Chapter 11: Throw a lot of money, shock the audience!

“Mr. Lu, this car is indeed ordered by Mr. Zhang and the others…” Liu Xin, a beautiful long-haired woman, whispered.

Lu Feng glanced at the two of them faintly, and then said, “Then I can change another one.”

“You change one? Do you think you buy a bicycle? This is a BMW 4S shop. Does BMW understand? It’s up to you?” Ms. Liu smiled.

Lu Feng didn’t mean to pay attention to her at all, turned and walked to the side.

“Stop! Want to leave after touching our car?” Ms. Liu stepped forward and stopped Lu Feng’s path.

“Get out of the way, don’t trouble yourself.” Lu Feng glanced at Ms. Liu faintly.

Ms. Liu was taken aback, and then laughed out loud, “I am looking for trouble? I still have to trouble you today!”

“Dirty hands like a beggar. I touched my car and wanted to leave. Today this is not over. ! ” “

your car? why not open your car go? “Lu Feng, a slight frown that he did not want to stir up trouble, but it was too aggressive.

“Mr. Lu, Mr. Zhang, they have already paid the deposit, so they have the first right to purchase this car.” Liu Xin explained.

“Have you heard? Priority purchase! This is the privilege! It is something that beggars like you will never enjoy!” Ms. Liu looked at Lu Feng domineeringly.

“Ha ha… I really don’t need this kind of pre-emption right.”

“I bought this car because of this.” Lu Feng smiled faintly and looked at Liu Xin.

Since Ms. Liu insisted on catching Lu Feng, Lu Feng didn’t mind giving him a lesson.

Ms. Liu smiled, “Who do you think you are? We have already paid the deposit. Understand the deposit, this car belongs to us, what qualifications do you have to buy?”

“Furthermore, even if we give it to you, you can buy it. Isn’t it about selling kidneys and buying cars, haha!”

“The deposit is not a deposit. You are afraid that there is some misunderstanding about the contract.” Lu Feng smiled playfully.

“Go away, you beggar, what do you think you are?” Ms. Liu shouted angrily.

“Um, Ms. Liu, it is indeed the case. The deposit and the deposit are not the same. The deposit is a fixed matter, and the deposit can only be regarded as a reservation.”

“After paying the deposit, you can get it when you pay the car. The car, but before you pay for the car, our car dealer has the right to sell it.”

“These contracts are written in detail.” Liu Xin said politely to Ms. Liu.

The man and the woman were a little stunned, and quickly took out the car contract and took a look. It was indeed what Liu Xin said.

“So, do you pay the balance now?” Lu Feng looked at the two with a playful look.

The two of them looked a little embarrassed. There are still 300,000 yuan in the balance. How can they take it out casually?

“We, shall we pay another one hundred thousand deposit, or can we handle instalments?” Mr. Zhang looked at Liu Xin.

“No chance, I want this car, I will pay the full price.” Before Liu Xin could speak, Lu Feng said lightly.

“You! Can you pay the full price for a car as a stinky beggar?” Mr. Zhang couldn’t hold back anymore, and pointed to Lu Feng and shouted.

Ms. Liu also sneered. Although she couldn’t take out all the balance, she could take out half of it.

This Lu Feng dressing is no different from beggars. What does he use to buy these hundreds of thousands of BMW cars?

The other sales staff, as well as the sales manager of the car dealership, looked at this side indifferently.

If people like Lu Feng can buy a luxury car worth 500,000, then the sales of their car dealership will not know how many times it will double.


Lu Feng ignored them at all, just picked up the bag in his hand and opened the backpack with his hand.

“Bang!” Lu Feng casually threw the backpack on the hood of the car, and everyone looked over.

“Wow…” The

backpack was opened by the impact, and the contents inside were also revealed.

Stacks of red banknotes were scattered randomly on the front hood of the car, and some fell to the ground…

The red banknotes were neatly tied with white strips. At first glance, they knew they were just from the bank. Take it out.

This bundle is 10,000 yuan, and Lu Feng’s backpack contains at least fifty bundles.

The audience was shocked! !

