Chapter 1 Gu Yiran, you take advantage of me

Around 9:30 in the evening, QUEEN BAR.

In the gloomy walkway, the tall and straight figure of the man approached step by step, Xia Youyi was also cautiously stepping back step by step, until he was forced into a blind corner, and there was no way to go back, and finally stopped.

“Gu Yiran, what do you want, I warn you, don’t mess around…”

Xia’s only clinging to the corner wall, her stubborn eyes staring at the extraordinary man in front of her eyes tightly. Although pretending to be calm on the surface, her slightly weak voice still reveals the panic in her heart. With tension.

“Chaos? Oh, where is this confidence that makes you think I will do something to you?”

There was a sneer over the head in an instant, and the voice that was supposed to be cold and clear, but in this exceptionally noisy environment, seemed extremely low and beautiful.

Gu Yiran stood in front of her calmly, slightly squinted his eyes, scanned her up and down, and said: “Also, what is the point of your appearance that is worth messing with me?”

The mocking words are full of contempt.

Xia Tong suddenly choked. Although he knew that he couldn’t spit out any good words from the man’s mouth, he was disgusted as a cabbage that no one wanted, but he was very unconvinced in his heart.

She lifted her chin, a little embarrassed and said angrily: “Since you can’t look at me, why are you stopping me in such a good way?!”

“Me…” Gu Yiran raised her eyebrows, folded her hands on her chest, “I just came here to remind a woman who is about to get overwhelmed, and want to tell her, don’t forget who you are now.”

He slowly said to her, “You have already obtained the certificate, Mrs. Gu.”

I don’t know if it was an illusion, Xia only felt that the last three words were bitten extremely hard by Gu Yiran.

Mrs. Gu? Gu…

She had just finished reading it silently in her heart, and immediately reacted, and couldn’t help but stare at him: “What are you shouting, who is your Mrs. Gu? Gu Yiran, you should take advantage of me!”

“Are you trying to deny now?” Gu Yiran couldn’t help narrowing his eyes again, and asked in a cold voice, “Who is this? Yesterday afternoon, I had to beg me to marry her with her face? And who was it? , Forced me and her to go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get the certificate?”

It’s all…

“I…” Xia Youyi was forced to be speechless.

Although I really want to refute, I still have to admit that these shameful acts of being thrown home are indeed… all of them were done by her herself.

“I have nothing to say now, right?” Gu Yiran looked at her speechless, and suddenly sneered. The original inattentive tone became sharp: “On the second day of marriage, you dare to blatantly rush to the bar. Muscle guy, the only one in Xia, your courage is really getting fatter!”

At this moment, even if he deliberately forbeared, he still told Xia Youyi to hear the sullenness hidden in the words.

He is actually angry, right?

She even yelled out her full name…

Xia Youyou was a little bit stunned. Based on what she knew about him, how long did she call her full name unceremoniously when she was about to be overwhelmed by her anger? Normally, he is used to calling her “stupid” or something.

She didn’t think there was anything, but now she was rebuked by him like this, but she felt a little guilty in her heart. She touched her nose with one hand and muttered: “What is a muscular man? It’s really awkward, but it’s just a little appreciation and appreciation. .”

This QUEEN BAR is the most famous bar in the city. Just listen to the name. It mainly attracts female customers, and those muscular men are a means of attracting customers.

Ever since someone heard about the name of this bar, Xia Youyi could not help but be curious and wanted to come in to see it. Who knew that this was the first time he came back and was caught by Gu Yiran, and she was still having fun. when.

Such luck… Don’t be too bad.

“I just appreciate it, I need to touch it with my hands, and lean with my back?”

Gu Yiran immediately said unceremoniously, “If I hadn’t come over suddenly tonight, you should still be having fun there right now?”

As if being said, Xia Youyi was so embarrassed that he pretended to “cough cough” twice before whispering: “How can you say it is so exaggerated…”

Gu Yiran’s eyebrows sank when she saw her guilty conscience. Thinking of seeing her dancing with a muscular body close to her back, her eyes couldn’t help but get colder.

But she didn’t think there was anything wrong with this, so she hummed and muttered, “But what if you can rely on it, what’s the matter with you, do you need to teach me?”

“What did you say?!”

Gu Yiran’s voice suddenly sank.

But the only one Xia has never eaten soft or hard, refused to accept defeat: “You are not me, what do I want you to do?”

Gu Yiran looked straight at her, “Xia Youyi, do you dare to say this again and try again!” The cold words were squeezed out of his lips one by one.

He just stood in front of her so casually, a sense of pressure that couldn’t be ignored was heavy, and the eyes staring at her were as sharp as silver needles.

Xia Tong’s neck shrank in fright by the way he gritted his teeth. Although he had the courage to look at him, his speech was weakened.

“Just say, what do I do to you…”

Before the last word’thing’ could be spit out, her mouth was completely blocked.

Gu Yiran lowered his head to face her lips and gnawed directly up. Such unexpected behavior made Xia Youyi’s whole person stunned.

Her body was stiff, however, Gu Yiran did not continue. He just rubbed Xia’s only red lips. Before she could feel the kiss, he took a bite and quickly let go of her.

The pain remaining on the corner of her mouth made Xia Youyi wake up quickly, her eyes widened immediately, staring at him like a ghost, and angrily said: “Gu Yiran, you… how dare you really take advantage of me!”

Gu Yiran didn’t care about her irritation, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly, and the thumb of his right hand rubbed gently on her lips that had just been moisturized by him, and said casually:

“Mrs. Gu, I am just using the legal rights of being a husband reasonably. Do you think I would be willing to kiss a woman who is stupid like a pig?”