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Chapter 3: Repayment? ?

For a while, everyone, including Ji’s family, was a little dumb.

And Lu Feng’s eyes were also a little surprised, this was something wrong, this thing was not the one he chose.

He did choose a brave, as an ancient beast, brave can ward off evil spirits in the town house, can bring good luck, businessmen worship this is also far-reaching.

But Lu Feng knew very well that what he wanted was definitely not this one. Could it be that the shop owner took the wrong one?

“Lu Feng, what is your intention? You sent a brave beast?” At this moment, Ji Hongyu, who had been silent, suddenly shouted, his tone very angry.

Everyone was stunned. They wanted Lu Feng to bring out cheap things, and everyone could laugh at it.

But now, when I look at it, this Pai Yao is not a common product. Not to mention that it is invaluable. What else can Ji Hongyu pick out?

“Pixiu is an omen of a fierce beast. You sent this to curse the Ji family for a bloody disaster?”

“As a trash door-to-door son-in-law, you rely on the Ji family’s charity for food and clothing. Now it is so vicious, your conscience makes a dog

Have you eaten?” Ji Hongyu was angry, as if he was going to devour Lu Feng’s entire life.

In his heart, as long as he wanted to, he could step on Lu Feng at any time, but today he unexpectedly exceeded his expectations, so he was extremely angry.

What he was angry was not what Lu Feng gave away, but that such a waste took out such an extraordinary thing, which made him feel shameless.

Lu Feng frowned slightly, this Ji Hongyu really did not scrutinize any means in order to suppress him!

But when he came, Ji Xueyu said that even if he was humiliated, he had to bear it, so Lu Feng would not care about him.

Moreover, even if Lu Feng explained it, it was still pale, and everyone would stand on Ji Hongyu’s side.

“Dad! Lu Feng, this trash, actually sent a jade sculpture of a fierce beast on such a day, don’t you care?” Ji Hongyu then turned to look at Ji Leshan.

Representatives of other forces in Jiangnan City did not say a word at this time. After all, this was Ji’s family affair.

Ji Leshan frowned slightly, looked at Lu Feng, his eyes flashed with impatience.

“Pixiu is a fierce beast, which symbolizes that you can only go in and not go out to swallow everything. If you send this thing, don’t you want to annex my Ji family’s property and receive Ji family in your bag?”

“Lu Feng, your ambition is not small.”

Even Ji Leshan He is the chairman of the group with extraordinary tolerance, but he still cannot treat Lu Feng generously. It is just a waste that depends on the Ji family for survival.

When Ji Hongyu talked about Lu Feng before, everyone didn’t feel much.

But now Ji Leshan spoke in person, and everyone immediately stood on Ji Leshan’s side.

Many people are gloating at misfortunes. Originally, Lu Feng took out such a brave, and everyone was really amazed!

It’s better now, Lu Feng is self-defeating, but Ji Leshan is displeased. He is really stealing the rice!

Ji Xueyu was even more humiliated in her heart, Lu Feng, Lu Feng, why don’t you give it to him? You have to give such a brave beast?

Even if you give away something worth more than ten dollars, you will be humiliated. Aren’t these things commonplace to you?

But you just want to sensationalize and present a jade sculpture of a fierce beast with your self-righteousness, making people think you have ambitions for the Ji family industry?

You are trying to kill our department! !

The atmosphere in the court became very weird. Everyone in the Ji family was gloating at the two of Ji Xueyu, with mocking expressions on their faces.

“Lu’s congratulations!” At this moment, there was a burst of enraged shouts outside the door.

Lu family? Everyone was taken aback.

There were so many people present, only Lu Feng had the surname Lu, but everyone did not think of Lu Feng as Lu together with Lu Xiang from the Lu family.

“The Lu family? There is a Lu family in Jiangnan City?” Ji Leshan was also a little surprised, but didn’t say much.

If others are sending gifts with such a big fanfare, I am definitely going to greet them.

In the next second, a crowd of men in black filed into the hall, looking full of momentum.

