Chapter 2 Xia is the only one, I want you for life

A woman as stupid as a pig?

Are you talking about her?

There was a buzzing noise in Xia Youyi’s head, and I didn’t expect that Gu Yiran’s shamelessness would become so deep. After kissing her, she even alluded to her as a stupid pig.

I don’t know if it is shy or angry, a rush of heat came out of her belly and spread out to her face, making both cheeks scorching hot.

“Gu Yiran, you…you…” She glared at the culprit in anger, but she was thinking of luck in her head.

Fortunately, the sight in this corner is very dark. If Gu Yiran was shown her flushing face, she might think she was ashamed of the kiss he had just received.

“Don’t you, yours,” Gu Yiran cut off her voice, tapped her head lightly with her hand, and said with excitement: “You have to start adapting to this change, Mrs. Gu.”

Means, you have to get used to his kisses in the future?

He can also say such shameless words! ?

Xia Tong pointed at him, speechless with anger.

Gu Yiran ignored her quick-breathing eyes, and the corners of her mouth were slightly bent.

In the bar, the occasional refracted light illuminates his perfect profile and exquisite chin, and his deep eyes are even more shining.

Xia Youyi became more and more stunned as he watched, and his intestines were almost blue with regret in his heart.

Thinking that she would drag this shameless bastard to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for marriage yesterday, she was really frustrated at the time, so she would do such a stupid thing.

But at this moment, no matter how angry, the mistake has already been caused. Xia Youyi knew that it was useless to regret it. While forcing herself to calm down, she said to Gu Yiran, “Gu Yiran, you should know that our marriage itself is uncountable. , At that time yesterday I…”

“Why is it impossible to count?” Gu Yiran promptly interrupted: “The seal of the Civil Affairs Bureau is still on the marriage certificate. Isn’t it enough for legal benefit?”

“You know I didn’t mean that. Yesterday…”

Xia Youyi wanted to plead, but Gu Yiran interrupted her again and said, “What happened yesterday? Yesterday, I only remember that you suddenly rushed to my office, and then cried and screamed for me to register a marriage with you. .”

Speaking of the embarrassment at the time, Xia Youyi flushed her face immediately, and said, “But you have seen the situation at that time. I was stimulated by that…that, so I couldn’t think of going to you for a while. …”

Gu Yiran stared at her coldly, not letting her finish her sentence and said: “So, you regret it now?”

“I, I…” Xia Youyi didn’t know how to explain clearly.

“Heh…” Gu Yiran sneered suddenly, the breath of the whole body instantly cooled down, and he was determined to see that Xia’s only eyes were stained with frost.

He said coldly, “You were the one who asked me to get married yesterday, and now you are the one who is not counted in marriage. It’s so trifling, what do you think I am, the only one in Xia? I’m here to regret it now, you have a question. Have you ever commented on me?”

Xia Youyi hung his head in embarrassment, not daring to look at him directly.

To say that when Gu Yiran was angry with her before, it was the first time that Gu Yiran turned around and called her an idiot, or simply ignored her. It was the first time that Gu Yiran asked her with harsh words like this.

She knew that she was at fault this time, but she felt a little wronged in her heart for his cold look.

She pursed her lips and whispered: “But… after yesterday, you didn’t agree to me. After a certain period of time, would you agree to terminate the relationship with me?”

Why are you serious now?

Xia Youyi concealed the last words in his heart. In fact, both she and Gu Yiran should know in their hearts that for the two of them, this sudden marriage is indeed more like a farce.

However, looking at Gu Yiran’s current appearance, how could it be as if she was the one who deceived his feelings?

This should be just her illusion, Xia Wei alone comforted herself secretly. Gu Yiran only knew about bullying her, so how could he have other thoughts about her? !

“Yes, what if I agreed?” Gu Yiran didn’t mind admitting what he had said.

Xia Youyi raised his head and said confidently: “Then you should keep your promise.”

Gu Yiran squinted at her, and said disapprovingly: “You can treat repentance as commonplace, why can’t I?”

Xia Youyi couldn’t tell him, so he had to shame, “I don’t care, since you should, you have to say what you say. Anyway, when the deadline is up, I will break the relationship with you.”

“But I didn’t seem to say how long the deadline is?” Gu Yiran finished speaking, seeing Xia’s only expression not without unexpected sluggishness.

Under her dazed appearance, he touched his chin and said thoughtfully: “However, you really want me to give a deadline.”

“Really?” Xia Youyi didn’t expect that he would suddenly become so talkative, and looked at him unsurely.

Gu Yiran raised her eyebrows slantingly, and did not answer in time, but his eyes were fixed on her little face seemingly.

Because the light was relatively dim, Xia Tong couldn’t see the real expression on his face at the moment, only when the flickering light shone on, did he feel that his originally gloomy eyes were as dark as ink.

Xia Youyi couldn’t guess his true thoughts, but suddenly there was a strange feeling in his heart.

“Of course.” Gu Yiran nodded.

Just when Xia’s only feeling of joy was about to rise, who knows, he suddenly leaned over to her ear, and whispered: “My deadline is—”

Xia Youyi listened attentively, and felt the heat from his mouth infect her ears and neck, she was slightly dizzy, only to hear him say the last three words.


I limit our marriage period to a lifetime.

Xia Youyi, now that you have provoke me, then in this life you don’t want to run away from me again.

In this life, you will always be my wife of Gu Yiran, and you will never change in this life!

Gu Yiran swears secretly from the bottom of her heart.

The sound is heard, and the word is firm.