Both Ms. Liu, Liu Xin, and all the staff in the car dealership all opened their mouths and looked at the pile of red banknotes inconceivably.

No one thought that Lu Feng’s worn-out backpack contained so much cash!

He is just riding an electric car, and his clothes are estimated to be less than two hundred yuan!

How could he just take out hundreds of thousands of cash in a casual manner?

Everyone was speechless and horrified, and the whole car was as silent as a cemetery at two or three midnight.

Even a needle dropped on the ground, it was clearly audible.

Especially Ms. Liu and Mr. Zhang, their faces are even more exciting.

The dozens of bundles of ten thousand banknotes seemed to have turned into dozens of loud slaps and slapped them on their faces.

Before, they kept saying that Lu Feng was a beggar, but now the beggar has taken out hundreds of thousands of them, and they can’t even take out these hundreds of thousands.

Doesn’t this mean that they are not as good as beggars?

“Is this enough?” Lu Feng said lightly.

“Enough! Absolutely enough! Honorable Mr. Lu, I can handle it for you now!” The previous sales manager trot over and looked at Lu Feng with a smile on his face.

Liu Xin’s face darkened, she wanted to speak but swallowed again. After all, she didn’t dare to grab customers from the manager.

Although she received the customer Lu Feng, the sales manager in this car dealership is her direct superior.

“What does it have to do with you? It is her who receives me.” Lu Feng glanced at the manager faintly.

“Uh, Mr. Lu, whoever handles it for you is the same. I can also give you some discount…” the sales manager whispered.

Liu Xin was even more disappointed when he heard this. In many cases, sales managers grab customers like this because he has the power to give customers some preferential policies.

Anyway, it’s the same for the customer, and the manager can give a discount of several thousand yuan, and they are definitely willing to let the manager handle it.

Several other sales staff immediately gloated. They were jealous when they saw Liu Xin was about to become a single.

It’s not good now, Liu Xin is busy for nothing, and they immediately balance themselves a lot.

“Haha, discount? No, I only want her to handle it.” Lu Feng smiled faintly and pointed at Liu Xin.

Liu Xin was stunned, and the manager was stunned.

There are customers who don’t want preferential policies? Thousands of dollars are also money!

“Mr. Lu, I think it’s the same who handles it for you, so how about I apply for a discount of 10,000 yuan for you?” the sales manager gritted his teeth.

“Except for her to handle it for me, I won’t buy it if someone else handles it.” Lu Feng said lightly.

The sales manager was speechless for a moment, and quickly stepped aside with his smiling face.

Liu Xincheng also has a commission. Although it is less, it is better than nothing!

Now Lu Feng is the God of Fortune, how can the God of Fortune offend?

“Mr. Lu, you…” Liu Xin’s beautiful eyes bloomed, and this man was so different, possessing an irresistible charm.

It is really rare to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and stick to your own principles.

“Go ahead, I want to pick up the car as soon as possible.” Lu Feng waved his hand.

“No! We have the right of first purchase. This car is ours. We will raise money now!” Ms. Liu panicked.

Seeing that this car was supposed to be hers, but now it was bought by a beggar Lu Feng, how could she be willing?

“It’s just a nouveau riche. What counts out hundreds of thousands, do you think we don’t have it?”

“Shut up!” To our surprise, Mr. Zhang stopped Ms. Liu for the first time.

Without waiting for Ms. Liu to speak, Mr. Zhang pulled Ms. Liu aside and looked at Lu Feng with a smile on his face.

“Mr. Lu, you must not be familiar with her. If you are interested in this car, then we can change another one.”

“Let’s leave now, then leave.”

After speaking, Mr. Zhang didn’t wait for Lu Feng to speak. , She forcibly pulled Ms. Liu away from the car shop.

All the staff in the car dealership were a little dumbfounded, and had no idea how Mr. Zhang suddenly changed himself.

“You let me go, can’t we borrow hundreds of thousands, are we just being crushed by a beggar?” Ms. Liu said bitterly outside the car shop.

Mr. Zhang sneered: “You fucking want to die, don’t hold me, do you know who he is?”