always look down on her.

“The doctor is out,” she said and advanced to the ward.

Jiang Shijun and other doctors explained the situation to him, looking at that figure, sneered disdainfully, like a bluffing rabbit.

Dr. Lu is the attending doctor. He has known the Jiang family for a long time. He walked up to Jiang Shijun and said, “Jiang Shao, let’s talk about it here.”

“From the results of the examination, Mr. Jiang’s situation is not optimistic. The cancer cells spread very quickly and are very dense. After positioning, radiotherapy is recommended. Based on the physical condition of the old man, the number of radiotherapy is determined. You don’t need to worry about the medicine. It must be the most effective. of.”

Jiang Shijun nodded, his face was not pretty.

“The old man can’t get angry anymore. Don’t let him get too emotional. The patient’s mentality is very important. And if the old man is getting older, just follow him. If you want to do what you want, don’t stop him.” Dr. Lu said After that, I looked at Jiang Shijun.

Jiang Shijun’s thin lips were tightened, his black eyes were deep and sharp, “How long will it take.”

“Well, I will try my best to drag the disease. If cancer cells don’t break out, it can take three to five years. If they break out or metastasize, they may suddenly…” Dr. Lu said.

Jiang Shijun’s Adam’s apple rolled up and down before he could barely let out a dull response, his expression was cold, suppressing some emotions, “I see.”

When Dr. Lu was discharged from the hospital, the Jiang family had their own medical team, and they had contact with each other, so there was no need to worry too much about going home.

Jiang Shijun exhaled deeply outside the door, sorted out his emotions before going in, “Grandpa.”

“Hahahaha did you scare you again?” Grandpa is in a good state of mind, looking at Jiang Shijun like an old naughty boy, “Your grandpa is in good health and can’t die…”

“Bah, baah!” Grandma Jiang hurriedly interrupted the conversation, “What nonsense are you old man talking about! You give me baah!”

“Bah, baah!” Grandpa Jiang did it obediently, and then said to Jiang Shijun, “What did the doctor say?”

Jiang Shijun said: “There is no big problem, just let you not get angry, play less chess and fish, take more rest and pay attention to your work and rest.”

“I said I wouldn’t let you play chess all day long!” Grandma Jiang said angrily, “I have to look at you when I go back this time.”

Old man Jiang stared at Jiang Shijun, “This is what you said nonsense, don’t think your grandpa is always confused!”

Yu Zhi was sorting out the medicine and said with a smile: “Mr. Jiang said is true. I can prove that you have to follow the doctor’s advice.”

Grandpa Jiang looked at the two of them, teasing him, but he was relieved, “Zhizhi, are you looking at the brat so soon?”

“Grandpa Jiang, I am talking to the doctor, for the sake of your health.” Yu Zhi retorted with a smile.

But despite that, I was still a little flustered, turning his head and looking at Jiang Shijun, just to meet his cold eyes.

Jiang Shijun said: “Observe for two more days, and rest after you go back.”

Old man Jiang said, “I’m fine.”

“Grandpa Jiang, you need to listen to the doctor. When you are ready, we will pick you up.” Yu Zhi echoed.

Grandpa Jiang looked at the two in harmony, so he didn’t refuse, “Then grandpa is waiting for you. Shijun, you will take Zhizhi to the company in a few days. She is my hand-picked perfumer, very capable. , You go to the company and take care of it.”

Jiang Shijun looked at Yu Zhi with cold eyes, and Yu Zhi breathed tightly.

He will not misunderstand, will he? She came in and said nothing to Grandpa Jiang!

“Don’t worry about her.” Jiang Shijun agreed, “I can fire the person you choose.”

Yu Zhi pursed his lips and clenched his fists calmly.

Elder Jiang didn’t see that there was something wrong with the two, so he smiled and said, “You said yesterday that you were going to marry Zhizhi? I have to listen to it with my own ears.”

After speaking, he smiled at Yu Zhi, as if his grandfather was in charge of you.

Jiang Shijun smiled without saying a word, and looked at Yu Zhi with a mocking look.

Yu Zhi pinched his palm, his voice was still flat and his smile was soft, “Grandpa Jiang, we were yesterday…”

“I want a girl to say this kind of thing?” Grandpa Jiang looked at Jiang Shijun amused, “Tsk, take the initiative! You are really, hurry up!”

The more Grandpa Jiang said this, the more ugly Yu Zhi’s face became. At this moment, after she had just said those things with Jiang Shijun, everything sounded like she asked for.

Jiang Shijun smiled casually, and said lazily, “I’m going to marry Yu Zhi.”

“and then?”

“I will treat her well.”

Yu Zhi looked over, even if he saw the ridicule in his eyes, even if he knew the cause and effect, even if he knew that everything was false.

Can not ignore the heartbeat brought by this sentence.

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