“Dare to ask you who is it?” Ji Leshan trot forward and asked the middle-aged leader.

“Ji’s company celebration, our Lu family is naturally going to send a gift! In addition, to pay off the debt for our young master.” The middle-aged man said lightly, and then directly ordered someone to open the box beside him.

“Little young master? Pay it back, pay the debt?” Ji Leshan was dumbfounded.

And what made him even more embarrassed was still behind.

As several large boxes were opened, the contents were also displayed in front of everyone.

Excluding some precious calligraphy and painting, a white brave jade carving attracted everyone’s attention.

The carvings of the Pixiu are so lifelike that they look like they are alive, and they are invaluable at first glance.

However, there were people with discerning eyes at the scene, and they could tell at a glance, this jade carving of brave is a bit similar to the one sent by Lu Feng…

not only is it similar, it’s exactly the same!

Regardless of size or shape, even the color of the white marble, how they look like a pair.

“This is the celebration gift for the fifth anniversary of Ji’s enterprise, Ji Dong laughed.” The

middle-aged said, and pointed to several other boxes: “These are debts for the young master.”

“What is this?” Ji Leshan stunned. Up.

“Huh!” The box opened, and the eye was red, all red cash!

“Cash gift, nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine million!”

“Color, gift …” Ji Leshan’s gaze was dull, nine million nine hundred and ninety-nine million in cash, or a gift?

“That’s right, my young master Lu and the daughter of the Ji family are married. How can we miss the gift.” The middle-aged smiled, and then directly ordered someone to put the cash on the table.

The red banknotes of 9.99 million yuan, a bundle of 10,000 yuan, more than nine hundred bundles, were neatly placed on the table in the hall.

In the entire hall, whether it was the Ji family or the rich Jiangnan who came to congratulate, their chests were violently ups and downs, and the audience was silent.

Putting aside the jade carving, the astronomical cash gift of 9.99 million yuan was enough to shock everyone’s eyes.

Jiangnan is only a small city after all, and multi-millionaires are already well-known.

And now this Lu family waved a hand and paid tens of millions of betrothal gifts. What kind of handwriting is this?

Ten million dowry!

Ji Leshan can be considered to have experienced a lot of winds and waves, but at this time he was also surprised.

Even if he didn’t understand the middle-aged man’s words, he could still hear one or two things. This was the young master of their Lu family. Which girl from the Ji family did he fall in love with?

Faced with such a generous offer, Ji Leshan really couldn’t find any reason to refuse!

He didn’t even need to ask the opinions of the daughters of the Ji family, because he knew that no one would refuse.

The facts are exactly the same. The women of the Ji family who are about the same age as Ji Xueyu are all agitated.

Even if you don’t know what the sacred Lu family is, how can it be an ordinary family who can give out so many dowry? It must be a super rich!

It is every girl’s dream to marry into a wealthy family and be a noble young grandmother.

However, Ji Xueyu laughed at herself. She was already a married woman, so these things must have nothing to do with her.

“The white marble and brave jade carving is a celebration gift! The 9.99 million cash gift is to pay the debt to the young master. I will not say anything more. I will only be responsible for delivering the things.”

“The next thing, the young master will follow you. Talking about it.” The

middle-aged faintly dropped a sentence, and then took the people away without any muddling.

Ji Leshan wanted to chase and see him off, but those people soon disappeared.

He was extremely puzzled, what exactly did this person mean, why did the Lu family pay the debts to the Ji family?

The bride price is the bride price, but what does it mean to pay the debt?

Is it possible that the Lu family still owes the Ji family a gift?

Ji Leshan knew very well that the Ji family had never met a big figure like the Lu family, so how did he understand it?

I don’t even know someone whose surname is Lu, nor is it right. Ji Xueyu’s husband-in-law, Lu Feng, is surnamed Lu.

However, does Lu Feng’s trash have something to do with such a wealthy man? I’m afraid it would be a big joke.

Everyone looked at the 9.99 million cash banknotes in the hall, and their breathing was rapid.

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