Chapter 10 Xia Youyi, you really broke your studies


Hearing that Xia’s only question became sharper, Xia Donghai disagrees with her approach, his face sinking slightly, saying that she is enough to stop.

Xia Youyi ignored him, still staring at Zhou Xuemei with a smile on his face.

However, Zhou Xuemei changed his face immediately after a moment of change. She tried her best to stabilize her mind, and smiled calmly: “Look at the only thing that is said, what’s so unwilling to do, it doesn’t belong to me in the first place, I don’t need to care about so much.”

She turned to look at Xia Donghai with affection and tenderness in her eyes silently, “Besides, when I was able to get together with your dad back then, it was not what I pictured. Now we are both at this age. I have all the things I have, and there are so many foreign objects to do. I just hope that for the rest of the day, our family can live a good life together with amiability and happily.”

Xia Donghai moved slightly after listening to Zhou Xuemei’s words, his awe-inspiring expression eased again, and he nodded at her with relief, obviously satisfied with her answer.

Looking at the interaction between the two of them, Xia Youyi almost vomited out the food overnight. Her face became uncontrollably a little ugly.

She really looked down on Zhou Xuemei too much. Those words just now were meant to be a test, but now, judging from the results, Zhou Sumei was obviously more capable of acting than she had imagined. She kept watching Zhou Xuemei’s face so tightly, and being able to change her face in such a short period of time, and also responding so smoothly in response to the circumstances, is really something ordinary people can do.

But think about it, if she didn’t have such great ability, how could she marry into Xia’s family smoothly back then? ! It’s just that her father Xia Donghai seemed to be completely seduced by the masked fox. Now he is so confused that he can’t tell what is false and true.

Xia Youyi sneered sneer and said, “What you say is better than what you sing. Don’t you feel too tired to say so many things against your heart every day?”

At first hearing such unceremonious questioning, Zhou Xuemei’s smiling face stopped unexpectedly.

Xia Donghai’s mood just got better, and he couldn’t help but sink again, looking at Xia Youyi with displeased expression: “You’re really talking more and more, what your Aunt Zhou said is the truth, why should you go to her to misunderstand? mean……”

“Are you really sure this is not ironic?” Xia Youyi suddenly turned his face and interrupted.

Xia Donghai was very helpless. Seeing her being so aggressive, he couldn’t bear to say too much of the reprimand for fear that the relationship between their father and daughter would become worse.

His face was solemn, and he said earnestly: “Only, Xuemei has no malice towards you. Don’t always think of others so badly. She married to our Xia family only for me, not for what you imagined. For the ulterior motive, you should change your mind, and everything else is so extreme…”

Even if she really didn’t mean to me, what about my mother?

Xia Youyi resisted not uttering these words, and said with a sarcasm: “If she really didn’t have any malice, she would climb into her husband’s bed while my mother was still sick in the hospital?! What if she If there is really no purpose, I can’t wait to marry into Xia’s house after my mother has passed away a month, and occupy our home?! She is simply a shameless slut!”

In the last sentence, her slender fingers pointed straight at Zhou Xuemei’s body, and such a powerful question was so shocking that there was no sound in the entire restaurant.

There was a strange composure around, so quiet that almost everyone’s gasping could be heard.

Zhou Xuemei’s face was pale immediately, and she stood there wobbly, soft as if she was about to fall down in the next second, and her wounded look made people feel more pity.

It was the first time that she was scolded by someone pointing her nose so unceremoniously…

And it was Xia Donghai that Xia Tonghai would suddenly say such a thing, and he was frozen in her condensed voice for several seconds. When he got over, he looked at Zhou Xuemei, who had no trace of blood on his face, and felt shocked and pained in his heart.

He shook his hands and pointed to Xia Youyi who still didn’t know to give up, and said with a heartache: “You really broke your studies outside, and you haven’t said such uncultivated words. If your mother knew you would become like this now, she should have How disappointed…”

These words, every word, irritated every nerve in Xia Tongzhi.

“Don’t mention my mother!” She suddenly stood up from the table with a’bang’. She looked at Xia Donghai coldly, and said clearly in a dumb voice: “You are not qualified to mention her! You are not qualified to mention her again!”

“You…” Xia Donghai was so shocked that he couldn’t speak. Under her eyes, they were filled with contempt, indignation and resentment. They were so cold that there was no trace of emotion in their eyes, as if they were looking at an enemy. It was enough to make him frightened.

It turned out that the only knot in his heart was so heavy, and the hatred for him was so deep.

His mood suddenly became extremely complicated, and his face stained with wind and frost was full of pain and sadness.


He sadly called Xia’s only name, thinking about something to say to her.

But Xia Youyi didn’t want to listen to anything anymore. She really had to bear it for too long to let out the grievances in her belly so uncontrollably.

After taking a few deep breaths, she reluctantly suppressed the surging blood in her chest, and then turned away from the table without even looking at Xia Donghai.

Only when she walked to Zhou Xuemei, she deliberately stopped, and ridiculed her lips and said in Zhou Xuemei’s ear: “If you are really as great as what you said, remember to bring your daughter to the net in the future. Go out of the house, get out of the Xia family!”