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Chapter 12: The second surprise

“Who can he be? A nouveau riche face. Whoever buys a car still holds hundreds of thousands of cash. It is estimated that the family has just been demolished!” Ms. Liu was extremely dismissive.

“Hehe, that white seal is unique to the bank, and all the money is just taken out from the bank.”

“What kind of character is it that can withdraw hundreds of thousands of dollars from the bank at once? Think about it for yourself “After

Mr. Zhang turned around, he got in the car and left. He didn’t even mean to wait for Ms. Liu.

Ms. Liu was stunned. Although she didn’t know much about this, she also knew that the bank restricted the withdrawal line.

Even a millionaire like Mr. Zhang, who needs to make an appointment in advance to withdraw more than 100,000 in cash, has to wait for the bank’s notice.

This Lu Feng waved out several hundred thousand, then his identity…

Thinking of this, Ms. Liu was finally scared in her heart . She glanced at Lu Feng in the car dealership through the glass, and then quickly turned and left.

She really can’t afford such a character!

Lu Feng paid the full amount, and Liu Xin quickly went through the formalities for Lu Feng.

“Mr. Lu, today we will conduct a full commissioning of the car, and the additional items will be done for you.”

“Tomorrow, you can pick up the car tomorrow.” The manager personally delivered Lu Feng to the door.

Lu Feng nodded faintly, he was not in a hurry, and just drove the electric car back first.

“Mr. Lu…Thank you!” Liu Xin said to Lu Feng from the bottom of his heart before Lu Feng rode away.

Lu Feng waved his hand lightly and rode out of the shop on the electric bike.

“Tsk tusk! It’s really, it’s really not a person to look good. I didn’t believe it before, but now I really believe it.” The manager couldn’t help but sigh while looking at Lu Feng’s back.

At this moment, another electric car drove over.

“Oh, sir, hello, just leave the car to me to park, I’ll come!” The manager’s eyes lit up and hurriedly greeted him.

I have missed a Lu Feng before, so why not miss it again this time!

“Uh… Li Bing ordered the takeaway…” The electric car young man was so confused, he stretched out his hand to take out a takeaway and handed it to the manager.

The manager’s face was dull, and the smile on his face instantly froze…

at ten o’clock in the evening, at Ji Xueyu’s house.

Today Tang Qiuyun is very happy because Ji Xueyu won the cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate.

This matter was something she had never thought of in her dreams.

It is conceivable that at the company meeting tomorrow, when Ji Xueyu goes with the contract, it will be so shocking.

“Mom, Lu Feng helped me this time. He has a friend who works in Fengyu Real Estate.” Ji Xueyu whispered.

“Haha! He helped you? Who does he think he is, and thinks that his surname is Lu can be related to the magic capital Lu family?”

“It’s not my girl who has the ability and eloquence to win this makes everyone envious. Cooperation.” Tang Qiuyun dismissed it.

Ji Xueyu opened her mouth and said nothing. After all, Tang Qiuyun had looked down on Lu Feng for three years, so how could she change instantly.

Moreover, Ji Xueyu himself understood that Lu Feng estimated that it would serve as an introduction.

As for the cooperation, it must have been decided by Fengyu Real Estate before, and it has nothing to do with Lu Feng.

You should know that at the company celebration a few days ago, the magic capital Lu family sent someone.

Maybe, the Ji’s enterprise can easily win the cooperation by going over by himself.

In the room.

“Alright, alright, of course I want to invite you to dinner!” Ji Xueyu said to the phone, and then hung up.

“Lu Feng, when I finish the meeting tomorrow, you can go shopping with me.” Ji Xueyu took the phone and suddenly looked at Lu Feng and said.

“Shopping?” Lu Feng was a little confused, because for three years, Ji Xueyu hadn’t really taken Lu Feng to go shopping with him.

“Shopping and eating!” Ji Xueyu replied, and then lay down straight.

Now that he has won the cooperation with Fengyu Real Estate, Ji Xueyu originally wanted to invite his good friend Xia Lan to dinner to celebrate.

But Xia Lan actually said that her good friend would also invite her to dinner, and said that she sold a car and got a lot of commission.

Xia Lan’s friend Ji Xueyu knew that when she worked in the 4s shop, Xia Lan helped her find a job, and now she has an order, presumably to thank Xia Lan.

The two of them discussed each other and happened to have a meal together to celebrate these two happy events.

“Good.” Lu Feng replied softly.

For three years, after all, she owed too much to this girl, so Lu Feng couldn’t refuse her request.

… The

next day, Lu Feng sent Ji Xueyu to the company and went to the dealership to pick up the car.

This car is the second surprise.

The first surprise is the contract with Fengyu Real Estate, and the second surprise is that Ji Xueyu has always wanted to have a car.

As for the priceless gift of 9.99 million from the Lu family, he is going to tell Ji Xueyu personally at the right time that it is hers!

At the company’s side, when Ji Xueyu took the contract and placed it on the conference table, everyone was shocked.

No one thought that this was as difficult as reaching the sky in their eyes, but Ji Xueyu would have done it! !

Ji Leshan, Ji Hongyu, and all the people who had laughed at Ji Xueyu before were all shocked and embarrassed in their hearts.

Ji Xueyu was naturally exasperated, and his unhappiness for a long time disappeared instantly.

However, she didn’t mention the original gambling, because Ji Leshan was there, how could it be possible to replace Ji Hongyu?

Ji Xueyu didn’t think so much, she just wanted to prove her ability and let those people shut up.

“Huh, great!” Ji Xueyu walked out of the company’s door, looked up at the sky, and exhaled for a long time, as if he was reborn.

Afterwards, Ji Xueyu slowly retracted his gaze and looked into the distance.

She knew that there would be a simple figure there, pushing an electric car waiting for her.

For three years, as always.

But the next second, Ji Xueyu was stunned for an instant, and his face became extremely nervous.

“Gosh! Lu Feng, what are you doing!!”

Ji Xueyu exclaimed and rushed towards Lu Feng in the distance.

At the place where Lu Feng waited for her for three years, Lu Feng was indeed waiting there.

However, the electric car is gone, replaced by a brilliant blue BMW car, which is extremely dazzling in the sun.

This is nothing. The point is that this fool, Lu Feng, is leaning against the car to be cool! !

He not only leaned lazily on the side of the car, but also quietly smoked with a cigarette in his hand.

“You, what are you doing?” Ji Xueyu ran in front of Lu Feng in two steps, her handsome and plump figure trembled up and down, and then pulled Lu Feng away.

Lu Feng is speechless in his heart, what is this all about?

Yesterday I went to buy a car by myself, and when I touched the car, someone opened my hand. After all, I hadn’t bought it yet.

But now I bought all the money, and I was pushed aside again. What’s the reason?

“What’s the matter?” Lu Feng asked silently.

“What’s wrong, you’re okay with other people’s cars for doing anything, if you rub against them, can you afford to pay?” Ji Xueyu quickly looked around, as if he was guilty of guilty conscience.

After speaking, he hurried forward and took a closer look at the place where Lu Feng had been leaning against, for fear that Lu Feng would really be damaged by others.

“Huh! Fortunately, it’s okay. This is a new car, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The owner may want to cherish it.”

“The physical car of this car is even more beautiful than the picture

. Has anyone bought a car in the company recently?” Ji Xueyu whispered. Then, a trace of loss flashed in his eyes, and an impulse to have it.

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