Chapter 10: Buy a car, get a car!

“It’s not cold, it’s not cold at all.” Lu Feng replied without hesitation.

But as soon as he finished saying this, Lu Feng couldn’t wait to slap himself!

What a great opportunity to just let yourself go? ?

Sure enough, Ji Xueyu paused, and then coldly said: “It’s okay if it’s not cold!”

After speaking, she turned around, ignoring Lu Feng again, and 10,000 beasts flew past Lu Feng’s heart.


next day.

Lu Feng drove Ji Xueyu to Fengyu Real Estate in an electric car.

“I, can it really be?” Ji Xueyu looked at the towering group building in front of him, feeling unsure.

I used to think that Jiangnan Ji’s house was quite big, but now it is extremely small compared to Fengyu Real Estate.

“Go, I’ll wait for you here.” Lu Feng leaned against the electric car and quietly lit a cigarette.

Ji Xueyu took a few deep breaths, gritted his teeth, and then walked towards Fengyu Estate.

“Is it Miss Ji? Our president is already waiting for you!” As

soon as Ji Xueyu walked in, two welcoming beauties walked over with a smile and said politely to Ji Xueyu.

“Ah? What? Chief, referee?”

Ji Xueyu was a little confused, originally thinking that it would be nice to see the head of the marketing department of Fengyu Real Estate.

But now, their president has to greet him personally. Is this really a dream?

When Ji Xueyu was taken to the president’s office, the whole person was still like a dream, and his expression was a bit sluggish.

The conversation with Lu Feng last night suddenly flashed in my mind. That mysterious Lu Family Master, wouldn’t he really like him?

Otherwise, why would you be so polite to yourself? Even the president has to personally receive himself?

Liu Wanguan personally received Ji Xueyu. Although Lu Feng told him not to show too much respect, Liu Wanguan couldn’t help showing respect when he thought that this was the young master’s woman.

The two greeted briefly, and Ji Xueyu took out a stack of documents and began to introduce Ji’s enterprise.

Although Liu Wanguan seemed to listen very seriously, Ji Xueyu could also tell that Liu Wanguan was listening absent-mindedly.

Ji Xueyu’s heart sank a little bit, it seems that today, it is doomed to fail.

Perhaps Lu Feng really knew a certain employee of Fengyu Real Estate, and they met him for the sake of face.

But after all, Lu Feng did not have the right to decide who Fengyu Real Estate would cooperate with, so he just walked through the scene. It is estimated that when he finishes speaking, he will order to evict the guests.

From the very beginning, Ji Xueyu was full of hope, and later gave up completely, but she still explained in detail the advantages of Ji’s enterprise and the benefits of cooperation in various aspects.

“Mr. Liu, this is what our Ji family enterprise can do.” After finishing speaking, Ji Xueyu politely looked at Liu Wanguan, and was ready to get up and leave.

“Huh…, finally finished.” Liu Wanguan wiped his sweat and whispered.

Does Ji Xueyu say anything important? unimportant! The important thing is that Lu Feng is waiting outside the door at this time!

As the little young master of the Lu family, he was a body of dignity and gold, and he was basking outside, while Liu Wanguan’s servant was sitting in the office, which made Liu Wanguan feel like sitting on pins and needles.

When Ji Xueyu heard Liu Wanguan’s words, her face darkened even more. As expected, Maple Rain Real Estate just cooperated with her to walk through the scene.

“Then Mr. Liu, please think about it, I won’t bother too much.” Ji Xueyu knew the advance and retreat, and immediately took the initiative to say goodbye.

“Miss Ji, wait a minute.” Liu Wanguan stopped Ji Xueyu, and then asked the secretary to come over with a stack of documents.

“This is?” Ji Xueyu was stunned.

“This is a contract drafted by Fengyu Real Estate. Ms. Ji takes it back and takes a look. If there is no objection, please sign on it.”

“After Ms. Ji signs, our Fengyu Real Estate will cooperate with Ji’s enterprise. It’s officially started.” Liu Wanguan explained.

“Wh, what?” Ji Xueyu’s beautiful eyes widened, her expression unbelievable.

Is this really a dream?

Looking at the contract in front of him, Fengyu Real Estate had already stamped it, and signed the place where it should be signed.

As long as you sign on it, the cooperation that is enough to make all the rich in Jiangnan envy, you will be taken by yourself!

Ji Xueyu took a few deep breaths and quickly got up and looked at Liu Wanguan.

“Mr. Liu, thank you for the opportunity, happy cooperation!”

Ji Xueyu stretched out her white palms as she said, her face could not be suppressed with excitement.

What Ji Xueyu didn’t expect was that when Liu Wanguan saw her stretch out his hand, the whole person was shocked, and he immediately took two steps back.

“Happy cooperation! Miss Ji will take the contract back to see first, if there are any requirements, we can change it at any time!” Liu Wanguan said with a smile.

Just kidding, this is the young master’s woman, she dare to shake hands?

Even if he took another look, Liu Wanguan didn’t have the guts.

When Ji Xueyu walked out of Fengyu Real Estate, the whole person was still dreaming.

What happened today is really incredible, everything seems to be a dream.

Fengyu Real Estate, which made the entire Jiangnan city a god, was so easily won by himself.

This paper contract in hand is enough to make all the rich in Jiangnan go crazy!

It has been Ji Xueyu’s happiest day since marrying Lu Feng for three years.

I was so happy that I felt a little pleasing to my eyes even when I saw Lu Feng, who was annoying on weekdays.

“It seems that you have done it, congratulations!” Lu Feng stepped forward and congratulated Ji Xueyu.

“Huh! This young lady is capable and eloquent, isn’t she able to win the cooperation?” Ji Xueyu raised Xiaoqiong’s nose, pretending to say proudly.

“Yeah, you are great.” Lu Feng smiled.

What Ji Xueyu didn’t notice was that behind the windowsill of the building behind him, Liu Wanguan bowed respectfully to Lu Feng, while Lu Feng waved his hand at him casually.

“I’m really happy today. Happy.” Ji Xueyu was like a little girl who got the doll she dreamed of. She couldn’t restrain the excitement, and walked towards the electric car while talking.

“This is just the beginning. You will be happier in the future.” Lu Feng looked at Ji Xueyu’s back and reached out to eject the cigarette butt far away.

Lu Feng sent Ji Xueyu home and went to the 4S shop alone.

Ji Xueyu said that when he saved enough money, he would buy a car for Lu Feng to drive, so as not to have to bear the wind and sun when Lu Feng picked her up.

This small goal is also time to complete.

In fact, Lu Feng only needs a phone call to order a car, and many other things, and Liu Wanguan can do it plainly.

But Lu Feng was not prepared to do this. He hadn’t completely accepted everything from the Lu family now, so naturally he wouldn’t rely on the family for what he could do on his own.

“Tomorrow, I can pick Ji Xueyu home with a BMW. She must be surprised.” Lu Feng stood in front of a BMW car dealership, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds.

As for why you choose BMW, there is a saying: some girls would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle.

And Lu Feng, he wanted Ji Xueyu to laugh while sitting in a BMW.

“Take it out, right? Who ordered it?”

A female employee shouted when Lu Feng walked into the car dealership with a bag.

She even thought of Lu Feng as a food delivery, but also, Lu Feng drove an electric car with a broken bag in her hand.

The dress is also very simple, it looks like a takeaway food delivery guy.

“No one ordered takeout, did you go to the wrong place?” Several people probed the probe and replied.

Lu Feng was a little speechless and said indifferently: “I’ll buy a car. I want to buy a car. The price can be around 500,000 yuan.”

With his current financial resources, tens of millions of sports cars can be bought at hand, but it is too high-profile after all. .

After Lu Feng finished speaking, the car dealership was a little quiet, and they all looked at Lu Feng in surprise.

what’s the situation? Anyone who drives an electric car these years can drive a 500,000-class car?

“Sir, you, what are you talking about?” The long-haired beauty was a little dazed, as if she didn’t understand Lu Feng’s meaning.

“Buy a car, now a car, about 500,000 yuan.” Lu Feng frowned slightly.

The field fell silent again.

After a while, a man in a small suit walked over, and the nameplate on his chest indicated that he was the sales manager of the car dealership.

“This gentleman, I’ll give you two hundred yuan. Go to the car dealership opposite and entertain them.” The sales manager said that he really took out two hundred yuan.

He really wouldn’t believe that a person who drives a dilapidated electric car can buy a BMW for half a million!

It’s absolutely nothing to come to them for fun.

Lu Feng shook his head slightly, and he was not ready to say more at the moment, he turned and left.

“Hey, Li Ge Li, wait a moment, it is okay to ask the customer to pick it up, I’ll come to receive it.” The

long-haired beauty stepped forward and said.

Several other shopping guides are all sneers. They are not willing to do this kind of waste of time and saliva.

Although there is a lot of commission for a car sold, it is a joke to expect the commission from Lu Feng.

Lu Feng, who wanted to turn around and leave, looked back at the shopping guide, and the girl was not bad.

Then, under the leadership of the long-haired girl, Lu Feng selected the existing vehicles in the dealership.

“This one is okay.” Lu Feng saw a blue convertible sports car, the series is BMW 2 series, the price is around 400,000 yuan.

Although Lu Feng was just looking for a scooter, Ji Xueyu must also like this style.

“Mr. has a good vision. This BMW 2 Series convertible sedan is very popular with young people. The price is also quite reasonable. The comfort and other aspects are very good.” The long-haired beauty smiled.

Lu Feng nodded, and reached out to touch the car body. The piano paint car body feels good.

“Mr. E…” Seeing Lu Feng trying to open the car door, the long-haired beauty yelled in embarrassment.

“What?” Lu Feng put his hand on the door handle and turned to look at the long-haired beauty.

“This car is already…”

“Gosh! Where is this beggar from?” Before the long-haired beauty had finished speaking, an exclamation suddenly came from the door.

Everyone looked back and saw a pair of well-dressed men and women walking over angrily.

“Um, Mr. Zhang, Ms. Liu!” The long-haired beauty turned pale, and hurriedly shouted.

Several other salespeople in the car shop were delighted to see this scene.

“This Liu Xin is really funny. She came to receive someone she didn’t want to receive. Who does she think she is? This is the retribution.”

“Thinking it is, Ms. Liu has a bad temper. Look at what Liu Xin is unlucky.”

Ms. Liu stepped on the floor with high heels, walked over with a thud, stretched out her hand to push away the long-haired beauty, and then came to the front of the car and pushed Lu Feng’s hand directly away.

“What does your car dealer do? The car we ordered was let a beggar touch at will?”

“God, I’m really going to die of disgust, this is our new car!”

Ms. Liu shouted angrily. Mr. Zhang also frowned, his eyes looking at Lu Feng very upset.